Boost Your Throat Chakra and Speak YOUR Truth with This Music Meditation [VIDEO]

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If you’ve been following my blog (or youtube channel) then you know I’ve been on a kick for the last few weeks where I’ve been posting music videos of my chakra healing songs from the album I created with Jeff Bonilla, “Chakra Love.”

It has been so much fun turning these songs into visual meditations with the help of my editor!

Today, I am revealing the 5th Chakra Healing Music Video (above). This is both my and Jeff’s favorite chakra song. It came out moody, cinematic, and well — true to itself like the throat chakra. It doesn’t follow a verse chorus format like the other songs we created/channeled. And we love it that way. If you want to hear about how we created it — and learn a little more about it, watch this Making Of Video:

Because the Throat Chakra Healing Song is all about sound, singing and self-expression, you’ve really got to sing along. So here are the lyrics:

Listen to the silence, listen to the song (4x)

Vishuddha (6x)

Om Shree Vaka, jaya Vaka (3x)

Ham (6x)

Listen to the silence, listen to the song (2x)

I can speak my truth (6x)

I can whisper my truth

Listen to the silence…

Vishuddha is the Sanskrit name of the throat chakra, and it means “purity.

Vaca is the name of a little known (some say secret) Goddess of the Voice.

Ham is the seed sound of the throat chakra.

As you can see, these are powerful words to sing aloud.

If you want to boost your other chakras, I currently have 4 other music videos you can watch (click on the one you want to sing along to):

ROOT (for grounding, appreciation of Mother Earth and prosperity)

SACRAL (for emotional freedom, sexuality, intimacy and creativity)

SOLAR PLEXUS (for confidence, motivation, more energy and mental clarity)

HEART (for love, gratitude, forgiveness and healing)

I hope you enjoy them all!

Love and blessings,

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