We: Champions of the Soul

As more and more people come into presence and awaken from the madness of the mind, the human race will begin to understand its true relationship with the cosmos. At present, this human future is obscured behind the shadows of billions of minds struggling for control and power in the world. But imagine a world in which many or all of the human beings are able to access presence at will, who are able to see through the delusions of mind and the delusion of separation. This would indeed be a glorious future.

It is time to bring spirituality down from Paradise, down from the head, down from the clouds and into the world. We are the spiritual. Spirituality is us. All that is of the world is of the spiritual. Not simply that which we wish to embrace, even as we reject the rest.

Any philosophy or teaching which perpetuates that delusion that spirituality is separate from the world is part of the problem, not part of the solution. Embrace the world and its people. Do not set yourself up against them. Dance, sing and rejoice. Be in the world and of it, but do not believe its stories (including those told in the media).

Many of the world’s great ills stem from the separation of mind from body, mind from feeling, mind from cosmos. Once presence is established the guns and cannons will fall into silence, the hopeless cries of babies born into war zones will fall quiet, and the angst of women falling to rapacious, unbalanced male power will end.

Yes, it’s a utopian future, and it may never exist in perfection. Yet this is a question also of degree. Can we create a future where most human beings are mindful and present? At peace? I believe the answer is yes.

Peace in the world will follow when there is peace in people’s hearts.

The greatest gift you can give the world in your short time upon this planet is your surrender to all that is. Paradoxically, you will be most remarkable, most special, when you release the need to be special; when you let go of the desire to have your story writ large upon the fabric of the world. Your mind will fall into silence when you are present, and when your thoughts are aligned with what is. When this happens your light will shine upon the world, and you will be part of the healing of humanity.

When your spirit is healed, that healing traverses space and time, spanning past, present and future. It heals your inner child who is crying out for your help, your love and our attention.

Your peace creates healing in your family. It creates healing for your soul group. It creates healing for your ancestors, whose collective thoughts and deeds trail behind you in time and space. And it creates significant healing for your people, your culture and your race.

Most of all, you will come into your power as a human being. That power is founded in the magnificent love that exists within your soul. It is beyond time and space. It is even beyond the requirement to take action. Indeed, once that healing has taken place, your actions will flow seamlessly and in sympathy with the cosmos, and not against it.

I am not talking about a social covenant, nor a political ideology. I am not even talking about spiritual organization. This is an agreement between you and the cosmos. The social, the political and the organisational will tend to align naturally once enough people are present enough to embody the wisdom of spirit. In a sense it doesn’t matter what philosophy or ideology you believe in, as long as you don’t believe that belief is real.

For it is not.

Each of us must learn to champion ourselves by mastering ourselves. It is surely hoped that our societies and cultures support such empowerment – although it has to be said many currently do not. Yet, if you are reading this book, you already have enough knowledge and understanding to begin the soul champion’s journey: the journey into now, as Leonard Jacobson calls it.
Hopefully, also, there are like-minded others whom you can connect with personally or on the Internet. While it is true that your awakening is something between you and God, having others about you with whom to share the journey of presence is a wonderful thing.

The invitation is there. What are you waiting for?


Marcus T Anthony (PhD) is a futurist of the human mind, writer and spiritual adviser. His web site is www.mind-futures.com. The following is an extract from his new book, Champion of the Soul.

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Are you a Master of the Intuitive Mind?

Marcus T Anthony (PhD) is a futurist of the human mind, writer and spiritual adviser. His web site is www.mind-futures.com. The following is an extract from his new book, Champion of the Soul.

Some new age teachings place the intuitive – and especially the psychic ream – at the centre of the spiritual journey. This is a mistake. In order for you to awaken, the intuitive must be made subservient to the mindful. Many new age teachings elevate the psychic to the status of ultimate wisdom. This is probably because for the layman who has never experienced much of the psychic realms, either directly or through education (who ever does?), the psychic seems incredible and superhuman.

There are some very, very gifted intuitives in the world, and some of them are practicing psychics. I have met and worked with several of the most amazingly gifted clairvoyants you could ever imagine. Some are so far ahead of their time that current science fiction doesn’t have a patch on them. Some of these intuitives are well-balanced and wise people.

