The Powerful Use Esoteric Knowledge While Keeping it from Humanity: Empower Yourself by Awakening Consciousness


There are forces that drag down spiritual knowledge, whether they are in the world or within a person.

Darkness opposes light, but at the same time it gives form to the universe, and it’s in this form that we both exist and learn. However when darkness is greater than light, less is seen and the opportunity for that which favors light can be diminished. Truth is of light and when it shines on the darkness of lies it exposes it. Whoever wants light in themselves and in the world should actively seek it. It’s the same for truth in the world.

You’re never going to discover why you exist, and what the purpose of your life is, if you don’t do something about it. By doing little or nothing the forces acting upon you and everyone are so great that it’s easy get caught in living a superficial life. To have a genuinely spiritual life requires rising above the forces that drag you down and acquiring your own wisdom and experience.

Reading, discussing, watching videos and belonging to groups might be helpful to begin with, but ultimately it’s not going to get you there. If you want to have a rewarding spiritual life you’ll need to experience.

It doesn’t matter what you think about consciousness, higher truths or different dimensions – it’s what you do and what you are that counts.

In my experience, planes of existence beyond this world exist, there are higher beings, heavens, demons, and hell, they are real phenomena; and many of the great realities can’t even be imagined or dreamed about.

If you wake up in your conscious awareness of life, you’ll see for yourself what’s really going on. But if you try to become more conscious in your life and learn from the dimensions beyond this, you’ll encounter an ingrained passivity that can stop you, and it’s likely that you won’t even realize it’s there.

That passivity is ingrained into the subconscious in all of us by society, and by the feelings and emotions that are part of nature’s program, which we were born with.

This will drag your inner state down when you try to elevate it to spiritual states, it will make you search for pleasure and satisfy animal drives, it will keep your life stuck in this plane of existence, locked on a mechanical track with few choices, and you won’t even know it’s there.

Esoteric Knowledge is Used by the Few and Denied to the Many

The passivity has developed over time in the human race to the extent that it has effectively become domesticated, and in many cases resembles passive sheep. Along with the specialization of work and the increasing size of societies, the pursuit of pleasure is a key driving force in that domestication, and when people live for pleasure many compromises have to be made. Not least is a reluctance to attend to the things that really matter. Corruption sets into society, greed becomes a virtue, the environment is frivolously destroyed, there are huge differences in the distribution of wealth, etc.

People have less inclination towards serious issues and are more willing for others to do things for them. Other people and institutions then make many of their decisions for them with the result that a huge number of people are only able to understand simple slogans, and are thus able to be manipulated by those in power. In terms of spirituality, the tendency is to follow the herd and accept what they have been brought up with or what others do without any deep questioning. But spirituality is far too important a subject to leave up to someone else, or to have as a blind belief. It’s an individual’s fate beyond this life that’s at stake and that’s a very high stake not to take a serious interest in.

If you look for knowledge far enough you’ll discover a maze of ideas, but are likely to come across some information on out-of-body experiences and symbols. The two are related since the language of the astral plane is in symbols. By learning to have out-of-body experiences, you’ll be able to learn much more of what life and the universe is about. But you’ll also start noticing that symbols from the astral plane are everywhere in society.

They are in movies, in the logos of corporations, in ancient art, in music videos, public buildings, religions, they’re all over the place. So why isn’t everyone familiar with them? And why is it that mostly people and institutions at the elevated end of society seem to use these symbols?

Suppressing Higher Knowledge

The answer is that it’s suppressed knowledge, it’s powerful and enabling. Those in power want to restrict it’s useand don’t want it falling into the hands of the majority. The establishment wants to have control over it. Many powerful institutions throughout history have not wanted people to have it. That’s been the basis of persecution of many people in the past. It was part of the reasons behind the inquisition, the witch hunts, the brutal suppression of early Christian groups and teachings by the church, and the suppression of many individuals and groups throughout the history of the world. Those behind religions don’t want anything new to arise to challenge their religion, and atheism doesn’t want religion. Society wants conformity, and profound spiritual knowledge doesn’t conform and can’t be controlled; it’s usually developed by small numbers of people who don’t fit in.

The result is that esoteric knowledge basically has been wiped out of societies repeatedly, and yet there are groups at the higher levels of society who obviously have some kind of knowledge of esoteric symbols and ritual and a wider esoteric knowledge too. But you’ll often find this knowledge is inverted, it’s of darkness and is being used as a vehicle for power and evil.

For most people though it’s taboo to even talk about higher spiritual knowledge in many places. Even if you were to try talking freely about a simple subject such as astral projection, you might get a lot of negative responses and strange looks.

Higher spiritual knowledge is demonized in many ways in society and has been for a very long time and yet its darker aspects are so common in the music industry and Hollywood. Most people take it as fiction, but not all of it is, and I believe there are agendas behind its use in the entertainment industry, some working to affect people at a subliminal level and used to direct peoples ideas and attitudes in ways the media, and influences behind the media, want them to go. This gives an extraordinary level of control over people and that’s not healthy.

Not All Secret Societies are ‘Bad’

There have been many types of secret esoteric societies. Some were created for sinister purposes, some out of religions to further their agenda, some were created with good intentions, and some today have well meaning people in them doing good.

Not everything esoteric or occult is from the dark side. Fundamentalist Christians often label everything esoteric as Satanic, but it’s not; some of it is actually a remnant of white ancient knowledge. Some societies began as fully fledged esoteric orders, but became watered down with time, lacking people with sufficient inner awakening to participate in them.

Many of these became infiltrated by dark forces as people motivated by greed and power took control of them. Their original good intentions were hijacked to fulfill sinister purposes.

It is necessary to have levels of secrecy in many areas of life, in some areas of government for example (assuming the government is working for the benefit of its citizens). Esoteric societies used secrecy out of necessity for their own protection. Have a look at a video of Gurdjieffs ‘Meetings with Remarkable Men’, look at the levels of secrecy in it – towards the end there’s a secret esoteric school. They needed that secrecy to protect themselves from people who would have destroyed their school. Not everything secret is bad; esoteric knowledge has been protected by hermetic silence.


You can’t have something like this today as people would ruin it. Pearls are not given to swine, as Jesus said, or they will trample them underfoot.

The Use of the Word ‘Cult’ to Stop People Forming Groups for Higher Spiritual Knowledge

The cult word today is being used as an instrument of suppression and it restricts your freedom. If you take an interest in something spiritual, say astral projection, and you get together with a group of interested people, and they elect you to be the head in some way, you’ll immediately be classified as a cult leader and your group as a cult. And if someone attends and they don’t like you, they can lie about you in public and be supported by a huge number of institutions, religions, groups of abusive anti-cult witch hunters, atheists, the media and society in general, and if you look for justice you’ll find it’s priced beyond the reach of ordinary people. How are you going to withstand that? Your life will probably be ruined.

The media fuels the witch hunt, the sheep in society follow, and the bullies attack. Society is not free. People with agendas control the media and this is dangerous. Heretic, blasphemer, witch, pagan, cult, are all bigoted words meant to shut people out of society and destroy them. There are always lawbreakers in every aspect of society including spiritual groups, but they are the minority and there are laws to deal with them. Yet the actions of a few become the brush to tar the many with.

What does the labeling of a person or a group with the word ‘cult’ make you feel about them? It probably brings instant negative connotations, and yet that’s part of your programming; you should look beyond it if you want to be objective. Even Jesus would be called a cult leader if he were alive today. Bear in mind there are people with agendas who are pulling the strings behind the scenes that don’t want you to study esoteric knowledge, nor do they want you to form groups around it. They don’t want challenges, and at a deeper level, the forces of darkness don’t want the forces of light to emerge to counter them.

They don’t want you to become empowered by consciousness and wisdom and be different. Behind the scenes they manipulate the media to make you believe these things are wrong, but they are not. You have a right to gather with others to stand together and face ignorance, to fight for truth and to know the secrets of spiritual and esoteric knowledge. If you care, you should empower yourself with truth and become active for the good of society. It’s an interesting statistic that the most persecuted religious minority in the western world today are not Jews or Muslims, they are modern Pagans. Society is not free.

Spirituality has been Commercialized

While some alternative spirituality is not allowed, one type is encouraged – that is commercial spirituality. The alternative health and lifestyle industry in the US in 2006 was worth $300 billion dollars. That’s where your interest is being funneled. True spiritual knowledge is not given for profit making; you’re being deceived.

The figures of commercial spirituality are not spiritual teachers of substance. They are celebrities, their messages are simplified and watered down to the extent they are populist and misleading. They often fish other peoples ideas and present that work as their own. They are usually talented writers and speakers, but they are businessmen and women, supported by a highly sophisticated industry. If you have a spiritual message to share, but you’re not up to making money for these corporations, you’ll be ignored.

The Source of the Suppression of Knowledge in Society

Religion, lots of different interests, corporations, individuals and groups combine and organize to create the world as they want it and work behind the scenes. It’s been going on for a long time in society.

It’s my experience that there are people of a religious persuasion who are able to go into the astral plane, they have awakened psychic faculties for evil, and they go into the lower regions, to the abyss where they get their knowledge, they access the intelligence of evil. This is the source behind a network of evil that is manipulating so much of the world today.

This spreads like the roots of a tree from secret societies through the upper scales of power and influence in society, until it’s influence permeates the lives of the unsuspecting majority.

Darkness has its hierarchical structure, which goes through society, to a small number of initiates of darkness, then through the hierarchy of evil out-of-the body to demons and the forces of darkness. A hierarchy of light also exists, but its lost its connection to society.

One of the results of this is that the different ventures of truth and good in the world have little or no understanding of the deeper esoteric principles of life. Lacking that common understanding they are split, weakened, dissipated and often become infiltrated by dark forces. Darkness has virtually won the war for the human race.

A Global Awakening is Not Happening in Consciousness

A lot of people today talk of there being a global awakening, but where is the awakening of consciousness? People are more asleep now than ever, there are no more societies based around esoteric knowledge like there were in ancient times, nor at this rate is there any chance of there ever being any. An awakening of information about important things in the three-dimensional world, though good, is not an awakening of consciousness. It may be that people are becoming more conscious of many important issues, but people are not becoming more awake in consciousness. The modern world is more asleep, and that blinds individuals to the wider realities of cosmic existence.

It’s easy to take the study of non-physical phenomena such as consciousness and the astral plane, using scientific methods as the way to understand spiritual realities, but science has its limits when it comes to the study of consciousness and it draws theories about what its practitioners have never experienced. Many relying upon science claim that non-physical phenomena are constructed by the mind alone, but as non-physical phenomena are not meaningfully measurable by the physical, this again this lacks credibility. The best way to study is by direct personal experience of the phenomena themselves. If you’re believing what science or the majority of people say, it may prevent you from searching for higher knowledge, such as learning to have out-of-the body experiences, while you’re stuck in inaccurate theories about the universe.

