It’s Here: Bacteria Resistant to ALL Antibiotics Shows Up In U.S.


By Julie Fidler | Natural Society

For the past several months, I’ve been writing about a superbug that is resistant to all antibiotics, including “last resort” drugs. Experts first found it in China, and believed it would take about a decade to cross over into Europe. However, they were wrong; it only took a few months. It also arrived in Canada, and now it’s here, too.

On Thursday, CDC director Tom Frieden announced the first known case of the superbug in the United States had been discovered in a 49-year-old Pennsylvania woman suffering from an E. coli infection.
The woman went to a clinic in Pennsylvania in April seeking care for a urinary tract infection, and the clinic forwarded a sample to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Walter Reed discovered the superbug in her urine. It is not known how the bacteria got into the woman’s system; she has not traveled outside of the U.S. in the past 5 months. This would suggest that more people in the United States are infected with the bacteria.

The CDC and the Pennsylvania State Health Department are investigating the case and working to trace the contacts the woman have had to see if the bacteria had spread. The CDC also said it was looking for other potential cases of the superbug in the health care facility that treated the patient. [1]

The strain of E. coli which infected the woman is resistant to all antibiotics, including colistin, the “big gun” that doctors pull out of their arsenal when all other drugs fail. Colistin was approved in the 1950s but fell out of favor in the 1970s because of its toxicity, USA Today reports. It is only used when absolutely necessary.

The superbug is now present in more than 2 dozen countries. Given the danger of colistin-resistant bacteria, doctors at Walter Reed decided to start testing samples from the U.S. Patrick McGann, a senior microbiologist at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, said:

“People have begun looking for it. And now that they’re looking for it, they’re finding it. It’s only a matter of time before these bacteria start showing up.”

Fortunately, the Pennsylvania woman’s infection was susceptible to a handful of antibiotics, including a class called carbapenems, so her infection was treatable.

Frieden said:

“We risk being in a post-antibiotic world. The medicine cabinet is empty for some patients.”

Bacteria become resistant to antibiotics in 2 ways. Some acquire mutations in their own genomes that allow them to resist the drugs. This ability can’t be shared with pathogens outside their own family.

The bacteria inside the Pennsylvania woman, however, became “infected” with a plasmid – a small piece of DNA carrying a gene for antibiotic resistance. These bacteria are more dangerous because plasmids can duplicate themselves and transfer the genes they carry to other bugs within the same family, as well as to other families of bacteria, which can then “catch” resistance directly without having to develop it through evolution, The Washington Post explains.

Source: BBC News

David Hyun, a senior officer leading an antibiotic-resistance project at the Pew Charitable Trust, said:

“This is definitely alarming. The fact that we found it in the United States confirms our suspicions and adds urgency to actions we need to work on antibiotic stewardship and surveillance for this type of resistance.”

By 2050, antimicrobial resistance could kill 10 million people a yearmore than cancer. Time is running out to save modern medicine. Last week, economist Jim O’Neill published an 84-page document laying out 9 interventions, but it’s already being met with resistance.

Last year, Congress agreed to allocate hundreds of millions of dollars to the federal agencies at the frontlines of the battle against antimicrobial resistance. More than $150 million is set to go to the CDC to assist state and local health departments to prevent and monitor superbug outbreaks.

But others must join the battle, including doctors and meat producers. In the United States, in 1 in 3 prescriptions for antibiotics are unnecessary. And while some meat companies are actively working to reduce or cut the number of antibiotics they feed their animals, far too many continue to give the drugs to livestock to prevent illness and promote growth.

That’s how this particular bacteria became resistant to colistin – international farmers regularly fed them to animals. Humans then eat those animals, consume their milk, and the animals’ waste seeps into groundwater.

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  1. This is why you HAVE to wash your hands, and keep yourself healthy. When you notice you’re suffering from a cold that doesn’t seem to go away, GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!

    • Let food be thy medicine, let medicine be thy food.

      If the immune system’s vulnerable to even fighting off a cold, then it’s time to build it with smart eating habits. Wholesome foods, herbs and spices that are anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiviral, antioxidant, antibiotic. There are so many. As easy as shaking some turmeric, Himalayan pink salt, and black pepper, into your salad or meal.

      GMOs – both eating and household/body products, Western meds, vaccines, all products that are neurotoxic, synthetic, invasive, and scientifically proven to harm and damage our bodies and health.

      While we remain ignorant of the facts, we also remain enslaved to self-serving dogma, irrational fears, and disease.

      Mainstream doctors don’t know health, they don’t know the immune system (other than to weaken it or suppress it), they don’t know nutrition. They peddle drugs to symptom, or hack off organs. That’s not medicine, that’s a profit-driven assembly-line business.

