Breaking free from the Reality Distortion and the Art of Individual Power

Are the masses of humanity still having a love affair with the Matrix?  If so, the time has come to break up!

breaking glassIf there is one thing that the now classic movie The Matrix illustrates, it is the blatancy of a template reality.  Though offered under the guise of fantasy, this depiction caused curious and suspecting individuals to question the very existence that many still blindly accept, and frankly still love.

The Matrix film provided a peak into what may be defined as a reality distortion at minimum and an all out construct at its core.

Thankfully, this is a growing suspicion.  Perhaps it is the collective cog in the wheel that has allowed for the wielding of power over others for hundreds of thousands of years.  And now, with the prospect of pulling out of formation, the wheel may be losing momentum.

But in order to bring it to a grinding halt, we must take some bold steps, and humbly concede to human habituation.

Hypnosis is an interesting word.  It is a ubiquitous phenomenon.  It is defined as: an artificially induced trance state resembling sleep, characterized by heightened susceptibility to suggestion.

But here’s where it gets really interesting…

When you take the word hypnosis and remove the h-y-p or hype as it were, you’re left with “nosis.”  Add a “g” and you get the word gnosis And gnosis is roughly defined as knowledge – particularly experiential knowledge of spiritual or mystical import – the antithesis of following proclamations from external sources.  It is the necessity to explore the expanse of inner reality, without the hype of an outer matrix.

Are the masses products of hypnosis or gnosis?

Renowned investigative journalist, author, and Pulitzer Prize nominee Jon Rappoport who developed three powerful programs designed to educate the public about the intricacies of a well planned out and implemented matrix, and moreover the methods by which one can exit this construct, has spent years conducting painstaking research to corroborate the actual existence of such a reality.  Among the many “informants” Rappoport has interviewed throughout the course of his research, was a hypnotherapist who goes by the professional name of Jack True.

In an interview in which Rappoport discusses this “Matrix Revealed,” he says,“Jack was to me the most innovative hypnotherapist in the world who eventually gave up doing hypnotherapy because [as he said], “The new patients walking through my door are already hypnotized.  So my job is to un-hypnotize them.”  And as Rappoport reports, that was the basis of True’s most profound work.  “What Jack was doing with his patients was getting them to access their sleeping imagination.  And he found marvelous and ingenious ways of doing that, and people’s lives changed enormously as a result of doing that.”

Besides being a hard core investigative journalist, Jon Rappoport is a true advocate of the power of creative imagination as a means by which the individual can express their own inner power and live well outside the confines of a matrix-like reality.  I too have encouraged enlisting the power of imagination and discuss this at length in my book Conscious Musings – Contemplations to Transform Life and Realize Potential.  Imagination is a tool that we have all been endowed with but somehow forfeited in favor of a packaged reality – a reality that is perhaps easier to navigate and yet demonstrably uninspired.

Although it may be difficult for many to contemplate that the visible world is laden with deception from one end of the reality creation spectrum to another, when one steps back from it all and mentally processes the escalating insanity that we call our world on every conceivable level, one can deduce that something unnatural is going on – and has been all along.

Reality or the distortion thereof has been described as a broadcast.  In fact, spiritual philosopher and teacher Neil Kramer has flat out called this matrix “The unreality broadcast” – that which transmits normal to the masses.

In his book, The Unfoldment, Kramer says, “By design, the distortion normalizes the perception of everything and everybody.  It is the default gravitation for those who choose not to generate reality themselves.  The reason most people choose not to generate their own reality is because they do not realize that they can.”

The distortion has ensured this reality!

Just recently I gave a talk about the power of imagination.  I guided a large group of individuals into a meditation in which they could utilize their  power of imagination to create a reality of their own choosing.  I incorporated the tools of sound and light – that eternal spark that we all carry within, as a means by which to illuminate personal power.  At the end of the meditation, most felt that they had a very empowering experience, although one woman came over to me afterward and said, “I had a problem seeing the light.  Do you have any written instructions that I can follow next time?”

After I assured her that there is no template for imagination, that it is an individual exploration, and I encouraged her to practice on her own, I thought about how damaging the matrix had become to individual creative power – how desperately so many had depended on it to live their lives from cradle to grave.  Fortunately, most others in the audience felt an incredible sense of creative power while using their imagination during the meditation – and that was an encouraging notion!

Interesting that her comment was about not being able to see the light.  In order to live in the light of imagination, we have to first see it and know that we are it.  That is gnosis!

Despite a concerted effort to keep humanity unplugged from their own power, this ever expanding suspicion by individuals who are now feeling that something just isn't quite right – that maybe, just maybe, we have been lied to, is resonating to new heights.  Could it be that the matrix is about to be broken up?

It is now time to break free from the long affair – a symbiotic relationship with a constructed reality – and enlist the power of imagination to begin anew.

As Jon Rappoport so succinctly put it in a recent blog post entitled, The Matrix Revealed – The Individual with Power, “True individual power has no limit.  It is not dominance. It is a kind of joy. It is imagination. It is, in the broadest sense, art. It is the human being as creator without limits. It is, as the saying goes, living in the world without being of the world. It is deeper and deeper realms of beauty. It is inventing new worlds. It is choosing any part of any former reality and incorporating it into something new and unprecedented. It is also inventing from Nothing. It moves in any and all directions. It is what people have deserted. They have cast it away. They have buried it. They have abandoned it. They have refused to understand it or recognize it when it is under their noses.”

Reality as we think it to be is not a fait accompli.  The story is still unfolding by its true authors, the inhabitants of this planet – us!

It’s time to break the trance and restore true gnosis.  The creative power is not only right under our noses, it is within our hearts.  No need for instructions from the matrix in order to see the light!

Jon Rappoport will be Alexis Brooks’ guest on Conscious Inquiry Radio in December to discuss his explosive Matrix Series and the power of imagination.  Stay tuned to for what is sure to be an incredible interview!


Alexis BrooksAlexis Brooks is a personal intuitive consultant, best-selling author of Conscious Musings – Contemplations to Transform Life and Realize Potential and is the host of the popular  Conscious Inquiry Radio program, exclusively presented by Conscious Life News.  Visit Alexis on FacebookTwitter and YouTube!

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  1.' Nicola Grace says:

    Love the title of the post. You’re eluding to the fact that we have the individual power to influence collective consciousness via the power of our mind along with frequency and vibration. Great to see others talking about this type of Quantum Activism. More Changemakers need to be empowered with this information.

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