In my view it’s great that people search for truth in society, and I believe that each human being has a responsibility to work for the forces of light in the struggle against darkness. But there’s more a person can do, and that is to study spiritual and esoteric knowledge seriously and live it in life. There is a reality behind the initiations in secret esoteric societies. Whatever may have become of the society, the initiations are physical representations of inner initiations that take place in higher dimensions; they are part of the secret process of spiritual awakening. If people did become real initiates of light, even a small number in the world could create a powerful force for good.

Why You Need the Astral Plane to Understand Secret Symbols and Ancient Knowledge

Most of the symbols in use today have their origins in the symbols of the distant past, and they mostly have their origins in the symbolism of the astral plane. It’s unfortunate that so many people have not understood this aspect of ancient knowledge, but it’s not surprising considering the suppression that has been going on for so long.

When studying ancient cultures people draw all kinds of theories about their symbols, but they seldom understand that they are often looking at the symbolic universal language of the astral plane, probably because they have rarely if ever been there. Some interpret the symbols as the attempts of simple but uneducated people to understand or interpret the universe, or as entities and codes of evil societies, but most fail to understand that their source is often esoteric and without esoteric knowledge from the out-of-body worlds, you can’t read the language of many of the symbols. And to get profound esoteric knowledge usually requires becoming an initiate in the higher worlds.

Esoteric symbols are the language of the astral plane, and that is their origin, just as it is the location of ghosts, demons, angels, divine beings and much of the paranormal. Ancient peoples used the astral plane for knowledge and brought back it’s symbolism for use in their teachings and temples.

In the higher worlds there are initiates of darkness just as there are ones of light. People who become initiates of darkness get access to knowledge of evil, just as initiates of light get access to knowledge of light. While ordinary people get ordinary knowledge = dull.

Serpents are common symbols. There are ascending serpents (light) and descending ones (darkness). If you get higher knowledge, you’ll be more able to avoid falling into the trap of drawing conclusions from ideas that have no esoteric experience behind them. It’s easy to do that, but you’ll just stay blind to higher truth, even if you fight for truth on a physical level. It’s most effective to fight for truth on all levels and to empower yourself with the esoteric knowledge of light.

The Sleeping Majority Whose Destiny is Out of Their Hands

The consumer society with its indulgence in the lifestyle of greed has its price. Some of this is in the suffering and destruction that follows to people, animals and the environment. But it has a higher more subtle cost in the enslavement to the many corrupt structures and people that exist in society. And an even greater enslavement which is of the numbed, dumbed down sheep-like existence of a person who lives for their own pleasure, whose consciousness is asleep, who drifts through life in a semi-comatose state, oblivious to the major issues affecting their lives and to the wider universe around them, often with a tendency towards passivity, and having a Santa Claus like view of cosmic reality.

The average person doesn’t know the higher reasons for existence, nor what life’s spiritual purpose is, and their wider destiny appears to be out of their hands. The average person does what most do. Unfortunately that eventually involves moving on a circuit of lives from one to another until the last life is over, then submerging into the abyss (look up hellish near-death experiences if you want to get some idea about this). It’s unfortunate that the majority of people not only don’t want to wake up, but generally don’t want others to wake up either, thus almost everyone ultimately shares a similar fate.

Ignoring esoteric knowledge has a cost, a very high one, not only to society but also on an individual level, and most don’t realize what they’re missing.

Higher universal truth and esoteric knowledge is much more difficult to find and talk about than the truth behind events that happen in society. But it’s necessary to find them if you want true knowledge and a life with a spiritual purpose.

Know the Truth and the Truth Will Set You Free

If you don’t do enough to discover higher truths, you won’t get them. The best you can do is to get glimpses here and there, and try to be content with that. But why not be one of the few that wants to discover more about what’s going on, and be free in mind and consciousness?

One of the great problems in spiritual awaking is in knowing what to do and then making the sacrifices to do it – and then facing opposition from the many forms of the forces of darkness, and enduring the difficulties that arise along the way. The difficulties are the testing ground of life; we’re all in creation’s testing ground, and that’s why we’re here. Darkness enables us to see form, and opposition is necessary for awakening, and yet because difficulties and opposition arise, many people get discouraged and therefore few people actually try to self-realize. Moreover, the information on how to self-realize and reach higher levels of conscious awakening have become lost and obscured by the attitudes of many and by the efforts of some who have vested interests in suppressing it.

Therefore, study yourself and get knowledge from outside the physical world. If possible, become an initiate of light and go through an esoteric process of change. Be part of the struggle of the forces of light against the darkness, be aware of what traps you, be strong and set yourself free.

~ Belsebuub

About the Author

Belsebuub is an author and practitioner of esoteric knowledge. He writes primarily on the transformation and exploration of consciousness from over 30 years of dedicated metaphysical experience. He has authored a number of books on out-of-body experiences, consciousness, and spiritual awakening, including The Astral Codex andGazing into the Eternal, which are free to download on his website www.belsebuub.com

Belsebuub is the name of his spirit/soul/consciousness. Everyone has their own unique spiritual name; it’s a matter of knowing it.


7 Beautiful Ways to Build a Deep Friendship with Your Self

Luminita Saviuc | Purpose Fairy

“Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.” ~  Fyodor Dostoyevsky

We run around begging for love, attention and validation from everyone around us. We think that our salvation, our happiness and our sense of wholeness will come from outside ourselves. We look for “special” people that will make us feel “special. We buy all kind of expensive things, to make us feel unique and important. We live our lives in a way that makes sense for others but not for ourselves. We surround ourselves with people who make us feel so lonely. We engage in unnecessary conversations and we force ourselves into building meaningless friendships.

We look for love in all the wrong places; we cling on to all kind of unhealthy relationships and experiences and we get our sense of worth from all kind of weird weird places.

We clutter our lives with all kind of glorious, expensive and precious things and the more stuff we accumulate, the less we seem to have and the emptier our lives seem to get.

Until we don’t build the friendship we have with ourselves, none of these things will bring us long lasting happiness… none of these things will make us feel whole and complete…

We run in circles. We bump our heads from wall to wall. We’re sleep walking, unaware of the harm we are doing to ourselves and to others.

Life is easy, it really is but we choose to complicate it.

I have realized that the closer you get to your Self and the stronger the friendship you build with your Self becomes, the easier life gets and the happier you become.

“If you make friends with yourself you will never be alone.” ~ Maxwell Maltz

What I will share with you below are 7 beautiful ways to help you build the friendship you have with your Self so that you can attract all the love, happiness and abundance that you so much desire:

1. Spend quality time with your Self

How do you build strong, healthy, loving and supportive friendships? By spending quality time with the people you wanna be friends with. The same goes with the friendship with your Self.

Commit yourself to giving more of your time, your love, your energy and your attention to your loving Soul and lovable Self. Do more of the things that nurture your heart, your mind, your body and your soul. Engage yourself in activities that are meaningful to you, activities that awaken the Soul, rejuvenates the mind and renews the body.

2. Take time to renew, refresh and rejuvenate your Self

No matter how busy you are and no matter how many urgent and important things you have to do on a daily basis, it’s crucial that you make some time to renew, refresh and rejuvenate yourself. The world will not come to an end simply because you took a break to nurture your Self.

When you are centered and at peace with yourself and everything that is happening around you, it is a lot easier to be more present and more engaged in everything you do. You have a lot more energy to do many of the things you need to do, the quality of your work improves, your relationships seem to flourish, your partner is happier because of you and you just feel good.

Whenever you feel like you really need to take a break to renew, refresh and rejuvenate your Self, take it! It’s not just you who will benefit from you recharging your Self, but everyone around you.

3. Acknowledge your Self

We all want to be appreciated and acknowledged by those around us, for who we are and for what we do, but what about appreciation and acknowledgment from our own Self? We expect so much from others but not so much from ourselves. Does this make any sense to you?

We all have a little child within us that needs to feel loved, appreciated and acknowledged, not so much by other people but by our own Self. Take time to appreciate, acknowledge and express your gratitude for the beautiful being that you are and for the wonderful things you have done so far. Take time to love and nurture your Self. Take time to prove your Self that you really matter and that you are valued. Give to your Self the love, appreciation and acknowledgment that what you expect from others.

4. Give more of your Self

Each and every one of us has something unique and of great value to offer to the world. The more we work on connecting with who we really are at a deeper level, and the stronger the friendship with our Self becomes, the easier it will be for us to discover what our unique gifts are and the easier it will be to share these gifts with the world.

Giving is a sign of having and the more you give, the more life will give back to you. Give more of your Self to the world. Give more of your love and attention; give more of your unique gifts and talents; give more of your laughter, your joyful energy and give more of your beautiful presence.

5. Empty your mind of all thoughts

“Stop thinking, and end your problems. What difference between yes and no? What difference between success and failure? Must you value what others value, avoid what others avoid? How ridiculous!” ~ Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

They say that on a daily basis there are 60,000 thoughts that run through our minds and that 75% of these thoughts are repetitive and negative. We are damaging ourselves by allowing our minds to bully us into thinking that our lives are a lot worse than they actually are. We allow our minds to bully us into thinking that there is something wrong with us. As a result, we begin to look for love, validation and approval outside ourselves. We buy things we don’t really need to impress people we don’t actually like and we build our build our lives on a shaky foundation.

Step back from your own mind. Empty your mind of all thoughts. Detach from all the drama that your mind is trying to create and realize that you and your thoughts are not the same. Empty your mind of all thoughts. Spend at least 5 to 10 minutes every in silence. Focus on your breathing. Observe the thoughts that run through your mind and the noise that is up there. You are are that noise and you are not those thoughts, you are the one observing that noise and those thoughts.

6. Set your boundaries

By constantly saying “yes” when you know deep down inside that you actually meant to say “no”, and by constantly trying to please those around you just so you can feel loved and appreciated, you will continue to make yourself very unhappy. Why? Because you will continue to betray your own feelings just so you can please them…

People treat you the way you allow them to treat you, the way you teach them to treat you. Learn to say “no” when you feel like saying “no” and “yes” only when you truly feel like saying “yes”. Set your boundaries. Let people know what you tolerate and what you don’t. Honor your integrity and you will gain a lot respect, love and admiration from those around you because of this.

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13 Practices of an Awakened Person

Paul Lenda |Waking Times

Tog-me Zong-po lived nearly 800 years ago, yet his 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva is still considered a pinnacle list of traits that a person who wishes to become enlightened for the benefit of all beings has. The following 13 practices (which I’ve put into simpler terms to make them easier to understand) are what I consider the most practical and helpful out of the 37 and by applying these practices to our daily lives we can make a lasting, positive impression on the collective consciousness of humanity… a positive influence that is deeply needed in this time of transition from the old order to the new paradigm. Some of these are not easy, but for those of us that want to embark on the journey to awakened enlightenment, these are practices that will lead us there:

1.) Day and night, be fully alert and present. Listen, reflect, and do a lot of meditation.

