Bob Ascends to Perfection

Thank you friends for the love and prayers extended to my dear husband for healing. It is with peace, I say he ascended into perfection on the afternoon of July 1st. We both experienced his short and brutal illness with cancer. It left us shaken and at the same time we calmly walked each day fully, completely with love and confidence. He never once complained, although he experienced pain for several months and in the end could barely talk. I would say his greatest struggle was the fact that he just wasn’t ready to leave this physical life and felt he had more things to experience. However, he bravely accepted the fact that his body was dying and had no worries about it. I was privileged to be by his side continuously through his illness and transition.

I am grateful for the thirteen years we had together, as a second marriage for each, we came to love one another later in life and were complete with each other. It was beautiful. Even now through my tears, I can smile and say, “All is well with my soul.” What is life, but an experience? We descend to the Earth plane with physical senses and at some point, we become aware that we are more than what we see, hear, smell, touch and speak. 

Surrounded by my family, I am strengthened by these physical connections and benefit from the love they bestow upon me. Sowing and reaping comes to mind and I have a great harvest.

I have two great teachers in my life, ascended masters: Yeshua and Lao Tzu. I listen, read and glean from their pearls of wisdom. From Yeshua, I know that Love is supreme and as He is, so I am. I also know that Wisdom, Sophia, is the counter part. Through Love and Wisdom we have all the tools needed for this life. Yeshua echoed many teachings from the Tao Teh Ching by Lao Tzu, including the value of recognizing and living with the True Self.

One of deep virtue cherishes the subtle essence of the universe.

The subtle essence of the universe is elusive and evasive.

Though it is elusive and evasive, it unveils itself as images and forms.

Evasive and elusive, it discloses itself as indefinable substance.

Shadowy and indistinct, it reveals itself as impalpable subtle essence.

This essence is so subtle, and yet so real.

It is the subtle origin of the whole of creation and non-creation.

It existed prior to the beginning of time as the single deep and subtle reality of the universe.

It brings all into being. (Verse Twenty-One)

*Tzu, Lao. The Complete Works of Lao Tzu: Tao Teh Ching and Hua Hu Ching. SevenStar Communications. Kindle Edition.

My friends, be at peace, always. Within you is all you need to carry yourself forward, no matter what. Remember, healing extends way beyond the physical sense. As you sent Bob loving and healing energy, you were part of his peaceful departure. Thank you, love, Julia