But others have poorly developed life skills. These individuals lack emotional and spiritual maturity. For example, one I know is constantly on social media wailing about how awful people are. She always has some drama going down. So being “psychic” is no guarantee of spiritual maturity or wisdom. Given this, you should not blindly follow the advice of a “psychic” just because he channels the Archangel Michael. Nor should you expect that just because you are very intuitive – or are training to become such – that you have an advanced understanding of human spirituality. Some psychics I have met know absolutely nothing about awakening.

I am very psychic myself, a cognitive capacity that spontaneously opened up when I was in my mid-twenties. I immediately had visions of spiritual guides and alien intelligences. I found I could peer into the minds of people regardless of physical distance from me. I often foresaw events before they occurred, had out-of-body experiences and was visited by long- dead ancestors. I had lucid dreams where I could fly or leave the body at will. But I knew very little about spirituality. Nor did I understand my own mind. I was certainly no Buddha merely because I had some profound dreams and visions. Indeed, I was a deeply wounded individual who was barely connected to his own body. The intuitive realm can be a useful source of information. But so is the Internet, and a person is not going to awaken simply because he spends twelve hours a day online. Give a fool a computer and you don’t suddenly get a genius. All you have is an idiot sitting in front of a machine.

The psychic can be distracting, and it can be confusing. I can tell you from personal experience that is very easy to misinterpret psychic information. The ego will tend to see what it wants to see and distort the rest. The mind will also tend to view psychic messages in black and white terms – as either positive or negative. This is especially the case if the person does not have a strong capacity for mindfulness. If the mind exists in a state of polarity, a psychic message has the potential to throw the individual right off course.

Most of the spiritual information I have received via the psychic is ambiguous. The meanings are often unclear, the messages foggy. And I believe that this is deliberately so. Spirit will not give you all the answers. It wants you to develop wisdom by figuring out the answers yourself. I struggled with the psychic for many years, attempting to work out what was being asked of me. Make no mistake. Ultimately, the information and guidance gleaned from so many years of self-reflection has made me a far wiser man. But it is not so much the data itself that has made me wiser; it is the process of self-reflection. Basically I had to go out and test what I was being led to explore. And nobody made me do it. Nobody told me how to do it. Nobody told me why.

Are you a master of the system – or a slave to it?

Marcus T Anthony (PhD) is a futurist of the human mind, writer and spiritual adviser. His web site is www.mind-futures.com. The following is an extract from his upcoming book, Champion of the Soul. Though the passage uses masculine pronouns, a Champion of the Soul can equally be male or female.


The Champion of the Soul is not against the world and its people. He lives in positive alignment with that which is

He is against nothing.

He is not against the Chinese, nor the Americans. He is not against the Republicans nor the Democrats. He is not against the government nor “the sheeple”. He is not against religion, atheism, or new ageism. He does not oppose capitalism or socialism, democracy nor even authoritarianism.

He is not against the world, regardless of the way the world is.

The champion of the soul is a master of the system. He sees it for what it is and accepts that.

He is above the system, but not beyond it.

He knows that when he falls into judgment and condemnation of anyone or anything within the system he is then a slave to that system.

The master of the system does not seek power within the system – for again, that would mean that he has become ensnared in it. He simply seeks self-mastery as a platform to live and create with joy.

A master of the system works within society and cultture, but he is not identified with it or the position which he assumes. Like Neo in The Matrix, he sneaks in and out of the illusory world of mental projections, stealthily avoiding the grasp of the machines that run it.

The master of the system is able to witness suffering and general human unconsciousness and remain at peace. This is because he does not create mind-stories out of what he sees. He does not spend pointless energy imagining terrible futures – not for himself or anybody else – nor fretting about the current collective choices of the human race. His is able to catch his mind as it begins to weave together stories of condemnation about certain groups, cultures and races – and then he extinguishes the fires of projection within his mind.

The Champion of the Soul is fully comfortable in his sexuality and so does not project against the opposite sex. Empowered men are able to witness both empowered and dysfunctional women, and witness what he perceives without emotional reaction. Empowered women are able to gaze upon male power – both balanced and imbalanced – and accept it for what it is.

Nor does a soul champion (if he is heterosexual) condemn those who choose alternative sexual orientations. Indeed, he knows that, for the most part, these things are none of his business.


Slave to the machine
If there is nothing else you get from this book, please remember the following, for it is perhaps the greatest single issue holding back people who are attempting a spiritual journey today.