2.) Attraction to those close to you catches you in their currents. Aversion to those who hate on you burns inside. Indifference that ignores what should be done is a black hole. Take a step outside your comfort zone.

3.) Some so-called friends take you further and further away from the path to awakened consciousness. These kinds of friends ridicule and discourage learning, reflection, and meditation. These kinds of friends make you lose kindness and compassion. Give up these bad friends.

4.) All suffering comes from wanting to please our own selves. Enlightened awakening arises when our thoughts and actions help others. So, in exchange for our selfish desires and neglect of our suffering humanity, replace thoughts of the self with concern for all others.

5.) If someone spreads ugly rumors about us with cruel words, and even if what that person has said spreads to others and gains wide acceptance as being the truth; wish for that person to overcome their troubles and gain peace of mind. Applaud all their positive traits and treat them with kindness.

6.) If in a crowd full of people someone exposes our faults before others and points out the flaws we still have; do not get angry or become defensive; just listen in silence and reflect on their words. Treat this person as a teacher.

7.) If someone we love and have cared for with kindness treats us with thankless resentment and treats us as if we are their most hated enemy, then see these acts as a terrible sickness that has infected and affected their mind. Treat them with even more love and affection.

8.) Even when you are famous, praised, and rich don’t be arrogant. Know that the magnificence of existence, as awesome as it is, ultimately has no substance. Cast out what pride you might have as a result of fame.

9.) If we are not able to take control of the anger inside of us, although we may overpower and conquer others outside, the anger will just keep coming. Turn inwards and tame the wild flow of your mind-stream.

10.) Whatever appears to be truly real is simply what a mind in delusion creates. This mind of ours is also from the beginning devoid of an essence inherently real. Realize Truth is beyond the conceptions we have known and beyond the knower as well. Dispel the belief in inherent existence.

11.) Abusive words and language that we say in anger cause others a lot of pain to them by disturbing their minds, and we who are striving to be enlightened will find that our practice will decline. So seeing the faults that arise from harsh language, abandon abusive and hurtful language.

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Living In Full Abundance

Eileen Workman | Reality Sandwich

It seems to me that our ongoing quest to secure material wealth—often to the point of excess, and with little regard for the harm we may do while in blind pursuit of money—reflects the fact that, as a species, we’ve never really come to grips with what we’re livingfor. While there’s no point in denying that we’re biological creatures, and that we each have pressing physical needs that must be satisfied if we’re to survive, are we surviving just to meet those needs until such time as we die? Or are we meant to meet our physical needs so our bodies, hearts and minds can grow strong enough for us to activate our precious gifts, and enable us to deliver our gifts to the world…and thus to each other?

How we consciously choose to answer that question, both as individuals and as a social collective, will determine the quality of how we live. While our pursuit of material comfort reflects our deeply conditioned desire to survive, our quest for fulfillment exposes our longing to live a rich and useful human life. We presently face a challenge then, in that we’ve mostly convinced ourselves this choice is an either/or proposition. We’ve come to believe that we can seek material comfort or we can self-actualize, but we can’t manage both unless we’re incredibly lucky. But what if it’s not an either/or proposition? What if they’re both fundamental aspects of what it means to be human? What if, by telling ourselves that we need to prioritize our material comfort above self-actualization, we’re rendering it less likely that we can accomplish either objective over the long run?

What happens if we embrace the belief that we’re not just here to survive until death, but to be the best human beings we can become? What happens if we consciously expand the definition of wealth beyond only that which services or gratifies our bodies, by also including that which expands our hearts, enriches our minds, and unleashes the full potential of our souls?

If we elevate to its rightful position, alongside material comfort, the boundless immaterial wealth that’s presently available to us all (which is, by the way, a resource pool that those who wield physical power can never confiscate or deplete for their short-term advantage) we can realize ourselves to be full to overflowing with love, compassion, kindness, generosity, beauty, wisdom, freedom, truth, gratitude, nurturing, passion, talent, skill, curiosity, patience, trust, peace, openness, joy and creativity. In this expansive process of redefining wealth we needn’t reject or denigrate our amazing material world, or ignore the needs of our biological bodies. All we need do is expand the lens through which we measure the relative worth of our physical realm. This simple act of re-contextualizing the material within a much broader, though mostly invisible, bandwidth of available human resources exposes how falsely impoverished we’ve long imagined ourselves.

In that, we’re a lot like artists who’ve had an amazing and vivid color palette at our constant disposal, yet for whatever reason we were blind to its existence. As a consequence of ignorance we’ve only been able to work with a single shade. In this auspicious moment, however, we’re starting to notice the vast array of all those magnificent colors; we can now both begin to appreciate them, as well as accomplish much more through our art than we’d ever before imagined possible.

I invite you not to believe any society, or group—or any individual, for that matter—that tries to inform you material comfort is the only wealth that matters in this life, or even that it’s the most important form of wealth to possess. Material resources—unlike the vast reservoir of immaterial wealth to which we all have constant, unfettered access—remain bound by our planet’s (and our own) creative and regenerative capacities. But so far as our immaterial wealth is concerned—rather than continue to ignore or devalue it because we possess it in such abundance that we’ve lost sight of its actual worth—we have no limits!

We can, whenever we choose, freely unleash that infinite flow in support of the emergence of all our higher human capacities. Through expanded self-actualization, both individually and collectively, we can begin directing the vastness of our immaterial abundance toward finding new ways to generate and more equitably distribute our shared material wealth for everyone’s benefit. And as we do so, we’ll miraculously begin to alchemize new ways of creating material abundance and birth brand new human potentials into existence. We can use what we have in infinite supply to purposefully grow wiser in ways to do ever more, while using ever fewer limited natural resources.

It’s time for us to dynamically balance the importance of our need for material resources with the unlimited bounty that already exists in the realm of our own consciousness. It’s time to gracefully surrender the painful and self-destructive predominant social belief that the number of days we manage to live matters morethan the quality of our existence. We are more than the simple sum of our personal days; we are the consequences of all our shared life experiences.

So long as any of us are still breathing, we’ve already received from the universe whatever we needed in order to be alive, right here and now. Why not practice boundless gratitude for the gift of life, which none of us has earned? What an astounding realization that is! We’ve each received from the cosmos the ultimate “pay it forward” gift of this precious, unique ONE life. Meanwhile, our cosmos has been patiently awaiting our awakening into the miracle of that gift, so we can use it more consciously and in ways that will keep life’s gifts flowing in ever-greater abundance. Why not open our hearts and experiment with the practice of consciously sharing our vast abundance, instead of carrying on with this dreary game of placing high value on manufactured lack?

As we grow more masterful over time at sharing the bounty of our immaterial wealth, I suspect our feelings about material wealth will begin to shift. Rather than envy, grow angry with, or praise those who hoard material wealth for short-term advantage, we’ll feel empathy for the emptiness they’re trying to fill with more “stuff” instead of more “self.” Instead of struggling to mirror that behavior out of some sense of lack, we can demonstrate our abundance through our unconditional gifting of the kinds of wealth they’ve neglected to count on their personal balance sheets.

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What Have You Done for You Lately?

Faith Freed, MA | all things healing

You know that essential, transcendent part of you? Call it what you will: soul, spirit, inner spark. I call it the Inspired Self. It’s real all right, even though it can’t be posted as a profile pic. Whatever you call your inner God/Goddess, it’s awesome. But what’s left of you rocks, too. Without the physical mechanism to get (slapped) around in this techno-material world, you’d be screwed. I call this contraption the Incarnate Self. It’s the sexy package you put forth and use to function. Even though your practical parts– brain and bod– may not be as divinely perfect as your Inspired Self, they deserve your devotion all the same. Here are some ways to worship your indispensable Incarnate Self.

TEND THE TEMPLE: worship the instrument that enables you to do and be.

* Check In. On a regular basis, notice your physical sensations. Tune into your feelings. The body transmits wisdom. What you pick up from your inner experience is key data. Take a moment to explore what’s going on in there. If you find a sensation, feeling or emotion, inquire. Search out the message. Be curious and delve. Why are you clenching your jaw? Is there something you need to say? Hello, inner truth. Self-awareness is about knowing yourself from the inside out. Get into it.

* Rock Out. Keep moving. This is good not just for your body, but for your mind as well. The body/mind is inextricably connected, so realize that doing right by one is doing you right all around. Yesterday, I attended a day-long seminar on how exercise pumps up the brain. What I learned after sitting there just short of 7 hours is simple (and ironic): don’t sit too much! According to expert Michael Lara, MD, you’re better off moving around throughout the day than doing an hour-long workout and sitting the rest of the day. Check out his website for the mind-pumping research and other compelling info. You already know that exercise is a natural anti-depressant. But if you require studies to prove it, Mike’s your man.

* Worship It. Taking care of yourself is self-love. That’s right! You do know how to “love yourself” like all the self-help books preach. Just getting to the dentist for a bi-annual teeth cleaning is an act of reverence. And it doesn’t stop there. (Massage, anyone?) Give your body what it craves. A bath is hydrotherapy. An organic salad with wild caught salmon is top notch fuel. Sleep is well deserved restoration. Regard yourself as a divine temple housing your Inspired Self and treat it like the miraculous treasure it is.

TAME THE MIND: train your mind to work for you, not against you.

* Be Present. Mental noise almost always consists of thoughts of the past or thoughts of the future. Think about it. If you are in distress, you are likely ruminating or rehearsing. In this moment, you are all good. Visit now more often. It is so peaceful here. If you want a magic pill for mental health, try a dose of presence.

* Be Positive. If you’re going to feed any thoughts, let them be the good ones. You create your reality with your thoughts. Maybe it’s old school to look on the bright side, but it beats the alternative. Somewhere in our garage there’s a book called, You Can’t Afford The Luxury of a Negative Thought. It never gets donated because it has such a killer title. Seriously.

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The Spiritual Dimensions of the Martial Arts

Robert James Burati | New Dawn

He who wishes to live in an oriental martial art, rather than to just practice it on a physical level, must so train his consciousness to attain a self-discipline that at last his conscious mind will merge into an identity with the very principle of life itself.

– Maurice Zalle

Amongst the usual loud and predictable offerings at the Australian cinema box office last summer, the Hollywood movie The Last Samurai emerged as an interesting alternative for many curious movie-goers. We were presented with a unique perspective on the cultural interaction between East and West. The film deals almost exclusively with the philosophical, spiritual and martial differences between Japan and America, and presents in grand form the figure of the Samurai, and the way his martial practice has a powerful spiritual dimension to which the West cannot relate.

The traditional practice of Martial Arts is now experiencing a renaissance of sorts, and this is largely due to the fact many people are realising the existence of the esoteric spiritual components behind widely known styles. The Arts are no longer considered remnants of old cultures, but valid and effective methods of achieving spiritual growth. The Martial Arts were actually formulated for this purpose all along.

