Why We Can No Longer Deny Cannabis and Its True Nature

Ryan Cristian | HumansAreFree.com

Looking back fifty years, one can see obvious differences in the public’s general state of health. Current data shows that more than 44% of peoplewho died in 2009 had been diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life and these figures are increasing.

Around 1,660,290 new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed this year, and about 580,350 Americans are projected to die of cancer, almost 1,600 people a day. This is nearly 1 of every 4 deaths in the United States.

This information should be shocking to anyone who cares about their family’s well-being. There is most definitely something wrong when half the population is developing cancer.

There are many factors that play a role in this cause and effect including what is put into today’s food, and what is done to the environment. However, the true evil is what’s being denied to the masses that could prevent cancer from starting in the first place.

One can understand why there are those who still have the misguided notion that marijuana is inherently wrong. It can be hard to stray from what one was taught as a child, as incorrect as it may be.

However, to still pretend that there are no known medical benefits of the cannabis plant is simply ignorant. Put aside for the moment all the valid medical studies that prove otherwise and look to all the current cancer patients choosing to heal themselves with alternative methods as opposed to modern medicine.

A recent poll showed that 73% of all physicians would recommend marijuana to a patient even if it remained illegal under federal law.

So who should one choose to believe, a doctor trained and educated in modern medicine, or men whose income depends on cannabis never becoming a valid form a medication?

With the leading cancer “treatment” of chemotherapy having a success rate of only 3 percent, it is absurd that physicians are not speaking out more often.

This is mostly due to the fact that chemotherapeutic drugs are the only class of drug that allows for the prescribing doctor to get a direct cut of the profit; so these doctors either do not know any better (which is disheartening) or they are simply choosing profit over the success of their patents battle with this deadly affliction.

Read: Marijuana Gateway to Health: How Cannabis Protects Us from Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease

Some would say that the lack of cannabis and its many valuable uses is directly related to most of American’s current health issues.

This is however, an opinion, but it is not hard to see the time correlation between the beginning of marijuana prohibition and America’s health decline.

Before the illegalization of cannabis, this country widely utilized the plant in a medical, industrial and nutritional capacity.

What is most upsetting is the government’s blatant disregard for the new information releasing everyday from major medical locations such as Harvard.

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74 Reader Comments

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  1. 1269547123073625@facebook.com' Tho Mas says:

    Weed saves lives

    • 172809746454036@facebook.com' KJ Lundt says:

      … try telling that to the parents of a 16 year old lying, dying on the side of the road where some ‘goof-ball’ driving a car has left her after knocking her off her bicycle or motorcycle … try telling that to a steel worker who’s just been killed because a ‘goof-ball’ has dropped a section of steel on him from an elevated position …

    • 1746706932242394@facebook.com' Kenny Reed says:

      Potheads need to escape from life

    • 568612706633544@facebook.com' Hope Windle says:

      KJ Lundt those people were drunk, not high from pot.

    • 1269547123073625@facebook.com' Tho Mas says:

      KJ Lundt That’s a completely ignorant way to approach any debate to straight away step into a situation of death and the fact you thought up a scenario of a young person dying on the side of a road is a horrible disgusting thing to do. To not see cannabis for it’s medicinal benefits is ridiculous, take a step back from the whole stoner stereotype for a second and research what the benefits are and don’t be so old fashioned and childish.

    • 172809746454036@facebook.com' KJ Lundt says:

      … really? … it’s quite an interesting exercise to look at road traffic deaths in the States that have legalized cannabis use … see how many are caused bo ‘goof-balls’ … in fact there is a huge promotional campaign out warning people (goof-balls) about the risks assosciated with driving while under the influence of cannabis …

    • 1269547123073625@facebook.com' Tho Mas says:

      Well ‘goof-ball’ maybe take a look at the death’s caused by drink driving aswell which I am sure is significantly higher and alcohol is completely legal to drink. In that case, you must also support banning alcohol, right? Because alcohol impairs judgment and causes people to act recklessly. Drunk driving alone kills around 10,000 people every year and marijuana is nowhere near as bad for you as cigarettes and alcohol, both of which are legal. Overdosing on alcohol can kill you, as can the drug’s withdrawal symptoms. The Center for Disease Control attributes around 37,000 deaths every year to alcohol (not including accidental deaths), while prescription drugs kill one person in the United States every 19 minutes…….. Prescription drugs goof ball yep that’s right drugs that your doctor administers.

  2. 1580003805662958@facebook.com' Darren Webb says:

    Why does it have to have medical benefits. It should not be illegal in the first place. Alcohol has no health benefits. Just legalize it…

  3. 1289112371116631@facebook.com' Karl Young says:

    Epilepsy seems to originate in the hypothalamus
    Signs start with confusion and overheating, sweating and far away/ glassy look in their eyes then over-excitation and convulsions.