Many within current spiritual circles are slaves of the mind – not masters of the mind. They unconsciously set themselves up against the world, criticising and condemning it. In doing so they set about them a metaphysical energy of opposition. When they do this as part of a group – condemning the Muslims, the infidels, the Americans, the Chinese, the Japanese and so on – they embed their consciousness field in an even more powerful energy of rejection.

One would think that spiritual people would be beyond these kind of projections. But open any online forum on any subject related to spirituality, mysticical experience or psi phenomena, and you will often find people railing against the system. Favourite targets are the government, the Jews and the New World Order (conspiracy theorists); skeptics, atheists and religion in general. If one were then to go to web sites of the groups the spiritual folks oppose (skeptics, religious groups and conservatives) you would find almost exactly the same rage being projected out into the world – only at a different target.

The mind (ego) justifies its existence through rejection and judgment. The mind is terrified of the idea of non-judgment, for without judgment it rapidly begins to dissolve. “Without judgment, without the power of being against something, how will I exist?” the mind pleads, begs and cries.

To reject is to seek annihilation. Rejection represents the power of destruction.
A powerful anger builds up within their consciousness field, and this rage seeks expression against something. Against anything.

The inevitable result of these kinds of energies and attitudes is that the person rejects society, rejects the world. He rejects what God has given him: the perfection of this present moment. The story which then emerges is of how “bad” and how unconscious the world is; and how he doesn’t want to be a part of that.

Such a “spiritual” path is heavily delusional. The ideas and philosophies which are brought forward by a mind in judgment are inevitably heavily distorted by that mind. The words and phrases the mind uses may appear to be “spiritual”, but in fact they will tend to promote unconsciousness, separation and darkness.

A certain paradox is that if we focus an intention of being against such “negative” spiritual practices, we simply perpetuate the cycle: for we are still engaging in rejection.

The key then is to acknowledge that this issue exists, and to focus our attention upon presence and allowing the innate intelligence of life to unfold in the moment. Once we allow this natural state of alignment, then we can choose freely how we want to work in the world, and what we want to create. We are, in a sense, above the system, but working within it.

Be a Champion of the Soul

soul sunset

Marcus T Anthony (PhD) is a futurist of mind, writer and spiritual advisor. His web site is www.mind-futures.com.

In recent years we have seen a proliferation of teachings which potentially herald a deeply spiritual human future. This human future, somewhat paradoxically, will be lived by those souls whose consciousness is deeply embedded within the peace, joy and wisdom of the present moment.

The essence of these emerging truthful spiritual teachings is that human beings who are grounded in presence have access to great peace and great spiritual power. They are written and spoken by wise spiritual masters, and grounded in the wisdom of lived experience.

During the 1960s and 1970s there was a shift in spiritual awareness in western humanity. Many people began to see that spirituality could be embodied without the need for religious indoctrination. The awareness that individuals have direct, unfettered access to the divine became more widespread. An important part of this movement was an increased social conscience, as well as an increased desire for social activism – witnessed most notably in protest movements. There was a sense that this spirituality could be part of lived experience, part of greater society.

This expanded consciousness, however, also created certain aberrations. These included some new age teachings, some self-help literature, various cults, conspiracy theory culture and so on.

Certain activists came to believe that the human world was just so lost that we should avoid participating in it altogether. Some turned to drugs, altered states of consciousness, lucid dreaming and so on as a means to escape the pain of living in the modern world. Timothy Leary’s famous dictum that we should “Turn on, tune in, drop out” was perhaps the best expression of this, particularly in the way that many interpreted it.

Even as human consciousness expanded, a deeper distrust of humanity accompanied it. Spiritual optimism and worldly pessimism became strange bedfellows.

Moving ahead…
Today, as I write this book in 2014, we retain many of the elements of this collective tension within human consciousness.

Such a development is not “wrong”. It is merely part of our collective development.

However, current common misunderstandings represent a distortion of spirituality as imposed by the mind (or ego). And one of the biggest problems is that – unconsciously – many spiritual teachings have instilled a sense of “us versus them” and cut us off from the world, society and other people.

Such teachings can exacerbate the state of separation which lies at the heart of much human suffering.

Tension and resolution
There is an innate “evolutionary” drive within the human psyche to return to a state of wholeness. When we deviate from our true nature of peace and love, a tension arises within us, both individually and collectively. This acts as kind of automatic balancing mechanism. The tension seeks resolution.