A Spiritual Heritage

In 475, the Indian monk Bodhidharma arrived in Southern China. On his arrival he moved to the Huan province where he spent nine years in meditation, facing the rock wall of a cave. When the monk emerged from his retreat, he stumbled across a small mountain temple approximately one mile away called Shaolin. Bodhidharma was shocked to see the terrible physical condition of the monks of the Shaolin Temple who practiced long-term meditation exercises which, while making them spiritually strong, totally destroyed their physical health.

Bodhidharma created an exercise regime for the monks involving physical techniques that were efficient in strengthening the body, and eventually, could be used to defend oneself from the inevitable travelling thieves and gangs prominent in the area at the time. The latter benefit was a simple side benefit of the practice. The former was the main objective. The primary concern was always maintaining the physical strength of the monks for the purpose of meditation. These physical exercises developed into what we now know as Martial Arts.

Amongst the myriad of contemporary options for developing the spirit, the Martial Arts remains one of the oldest and most universally effective systems for teaching internal ideas which awaken the spiritual dimension in all parts of life.

The Physical Path To Enlightenment

The true value in studying the Martial Arts lies not in the learning of the technique or system itself, but in the acquisition of particular internal qualities that are developed through the learning process. The physical exercises are the concrete examples of abstract philosophical principles. Footwork systems teach the student about the qualities of energy, ebb and flow, and both creative and destructive potential. Handwork patterns teach the student about balance, dynamics and the intuition of natural spirit.

The actions of blocking, deflecting, striking, breaking and throwing all contain concepts that can be applied to the human spirit. Then in combat, we unite these concepts and in the process discover our own nature which is forced to emerge under extreme stress and pressure.

One is never rattled as much as when under attack. In this act, one’s metal is tested and they emerge with a new view of themselves and in many cases, a view of their true self. This is a first step to self realisation.

The legendary Japanese swordsman, Myamoto Musashi, found that the more he looked for proficiency and efficiency in his training, the more he looked for proficiency and efficiency in all things. He began to look for the deeper purpose in everything that he did.

When farming, he took land made useless by yearly floods and turned it into productive land by building his dikes and fields in the shape of the natural water flow. The farmers built a shrine in his honour for his concepts and prayed at that shrine daily. He found that every part of his life effected every other part of his life and he began to look for the spirituality in every part of his life.

Combat places great demands on the capacities of the warrior. Such demands act as powerful learning situations for self-discovery and self-confrontation.

Confronting Death

To defeat a thousand enemies is good, but the Samurai who defeats himself is the greatest of warriors.
– The Dhammapada

Perhaps the first and most important of these is the confrontation with death. Throughout life we are sporadically confronted with death, be it through family, television or literature. In the modern world we are very familiar with death, but rarely if ever are we confronted with the prospect of our personal demise. But when it does arrive it most likely will be a sudden, irrevocable and inconvenient event from which we learn nothing. The martial artist does not ignore or wait for death, but walks right up to it.

In the Martial Arts, death is a constant presence. The whole activity revolves around it. Attack, defense and counter-attack are all performed as if a true life-or-death situation were involved. With proficiency, the vigour of the actions increases and, if one is using weapons, one may employ, for instance, a ‘live’ (naked) sword instead of a bamboo or wooden sword – all of which make the situation genuinely dangerous. The practitioner confronts death and makes peace with it in the knowledge it is inevitable. With this understanding, there exists no more fear, and the martial artist is now truly free.

All spiritual systems set up a confrontation with death, for confronting death is perhaps the most important element of spirituality. The basic preparatory practices of Buddhism involve the recognition one’s life is short and one may die tomorrow. In the Chod rite of Tibet, practitioners visit a graveyard at night (where the corpses are left exposed to the elements and scavengers) and invite the demons to come and take them. Christians and Muslims invite the Almighty to take their souls at any time.

The fear of death is the greatest obstacle for the martial artist. This fear has a quality of rigidity, or paralysis, or of loss of control; one may freeze with terror, or one may panic and react blindly and irrationally. Such reactions, intruding at the crucial moment in combat, will spell death, even for the technically accomplished fighter.

But freedom from this incapacitating fear releases great powers. There is a story of a Master of the Japanese Tea Ceremony from the province of Tasa – a man of no martial skill yet of great meditative and spiritual accomplishment. He accidentally gave offence to a high-ranking Samurai and was challenged to a duel.

He went to the local Zen Master to seek advice. The Zen Master told him frankly that he had little chance of surviving the encounter, but that he could ensure an honourable death by treating the combat as he would the formal ritual of the Tea Ceremony. He should compose his mind, paying no attention to the petty chatterings of thoughts of life and death. He should grasp the sword straightforwardly, as he would the ladle in the Tea Ceremony; and with the same precision and concentration of mind with which he would pour the boiling water onto the tea, he should step forward, with no thought of the consequence, and strike his opponent down in one blow.

The Tea Master prepared himself accordingly, abandoning all fear of death. When the morning of the duel arrived, the Samurai, encountering the total poise and fearlessness of his opponent, was so shaken that he promptly begged forgiveness and called off the fight.

The recognition and mental triumph over death is the martial artist’s greatest power, in that he will focus on the fact he has little time and hence lets his acts flow accordingly. Each act is your last battle on Earth, and only with this philosophy will your acts have their rightful power. Otherwise they will be, for as long as you live, the acts of a timid man.

In the words of a Samurai legend, “being timid is fine if you are to be immortal, but if you are going to die, there is no time for timidity, simply because timidity makes you cling to something that exists only in your thoughts.” It soothes you while everything is at a lull, but then the awesome, mysterious world will open its mouth for you, as it will open for every one of us, and then you will realise your sure ways were not sure at all. Being timid prevents us from examining and exploiting our lot as men.

Mastery of Energy

To the martial artist, Energy manifests within each individual as spirit, spirit manifests in each individual as mind. This Energy or “Chi” as it is known in China, or “Ki” in Japan, permeates everything, and hence is both the martial artist’s strongest connection to his enemy as well as his strongest weapon against his enemy.

The mastery of this energy is a central element of all traditional forms of Martial Arts practice. Two widely recognised expressions of this ideal are the Chinese art of Tai Chi Chuan, and the Japanese art of Aikido.

Tai Chi Chuan integrates many elements of Chinese culture such as philosophy and religion, medicine, and military practice. It draws its inspiration for movement heavily from the philosophy of yin and yang. It incorporates the theory of the Five Elements of cosmology and the principles of the Bagua (“Eight Trigrams”) together with motion, creating a continuous flow of movement that reflect the ideas behind these ideologies.

The Yin-Yang symbol, which is often linked with Tai Chi Chuan, represents the interaction of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are shown in equal amounts, yet the Yin portion of the Yin-Yang contains a small amount of Yang and the Yang portion an equally small amount of Yin.

The ancient Chinese saw the universe as a vast unity with every part of it being related to and dependent on every other part. Within this unity, there is continual change in an endless cycle between two partners, the Yin (feminine, dark, soft, yielding) and the Yang (masculine, hard, aggressive).

The universe is entirely made from these two forms of energy and in order for all things to progress harmoniously, the forces of Yin and yang must constantly interact with each other. While doing so, each must evolve, over a period of time, into its opposite, just as day gradually turns to night. For this reason, everything that seems to be Yin contains some Yang and all that is Yang also contains some Yin, without which change would not be possible. (Chen Lei)

From this view of existence and energy, the style of Tai Chi Chuan was constructed. It is a perfect physical expression of the Yin-Yang philosophy and operates within the same parameters and limitations.

While other martial styles are violently fast and rigid, Tai Chi is slow and controlled, with techniques that flow endlessly into one another. Just as Yin-Yang energy maintains a continual flow, so does the Tai Chi form. There is no rigid stop-start, only a controlled natural mimic of energy. This is why Tai Chi is often seen as one of the most graceful and peaceful Martial Arts. Just as energy is circular in flow, all Tai Chi footwork is circular in direction, and just as energy is a natural phenomenon, the Tai Chi defence postures are always in a natural form, not rigid, boxing-like military stances.

The effective practice of Tai Chi relies on a pure and deep understanding of the Yin-Yang/ Tai Chi view of Chi and the universe. Without this spiritual dimension to the art, the student is not practicing Tai Chi, they are simply performing empty movements of little significance to themselves or the world around them.

Another art dealing with the dynamics of energy was founded by Ueshiba Morihei in 1942. The Japanese art of Aikido was considered a continuation of the Samurai Arts, and borrows much of its spiritual dimension and expression from Bushido (The Way of the Samurai), particularly its use of traditional sword practices. It is a relatively contemporary system and much a continuation of Japanese values and culture as it is a cultivation of philosophy and spirit.

The meaning of Aikido is literally the “artful path of discovery of gathering Ki”. Ki is the Japanese translation of Chi, and shares an identical definition. It is suggested that Ki was “born” at the same instant as the rest of the universe, and that we are all born from the Ki of the universe. All living organisms have equal access to Ki, and it will course through our system if we allow it. Daily Aikido practice is primarily directed at maintaining a balanced state physically and emotionally, and practicing ways to cultivate this energy.

Like Tai Chi, Aikido is a physical expression of this way of seeing the world. As a result, it has no attack form, because attacking an opponent would be like attacking a family member or damaging the flow of Universal Ki energy sustaining the world. Once again, because Ki moves constantly, so does the martial artist, with all of Aikido’s footwork occurring in circular patterns. Aikido also places great attention on the balance aspect of energy, and hence has created an awareness of balance essential to its maneuvers. The main techniques of the style involve particular throwing and wrestling patterns that are precisely dependent on the perfect balance of its practitioner.

In Aikido like all Martial Arts, physical and emotional balance is codependent.  Physical balance helps to engender emotional balance. An understanding of the nature of our spirit will help the practitioner create an effective alignment of thought and action. When every aspect of the individual is aligned the individual is better able to adapt and change.

Spirituality and the Samurai

The Way of Zen perpetuates the earliest Buddhist traditions. It signifies the perfect natural state of enlightenment. Zen cannot be rationalised, only experienced, lived and realised. Unattainable through concrete thought and analysis, the Way of Zen is found through meditational practice engaging both mind and body. Zen may be considered a unique expression of the Mahayana Buddhism. It originated in the northern regions of India and later moved to China and then Japan where it became a strong influence from around 1190 CE onwards. It exerted such an influence that up until a few years ago, it would have been difficult to find a person of noble Japanese origins who had not been exposed to Zen philosophy.

Zen offers an interesting perspective in the world of Martial Arts and spirituality, because it becomes hard to see where the spiritual philosophy ends and the martial practice begins. While most Martial Art philosophies are a building process supplying us with tools and understanding, the experience of Zen is a destructive process, in the strict sense that it removes things from our lives that keep us from enlightenment. Zen’s liberation comes in absolute autonomy. There are no gods, no denominations, and no higher authority. It is necessary to abandon all crutches and proceed forward with no assistance.

