BioAcoustic Biology and Soundhealth Answers Tough Questions: Focus on COVID-19 & 5G-Summary with Solutions[1]


By Robert G. O’Leary, JD, BARA

This article follows up on my first article, “BioAcoustic Biology and Soundhealth Answers Tough Questions: Focus on 5G“, and will expand on the discussion I had on a radio show, called “Business Changers”, in which I commented on 5G and its health effects from a BioAcoustic Biological[2] and Soundhealth perspective, at this link.

The host, Sarah Westall, felt that my first article, released on April 17, 2019 at Conscious Life News and around the same time at Nexus News,  was somewhat prophetic in predicting some of the alleged effects that 5G would have on the world. She, like the rest of us, had noted that numerous bloggers/vloggers were speculating that 5G has somehow played a role in making people sick in the midst of the pandemic. These individuals offered up numerous reasons for their belief, such as:

  • A video on social media, purporting to show people collapsing on certain streets in China;
  • One or more doctors (in NY and elsewhere) becoming alarmed that certain alleged COVID-19 patients were suffering from respiratory issues of hypoxemia/hypoxia, and how these patients were presenting with lung symptomology similar to a patient being taken to the top of Mt. Everest and suddenly back again;
  • 5G antennae going up next to schools, after being inexplicably categorized as “essential work” during the global shutdown and quarantine period; and
  • U.S. installation site layouts appearing curiously similar to the number, location, and concentration of major COVID-19 outbreaks.

Speculation about 5G and its alleged connection to COVID-19 has become rampant in social media. If there is no connection, it would seem that this story would do no harm, and would soon fade away. Yet it persists in many people’s minds.

In this age of so-called social fake media, social media platforms have been demonetized and/or have seen their traffic diminish under a platform’s algorithms. Nowadays even the mention of 5G in the context of COVID-19, has resulted in videos being outright removed. YouTube’s top official has said as much recently in the article, “YouTube will delete videos that falsely link 5G to the novel coronavirus after reports of people setting phone masts on fire.”

While the world is dealing with the pandemic right now, most of our media are preoccupied with the crisis and the state and federal government’s response to it. President Trump has people on his task force: most prominently Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, who have been entrusted with shaping the approach and response to the pandemic. They and certain supporting players, like Bill Gates, the World Health Organization, and the CDC, are also looked upon to suggest how the American and world population should act and react during this unprecedented moment in time.

Most of this country and much of the world are just beginning the process of coming out of shelter-in-place orders right now. This approach to a pandemic is unprecedented. The concomitant isolation has been difficult for everyone, and the fear of the unknown as well as the fear engendered by our media (some have called it “fear porn”) have created a cult of personality of sorts around people like Fauci and Birx, and the WHO, et al. See Imperial College UK COVID-19 numbers don’t seem to add up” and “Media’s Covid-19 Fear Mongering Disastrous for America

Fauci, Birx, et al are good at stating the problem, but offer little in the way of solutions. Their predictions of high rates of infection and potential death have created a lot of fear, and their solutions offer little comfort. Often these predictions are later shown to be incorrect and based on flawed data). It is frankly disempowering to offer us social distancing, quarantines, and shutdowns, while off in the distance – a year and a half to 2 years away – we may somehow be saved by a vaccine.

Recently, Fauci has suggested we may have eight (8) candidate vaccines ready by fall 2020, stirring concerns of danger from inadequately tested and untried vaccines which could be more dangerous and deadly than the virus itself. The problem is these trials bypass animal studies and likely certain other steps that require typical new vaccines to take five (5) years to get safely tested. SeeWhy a coronavirus vaccine could take way longer than a year” In any case, Gates and Fauci have forebodingly predicted that we will not likely be back to “normal” till at least 2022.

With these current events in the background, I appeared on Ms. Westall’s show in the hope of offering some answers and perspective. As preparation, I did more research about how the resonant frequency of 5G might impact the human body, and referred to Sharry Edwards’ recent articles about COVID-19 – discussing how its frequency equivalents (hereinafter “FEs”)[3] are influencing us.

What are the known effects of COVID-19 and what are the possible BioAcoustic Soundhealth Correlations with these symptoms?

Let’s take the above COVID-19 symptoms one by one and see why each may be showing up from a BioAcoustic Biology perspective:

Shortness of breath: The FE for COVID-19 resonates with carbon monoxide. This toxin’s symptoms include shortness of breath. It also resonates near an anti-depression medication, called Deprenyl, for which trouble breathing is a symptom.  COVID-19’s FETM is also near to that of brevetoxin, a toxin made by dinoflagellates that can contaminate shellfish. One of the symptoms, bronchospasm, can cause difficulty with breathing.

