Breaking The Hypnotic Code Of Reptilians – How To See Them!


CLN Editor Note: This article is a bit out there. We don't know of any real proof that Reptilians actually exist. We're not saying that the do or they don't exist, we just don't know for sure. So, read this article with a grain of salt. We offer it here in our Reality's Edge category for those that are interested in this topic. Enjoy!

By Michelle Walling, CHLC | In5d


Are you ready to chew bubblegum and kick ass? One of the biggest advantages the Reptilians and occult controllers of this planet have over us is the ability to use illusion while being hidden in another dimensional frequency. How effective would their domination and control plan be if the veil was lifted like in the movie “They Live“?

As we continue to merge into higher dimensional frequencies, people have already reported seeing extra dimensional beings and geometric shapes in the form of light. The recent Wave X energies have helped to activate and enhance many people’s psychic abilities linked to clear seeing or clairvoyance. These energies are also helping people to shine a light on the hitchhikers in their own energy fields so that they can cut those energy cords at this time.

Many people are seeking clearings of dark energies, tags, and implants that may be clouding their natural sixth sense capabilities. The new energies on the planet are assisting clearings and creating faster ways of raising vibrational levels and consciousness. There has been a gradual unfolding of disclosure of the truth about who is here and why, although the acceleration of this event has exponentially increased as triggered by the mass awakening occurring on the planet. It has also been triggered by the dark forces due to their realization that we are uncovering the secrets of their tricks.

A very cool lady by the name of Fleurbrun may have broken the magic mind control Reptilian hypnotic code that is being used by some to give an illusion of what we actually see. This has been a part of the veil, along with frequency fences and grids that are designed to keep our vibration level below a certain point. This low vibrational frequency, coupled with GMO food, Chemtrails, pharmaceuticals, programming, and chemical tainted water have allowed for control over our thoughts and manipulation of our individual and collective holograms.

In a recent video, Fleurbrun explained how to break the Reptilian hypnotic code being used as a part of the veil. Even if we haven’t already refined our third eye vision of these beings, many of us have clear feeling or clairsentience that something is “off” with many people. This is due to an imbalance of energy as compared or combined with our own energy field. To be able to actually see their true identity is a game changer, and Fleurbrun has been sharing her “group’s” technique to many people via You Tube. I have attached Fleurbrun’s recent explanation of this topic video at the bottom of this article.

It only takes a small number of very powerful light beings to make a huge difference on this planet. Could it be possible that we have been seeing an increase in panic from the hidden beings and covert controllers of this reality because of the ability to now see them?

Here is how you can begin to break the hypnotic code of the Reptilians and other beings masquerading as humans on the planet, according to Fleurbrun:

When you intuit a being in your presence, say either telepathically or outloud, “I am breaking the code of disillusionment to see what is before me.” Repeat this three times. You can actually create any mantra that you wish, including these words like, “Reveal the true identity of any entity outside of myself, that is cloaking itself or not showing itself. I am not in agreement of this disillusion”. Just be sure to include the first sentence, as that seems to be the catalyst to break the code.

Depending upon your level of consciousness and vibration, you might see immediate results, or it may end up being a gradual thing. According to Fleurbrun, if you are doing low vibrational things such as eating meat and drinking a lot of alcohol, it may take longer for you to break through the veil. She makes this conclusion based on her and her group’s high vibrational practices and observations.

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Robert O’Leary, JD BARA, has had an abiding interest in alternative health products & modalities since the early 1970’s & he has seen how they have made people go from lacking health to vibrant health. He became an attorney, singer-songwriter, martial artist & father along the way and brings that experience to his practice as a BioAcoustic Soundhealth Practitioner, under the tutelage of the award-winning founder of BioAcoustic Biology, Sharry Edwards, whose Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has now been serving clients for 30 years with a non-invasive & safe integrative modality that supports the body’s ability to self-heal using the power of the human voice. Robert brings this modality to serve clients in Greater Springfield (MA), New England & “virtually” the world, with his website, He can also be reached at

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  1.' Mark David Alcock says:

    They’re easy to spot…drive around in flash cars and never say thank you….also they eat small rodents and insects… easy 😉

  2.' The Awesome Coupons says:

    anyone else love this as much as i do ? :p

  3.' Revolution de Mind says:

    Always adore anything like this

  4.' Tanya Marie says:

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    I’m sorry, but the page you’re seeking does not exist. Perhaps you can find what you’re looking for below. Well that didn’t take long.

  5.' Lori Camacho says:

    I’ve seen them! I call them “Grimm’s” after the TV show. Just look at the politicians but worse than that are the advisors whispering in their ears! I swear Huma Abadine is a hissing snake with a long forked tongue.