The role of Zen in the Samurai society is amazingly complex. It sustained the warrior spirit in two ways: Morally, because Zen is a system which teaches the individual not to look back once the course is decided; and philosophically, because Zen treats life and death indifferently.

The classic text, Hagakure or “Hidden by Leaves” attributed to the Samurai Yamamoto Tsunetomo, states that, “The Way of the Samurai is found in death” and goes on to say that the Samurai is powerful because his mind is no longer attached to life and death. The Samurai will “conquer immortality by dying without hesitations.” Great deeds are accomplished when one attains the Zen state of “no-mind-ness.”

It is through this Zen state of “no-mind” that swordplay becomes not an act of killing but an instrument of spiritual self-discipline. The individual, the sword and the target become one. The blade moves by itself under the influence of the target without any individual decision, always finding a perfect blow. The acknowledgement of mastery in the sword is also the acknowledgement of a higher degree of Zen spirituality. The “no-mind” is one of the most influential Zen concepts to mix with the Samurai psyche.

A mind unconscious of itself is a mind that is not at all disturbed by affects of any kind. It is the original mind and not the delusive one that is chock-full of affects. It is always flowing; it never halts; nor does it turn solid. It fills the whole body, pervading every part of the body. It is never like a stone or a piece of wood. If it should find a resting place anywhere, it is not a mind-of-no-mind. A no-mind will keep nothing in it. It is thus called mushin. (G.R. Parulski)

This “empty-minded-ness” applies to all creative activities, such as dancing and swordplay.  The mind flows freely from one object to another stopping at no single concern. In this process the mind is free and fulfills every function required of it. When the mind stops at a single thought, it loses its freedom. It cannot hear, it cannot see, even when sound enters the ears or light flashes before the eyes. Every mind has the nature of Buddha and every person is already liberated beyond birth and death. They must only realise this fact. Zen seeks to promote this realisation, the gradual process of which is referred to as Satori. The consequence of Satori is a completely new way of seeing the world and one’s place within it. According to Zen, liberation should not be looked for in the next world, for this is the next world and is already liberated. We are already at our goal, yet we cannot realise it.

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11 Self-Love Tips To Prepare For The Best Valentine’s Ever

Self-LoveDuring Valentine’s, the traditional “couple’s holiday,” It’s especially important to remember to honor your beloved Self.

I’ve learned from my life coach clients and my own experience that something about Valentine’s brings out the best and the worst in all of us. If we are without a beloved at this time, we may feel particularly alone and “outside” of it all, and if we are in a relationship, there are those unspoken expectations to get the right gift, say the right words, have the right evening out. Romantic love tends to create expectations.

This is why it’s so important that we enter into the “Valentine’s Zone” (my affectionate name for the week around Valentine’s) with a strong sense of Self-Love.

This means we actually have to PRACTICE Self-Love. Think about it. We have to practice romantic love with a partner. It’s not enough to just know that our partner loves us. We need to share intimate moments, open-hearted conversations, and daily physical affection.

Such is the case with ourselves as well. We need to cultivate and practice Self-Love for our relationship with ourselves to remain strong and vibrant. And whether or not you’re in a committed, intimate relationship doesn’t change the importance of the task of loving and honoring your-Self. After all, your primary intimate, love relationship mirrors your love relationship with yourself.  So it makes sense that your first investment in your relationship is always in you.

With that in mind, here are 10 Valentine’s Day suggestions for kick-starting your love relationship with your beloved Self:

1) Kiss yourself a dozen times right now; on your hand, on your knee (on your ankle if you are flexible enough) or anywhere else you feel inspired!

2) Write yourself a love letter.  Make sure and tell yourself all the unique qualities you love about you.  Actually mail it to make it more “official” — you’ll have fun receiving it in your mailbox in a day or two.

3) Treat yourself to a nice relaxing bath complete with candles and soothing music (guys, if you prefer, you can drive to the edge of a lake or ocean and sit in your car enjoying the view as you blast your favorite rock music as loud as you can and literally scream the lyrics — or get out of your car and dance).

4) Write yourself 10 little, positive affirmation notes (quickies like “You Rock!”) and hide them in places you will naturally find them in the near future – in your drawers, shelves, on the back of your milk carton, under your pillow, etc.

5) Give yourself a reflexology massage.  Sit somewhere comfortable and massage your own magnificent foot (remember all of your body is represented in different parts of your foot – you’ll feel good all over).

6) Look in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you” over and over until you can feel the receiving part of you soften and really take it in.

7) Turn up your stereo or iPod and sing your favorite love song loudly to yourself.  Don’t worry about how it sounds, just make yourself FEEL good. (You can get some direct heart healing from my new healing album “Chakra Love”)

8) Write yourself a playful Love Poem – a haiku (5-7-5) or a “Roses are red, violets are blue…” is fine.  Just poouuuuuur our your love!

9) Buy your favorite sensuous food and feed it to yourself, one juicy mouthful at a time – savoring every bite! (mangos, oysters, chocolate, strawberries or even mash potatoes if that is what turns you on)

10) Wrap both your arms around yourself right now and give yourself a big, delicious, rockin’ hug (for at least a full minute!)

11) Finally, and I’ve saved the best for last… attend a free webinar being hosted by the amazing author of “Thank You For Leaving Me”, Farhana Dhalla. Her voice, her energy, her honest, open-hearted advice is like love in a cup. She’s titled it around recovering from divorce, but trust me, if you’ve ever loved and “lost” in ANY capacity (haven’t we all?), you’ll benefit greatly from her webinar.  You can register for the free event here.

There, didn’t that list feel good?

When you cultivate Self-Love, it’s like a magnet to a partner. Don’t be surprised when you practice these tips that your beloved is a little more affectionate. Or if you’re currently single, you just might find that you’re getting a lot more attention from potential partners.

Keep up the practice for a full month and you’ll be even more loving and love-magnitizing.

Happy Valetine’s Lovely One. May it be your best ever!

Vicki HowieVicki Howie, MA, CHt can be reached at chakraboosters.com. She is an International Life Coach, Singer and Creator of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™.  Begin balancing your chakras now, by listening to her new Chakra Healing Album, Chakra Love.

Transcending the Negative

Zen Gardner

The world has gone insane, clearly. People simply react to whatever is put before them. But this is only apparent if you’re watching. The degree of insanity we’re witnessing has broken all previous boundaries yet it continues to be portrayed as “normal”.

The interesting phenomenon to watch is when personal worlds collide with this manipulated mainstream narrative. That’s where the synthesis takes place that creates the next levels of so-called normality as people subconsciously integrate the swill being introduced into their own lives and hence project it into the society at large.

It’s carefully steered and controlled beyond the comprehension of those they’re puppeteering.

These phenomena are quite something to behold and it’s clearly more disturbing by the day. We have to take it in small doses or it will take us down with it, which is no doubt their intention. Infect, weaken and control – at every possible level is their mantra.

Finding a Positive Balance

It’s important to be informed, yes, but it’s also important to have an overwhelming ballast of true knowledge and conscious awareness in your tank. Without a foundation your building will be rocked and swayed by this onslaught of completely disempowering nonsense. I can’t stress that enough, and most are well aware of this.

Keeping things positive in such a negative climate is a serious challenge for anyone. As we know, the mainstream mind just blocks it all out. After all, it would not just ruin the football game and “harsh their mellow”, but seriously disrupt the entire foundation of their lifestyles. It’s a cleverly constructed cage of self containment which we’ve talked about at length.

Seeing Past the Illusion

We are continually evolving. For the awakened we know the full Universal dynamic is anything but disempowering. We are thriving in a beautiful, dynamic and infinitely creative multi-dimensional spiritual milieu without boundaries. The current parasitic forces attempting to enslave and utilize the human spirit for its own designs are a passing phenomenon. I won’t say fraud, because it’s as real as people allow it to be.

That’s our free will being co-opted and coerced into submission.

All this must pass. In due time. Apparently our challenge is to undergo this onslaught and learn and respond the best we can. Personally, I enjoy the challenge, but it’s horrific seeing so many people being abused and manipulated apparently needlessly, and when so often they, too, could enjoy the transcendent reality that a true spiritual wake-up affords.

More than that is identifying the cycles of creation. We are passing through, key word through, this time, test, epoch, into another. I’m not talking about a Pollyanna approach, but a full realization of our state of affairs.

Is this a Natural Progression – A Birth into the New?

The following quote hit me between the eyes:

 “The present convergence of crises––in money, energy, education, health, water, soil, climate, politics, the environment, and more––is a birth crisis, expelling us from the old world into a new.”
–  Charles Eisenstein, Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition

Pretty cool. I haven’t studied this author’s works, but that quote sure resonates with me. I’m not into social or economic reconstructionism or political anything, but it’s clearly true, and what a wonderful reminder!

We’re in a birthing process. And it’s not an easy one.

We need to be aware of what is transpiring all around us, but more importantly the world we know to be True needs to have preeminence in our hearts and minds at all times.

A Time for Focus

There is much written on this subject, but there’s a whole lot of cynicism to be overcome. Any of us can be easily jaded by the pathetic condition of the world today, but we mustn’t be. It’s a time to accentuate love, unity, consciousness and community solutions. We each need that feedback, that encouragement, that reinforcement to keep up the good fight.

Be Strong, because you are. Be True, because you are. Be Unwavering – because that is your natural spiritual state.

Adhere to it. Rest in it. Find peace in it.

When we operate from there we are much more effective, happy and inspired. Our Light speaks the loudest.

A simple solution at our fingertips.

Keep on. We’re meant to be here, and now.

Much love always,


This article appeared at ZenGardner.com

Zappos to Become Largest Company to Embrace a Self-Governing Structure


The CEO of Zappos strips himself of his title by announcing Hola-crazy…

If all goes well, by the end of this year Tony Hsieh won’t be the CEO of Zappos. In fact, he’ll just be another employee, without a title. Zappos has been widely recognized for maintaining a thriving community culture within the company through it’s emphasis on positive employee lifestyles. As a bold new experiment in management, the Amazon unit will become the largest company yet to embrace a Holacracy. This is a radical “self-governing” operating system where there are no job titles and no managers. The term Holacracy is derived from the Greek word holon, which means a whole that’s part of a greater whole. Instead of a top-down hierarchy, there’s a flatter “holarchy” that distributes power more evenly. The company will be made up of different circles—there will be around 400 circles at Zappos once the rollout is complete in December 2014—and employees can have any number of roles within those circles. This way, there’s no hiding under titles; radical transparency is the goal. While announcing this shift, Hsieh offered the reference, “Darwin said that it’s not the fastest or strongest that survive. It’s the ones most adaptive to change.”