Cough: Brevetoxin can cause bronchospasm, dyspnea, and coughing. Also, appearing close to the COVID-19 FE are Influenza C, a strain of Influenza A, and some rhinovirus strains, which can cause ear/nose/throat congestion and irritation, and a cough. Besides, this is primarily a coronavirus (aside from the MERS and HIV codes spliced into it) and coronaviruses, like the common cold, can cause the same kind of congestion and cough.

Fever: Coronaviruses generally can also cause a fever. A fever may also be caused by the above types of influenza, and rhinoviruses.

Chills and Repeated shaking with chills: Chills can accompany a fever, so this could be caused by the same types of sickness. The same might be said of the repeated shaking. Brevetoxin can also cause chills along with sweating.

Muscle pain: Likewise muscle pain can accompany a cold, flu or rhinovirus, as can ingestion of Deprenyl or inhalation of carbon monoxide.

Headache: A headache can occur along with a flu or rhinovirus, or the common cold. Deprenyl, brevetoxin, and carbon monoxide can likewise have this symptom.

Sore throat: Because a cold, flu or rhinovirus can generate a good amount of mucus, a sore throat can result. Brevetoxin, Deprenyl, and carbon monoxide can also irritate the throat. The industrial chemical, acrolein, can cause ear nose, and throat irritation as well.

New loss of taste or smell: Deprenyl can cause a loss of taste sensation. Congestion from a flu, cold, or rhinovirus also can. The blood pressure and ace inhibitor medication, called Captopril, can cause a diminished sense of taste or a bitter or salty taste in the mouth.

Trouble breathing: Both Deprenyl and carbon monoxide can cause trouble breathing.

Persistent Pain or pressure in the chest: Carbon monoxide can cause pain in the chest.

New confusion or inability to arouse: Confusion can occur with carbon monoxide poisoning. Loss of consciousness can occur in extreme cases. Also, Deprenyl (i.e., trouble concentrating)

Bluish lips or face: Carbon monoxide may cause a bluish mouth or lips.

Additional possible symptoms:

Metallic taste:  Phenyldichloroarsine, a World War I chemical warfare agent may cause a metallic or garlic taste, and the hormone, Relaxin, can cause a metallic taste, too;

Kawasaki Disease-like Symptoms:

Fever:                               Fever be caused by the above types of influenzae and rhinoviruses, and carbon monoxide;

Blotchy rash:                    Histamine;

Abdominal pain:              Histamine;

Gastrointestinal issues:    Histamine;

Cardiac inflammation:      The bioflavonoid, Quercitin, which has been shown in some studies to be heart protective and to interrupt the biological pathway leading to heart inflammation;

Vomiting:                          Histamine, Deprenyl, brevetoxin, and carbon monoxide;

Diarrhea:                           Histamine, Deprenyl, brevetoxin, and carbon monoxide;

Respiratory issues:            Brevetoxin can cause bronchospasm, cough and dyspnea; and bronchoconstriction can happen with histamine.

See Carbon_monoxide_poisoning,  “Common Cold”, “Blue Lips”, “Case Definition: Brevetoxin”, “Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Symptoms & Signs”, “Selegeline Side Effects”, “21 Symptoms of Histamine Intolerance and Foods to Avoid” & “How the Flavonoid Quercetin Benefits Your Heart Health

The FE of a biochemical, called cytotoxic T-lymphocyte, is also within the range of the COVID-19 FE. This one inhibits activation of T-cells, a part of the immune system. Cytotoxic T-cells are responsible for destroying cells taken over by a virus or certain bacteria. Inhibition of this cell function is understood to make it even more difficult for the body to battle a pathogen, and thereby help it address the above symptoms. SeeT-cell-mediated Cytotoxicity” For more information about the Bioacoustics Biology analysis of COVID-19, see “Coronavirus – A Novel Perspective with Proof”

What are the known and alleged effects of 5G, as well as 3G & 4G, and what are the possible BioAcoustic Soundhealth Correlations with these symptoms?