  6.' Chakra Zulu says:


  7.' Joe Larson says:

    Reilly Leonard Jordan Robinson

  8.' Jack Macreadie says:

    Josh Stepkovitch ye bra

  9.' Paul Scally says:

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  10.' Annette Love Hatton says:

    Link broken

  11.' Dlav Gaucher says:

    Thank goodness I read it wow..can’t BELIEVE they would remove that

  12.' Dlav Gaucher says:

    I just pulled it up.first time no…second time it came up

  13.' Timothy Gilbert says:

    Isn’t this one of those times worthy of the “So how long until this page ends up closed and the page owners find themselves in ‘accidents’.” question?

  14.' Mark David Alcock says:

    Hey folks..dont worry , they make lovely shoes, handbags etc 😉

  15.' Samuel Stephens says:

    What a bunch of baloney

  16.' Jane McClinton says:

    James R. A. Brady

  17.' Matthew Jason Chin says:

    So if a Ufo hides behind some clouds, that’s interdimensional invisibility? Highly doubt it. The ufo’s and occupants hide in plain view mostly, and deep in the Earth where they build their stuff. There is nothing spiritual about the devil/”alien”, everything they have is technological

    •' Michael Archambault says:

      no its a vibration, similar to sound, but in everything we see… lower and higher vibatioms cannot be heard or seen?

    •' Matthew Jason Chin says:

      I’ve seen craft spying on my friends and I behind clouds. They left rapidly when spotted… Instead of going invisible?!? I’ve also seen “greys” up close… While they covered their bodies in thick black cloaks. They appeared to enter my room through my closet… So I wouldn’t doubt a means of “teleportation”, but definitely technologically speaking… As they lined up beside my bed in the darkness, like evil cloaked midgets, I was completely paralyzed. But with every ounce of strength I gritted my teeth and widened my eyes so as not to blink and slowly turned my head towards them like a madman trying to move to tear off one of their cloaks and kill one… Suddenly like robots/synchronized swimmers… All four “greys” swiftly bent forward towards my body and I broke free of the paralyzation only to blink as I rose up to find they had disappeared within the time it took me to blink… All this a trick no doubt, to make it seem as though they disappeared or teleported… mixed with advanced technology far beyond what us commoners have available to us. One way they could have done it is to knock me out the moment I blinked, leave, then reawaken me remotely…. Leaving me thinking only a microsecond had gone by when in fact a few minutes could have gone by…

  18.' Erica Ross says:

    it’s the pot. that’s why yall crazy.

  19.' Trina Ellsbury says:

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    I’m sorry, but the page you’re seeking does not exist. Perhaps you can find what you’re looking for below. 🙁

  20.' Llewellyn Love says:

    “I am breaking the code of disillusionment to see what is before me.” Repeat this three times. You can actually create any mantra that you wish, including these words like, “Reveal the true identity of any entity outside of myself, that is cloaking itself or not showing itself. I am not in agreement of this disillusion”

  21.' Llewellyn Love says:

    I got it & will post it loud wide & proud, lets see if itl be deleted <3

  22.' Andrew Griffis says:

    Braeden Griffis, I told you how those dickheads believe in space lizard overlords that pretend to be high ranking people in society… ?????????

  23.' Candice Bishop says:


  24.' Margaret Fenton says:

    page is gone does anyone have a copy to post? Please

  25.' Steve Balla says:

    Need those special glasses, like in the movie.

  26.' Asrat Mengesha says:

    Reptalians are fairy tales. They don’t exist.

  27.' Raizenberg Von Chronos says:

    I don’t know if it is from the feed or the code,but a cloud looked like a unicorn!

  28.' Mu says:

    You surely cant believ that!

  29.' Hanna Fischer says:

    Eva Bambi

  30.' YaHamam Miny Salam says:

    .. the Reptilians have been on Earth for a very long time .. With an underground base at area 51 , USA.
    .. You can find out more by researching : Simon Parks & Jordan Maxwell.

    .. Consciousness alters the PATH.

    .. Only 33Degree Free Masons understand the danger of human Consciousness ..

    .. That’s way where Freemasonry rule .. i.e. The WEST .. the education system has been dumbbed down .. So that the population do not have an effective Consciousness.

    .. As for the awakenning of individuals all over the world; people’s psychic abilities linked to clear seeing or clairvoyance.

    ………. This is part of GOD’s plan to protect life on Earth .. As he did in the past.

    .. He .. Who brought the FLOOD.

    .. He .. Who grought TAIR AL ABBABIEL.

    .. He .. Who confused their language in BABYLON.

    .. He .. Who parted the RED SEA.

    .. GOD .. Is the LAW maker.

