7 Tips To Deal With “Not So Easy” People & Build Up Your Good Will Bank


By Zeenat Merchant Syal | Positive Provocations

“When you have done something good, you have started ripples which are spreading and you will be surprised how far they will go.”

How often do you do something, for someone, without expecting anything in return? How often do we think of creating good will. For most, the joy of giving comes primarily for the acclaim they get; For others, the pleasure is solely in knowing that they made life happier for someone else.One of the mysteries of life is, that our most valuable possessions are those things that can be shared without lessening them. Least valuable are those things that get diminished by being shared.

We must remember that, it is only in giving that we receive and in serving that we are remembered.

Service is the only rent we can pay for the space we occupy, while we are here in this earth. Silent recognition and remembrance of our services are the dividends we receive for our investments in our “Good Will Bank”.

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Build Up Assets in Your “Good Will Bank”

If we make a habit of doing something nice each day and making someone happy in someway or the other, we will be surprised how quickly it can enrich and change our life. It does not have to be something big. The important thing is that we are doing it for the joy of doing, the pleasure of giving-not for something in My Africa Adventurereturn. We are thus building up assets in our “Good Will Bank”.

Let us not forget that one of the greatest blessings of life is, that we are called upon to live one day at a time. To be successful in our efforts towards, creating good will, we must harness our heart with love, understanding and kindness and direct out entire effort towards achieving this goal with a sincerity of purpose. There is no preparation, nothing predetermined for starting an account with the Good Will Bank. Besides these investments are safe because this Bank never fails.

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Are you Depositing in a “Grudge Bank”?

As opposed to this “good will bank” outlook on life, there are people who are constantly finding faults in others and always carry grudges and complaints in their hearts. Such people remain unhappy themselves and make others unhappy too. Their deposits go in a “Grudge Bank”, and can only bring them misery, ill-will and loneliness.

There is nothing worse for a our character than to harbor grievance. It eats in to you and the only person that suffers from a grievance is the one that is fool enough to feel it. Such people, end up growing old without having any real friends and well wishers.

When was the last time you did something without expecting anything in return? How rich is your Good Will Bank? 

7 Tips to Earn Good Will ~ while dealing with all the “not so easy” people in your life

Today I give you a list of ways you can Earn some Goodwill while dealing with all the “not so easy” people in your life.

Most of us know that dealing with people can sometimes be the hardest thing to do or wrap your head around. But an attempt in the right direction can make you Goodwill Rich.

Just step inside of yourself and Try these Tips and you’ll know :

  1. Acquire the art of kindliness and persuasion. Kindliness is an attribute of the strong.
  2. Put consideration to human dignity before anything else.
  3. Get rid of double standards in thoughts and behavior; one for others and different for yourself.

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