I will show the alleged symptoms in the left column, and in the right column show the biochemical that has a FE which might be processed by the body in such a way that the stated symptom may manifest:

Shortness of breath:                Oxygen deprivation; Iron excited by 60 GHz resonant energy such that oxygen cannot bind with it and create

                                                heme-iron molecule;

Passing out:                             Oxygen deprivation; Iron excited by 60 GHz resonant energy such that oxygen cannot bind with it and create

                                                heme-iron molecule;

Blood clotting:                         The author has found no correlation

Kawasaki Disease-like Symptoms:

Fever:                              Coronaviruses generally can cause a fever, as can the above types of influenza and rhinoviruses;

Blotchy rash:                   Histamine;

Abdominal pain:             Histamine;

Gastrointestinal issues:   Histamine;

Cardiac inflammation:    This author has found no correlation;

Vomiting:                        Histamine, Deprenyl, and brevetoxin;

Diarrhea:                         Histamine, Deprenyl, and brevetoxin;

Respiratory issues:          Brevetoxin can cause bronchospasm, cough and dyspnea; and bronchoconstriction can happen with


Cold and flu symptoms:           Influenza A, Influenza C, Rhinovirus, Brevetoxin, and Deprenyl;

Fever:                                        Coronaviruses generally can also cause a fever. A fever can also be caused by the above types of influenza,

                                                  rhinoviruses, and Deprenyl;

Increased cancer risk:                3G & 4G have been said to cause cancer and the WHO concluded in 2018 that EMFs are

                                                  potentially carcinogenic”;

Foggy thinking:                         The author has found no correlation;

Eye pain:                                    The energy in the dilator of the eye is excited by 60 GHz and can cause additional muscle tightness                                                     or inflammation in the muscle;

Nightmares:                               This author has found no correlation;

Nausea:                                      Deprenyl;

Vomiting:                                    Deprenyl and brevetoxin;

Diarrhea:                                     Deprenyl and brevetoxin;

Headache:                                   Deprenyl, brevetoxin, and carbon monoxide; can occur along with a flu, rhinovirus, or the

                                                    common cold, and it can also occur due to this FE’s influence on the temporalis muscle because too much

                                                    energy in this muscle can cause inflammation and a headache;

Dizziness:                                     Deprenyl and brevetoxin;

Disorientation:                             Deprenyl (i.e., trouble concentrating);

Weakness:                                    Deprenyl;

Fatigue:                                        Deprenyl;

Hair loss:                                      This author has found no correlation;

Bloody vomit and Stools

From internal Bleeding:                This author has found no correlation;

Infections:                                     Unsure except as stated above with regard to influenzae and rhinoviruses;

Low blood pressure:                     Deprenyl (low or high possible with overdose);

Heart problems:                            May cause “heart rate variability (an indicator of stress)” and arrhythmias.

Birth defects:                                 Possible;

Decreased antibiotic Sensitivity:   Possible;

Cataracts:                                      See above under “Eye pain”; and

Immune system Suppression:       Possible.

See “The Dangers Of 5G – 11 Reasons To Be Concerned“, “BioAcoustic Biology and Soundhealth Answers Tough Questions: Focus on 5G”, “Kawasaki Disease From COVID-19 in Kids: How Common”, “Case Definition: Brevetoxin”, “Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Symptoms & Signs”, Selegeline Side Effects, and “21 Symptoms of Histamine Intolerance and Foods to Avoid

So what can we say about the debate over 5G’s alleged role vis-à-vis COVID-19? We can see a great deal of symptomatic overlap between the two phenomena. The only substantive difference is that the excitatory effect on hemi-iron belongs to 5G exclusively, and that the carbon monoxide effect belongs to COVID-19’s FE, exclusively. Because both agents affect our ability to breathe, it would be easy to confuse the symptoms of one for the other. Otherwise the frequency equivalents overlap and will likely compound or intensify the current alleged COVID-19 symptoms.

Is it possible that 5G’s alleged harms could be hidden under the cover of the pandemic? I would say, “Yes” because of what we see going on bioacoustically. This is concerning because Dr. Fauci and others allege that a second wave could very well occur in the fall of 2020. If by that time, more 5G antennae are operational, in more terrestrial locations and in the skies above us, the symptoms may appear to become more severe. Regrettably, this additional severity may be used as a justification for mandatory vaccination with potentially untested and dangerous new vaccines.

Could those in control of Big Pharma and Big Tech have intentionally created a virus with an FE similar to 5G, on purpose? It is possible. The motive and means are there, as:

  1. Bill Gates is just now finishing the “Decade of the Vaccine”;
  2. He has investments in COVID testing kits, antibody-testing kits, several candidate vaccines, vaccine tracking mechanisms, as well as 5G;
  3. He is the 1st or 2nd biggest backer of the WHO;
  4. He is a big investor in several media companies, allowing him to shape the narrative around the pandemic and vaccines;
  5. He has relationships with the military and silicon valley from which he could obtain obscure techniques and technologies; and
  6. Fauci has been with him along the way, on his Decade… leadership council, illegally funding the gain of function testing, co-investing in and fast-tracking the vaccine candidate of an untested vaccine company, Moderna, and giving immunity to Gates and others “fighting” COVID-19. See Fauci and COVID-19 Priorities: Therapeutics Now or Vaccines Later?”