    •' Ty Deschain says:

      I’m very curious as to how human consciousness can be “dangerous”, as you put it.

    •' YaHamam Miny Salam says:

      .. To those who have an agenda opposit to GOD’s plan for humanity .. i.e. The illuminaty .. The Jesuits .. The Freemasons , to mention a few .. Human consciousness is dangerous.

      …………….. How ??

      .. When You know about something .. You can do something about it.

      i.e. Whe the population found out the truth about GMO’s ” Genetically modefied Organics; food” .. They protested to prevent their governments from signing contracts with MONSANTO .. several EU countries opted out.

      .. MONSANTO .. Is a Mother company owned by the illuminati ..

      .. The consciousness of the population .. Altered the path of Monsanto .. Bad news for the illuminati: The puppet masters of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

    •' YaHamam Miny Salam says:

      .. Another matter needs the attention of human consciousness.

      To “The Shroud Of Turin” is fake.

      .. Much to the dismay of the Vatican ..

      .. An approx. 1500-2000 year old Bible was found in Turkey, in the Ethnography Museum of Ankara. Discovered and kept secret in the year 2000,

      .. The book contains the Gospel of “Barnabas”; a disciple of Christ – which shows that Jesus was NOT CRUCIFIED .. NOR .. was he the son of God .. but a Prophet.

      .. The book also claims that Jesus ascended to heaven alive, and that Judas Iscariot was crucified in his place.
      .. The book maintains a vision similar to Islam, contradicting the New Testament’s teachings of Christianity.

      …………… In Quraan :
      …………… Islam believes in the Saviour : Christ.
      …………… In Quraan : A full chapter; “Surat Al Maidah” is about “The Last Supper”.

      .. GOD ascended Chirst .. To the heavens durring the ‘Last Supper’ .. Christ was not killed at the cross.

      .. There .. Is .. No .. Christ .. DNA .. On .. This .. Planet..

      …………… Back …. To “The Shroud Of Turin”

      …………… The UK created Israel …. WAY ??

      …………… To Hold a Firm Grip Over .. The HOLY land : JERUSALEM .. WAY ??

      …………… The UK Royal family …. Promote Themselves as: Pure Virginal Royalty .. Meaning : They are Blood Related to .. Maria Magdalina.

      …………… “The Shroud Of Turin” .. Will match the DNA of Maria Magdalina.

      …………… THEN :

      …………… The UK Royal family DNA .. will also .. Match “The Shroud Of Turin” .. Claiming that they are Blood Related to .. CHRIST.

      .. DO .. YOU .. SEE .. THE .. EVIL ..PLOT ??

      .. Leading GLOBAL population to accept ..

      ……….. T h e i r ………. Zion King.

      Zion King .. Only Another Word for:

      …………… The Antichrist .


  31.' Stefani Ivanova says:

    Simply say : i want to see the truth- and it will happen

  32.' Russell Macleay says:

    I saw a UFO last night in the shape of a light orange star, un-moving, appearing in a flash of light in the middle of a storm with sheet lightning. It was a special experience. However, living in OZ, we have the most numerous number of reptiles in the world, Aboriginal Dreaming of the Rainbow Serpent, some of the most venomous and dangerous saltwater crocodiles in the world, I like reptiles in the real world and find some of this reptilian hype hard to accept. Yes there ARE bad people in the world, but when you always use reptiles as examples of some force of evil, I’ll defend it, because the REAL reptiles don’t deserve to be associated with such characters exemplifying greed, control, authority, war. REAL reptiles have a heart, nurture young, defend their young, A lot of humans could learn a thing or two from them.

  33.' Patricia Salinas Contreras says:

    Gustavo Martos

  34.' Kyle Santiago Lopez says:

    You guys are fucking hilarious, dimensional frequencies?! Lmao you sound like you’re trying to be all scientific but you just sound like an idiot who watches too much doctor who, what scientific evidence do you have to backup your “theory” ?

  35.' Leanne Soccio says:

    Ben Morris Elouise Ruth Ager

  36.' Dar Ney says:

    Well, this was 3 minutes of my life I will never get back!

  37.' Fiona Bürkle says:

    Steffi First

  38.' Alex Biddle says:

    Daniel Watt

  39.' The Messenger says:

    I suggest protection or surround yourself with light before you ask…. They aren’t thrilled aout whats happening. Many call them reptilian because for thousands of years who was consider the reptile of deceit? 😉

  40.' Baaleko Kalika Awo says:

    what good is seein them gonna do? do better to get hip about the archons of nag hammadi and how to neutralize them.

  41.' Kat Sami says:

    Colin Dale Good-Schnarr

  42.' David Watton says:

    Derin Trotta

  43.' Edna Burgos says:


  44.' Roger Meehan says:


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