    CBD seems to temporarily slow down the hypothalamus significantly(even at very low doses), literally cooling the head down. I say this from personal experience working with hemp CBD from Standard Hemp out of Colorado.
    It’s like when a PC processor overheats and shorts out. Without fixing the initial issue of overheating, the PC never runs the same. Same with the person. Each infraction causes more issues and scar tissue accrual…
    Each episode likely causing enzymatic activity to decrease over time by over-excitation which then can eventually lead to numerous other issues.
    I absolutely do not recommend smoking any oil to alleviate seizures. Properly formulated and manufactured Edibles all the way. They provide systemic relief in minutes and last for hours. The hypothalamus effect seems to have about a five hour effect in my body, likely longer in most others as they’re not exposed to nearly the concentrations of these chemicals that I am.
    For those that need CBD edible relief, shoot me a message. Hemp/cannabis is just as efficacious as marijuanna derived CBD when manufactured properly.

  4. 140341226135542@facebook.com' Jimi disu blog says:

    Thanks ! big Newspaper review fan here

  5. 10204563290793346@facebook.com' Albert Greenough says:

    & Drs. do not get any kick backs….wahwa

    • 172809746454036@facebook.com' KJ Lundt says:

      … no but the dealers do and I suspect they have fewer morals than the average doctor …

    • 568612706633544@facebook.com' Hope Windle says:

      If it were legal, there wouldn’t be dealers dodo

    • 172809746454036@facebook.com' KJ Lundt says:

      … off course there would … whoever grows and sells it would be a dealer … dodo … or are they just going to give it away? … dodo … it will become a major business, and businesses deal in products … dodo … go back to your pipe and let the adults talk …

  6. 840048736125168@facebook.com' Shirley Ann says:

    Alex Yogi

  7. 172809746454036@facebook.com' KJ Lundt says:

    … What amazes me is that the majority of people who sing the praises of cannabis really couldn’t give a shit, they just want to get ‘goofed’, sure it might have medical bennifits and these should be explored but please let’s not bullshit ourselves most people really don’t care … the average ‘goof-ball’ couldn’t spell epilepsy let alone know what it is …

    • 562653927229959@facebook.com' Randall Simmons says:

      Your ignorance is astounding.

    • 172809746454036@facebook.com' KJ Lundt says:

      … Really? … are you just another ‘goof-ball’ wanting another high? …

    • 10206320458106620@facebook.com' Diana Hunter Humphrey says:

      Incorrect. That’s stupidity, not ignorance.

    • 10154278892247318@facebook.com' Alex Te says:


    • 10206802905685784@facebook.com' Katherine Lawrence says:

      Might need a spell check for “bennifits” KJ……….just saying.

    • 172809746454036@facebook.com' KJ Lundt says:

      … Oh my sack … someone managed to pick up on a typo … sheesh … off you go, go smoke your weed …

    • 10209532881548684@facebook.com' Donna Kerr Windsor says:

      How do you know “what most people” think? On behalf of “average goofballs” , may I say, your arrogance is astounding.

    • 172809746454036@facebook.com' KJ Lundt says:

      … my arrogance … pwaarhahahahahahahahaha … exactly the type of response I’d expect from an average ‘goof-ball’ … maybe I should rephrase my initial statement “all of the people I know who sing the praises of cannabis are only doing so to get ‘stoned’ and they have jumped on the ‘medical’ bandwagon to get their ‘high’ legalized …

  8. 1509604056007239@facebook.com' Jacki Bates says:

    The Lord said, Use all that I have provided thee. All herbs and spices of the Earth, are what we started with, shouldn’t we finis with them as well?

    • 172809746454036@facebook.com' KJ Lundt says:

      … yawn … another goof-ball who wants to smoke pot …

    • 1509604056007239@facebook.com' Jacki Bates says:

      Sorry, I don’t smoke. But the oils etc, etc, etc have done alot for alot of people for thousands of centuries. There were bruhas, and shaman’s that used and are still using. To each their own, just saying if it works what’s the problem? Quit paying the big pharmaceutical companies that are poisoning our bodies.

  9. 1171207142897925@facebook.com' Thomas James Elliott says:

    It’s a drug!

    • 10208751580489494@facebook.com' Scott Glasgow says:

      It’s a herb……
      Alcohol is a drug.