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. stated recently in an interview with Brian Rose that vaccines bring in $60 billion per year for the pharmaceutical industry, and that the medicines produced to deal with the side effects from these vaccines earns them another $100 billion dollars annually. As 5G is intended to become the telecommunications norm for some time in the future, its ongoing influence could become the deceptive basis for yearly innoculations of a COVID-19 style vaccine. The additional profits for Big Pharma could become regular and astronomical in such a scenario.

Knowledge is power, and provides us with the ammunition to fight for an alternative future. The veil of secrets and lies has been lifted more and more in the last several years. The more we distribute and discuss the information in this article, the more chance we have to reach a critical mass of enlightenment at which meaningful change can occur.

The best gift we can give to ourselves and our children is truth, transparency, and clarity. They are not guinea pigs, cash cows, or sheep to be herded, poisoned, and slaughtered by moneyed interests that slink in the shadows or under cover of mainstream media sycophants providing them with well-coiffed and manufactured news pieces and alibis. We must not consent to being poisoned anymore!

These times are without a doubt stressful and uncertain, but we will get through them. Let’s fix our intention on more than just survival; fix it upon thrival. And as we ponder what this is doing, and may do, to our children in the years to come, remember…

–Don’t fail them, and don’t fail the future.—

What can you do right now? Sharry Edwards mentions in her article, the following:

  1. Go to – CAMPAIGNS – CORONA CONFLICTS. Send us a vocal print to check your voice BioAcoustically for Coronavirus. The Coronavirus competes with Glutathione and Quercetin;
  2. Use either version of Le Ciel that we have provided on our web site, or on Sarah Westall’s web site – they were designed, and have been verified, to work with resistant pulmonary, respiratory and sinus infections. Find Le Ciel here;
  3. Use the recommended supplements that the Coronavirus shows to be in competition with – Reduced Glutathione and Quercetin;
  4. Use the Rife-like frequency of 158.4 or half of that 79.2 or both mixed. Use feedback equipment to verify compatibility;
  5. Download Jill Mattson’s Frequencies for Defense, made in collaboration with Sharry Edwards; and
  6. Begin our series of classes to learn how to BioAcoustically use frequencies to support normal form and function – by countervailing resistant pathogens. Find them here.

I would add that 5G at 60 GHz competes with the mineral selenium. You can choose to get it from food or supplemental sources in consultation with your doctor or nutritionist. If you wish to learn more about the field of BioAcoustic Biology, Sharry Edwards and her staff can be reached at (740) 698-9119.


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[1]Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Human BioAcoustic Biology and Vocal Profiling are intended to benefit normal structure and function and are not prescribed as treatment for medical or psychological conditions, nor for diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor to apply medical, mental health or human development principles. All issues are expressed in terms of frequency equivalents.

[2] BioAcoustic Biology is part of an “emerging field of research which uses Vocal Profiling and the presentation of low-frequency, analog sound presentation to help the body support its normal form and function.” See Edwards, Sharry. Vocal Profiling for the Professional-An illustrated Reference Guide: Bringing BioAcoustic Biology to Life. 2002, PT 44

[3] Frequency Equivalent is a trademarked name for a “numeric value assigned to a biochemical, pathogen, genome, vitamin, amino acid, fatty acid, hormone, mineral, herb, nerve, tendon, ligament, or enzyme. A term coined by Sharry Edwards.” See Edwards at 47

Robert O’Leary, JD BARA, has had an abiding interest in alternative health products & modalities since the early 1970’s & he has seen how they have made people go from lacking health to vibrant health. He became an attorney, singer-songwriter, martial artist & father along the way and brings that experience to his practice as a BioAcoustic Soundhealth Practitioner, under the tutelage of the award-winning founder of BioAcoustic Biology, Sharry Edwards, whose Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has now been serving clients for 30 years with a non-invasive & safe integrative modality that supports the body’s ability to self-heal using the power of the human voice. Robert brings this modality to serve clients in Greater Springfield, Massachusetts and New England (USA) & “virtually” the world. He can also be reached at romayasoundhealthandbeauty@gmail.

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