Boost and Heal Your Root Chakra with These 10 Stones

Since your root chakra is related to the element of earth, gemstones are one of the best ways to heal it. Why? Because quite literally, they’re pieces of the earth!

Each chakra has a preferred way to be healed and your root chakra loves rocks.

So this week, I’m sharing my 10 favorite gemstones for healing your root.

But first, since this is the lead video in a series on the best gemstones for healing each chakra, I’m going to cover some basic information.

Watch the video above and discover why gemstones are so healing (hint: it has to do with the piezoelectric effect and the energy they put out).

You can use gemstones in several different ways. One is to wear them. They make beautiful jewelry. Also, for the root stones, if you’re wearing pants, you can simply put them in your back pockets. This gets them quite close to the tailbone area where the root chakra “resides.”

You can also use gemstones as home decor. Really large ones are quite lovely and sculpture-like when split open. But they’re also very expensive.

For a more affordable form of decor, put your favorite gemstones and crystals on an altar. There, you can enjoy their healing emanations whenever you go near the altar. And seeing them on a sacred table also brings them into your consciousness in a healing way.

Our conscious attention always steers our energy. Or in other words, what we focus on expands. So looking at gemstones on a sacred altar causes us to send healing attention to the chakra related to those stones.

In the video, I also explain quite simply how to find the best gemstones for you. Always “test” a stone by interacting with it. Ask yourself things like:

Does its look and color attract me?

Do I like the feel of its texture?

~ If I close my eyes, can I feel its vibration?

Does it make me feel happy and lighter? Or heavier, nauseous, or some other state?

If you’re a newbie to gemstones, don’t let their sheer numbers and variety intimidate you. Just remember this one simple rule: the stones that heal a particular chakra are usually the color of that chakra. For some chakras, there’s an important secondary color as well.

So in the case of the root chakra that we’re looking at today, the primary color is red and the secondary color is black. In fact, of my 10 stones, six are red and four are black. Here they are…

My 10 Favorite Gemstones for Healing the Root Chakra

  1. Red Jasper – for earth connection, EMF Protection, decreasing worry, and increasing a sense of safety.
  2. Garnet – for manifestation, revitalization, blood purification, DNA regeneration, and a deeper sense of commitment.
  3. Cinnabar – known as “the Merchant’s Stone,” it’s related to wealth, manifestation, and healing weight disorders.
  4. Bloodstone – grounds you, increases your patience, and heals blood disorders like anemia.
  5. Ruby – an expensive stone that is lovely for jewelry. It’s related to wealth, nobility, and endurance (being the third hardest stone after diamonds and moissanite).
  6. Red Coral – Connects us to nature and to the joy of the sacral chakra too (as it comes from water and is orange-red). Decreases depression.
  7. Hematite/Magnetite – grounds you, improves your memory, increases red blood cells, and magnetism.
  8. Black Obsidian – Protects you against negative energy and EMF, clears trauma.
  9. Black Tourmaline – Good for healing the body parts related to root: bowels, legs, feet. It also decreases stress and fear.
  10. SHUNGITE (my most favorite!) – one of the oldest stones, it relaxes and energizes at the same time. It is the only stone that contains fullerenes — soccer ball-like molecules made of hexagons. For me, it expands my heart chakra (probably due to those fullerene hexagons). Dr. Masaru Emoto showed that the word love was related to hexagons. For me, this stone is magic!!!

In the video, I also share how I’ve been designing a special Chakra Boosters Healing Bracelet that contains a lot of Shunghite beads combined with a colored stone for each chakra. I’m so excited about this new bracelet and hope to have it packaged and ready for you by 2021.

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us and our collective root chakra is shot. Fear, anxiety, and instability are higher than I’ve ever seen them.

I hope you’ll treat yourself to some of these root chakra stones, Dear One, and give yourself a sense of grounded stability, safety, and calm.

Have a beautiful week!


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