“We’re classically trained to think of ‘work’ in the traditional paradigm,” says John Bunch, who, along with Alexis Gonzales-Black, is leading the transition to Holacracy at Zappos. “One of the core principles is people taking personal accountability for their work. It’s not leaderless. There are certainly people who hold a bigger scope of purpose for the organization than others. What it does do is distribute leadership into each role. Everybody is expected to lead and be an entrepreneur in their own roles, and Holacracy empowers them to do so.” In its highest-functioning form, he says, the system is “politics-free, quickly evolving to define and operate the purpose of the organization, responding to market and real-world conditions in real time. It’s creating a structure in which people have flexibility to pursue what they’re passionate about.”

This story is from ELEVATE, a little production company on a big mission that is totally committed to using the awesome power of movies and viral media to activate real and lasting change. To find our more about ELEVATE, click here.

The Great Realignment (pt 2): Gaia’s Dramatic Healing

By Open | Openhand | Feb 5th 2014

spiritualIn The Great Realignment (part 1), I spoke of how the balance of life on Earth has become so far out of harmony with nature, that a corrective force of monumental proportions was now gathering in strength to shatter the structures that have so consumed and controlled other sentient life. As the underlying energetic matrix is unraveling, the departing clouds will reveal the new paradigm, in a higher vibrational existence. However, we can expect it to be neither pretty nor easy. Our planet is entering the crucible of profound catalytic healing. The fire-walk of spiritual mastery is now unfolding before us and we must surrender into it to truly thrive…

Collapsing Biosphere

In my heart I feel deeply saddened yet strongly aligned in suggesting that the Earth’s Biosphere upon which mankind depends is now breaking down. If it’s not accelerating climate change, GMO toxification, top soil erosion, chemtrail heavy metal pollution or the rapidly acidifying oceans (at their fastest rate for over 300 million years), then there’s something now much bigger looming on the horizon… in a word, Fukushima.

What do we know exactly?

We now know that Tepco (owners of the Daiichi plant) and some of the world’s ‘leadership’ were lying to us. Immediately following the initial accident, there was catastrophic melt down of at least three nuclear reactors, through which over 300 tonnes of ground water washes into the Pacific every day. And reactor 4, where around 1500 fuel rods ‘hang by a thread’, could collapse at any moment if there was any other significant tremor or shock in the area. What we’re looking at here, is an ‘Extinction Level Event’ in no uncertain terms. It’s no longer a question of ifit’s going to affect the world population, but when and how?

These are early days of course, but nevertheless, I feel compelled in my heart to speak so strongly. I believe it’s vitally important that evolving people really come to terms with what is happening here. We’ve been shown throughout history, that whenever a life form moves out of balance with the natural harmony, then the universe answers with a corrective force in equal measure. And who can now deny just how out of alignment society has become? (see the world population explosion on the chart in this first article…The Great Realignment (part 1))

So whilst I’m deeply saddened yes by what I now feel is inevitable, I also feel to willingly accept the corrective Great Realignment of energy on the planet that I feel is now beginning to take place. Although an unpalatable message, what I see humanity now facing is a ‘cleansing’ of the Earth’s surface of the old consciousness providing a ‘fallow’ period of vitally required healing time for Gaia. It’s what I’m sure the Hopi Elders saw when they spoke of “The Great Purification”. However, if we can come to embrace our manifestation with grace, these building circumstances could well catalyse the emergence of a new, Spiritual Mastery – a New Humanity.

Five Gateways and the Significance of Synchronicity

Back in 2009 we felt compelled to produce a free documentary detailing what we feel to be the Five Key Expansions of consciousness on route to Enlightenment and Ascension. In it we spoke of there being currently two worlds….

“We’re not living in one world but two. The lower world is based on a system of inequity and injustice. It’s a world of have and have not, of rich and poor, profit and loss, winner and loser. It’s an out-dated system long past its sell-by-date. And yet there’s another world, a truly beautiful world of interconnectivity with all. It’s where all life is cherished and respected. It’s where we receive with one hand and with the other, give in equal measure. It’s about spiritual enrichment and continued human evolution.

Now these two worlds are beginning to separate. The energy is moving from the old world and into the new. And as that energy moves, the old systems, the old structures are fracturing and breaking apart. It’s that sense of liberation and freedom which is being released from that. And as the energy moves into the higher paradigm, we’re going to see those old systems crumbling and cracking all around us. One world has a future and the other does not.”

What we didn’t know were the circumstances of how that unraveling might come about.

We were due to release the film early in March 2011 – right at the time the Tsunami struck Fukushima. In fact we felt to delay for a week as a sign of respect. As I look back now, I believe in my heart the event to mean an important synchronicity. Just as the Titanic was a message from the synchronistic mother tongue of the universe where everything happens with deeper purpose, I believe so too is this an important sign. If we can accept it as a tremendous catalyst to simply let go, turn inwards and regain alignment with the divine, then we will have a future. I believe that’s the significance of the synchronicity.

Watch the full documentary freely here…5GATEWAYS.

Immanent collapse of the global financial system?

Fukushima could well turn out to be the ‘trip switch’ that causes a domino affect right across the planet. It could for example spark a melt down in the financial markets which are already teetering on the brink of debt fueled implosion.

Why is that a possibility?

The Energetic Matrix which has locked the consciousness of humanity into this synthetic society is unraveling. Consequently more and more people see that the numbers simply don’t make sense (like for example in the land of the American Dream where now some 49 million people are in need of food stamps to sustain them). And since everything is of consciousness, as more and more people question, that vibration of incredulity concerning the future sustainability and rightness of the current system is rippling outwards like the gathering Tsunami for which Fukushima was such a powerful metaphor.

The vast majority of people in society have not a clue how indebted most governments are. If you take Britain (the country I live in), when you add up private debt with government public debt and that of future commitments, our indebtedness is 900% the size of our economy! Only two other countries have ever experienced such indebtedness – Argentina, once a rich country that collapsed into practically a third world nation, and the Weimar republic in Germany in the 1920’s, when hyper inflation devalued their currency so much, it was cheaper to paper your walls with bank notes rather than wall paper!

And Britain is not alone. America, many of the European countries and even the cheap plastic global exporter China are now hugely in debt too. They are all held afloat merely due to historically low interest rates, low inflation because of ever cheaper sweat shop industries and the relentless exploitation of energy. But all that is soon to change. At the beginning of 2014, I could feel huge surges of catalytic energy sweeping into confront this raptor consciousness that is riding roughshod over our Earth. Expect a major impact somewhere in the world during 2014 and over the next couple of years.

Ultimately, when this collapse comes, it’s unlikely to be pretty, but nevertheless we manifested it. Why?

You’re always disempowered when you blame circumstances beyond yourself

What we really need to get our heads and our hearts around, especially when talking about the ‘powers-that-be’ or the so called ‘One Percent’, is it’s never about “them out there”. It’s not “their fault”. What needs to be grasped is that the One Percent are merely the manifestation of our own internal sense of lack, lack of personal responsibility, personal sovereignty, personal culpability and acceptance of the capitalistic nightmare by our acquiescence to the Industrial Military Complex.

Okay. I’m being a bit harsh here. It’s because I’m trying to get a point across. You can’t blame anyone for lack of consciousness when the name of the game is ever increasing evolution from lower levels of consciousness. But what mainstream spirituality needs to realise quickly, is that you’re always disempowered when you blame people or circumstances beyond yourself for your experience of life – and as far as I can tell, that’s definitely a trend within the spiritual mainstream.

Consider it this way: whenever you feel to blame someone for what they are doing to you or the world, you could instead see it as a reflection of your own behaviour and ask “how can I unravel my similar distortions into a more highly evolved condition of being?” I guarantee you, as long as you look hard enough, you will always find something in that particular area that you can improve upon. If enough people changed their behaviours and habits right now (and it wouldn’t have to be many), the powers-that-be would quickly topple.

So at the moment, for a short while longer, we have a bit of a stalemate. Everybody who’s half awake knows that change has to come, but most are waiting for someone else to take the first step.

Who will take the first step?

That the situation is unbalanced, unraveling strongly under the surface and will change the face of the world is certain. But what will likely precipitate that change? I’d say one of three things are most likely to happen next…

  1. Realising their rapidly dwindling grasp on power, and their increasing inability to plug the holes in the dyke (both of the biosphere and the economy), the powers-that-be will stage one or more false flag events giving them the excuse to introduce various levels of increased state control as security for new draconian reshaping of the already fragmenting economies. They need an excuse to somehow write off the debt, nationalise finance, devalue fiat currencies and increase the cost of commodities beyond artificially deflated, petro-dollar values.
  2. A groundswell of rising frustration by some and expanding consciousness by others, initiates various national revolutions within society that take back personal responsibility, forming both government and finance by the people for the people, based on more sustainable community living, which become the launching grounds for a wider spiritual evolutionary leap.
  3. Both of the above are pre-empted by Gaia. Working away in the background with the infinite patience of a grand deity and the vast cosmic support of benevolence, she gently but firmly rocks the unstable foundations until the gathering energy unleashes a domino effect through world events, causing economies to collapse and ultimately unraveling the matrix in alignment with the movement to a higher vibrational existence.

None of these are going to be pretty, but certainly taking back personal responsibility for our choices and actions is going to be in alignment with the overall realigning flow. Those choices will have a future. Anything else is sure to be short lived.

Learning to Walk the Path of our higher Spirituality (free mini documentary) is now utterly essential. To truly succeed in this situation, we must let nothing stand in its way.

Realism, pragmatism and optimism

This imminent collapse will not be the end of it. It will be only the first step. Undoubtedly society will reshape and reform either with greater state control or greater conscious alignment, but whatever shape that looks like, then we have to contend with the decimation of the earth’s biosphere and the escalating impact that’s going to have. We’re going to be challenged on the availability of clean resource, food, water and energy like most in society could hardly conceive.

To some I know they will say I’m being pessimistic and fear mongering, but I don’t believe I am. Peel the veils from your eyes and you must surely see it too.

I consider myself a realist, a pragmatist and an optimist. Yes, an optimist. Why so? Because I have been one of those fortunate enough to realise that one life must be in alignment with all life. And if not, then no life is served, including my own. In short, I would gladly sacrifice my own physical life if that meant bringing greater harmony to the overall situation. We must all now try to look through the eyes of selflessness. If we can truly let go, we become the immortal One Self as an experience, not just a theory.

In which case, struggle ends. It can be an amazing sense of relief and empowerment.

Drawn into the cauldron of Spiritual Mastery

It’s not enough just to simply believe in our connectedness and immortality at the level of mind. We have to be prepared to test and experience it in every single moment through the essence of soul. If you’re short of food what does hunger do to your behaviour? If times are tough, do you identify and get stressed? Do you worry about what is to come? Are you afraid of what will happen to your family and kids? All are tests as to the degree you know your interconnectivity and immortality. If we’re all one, how can you and another ever be separated? Even by death? So humanity is now being drawn into this cauldron of spiritual mastery.

