Hanauer calls out the idiocy of “Trickle Down” as well as the entire GOP and too many elected Dems who think they can ignore inequality or appease it with weasel words while they continue their crazed weasel orgy behind closed doors with their wealth donors, but the reality is simply, if people have no money that is not only bad for the economy, it is bad for society as a whole. A society where only the wealthiest 1% benefit is a society destined for upheaval.

Now, for the GOP, this is a win/win. They rob everyone who isn't rich, create misery and then run on the misery they have created by redirecting it at their usual enemies, non-republicans, brown people, muslims, gays, women, gubmint, whatever. The problem with playing with fire is that you too can be burned, and where there are pitchforks there are bound to be torches.

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