Car Maintenance: 5 Things Every First-Time Car Owner Should Know

Buying your first car is a rite of passage. Every year, more than one million cars are sold to Australian drivers. This means that every year, more and more young people age into an exciting phase of their lives, where driving opens up countless new possibilities. But buying a car can be tricky, there are many things you should look for in a car when shopping around, as well as keeping and eye out for any telltale signs that a car not worth your time. Additionally, once you find that perfect car, there are some important maintenance issues that must be regularly taken care of, to ensure that your new vehicle stays roadworthy for years to come.

Kick the tires: Have a mechanic inspect the car.

For those who are buying a car for the first time, taking any vehicle that you are considering to an inspection for expert advice is a great starting point. It also serves as a workaround for a lack of knowledge, that can only be gained by experience. You don’t know what you don’t know, but rather than letting that be a liability, take the car to a mechanic you trust to check up on any leaks, frame damage, or corrosion before getting the keys from the dealership or private seller. This can also be a huge difference between getting a good deal, and getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Maintain your headlights.

Foggy headlights are an impediment on the road, but they also signify wear and tear on a car you are viewing to buy. Cleaning the headlights is a simple task for a dealership or individual, so checking for this small detail can give you insight into the state of the vehicle as a whole. On your own car, it’s vitally important to keep these clear of any hazing. The less your lights illuminate on the road, the less you can see. This can create a serious recipe for disaster for those who are living out in the more rural spaces of the country.

Maintain your insurance cover.

Comprehensive, or at least compulsory third party car insurance cover, is a mandatory component of safely navigating the roadways of Australia. The good news for you is that auto insurers give great rates on new cars, and you can pick up a few car insurance quotes easily and for free with a comparison site. However, getting car insurance goes beyond just covering the car. Having great cover gives you peace of mind while you are out on the road, and many car insurance companies offer deductions for those with a good driving record, or as part of a bundle with homeowners insurance.

Consider a car buying service to guide you through the process.

Car shopping can be very time consuming, even for those who are well versed in the art of haggling and scoring the best deals. Dealerships have limited stock and new cars are often processed through with quite a bit of haste. Instead of conducting the search yourself, consider the option to use a car buying service to save money and time. Car buying services are becoming ever more sophisticated operations to match buyers with their perfect car, without the added hassle of finding and then traveling to the corresponding dealership, to arrange a test drive. With a car buying service, you can input a few basic details about the type of vehicle you are looking for and they do the rest, including booking viewings and test drives without you having to leave your home.

Don’t skimp on tires or brakes.

Finally, make sure you maintain your tires and brakes. These two, often unappreciated, components are what keep you on the road during the best of times and will could potentially save your life in the event of an emergency. Balding tires should be replaced immediately, and you should always follow the advice of your local mechanic by rotating tires and replacing brake pads and shoes as often as he recommends for your typical driving conditions.

Buying a new car can be a fantastic experience for new and seasoned buyers alike. Take advantage of all the resources at your disposal to make the experience even better.