      Humans are living organic beings, born from nature, not ‘things’ artificially developed in a lab. We thrive from nature, we will be compromised, eventually destroyed by all that is artificial. We are not designed for lab-generated chemicals.

      How to build your immunity.

    • Most antibiotics are useless. Not all but still most.

    • Elizabeth. Wrong advice. Learn from Iris.

    • Doctors are only sickness profit pushers. They sell drugs that harm the body and keep you sick. Scam men for the Rockefellers of the world.

    • Lauren Lawless Oh I see now what I did! I’m very sorry. My first inclination when I have been feeling yucky for a long is to go to a doctor. I’m sure that the first thing many people think of is “go to the doctor.” What I should have said is eat healthy and get exercise as much as you can! Thank you for correcting me, honestly I mean it sincerely. 🙂

  2. As you fall asleep say “I will sleep deeply and wake up full of energy. Tomorrow is going to be the most beautiful day of my life.”

  3. Build and protect your immune system. Eat wholesome, eat smart, take your raw probiotics, eat your fermented foods, take your colloidal silver, keep Wild oil of oregano handy (nature’s potent antibiotic), keep your body alkalized, eat dark leafy greens daily, have an avocado, exercise, meditate to reduce stress, wash your hands.

    No fears if you live a smart, organic, holistic lifestyle. Superbugs only frighten those who are not kitchen or nutrition savvy. Really.

    Allow nature to breathe and do its thing. Don’t suppress or compromise it. You’ll be fine.

    • Been ph eating for years and make my own 10ppm colloidal silver and ghee … We are the masters of our own health and sickness.. And it starts with what we fuel our bodies with … Period… We ate the fattest unhealthiest country in the world largely in part by what we do to ourselves and how we cook for families… It all starts at our own kitchen tables… Period

    • Took my oregano oil and cider vinegar and just made a juice

    • its not about how or what you eat..its all on how you live your life without stress..whats the point on eating healthy foods if 30% of healthy people died by accidents not by sickness..

    • C Em P. Allera – I hear you. Coping skills are crucial to attain. Meditation, exercise, hobbies, etc. As for accidents, there are circumstances that we cannot control. But we, as thinking beings, should strive to find the balance that works for us, just the same.

      I cook, prepare all family meals (everyone participates in meal prep, with background music, for fun), we all exercise, some of us meditate to release stress, I ride bike, the rest with sports, my oldest loves to unwind with a good book, we always sit together at the dinner table, to talk, laugh, share the highs and lows of the day.

      Some important factors might be missing in one’s life. To be healthy, all aspects should be addressed, for that balance to benefit us.

  4. Iris, you nail it beautifully.

  5. This fear based page is run by the government? Everything I see being posted pushes the propaganda agenda.

  6. Guan Sim Guan Sim says:

    Stop eating GMOs food … transferred $$ from death making devices to life saving solutions …

  7. Time to return to nature. Tea tree, oregano, clove….

  8. Time to go holistic, if there are any holistic doctors left

  9. Not Good! They need to stop putting Antibiotics in the meat we eat! That’s the problem…..We need good whole healthy food, not what the Government allows….They are killing us, in more ways than one!

  10. Paul Orben Paul Orben says:

    MOST peoples immune system will destroy it.

  11. There are natural food based antibiotics that cure things that meds cannot.

  12. It means an end to relying on drug companies! Vitamin D. Alkaline diet. Garlic. Honey. coloidal silver ……….. …….. ……..

  13. D.j. Lund D.j. Lund says:

    Vilje Vil guarantee its engineered

  14. Nature has finally figured out how to get rid of its worst invasive species.

  15. Not quite the oregano oil will kill this in a matter of seconds

  16. FEMA camps are starting to make a little more sense now..

  17. This is some bull shit if I’ve ever heard any. This “shows up”.
    Sure this super bacteria has a patent on it with the CDC. This is the nature of our same government that hires private plane owner across the country to spray the sky. “Cloudseeding” my ass. This was created in a laboratory for the very reason to deplete quality of health of the very citizens of this “free” country that we are all so proud to be a part of.

  18. Probably manufactured by your own country

  19. It means we need to quit wasting resources on erection medications and discover a new class of antibiotics.

  20. Oh dear God! Please have mercy on us

  21. the government is going to poison us any way they can

  22. Why did it pick America? Is it man made in America

  23. Gia Holman Gia Holman says:

    Well the depopulation agenda is on target…now for the FEMA camps to open to accommodate the contaminated….

  24. Susan Home Susan Home says:

    Better ask the government to help ‘keep you safe.’

  25. anyone tried cannabis on it? 😛 peace and love

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