    • 172809746454036@facebook.com' KJ Lundt says:

      … it’s a gateway drug that is manipulated and used by ‘dealers’ to ensnare youngsters into harder drugs … by the way you mention alcohol, well alcohol has been used and still continues to be used for medical purposes …

    • 1171207142897925@facebook.com' Thomas James Elliott says:

      Like mushrooms are herb’s.

    • 172809746454036@facebook.com' KJ Lundt says:

      … mushrooms … a drug … Hey, do what you want, just stop trying to justify your need to get ‘goofed’ with bogus science … you can lick all the frogs you want, eat all the mushrooms you want, smoke all the dope you want, just don’t pretend it’s for any reason other than to get ‘goofed’ …

    • 568612706633544@facebook.com' Hope Windle says:

      No one has ever died from ingesting too much cannabis. Can definitely not say the same for alcohol. Alcohol doesn’t shrink tumors or prevent cancer growth. Stop calling medical patients who need the natural plant goofballs. Yes people use it to get high and I don’t agree all people should use it; however, I would much rather a person use it than alcohol any day of the week.

    • 172809746454036@facebook.com' KJ Lundt says:

      … this discussion has nothing to do with alcohol … people can die if they ingest too much water … I’ve got nothing against using cannabis for medical reasons … the only point I make is that the majority, nay, all the people I know who want it legalized want it for recreational use … and yes they are ‘goof-balls’ …

    • 1171207142897925@facebook.com' Thomas James Elliott says:

      No proof of a weed that cures cancer.
      All this is disinformation created to make it legal. People just want to get high…

  10. 10207033593610878@facebook.com' Rob Sheehan says:

    I’m tired of people talking about all the medical benefits of pot. If you enjoy smoking it to get stoned just say so, and stop citing all the health benefits if your not using it for health benefits.

  11. 1279071975453619@facebook.com' Bonnie Kossel says:

    right….and global warming is a myth, etc., etc. science is not for the idiots of the world. They’re too thick skulled and closed minded to accept that facts and results are truth.

    • 172809746454036@facebook.com' KJ Lundt says:

      … oh I see … anyone who doubts your ‘science’ is an idiot, hmmm? … I can just imagine a couple of hundred years ago people burning heretics at the stake because science of the day thought the earth was flat and they disagreed … these scientists are bought and paid for … those that put forward counter arguements are victimised … and the ‘sheeple’ insult those who agree with them … off course there’s climate change if there wasn’t we wouldn’t have got out of or even into a number of ice ages … but … it certainly wasn’t because of ‘peope’ … this global warming / climate change bullshit is just that a huge ‘con job’ …

    • 1279071975453619@facebook.com' Bonnie Kossel says:

      goodness….such anger. could we be a little defensive> often education is power. read some of the research findings, then see where you stand. (and no )

    • 172809746454036@facebook.com' KJ Lundt says:

      .. May I suggest that you do the same? … there are two very different sides to this arguement … it is certainly not a settled matter … it has been hijacked and is being used to generate huge sums of money … follow the money honey, you might just be surprised … funny you mentioned the ‘anger’ in my post but not your unsults in your post … guess that’s the new way of the world … if someone disagrees with you, you simply insult them … education is power and education teaches you to read and understand both sides of an arguement befor becoming all defensive … how dare you assume I haven’t done any research? …

    • 1279071975453619@facebook.com' Bonnie Kossel says:

      as a professor of Egyptology, I have been studying the science of Earth’s climate changes for decades. And you…..?

    • 1279071975453619@facebook.com' Bonnie Kossel says:

      and have both experienced and witnessed the healing qualities of Marijuana. And you…?

    • 1279071975453619@facebook.com' Bonnie Kossel says:

      I’m not all that concerned with your insignificant opinion regarding the 97% of all the world’s scientists asserting that global warming is endangering ALL species, humans included. Nor would I argue with you about the obvious benefits of marijuana proved by so many patients and doctors in various fields of medicine. I only reply to hope that your comments don’t effect other potential ignorant Facebook readers and to encourage them to read the facts

    • 172809746454036@facebook.com' KJ Lundt says:

      Bonnie Kossel … oh dear … another reader of the ‘popular press’ … sigh … it was 97% of a group of scientists and not as you so ignorantly put it ‘97% of all the worlds scientists’ … it’s not ‘global warming’ it’s now supposedly climate change as there has been no warming over the last 15 years, in fact there has been measurable cooling … please if you are going to try and sound ‘all academic and shit’ get at least some factual information … secondly … as for the medical benefits of cannabis, I have no doubt there are some … however … I remain convinced that the majority of those who support the legalization of cannabis are doing so simply to get ‘goofed’ … isn’t it wonderful that you ‘the all knowing one’ can just call people ‘ignorant’ simply because they oppose your views … to me that is ignorance …