So it is that in the early years of the twenty-first century we saw another shift in human consciousness – the mindfulness movement. This essentially spiritual approach to life has introduced several key distinctions into greater awareness, and they are helping to offset the aforementioned collective tension created in the wake of 60s counter-culture.

The first distinction is the understanding that life is only ever lived in the present moment, and that this is where life’s true joy and prosperity reside. The past is only ever a memory, the future only ever an act of imagination.

Another distinction brought forward by the mindfulness movement is that of a greater understanding of the nature of the human ego. We are now far more aware of the many ways in which the ego tends to distort the world, the self and the spiritual journey

Importantly, it is now more widely understood that the ego does not need to be eliminated in order to live a spiritually aligned life (though this concept is often misinterpreted).

Finally, the mindfulness movement has helped many advanced souls ground spirituality in lived experience. It has helped bring spirituality into the world and into modern life.

However, this final step has not yet been fully completed. The tension has not been completely resolved for many of us.

For even as the wave of mindfulness has descended, it has been met with an even greater wave of “opposition” – trends which run counter to it.

In particular, we have seen an increased commoditisation of education, increased materialism and increased individualism.

The rise of the internet, mobile technology and social media is also highly problematic. Many IT addicts live in a constant state of distraction, separated from the world, from the body and from society.

Concurrently, an increasingly aggressive mass media continues to bombard us with violence and depravity, making our lives ever-more complex, ever-more distracted, ever-more fearful.

We have also witnessed a greater sophistication in advertising; as well as the widespread manipulation of people by governments and other organisations with agendas for power and control over the population. These developments mean that we have to find ways to remain grounded and aware. We need to develop the ability to intuit truth from lie.

And we must be able to stand in our God-given power as men and women.

Adding to the angst of the modern spiritual practitioner is the literal opposition of skeptics organisations, conservatives within scientific and educational establishments, and religious narrow mindedness. Such opposition necessitates a requirement for the spiritually-inclined to avoid being drawn into anger and drama with these people. We need to remain centered and at peace.

Therefore the mindful and the spiritually-inclined people of today are required to be able to embody mindfulness and soulfulness in a hectic and complex modern world.

How can we deal with such a world and retain our state of mindful spirituality. Our equanimity?

How can we shine our light amidst so much darkness?

That is the question that Champion of the Soul, Master of the Mind sets out to answer.

Many of the teachers that I have worked with and learned from (either personally or by reading their books or watching their online material) are truly wonderful. People like Leonard Jacobson and Eckhart Tolle represent the highest understanding of spiritual expression. They are people of great wisdom and integrity.

Their teachings can be truly liberating.

Yet there is a limitation to their teachings, one that is no fault of their own.

They are spiritual teachers, and so do not have to deal with many of the problems that everyday life brings forth for you and me. While spiritual masters certainly deal with many challenges, they work mostly with advanced souls who have a strong motivation to awaken from the dark world of the mind. And their advanced level of consciousness means that they do not have to deal with the kinds of daily problems encountered by an average person.

Champion of the Soul, Master of the Mind is written to bring advanced spiritual teachings into everyday life. This book is for people who have at least some awareness of the journey of mindful presence, but who seek a more practical application in their lives.

There are twelve domains of life which can readily take us out of presence and away from peace. Each represents a potential loss of personal power. To be a champion of the soul, you have to learn to master each of them.

  • How to work in the world of time without becoming lost in imagined futures or the self-limiting stories of the past.
  • How to develop the right relationship with the ego without harmfully repressing it.
  • How to develop the right relationship with – and heal – your emotional pain; the wounded child within.
  • How to come to a deeper awareness of what karma really is, and how to release it.
  • How to develop profound intuition without getting lost in the murky worlds of the psychic.
  • How to become a master of loving relationships, without giving your power away to others.
  • How to appreciate and love the wonders of science and the rational mind, while at the same time fully appreciating the limits of reason.
  • How to live in modern society, and to learn to love and accept it and the human species for what they are – darkness and all.
  • How to harness the power of the internet and social media without becoming a slave to disembodied distraction.
  • How to remain present and at peace despite the extreme negativity of modern mass media.
  • How to be truly abundant regardless of your bank account.
  • How to live your calling and your life at its highest expression, while fully acknowledging the realities of the market place.