How do we come safely out the other side?

First we must realise that we need this level of confrontation. We need this level of breakdown and calamity. Why so? Because when you look back through the history of humanity at all the wars, violence, disharmony, control, manipulation and lack of trust, the vast majority of people are containing the effects of this within their karma – inside their causal body. And by that, I mean their causal body is storing this negative energy caused by attachment and identification to the past events. Here’s the paradox then that some have not yet fully grasped…

Humanity is creating this cauldron of calamitous change because of repressed and unprocessed karma, which by the Law of Attraction, is now manifesting an external mirror (see Law of Attraction Unveiled).

So as things currently stand, the changes are going to be tumultuous. But whatever may befall you, try to see every single circumstance and event as an opportunity to learn, evolve and grow as a being. The clearer and stronger the mirror, the easier if becomes to see your true self in it and act accordingly. There will ultimately no room for denial. Consider every situation not in terms of the outcome your ego would like, but the incredible possibility your spirit can become.

Only do things because there’s a “rightness” to them

Many people are currently motivated by glorious ideas of coming together in sustainable community: low impact housing, finance based on equitable exchange, renewable energies, a soft footprint on the Earth. These are extremely commendable attributes to unfold. They too are a wonderful mirror and vehicle for higher self expression. And that’s how I believe we need to see them – as “Arcs” for spiritual mastery and ascension. So let’s not get attached to their longevity. Personally I see them as bridges into the Higher Paradigm.

In part 3 of this series I’ll go on to consider how we can align with this gathering flow more accurately. In the meantime, here’s a video to share by the Native American “Red Crow”. What I’ve been given to call “The Great Realignment” the Hopi called “The Great Purification”. What I love most, is the cool, collectedness in his ancient, oceanic eyes when he speaks of there being ‘nothing to fear’…

From my heart to yours

(on behalf of Openhand)

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5 Reasons Why Self-Love Isn’t Selfish

Lana Fox | Purpose Fairy

“This self-love is the instrument of our preservation; it resembles the provision for the perpetuity of mankind: it is necessary, it is dear to us, it gives us pleasure, and we must conceal it.” ~ Voltaire

We can often talk a good game when it comes to self-love. “You need to take care of yourself,” we might tell a friend, or “Your feelings count too.” But have you noticed that it is often easier to sing the self-love anthem when you’re delivering it to someone else?

In truth, self-love is the opposite of selfishness, but until we start to live that truth, the harder it is to learn. So here are a few related points to help you express self-love without feeling selfish about it. May they bring you peace.

1. There is no such thing as separateness.

If you know, as I do, that we are all one, then you also know our energy isn’t separate. That’s why, when I take time to love myself, my energy becomes more loving for others. After all, “my” love and “your” love are one and the same. That’s why we feel positive around positive people. It’s why laughter can be infectious, and why charity spreads.

2. All love is our love.

Although it is possible to express love for others more readily than we express it to ourselves, if we really want to love more fully, I can’t recommend self-love enough. Think of love like a tank of air that a deep-sea diver breathes with. If the air in the love-tank is depleted, it is harder to find the energy to help others. If the air in the love-tank is full, we can help others without the slightest stress—at times, it almost becomes effortless. So how do we keep our love-tank filled? Through being loved. So when you express self-love, you fill that tank right up, and then you have more energy to love the world. Is that selfish? Of course not!

3. The way we speak to ourselves is the way we speak to others.

If you have a punishing voice inside yourself, then that punishing voice will appear to others. Think about it. When you hear someone saying, “I must go running,” or “I’m terrible at keeping my bedroom clean,” then the punishment points towards all of us, saying Everyone should go running and everyone should keep their bedroom clean. On the other hand, when we love ourselves, and say, “I’m learning to organize the house in a way that suits me, and I’m doing well—especially considering how busy I am,” then you express that feeling to the universe. You are more open, less judgmental, kinder, and lighter. And those around you will feel that too.

4. You attract the energy that you give off.

If you’re more punishing, those you attract will be more punishing. If you are kind and open, those around you will be too. That’s why affirmations are a powerful source of self-love—because by helping you to love yourself, they help you to attract more love, and that’s how you perpetuate loving energy.

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How to Create Inspiration & Motivation

Steve Pavlina

If you do any creative work, I’m sure you’ve experienced this dilemma: Should you ever work when you aren’t inspired, or should you wait for inspiration?

I’ve had to face this situation many times, whether it involved designing a new computer game or writing an original blog entry. Sometimes inspiration strikes me at the most inopportune times, like at 3am while lying in bed, but if I’m smart enough to take advantage of it, I can crank out volumes of productive work in a short period of time. Those experiences often feel timeless and transcendent, as if I’ve been tapped on the shoulder by some higher creative power. But other times as I sit at my computer, I feel empty, distracted, or uninspired, and if I tried to push through it, I’m still be able to get some work done, but I won’t produce solutions and ideas that are nearly as elegant or brilliant as the inspired work. Sound familiar?

I place a premium on the value of inspired work. Although I have degrees in computer science and math and have been trained in many left-brain problem solving techniques, I’m also left-handed and approach technical subjects from a right-brained perspective. I rarely use methodical, left-brained, step-by-step processes to solve problems. In high school I would often try to solve math or physics problems without using any of the formulas that were taught in class that week. I’d dismiss the left-brained solution I was expected to regurgitate and tried to approach problems creatively, especially the most challenging and complex ones. I’d take an advanced calculus problem and attempt to solve it using other tools like algebra or geometry or the laws of physics. And the interesting thing is that my solutions were often shorter and far more elegant than what the textbooks had intended. I believed there would be little value in learning to solve problems the same way everyone else did; such people would be a dime a dozen. But there would always be a treasured place in the world for the person who could solve problems creatively.

On the other hand, I also value hard work and discipline. I certainly have the option of barreling through and working even when I’m not inspired. But I greatly dislike using self-discipline for creative work. Discipline is fine for repetitive or highly uncreative work though, but it rarely creates elegant solutions. My left brain may be satisfied with a disciplined approach, but it’s anathema to my right brain.

I’m also impatient, so I don’t like waiting for inspiration to strike, especially when it seems to be taking an extended vacation.

One day I became curious and questioned why sometimes I felt inspired and other times I didn’t. Why would inspiration seem to abandon me for weeks and then pay me a visit when I was five miles into a 10-mile run? Was there some kind of pattern?

And most of all, could inspiration be created? Did I have to wait for it to arrive, or was there anything I could do to invite it? I studied creative problem solving techniques, but none of them seemed to work consistently, and sometimes they would take a long time to generate results.

Eventually I figured out that inspiration can definitely be created. I’ve been using this technique for many years, and it’s one reason I never run out of ideas to write and speak about. I feel as if I have an infinite supply. It’s very simple too.

Clarifying Intent

Whenever I want to feel inspired to do creative work, I stop and take a moment to clarify my intent. I get really clear about what it is I want to do, and then I verbalize that intent. Then I let go and wait, usually a few minutes at most.

An example intent would be the one I used for this blog entry. At first I sat down to write at 4:30am and felt wholly uninspired. I had a list of ideas to write about, but none of them seemed too inspiring to me. So I formed the (very simple) intent, “I intend to write a creative new blog entry that will benefit many readers.” Then I released the intent and waited. Within about 30 seconds, I had the idea to write on this topic, and the words flowed with effortless ease.

Here’s my current theory on how this works. My intent acts like a thought wave that projects out into the universe, and after a short period of time, that wave reflects back to me in the form of creative ideas. It’s like a dolphin using sonar to echo-locate objects, except that I use it to echo-locate creative ideas. I feel as if I’m putting out a specific form of sonar into some imaginary world of pure thought. When my intent collides with an idea that resonates with it, it creates a reflection wave back to the source, which I perceive as an idea or impulse. The first ideas that pop into my head are the ones I go with.

Intents don’t work the same way as goals. If you constrain your intent too heavily, then you won’t receive any reflection back because nothing will resonate with it perfectly. So try to keep your intentions open-ended and high-level unless the specific details are truly important to you. If you create intents that are too rigid, you may eliminate the possibility of a holistic solution. For example, if you focus on the intent to solve a low-level problem, and your creativity still feels blocked, it could be that you aren’t supposed to solve that problem at all – you need to rework something at a higher level to eliminate the problem entirely.

I find this approach works incredibly well. Whenever it seems like it isn’t working, then I know it’s because my own thoughts are creating an interference pattern and canceling each other out. I’m putting out conflicting intents – understand that every thought is an intent. That’s when I need to back up and form a higher-level, more general intent that can escape the low-level noise. If you toss a pebble into a calm lake, you’ll see waves rippling out from the source. But if you toss a pebble into rough waters, the ripples will be gobbled up with the existing waves. So in that case you need to go to a place where the waters are more calm, rising above your own conflicting thoughts, especially those involving fear, worry, or stress.

For example, if I came up with a blank after putting out an intent for creative writing ideas, I’d step back and form a new intent, like, “I intend to use the next hour in service to the greatest good of all.” That’s a more general intent, and it can help bypass any blocks. Perhaps I’m feeling blocked because I don’t feel I should be writing at all right now. Maybe there’s something more important I need to do. Intents work holistically, so it’s important to allow for plenty of flexibility.

So begin with a specific intent, and if you don’t like the reflections you’re receiving, keep backing up and forming new intents until the reflections suit you.

Once you master this process, you should never have to push through creative work when you aren’t feeling creative. While you can still produce some output during those times, you probably know that the work will seem lifeless and uninspired when you look back on it later. Clarifying and focusing your intent only takes a few seconds most of the time, and you’ll begin to see that your intentions always manifest when you’re completely clear about what you want.

So don’t wait for inspiration. Use this simple technique to actively invite inspiration and unleash the flow of creative ideas.

This article originally appeared at StevePavlina.com.

One Billion Rising: Eve Ensler & Kimberle Crenshaw on Global Movement to End Violence Against Women

Democracy Now!: A movement is growing worldwide to stop violence against women and girls. One Billion Rising for Justice will take place on February 14, Valentine’s Day, in more than 200 countries worldwide, focusing on the issue of justice for all survivors of gender violence and the impunity that protects perpetrators all over the world. The One Billion Rising and V-Day campaigns were launched by playwright Eve Ensler, creator of “The Vagina Monologues,” and highlights the startling statistic that one in every three women on the planet will be raped or beaten in her lifetime. We speak to Eve Ensler and Kimberlé Crenshaw, co-founder of the African American Policy Forum. “Women are putting their bodies at the site where vulnerabilities intersect,” Crenshaw says. “By that I mean, where vulnerability to gender violence, vulnerability to economic exploitation, vulnerability to the drug war — all these things come together to create unique risk, many times risks that poor women, marginalized women, women of color face.”