    • 172809746454036@facebook.com' KJ Lundt says:

      Bonnie Kossel … a Professor of Egyptology, interesting … good for you, woohoo … I’m really not overly interested in getting into an accademic ‘pissing’ contest with you, however I’ll see your Phd. and raise you my BSc. … I too monitor environmental daily as part of my career, which by the way I’ve had the pleasure of practicing in Africa, Asia, Australia, South America and Europe (at last count I’d been in 22 Countries) … Global Warming / Climate Change is a farce … it’s bogus … there is and always will be climate change … or is that bullshit? … Hmmmm? … latest research I’ve read denounces most climate change theories and promotes the idea that ‘climate change’ is driven primarily by the sun …

    • 1279071975453619@facebook.com' Bonnie Kossel says:

      well. you must be one of the 3% of highly intelligent and advanced scientists who know the REAL truth about global warming that has fooled us other 97%…I feel such a fool now.

    • 1279071975453619@facebook.com' Bonnie Kossel says:

      guess I’ll light a joint and forget the whole silly subject while hallucinating dangerously close to insanity

  12. 1723433367939987@facebook.com' Cal Scales says:

    I think it’s cool. And it’s a shame that the government still deems it illegal.

  13. 1447497221928361@facebook.com' Marion Walker says:

    I think it should certainly be liberated for medical use, including depression.. The list of medications derived from plants is indeed endless and many to be discovered yet, if we dont destroy the native forests before they can be studied

    • 1580003805662958@facebook.com' Darren Webb says:

      Cannabis is not a cure for depression, it will blocked the symptoms of it, depression comes from enviroment issues which will have to be changed, when you have found what is the cause of your depression you can then change this and your depression should disapear …

  14. 1103441999723008@facebook.com' Nerida Mawson says:

    Politicians have no right to legislate nature.

  15. 1684344925182239@facebook.com' John Evans says:

    Right on ! It should never of been illegal in the first place.

  16. 10153501737666922@facebook.com' Sj Wizzles says:

    Even personal use is medicinal, just depends whether you have mentally registered that your sick.
    The most common issues effecting humans are stress, insomnia and/or anxiety, all products of the environment we have created through debt, toxins, EMF radiation and the biggest one, misunderstanding who we are as a species and where we come from… All have a very detrimental effect on our health, and if not looked after can have more serious health effects… Weeds been helping society survive and thrive since its conception.

  17. 586908304800241@facebook.com' John Barber says:

    NUCLEAR BLASTING BIKINI ISLANDS: During the period between 1945 and 1958, a total of 67 nuclear tests were conducted on Bikini and Enewetak Atolls and adjacent regions within the Republic of the Marshall Islands. The most significant contaminating event was the Castle Bravo test conducted on March 1, 1954 (Figure 2). Bravo was an experimental thermonuclear device with an estimated explosive yield of 15 MT (USDOE, 2000) and led to widespread fallout contamination over inhabited islands of Rongelap and Utrōk Atolls, as well as other atolls to the east of Bikini. The people are full of contimination and the natural environment has been crucified

  18. 1181235391928578@facebook.com' Evan Joseph Olandria says:

    Marijuana is made by God but then illegal while alcohol and cigarette made by people yet legal. :3

  19. 1688173704729087@facebook.com' Carrin Behr says:

    I hope we are distinguishing between the oil and the leaf?

  20. 489485024573486@facebook.com' Eric Johnson says:

    Well only if people educated themselves on both ends of everything, you will find medicinal value in it, but it does much more harm than good to an already healthy body. There is no challenge to this statement, just take a whole 5 minutes to research yourselves or get knowledge from an expert. And the idiot trying to get you a card on Venice is not the expert to seek advice from.

  21. 1605157816473452@facebook.com' Selena Sapp says:

    Unless it’s legal then there are no benefits except jail

  22. 10153517759580824@facebook.com' Dawn Ford says:

    its healing effects reach far beyond the body

  23. 1010055019063020@facebook.com' Armando Alvarez says:

    Rebecca Vargas Alvarez

  24. 557492747764404@facebook.com' Anna Lloyd says:

    We Are Not the land of the free
    More like “fear mongering”
    Stamp out all in ignorance, when will it stop. Divided we fall

  25. 834661339989065@facebook.com' La Donna Switzer-Hawn says:

    this would have help our family member

  26. 10206148614423910@facebook.com' Karen Benson says:

    it does not have to be medical to most of the average people but to the big wigs they have to have reason that justify why they make legal it is all about money and control for them when in reality it should be legal because it was put here for us to use from the creator who ever they might be

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