Yes, it is possible to be in this world, love in this world and to love the world itself.

It is possible to be here, be in the present moment, and to be joyful.

It is possible to fully participate in life and society. You can be of service to our species.

And you can embody your innate spiritual power without giving it away to others.

In short, you can be a champion of the soul.

Such an experience of life represents the next step on our spiritual journey.

On your spiritual journey.

*          *          *

This article is an extract from the introduction of my book Champion of the Soul, Master of the Mind. The book is not yet released, and I am yet to decide if and when I might publish it. In fact, this is the first time I have ever told anyone about it, either in private or publicly. Feel free to comment on the idea (email marcus@marcustanthony.com)

The essential focus of this book is how to bring spiritual practice – and in particular mindful presence – into our lives in the modern world. And in doing so, how we can express genuine spiritual power in the world.

Note: Both the terms “champion of the soul” and “master of the mind” were first used by spiritual teacher Leonard Jacobson (www.leonardjacobson.com). However, although my book is deeply inspired by Leonard’s teachings (and others’), it is not meant to be specifically representative of his work.

The Delusion of the Law of Attraction (2)


In my previous article here on Conscious Life News, The Delusion of The Law of Attraction, I shared my personal view that the idea of “manifestation” in New Age circles is typically simplistic and naïve. I outlined one important distinction (one of a dozen I outline here), which is as follows:

Conscious intention is important and influential in bringing a vision into real-world reality, but it cannot (with perhaps the odd remarkable exception) transcend the physical, economic and social systems in which we live, work and create.
In this second article I am going to get practical. What does all this mean?

It means that – ideally – you have to honour the most significant aspects of the current social and economic system in which you intend to work as you “manifest” your vision. You need to be aware of how each domain operates. You need to be smart. Being smart means being mindful of both opportunities and potential roadblocks at that level. Just how much you need to know about a domain will depend on your situation and what you are looking to do.

For the sake of clarity, I identify five domains that have to be negotiated: mind and inspiration, the street level, the social/systems domain, worldview/paradigm, and the realm of myth/metaphor.

I suggest that as you read what follows, think of a particular goal or dream that you are really passionate about, and how you can apply this knowledge to your vision. Or consider something that you tried to create in the past.

I present the following as questions, because this is the best way to get you to start thinking deeply about the issues they highlight. They certainly aren’t the only questions you may need to ask, but they are some of the most important.

This is the domain that is commonly addressed in New Age philosophies (although usually it is disconnected from the other domains). It concerns how you employ your mind both consciously and unconsciously. The conscious part is relatively simple. You should take the time to follow your deep intuitions, then visualise and affirm them as if they are already here, now. Since this domain is already widely discussed in spiritual circles, I will not comment at length about it here.

• What are my gifts, my passions. What is my genius?
• What do I feel intuitively that am I here to do and be?
• How can I turn that into a real world career, service or pastime/hobby?
• How can I activate and utilise my spiritual guidance as I go about creating my vision?
• Am I allowing greed, lust, fear, self-doubt, parental messaging or social conditioning to cloud my vision – or completely distort it?
• Is my passion really something that I want or need to turn into a profession or even a pastime?
• Am I ignoring my genuine intuition as it tells me that something is not right here?
• Am I failing to listen to my intuition on an ongoing basis as I work on actualising my vision – and not just at the initial idea-creation phase?
• Do I have any restrictive belief structures within me that might prevent me taking affirmative action towards actualising my goal?
• Do I believe that I have to be perfect and “negative-belief-free” before I can be successful? (this is not true).

This is the domain of practical application; of people, markets and money. At the street level we deal with the nuts and bolts stuff that any dream requires to become a reality. Sometimes these things can be dull and repetitive.

• Can you see an opportunity for your passion in the world of money and markets?
• Is there a gap in the market place that you could fill with your genius or passion?
• Have you done some research to find out if anybody else is doing the same thing, and if so, how they are faring?
• Who can help you?

• Do I give up as soon as the initial excitement of my dream begins to fade?
• Have I failed to learn about my product or service, and its potential market?
• Have I done sufficient research into the marketing of my idea? Am I willing to learn about marketing?
• Does my budget cover my expenses?
• Do I need to develop better people skills?
• Do I need help?