Exploring Soulmates & Twin Flames: What Are They And How Do We Find Them?

Jeff RobertsCollective Evolution

The question of twin flames and soulmates is a common question asked by many, as the idea of one or a few particular souls being intimately involved in our evolutionary journey can be fascinating. So do they exist? Let’s explore this topic further by starting from the basic understanding of life in the Universe.

We live in a universe that is all one. This means that the same energy, the united consciousness, is projecting itself forward as you. It is also projecting itself forward as your boyfriend or girlfriend, your dog, and your fridge.  So to say that one thing or expression in the universe is the most important thing is a misunderstanding, because ultimately it is all one thing. You are everything in existence. So at the highest level of existence, everything is your soulmate.

The individuality that we are experiencing is in essence an illusion created for the purpose of expansion. So when we discuss the idea of twin flames, we have to be talking from a different dimensional perspective than the ultimate universal truth, closer to a physical perspective that recognizes the individuality as a subjective truth.

When most speak about the twin flame or soulmate they are referring to the two halves of the same soul. The theory suggests that in the beginning of time, we were created as a perfect soul, which split into two halves. One of these halves contained the female energy, and the other comprised the male energy. The theory is that the two halves would be incarnated into human forms to live, experience, and expand until the day that the two experientially rich halves would meet again to ascend back to source.  However, this theory is flawed in that it attributes physical characteristics to a formless soul. A soul cannot truly be “split” in two because it is not a physical clump of energy.  In reality a soul is merely a stream of consciousness.

Let’s imagine “God”, “source”, or the “oneness” as an infinite ocean. All water comes from this ocean. Hence rivers and streams are a projection of the ocean, taking on different forms or following different paths. Even the creeks and ponds come from the ocean water. A soul family is likened to a branch of rivers and streams, as they follow and feed into one and other, eventually leading back into the ocean or source. The individual souls are the smallest creeks which are projected forth from the rivers (or soul families). These creeks can exist simultaneously in different areas, just as your soul can express itself as different things all at once. Ultimately these are all projections which lead back to the ocean, or source.

But let’s say that you encountered a creek or stream which was intrinsically connected to you. You would feel a sense of connection more so than to other things because you are both connected to the same path back to the ocean, or source. This is where we are all headed eventually, so when you are in full alignment you will meet those people who reinsure that you are on the most appropriate path back to source. That is why when you meet your “soulmate” or “twin flame” you feel a deep sense of connection and understanding. It’s because that person is the most familiar thing to you along the path back to the ultimate truth.

Many of us did intend to unite with another aspect of the same soul before we came into a physicality. We choose our gender based on what will serve our expansion the most in a specific life. Because so many of us come into the reality with the intention of experiencing oneness on a physical level, quite often we “split” into polar aspects, so that we can experience the unification of those two genders. I speak of gender not in the solidity of a boy and a girl, but more so in energetic terms meaning the balancing and harmonizing of polar energies.

With the splitting of the soul aspects, there is the experience of loneliness and separation, which gives rise to the desire to connect and return “home.” This is why we feel so satisfied by meeting the other soul aspect. We will continue to play out this journey of soul-meetings to experience the feelings of separation until we decide it no longer serves our expansion.

That being said, if you are not in alignment with your soul path, you most likely will not meet your soulmate, or if you do, you will most likely clash. This is because if you are in the vibration of resistance, the two soulmates see each other in a state of disconnect and so you will be going “against the current” of the stream of consciousness and there will be friction.

So how do you know that you’ve met your twin flame or soulmate? Here are some common signs:

1.)    You had dreams or visions of this person before meeting them in this lifetime.

2.)    Meeting your partner felt like coming home to a familiar long-lost energy.

3.)    After meeting you had memories with the person not a part of the current life experience.

4.)    Your partner mirrors your own issues, concerns, and imbalances, yet you also complement each other’s skill sets, talents, and capacities.

5.)    You feel each other’s illnesses, emotions, or struggles even when you are not near each other.

6.)    Your functioning may seem impaired or less optimal when you are not near each other.

7.)    It physically hurts when you are not together.

8.)    When you are together and in balance, you feel stronger and more capable than you’ve ever felt.

9.)    You feel united to serve others or the world.

10.) You are accepting of your partner’s otherwise intolerable aspects.

11.) You met your partner after having to accept some measure of self-expansion or self-approval.

12.) You likely met when you were least expecting it, likely having an intense level of friendship on top of the sexual attraction.

13.) In order to expand each other and harmonize you push each other’s buttons to test each other’s limits so to become the highest version of yourself.

14.) Friends, family, and others are affected, humbled, or moved by your relationship.

15.) The more time you and your twin flame spend with each other, the more rapidly you open to higher consciousness.

To meet your soulmate you must be in a positive alignment with your soul path. This means making a drastic type of change to the relationship with yourself, a dramatic improvement in the way that you treat yourself, a dramatic improvement in your idea of self-worth, or a dramatic improvement in the level of commitment to one’s own happiness. It requires a higher amount of self-acceptance than normal. Only then will a soulmate or twin flame be able to come into your own experience.

Read the rest of the article…

What’s The Alternative?

Sam WelsbyContributor

Why can’t we do better than this?

London is one of the most multi-culturally integrated cities in the world, where Afro-Caribbean wig shops stand next to Charcuteries and no one bats an eyelid. People watching has become my favourite pastime and while it’s obvious different groups have their own unique qualities, fashions and vernacular, we’re all buying into the same system. Hipsters, Goths, Muslims, Women, Men, Gen XY and Z, Pensioners, Policemen, Feminists, Communists, all classes, all genders, all ages, whatever the arbitrary division, we’re all living within the western ‘free market’ economy. And what’s wrong with that? Most of us are relatively comfortable with roofs over our heads, food in our stomachs and access to clean water. We’re not living in a slum, rubbish dump or refugee camp; we’re basically okay.

The ‘free market’ is viewed by many as the paragon of democracy and fairness with everyone having the same opportunity to get a piece of the never-ending pie. Capitalism, in it’s truest form, rewards good enterprise and punishes flawed enterprise with failure. However, in our current ‘extreme’ capitalist system, which is based on the neo-classical economic model, the poor are paying for the mistakes of the rich and the world’s natural resources are dwindling.  With bank bail outs, fiat currencies, astronomical national debts and a huge disparity between rich and poor, it’s no wonder people are starting to ask questions about the fairness of such a system. Henry Ford has been quoted as saying, “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning” But would there?

The idea that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer is well known. Wage differences between top management and general workers of certain companies is 500:1. We can see that some people are doing exceptionally well within this economic system that supports rampant greed, flagrant irresponsibility and astonishing shortsightedness. Yet the majority of us are allowing this economic model to prevail even though it benefits only a few, gives some of us enough comfort to justify it, while for most it is their worst nightmare. If the 147 companies that dominate the global economic system used their wealth to eradicate poverty, provide a home for every family, fulfilled people’s basic needs and invested money in restoring the environment maybe we could turn a blind eye, but like a toddler who doesn’t want to share they are keeping their wealth to themselves.

But what’s the alternative?

This question is often asked with an air of incredulity. It’s as if we, the comfortably distracted, can’t conceive of a better system than the one we have now. If any one suggests alternatives that could benefit everyone and not ravage the planet’s resources they’re called “naive” and told “It’s not that simple.” But it is simple. It’s not easy but it is simple. To live in a world where some people are Billionaires and others live in slums is inherently wrong. That people will defend their right to accumulate massive amounts of money while others starve is ludicrous. If you won a large amount of money on the lottery and didn’t help a family member who was living in poverty you’d be considered selfish at best, but that sums up the current capitalist model and most of us still defend it. Are we doing so because we think we have a chance of being one of the elite? Or are we just indoctrinated to believe that having “nice things” is more important than helping those who have nothing? I believe it’s the latter. Our apathy and comfort within the status quo means we don’t have to think of radical alternatives.

While watching a particularly saddening display of ignorance by some Fox News employees, I witnessed some all too familiar arguments defending oil companies and “the rich” The main one being that these companies provide jobs to others, but at what cost? Could we not instead decide to take more punitive measures against companies who pollute the earth and pay million dollar bonuses to their board of directors while their workers make minimum wage?  Is it so naive to suggest that agreements like the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership, that would allow corporations to sue governments for creating regulations that may diminish their profits even if they break environmental laws, not even be considered let alone enforced? Instead of allowing tax evasion through legal ‘loop holes’ could we not create laws that force these companies to use their profits to create inexpensive, clean energy sources or life enhancing products for all. People would still have jobs, just a different ones. Of course, these major shifts wouldn’t be easy, but they’d be worthwhile. We’d finally start playing the long game rather than continuing down the easy road to destruction.

Evolution of consciousness

In a world where we’re conditioned to believe in the animalistic concept of ‘survival of the fittest” and that having a big house, shiny car and piles of money in the bank makes us better than others, we need to actively evolve our consciousness in order to break through to the other side. If we’re going to liberate ourselves from this unjust system we need to remember our humanity and take another look at the global issues. We have to agree that the system we live in is corrupt and held in place by the rule of law that favours corporations over citizens; admit that our governments have become our rulers rather than our representatives, and that their power is held in place by an ever more violent police force, domestic armies and our compliance. Let’s remember that we live on one planet, no one owns this planet and arbitrary lines on a map, different religions or ways of living should not deceive us into thinking we are different or more deserving than each other It is easy to intellectualise our bigotry when we live in fear of not having enough. But there is enough for everyone’s need, not everyone’s greed.

Raising our consciousness means we focus on our similarities instead of our differences. Our commonalities are the planet, our natural resources, our basic needs and our reliance on each other. We don’t have to all live in the same way or even within the same system, but we do need to adopt some unifying ideas. When we feel kindness, acceptance, compassion, love and connection we are being the best versions of ourselves. When we feel fear, hate, judgement and apathy we are allowing ourselves to be divided and controlled. There isn’t one political party, religious leader, scientist, artist, philosopher or human being that has the answer to the issues we face. It’s up to each of us to educate ourselves so we can bring the light of awareness to everything we read, watch and hear. It’s up to each of us to take responsibility for how we think, feel and act so we can rise above the old paradigm and look at the world with fresh eyes.

About the Author

Sam WelsbySam Welsby is a teacher of conscious evolution, freelance writer, social activist and healer helping people bridge the gap between their physical and spiritual selves. She offers guidance on how to navigate the catalysing energies of change through her articles, personal healing sessions and mentoring programs. Her healing techniques help people to release emotional trauma on multiple levels, so they can live life with clarity and purpose.

Through a practical approach of grounding spirit into physical reality, she teaches people to be their own gurus and supports them in taking inspired action to create the life they want. For information on how you can you can work with Sam, please visit. www.samwelsby.com

She has a BA in Education, Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Holistic Counselling a lifetime of study of esoteric information, the nature of consciousness and what it means to be spiritual.

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