Balance Your Core Chakra For More Confidence, Focus & Action

Want more confidence, charisma, and action-taking power? Watch this third video for boosting your core chakra. It’s #3 in my 7-Part Series on How To Balance Your Chakras with Simple Transformational Power Questions. TPQs are better than affirmations, because they positively engage and shift your subconscious mind.

If you’ve found this video first, take a look at the previous videos to better understand how TPQs work. Here are the earlier videos:

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Today, we’re going to boost your third chakra, the one that resides in your solar plexus. This chakra is yellow in color and it governs your digestion, confidence, ability to take action, focus, decision-making ability, and mental clarity.

This is your power or “can do” center!

It’s element is fire, so it has a quick, strong, transmutational energy.

I find that women are often weak in this chakra because we are taught (subconsciously if not consciously as we grow up) that we should be nice and sweet, and not be angry — which is one of the primary emotions of this chakra. Basically, we are taught to stay out of our true power and to be better care-takers of others (heart chakra) than of ourselves (solar plexus chakra).

Here are 4 Transformational Power Questions That Will Boost & Balance Your Solar Plexus Chakra

The question in parentheses is the progressive version that is often easier to work with.

1. Why do I feel so good about myself? (Why do I feel more confident all the time?)

2. Why am I so motivated? (Why am I more and more motivated?)

3. Why am I such a great decision-maker? (Why am I becoming a better decision-maker every day?)

4. Why is my digestion so good? (Why does my digestion continually get better? or Why is my metabolism getting faster all the time?)

The fourth one is not on the video, and doesn’t apply to everyone, but I wanted to include that physical one, in case you were having problems with your digestion and metabolism.

Be aware that with the third chakra, there is a catch 22. When you’re weak in the solar plexus chakra, you have a tendency to not want to make decisions or take action. But to boost and balance it, you have to take action — like doing these TPQs daily. So commit now to doing these twice a day for a few weeks and make yourself take action, so that you’ll be able to take MORE action. You can do it.  I know you can!!

To your full empowerment!

Love and blessings,


vicki howie

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