Whether we like it or not we have to live and work in society. And organisations have their particular ways of operating, their systems. You will have to acknowledge this if you want to work with people out in the “real world”. Many spiritual folk actually despise the world. When this is the case, they will not only get drawn into “drama” and conflict, but they also lose all opportunity to shine their light in the world.

• Do I begin my personal introductions, writings and presentations with references to common social and cultural experiences that I share with my audience?
• In regard to my product or service, what trends or potential developments are occurring in society which could lead to exciting opportunities in the short to medium-term future?
• Am I looking to other societies and cultures (other than my own) for inspiration?
• Do I seek to make friends with strangers who are different from me? You can learn much from such people.
• Do I take opportunities to travel? This will expose you to new ideas.
• Do I look for worldview similarities rather than focussing upon the differences?
• Do I need to ground my vision in the real world of money and markets? Is it too “airy fairy”?
• Am I failing to speak a language that my intended market will understand?
• Do I believe myself to be culturally or spiritually superior to others?
• Have I rejected the world? Am I angry and judgmental towards others who don’t see it the way I do?
• Do I despise people who are non-spiritual? Do I refer to them as animals, sheeple or drones?

Typically people who work with the idea of the Law of Attraction are coming from a different paradigm than the mainstream – a different way of looking at the world. This is something they need to consider carefully.

• What are the great gifts that the dominant paradigm has given us?
• Do I look for worldview similarities rather than focusing upon the differences?
• How can I draw from the knowledge of the dominant paradigm to assist me in developing my vision, and in helping others to understand my vision?
• Do I reject the dominant paradigm and the people who espouse it? This is a problem if you are dealing with such people on a regular basis. You are rejecting your audience.
• Am I ignoring important and crucial truths from the dominant paradigm, such that my own knowledge base is being unnecessarily restricted? I simply suggest that you do not reject science. Acknowledge its limitations, but be grateful for the great advances it has brought us.
• Am I living the New Age/Romantic vision and unconsciously imposing it upon others or believe that it is an inevitable future for everyone? This would be an example of “hegemony”.
• Am I assuming that people within the dominant paradigm can see beyond it, simply because I can? You may need to gently lead people towards questioning their worldview. Just because you read Kuhn’s The Nature of Scientific Revolutions thirty years ago doesn’t mean everybody did.


• Can I turn my idea into a powerful and attractive story that touches something deep within the human spirit?
• How can I use metaphor and language in a way that makes my story easy to understand, and which reaches into the human psyche (not just the intellect).
• Where can I find/create images that resonate powerfully with my audience?
• Are my metaphors incompatible with my audience’s, or simply outdated?
• Is my story clichéd and stale?
• Does my story contain elements of victimhood, blame and projection?

There are a lot of questions here. I don’t expect you will want (or need) to answer them all in depth. But do reflect upon those that you feel are relevant to your journey of creation.
Finally, remember that God put you in this world. It is where you are meant to be. Working with the system and with the people of this planet is a great opportunity for spiritual growth. So don’t make the mistake of rejecting the world and its people. Use your creation journey as an opportunity to grow, to love forgive and to love. That is something even more important than the act of creation itself.

Marcus T Anthony



Delusion and the Law of Attraction

Marcus T Anthony, PhD, is a futurist with a passion for the futures of mind and intelligence. The successful writer of books such as Discover Your Soul Template, he is also an academic and spiritual counselor.


According to some law of attraction advocates – Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” is perhaps the best known – all you have to do is believe with all your heart and soul, and stuff will manifest into your life. I call this “the naïve law of attraction” because I believe that it is a rather limited description of the way mind and cosmos interact. In my book A More Attractive Law of Attraction I lay down twelve distinctions which I feel are important for those wanting to tap into the innate creativity of the universe. In these two articles I am going to share just one distinction, and it is perhaps the most important one of all. If you have been attempting to use the law of attraction, but have not been as successful as you would like, this one distinction could make all the difference.

So here it is:

Conscious intention is important and influential in bringing a vision into real-world reality, but it cannot (with perhaps the odd remarkable exception) transcend the physical, economic and social systems in which we live, work and create.

To be quite blunt, I am telling you from personal experience that you can bring great suffering upon yourself by naively believing in the Law of Attraction as peddled in the New Age. That philosophy has essentially become a religious belief structure for many. In certain circles it is a virtual heresy to question it. But questioning it, I am.

The truth is that you have to acknowledge the systems that your mind is embedded within – physical, social, cultural, political and so on. To take an extreme example, you are not going to become a heart surgeon merely by meditating upon it with full intention every day. Hospital administrators aren’t going to let you just stroll in off the street with a rusty scalpel and start peeling people open because you have the right vibe. If you live in a western country and you want to be a doctor you have to honour the standard requirements of gaining a medical degree. This obviously means working your way through the university system, even as you adhere to the expectations of the medical fraternity. You have learn the trade or nothing is going to “manifest”.

One of the genuine issues that many naive New Agers face when they repeatedly fail to realise their dreams is that there is no escape from the conclusion that they have personally brought it all upon themselves. If the cosmos is so simple to manipulate with a clear intention, then clearly the problem must be that the person’s mind is somehow faulted. So when the person exhausts their personal efforts and willpower and nothing happens, then they will inevitably become confused, disheartened and angry. And that anger can be directed in one of two ways: it goes outward to rage against the world (as with conspiracy theorists); or it turns inward, and they lose hope and become depressed.
I learned this distinction the hard way, and in the rest of this article I am going to share a personal story with you.

The example I share is my attempt to gain academic credibility with my research into the nature of mind and intelligence. This included no less than eight years attempting to gain meaningful employment in the university system, after gaining a PhD which focused upon the futures of mind and consciousness. I was rejected again and again and again by educational institutions world-wide. I applied for hundreds of jobs, and was turned down in a dozen successive interviews during that period.

I eventually lost all hope and became depressed. I was also deeply confused. I was following my dream, visualising success with passion. But as the years sped by, that passion eventually bled away to be replaced by a sense of helplessness.

I was told by various advocates of the naïve law of attraction that I was failing because I lacked intention and passion; or because I was not “present” to life and its opportunities. One well-meaning academic friend and “manifester” even labelled me a “manic depressive”. I know he meant well, but I told him his explanation defied all rationality, as I had chosen this domain of research out of passion for it. The depression bit followed years of rejection, it wasn’t the cause of the problem! I also pointed out to him that I practice mindfulness far more than just about anyone. And I told him that there were plenty of others in the academic system who act like robots and still get research opportunities and teaching jobs.

I told my friend that I thought my main issue was logistical and systems-related. I had specialised in a domain that required great skill to “sell” (consciousness research and intuitive intelligence), and such concepts were not part of mainstream educational and business systems. I was falling through the cracks in the system.

So I left that conversation feeling a bit annoyed at my friend. The only conclusion I seemed to be permitted to take was that I was a totally incompetent idiot who could not even be passionate about something he thought he had been passionate about all along!

As luck would have it, that same day I had lunch with another academic who had similar research interests to mine. His PhD and research is in social anthropology, focussing upon shamanic experience. I chatted with him for about four hours, and the conversation turned to why I was having such a hard time finding work in the academic world. This was a much more helpful talk. This friend told me he had had exactly the same experience as me. He too believed he was unemployable for years, despite endless publishing, writing and study. Until landing a great position just a few months prior our talk, he struggled to get work. He said he was totally confused before his lucky break.

Who knows? Perhaps the universe deliberately exposed me to these two contrasting takes on conscious creation, and all within a matter of hours. What I made of the encounters was entirely up to me. And what I realised was that it was not my fault entirely that I had not been able to land an academic position. I realised that, just like my friend, I was suffering from lack of opportunities because I had chosen an obscure field of research.

As it turned out, not long after that fateful day, I had an interview for a position at an Australian university. I had just completed a short training programme specialising in a specific curriculum area related to the position. I got the job. The simple act of getting a relevant training certificate had far more power in helping me land a university job than a decade of committed study, publications and qualifications in consciousness research!

It was a painful lesson. But it’s one I will never forget, I can tell you! Despite the personal and financial hardships that the issue brought forward for me, I realised that it was also a life experience which I could use to help others who are spiritually inclined (which is one of my main purposes in writing these two articles).

The lesson is a simple but profound one. You have to work within the system, not beyond it. You can be as passionate as you like, but if you cannot meet the system half way – maybe 3/4 of the way – then you are just going to end up babbling to yourself.

But what does this mean at a practical level? How can you work your way through-and-within the system even as you apply your conscious intention to create your dream? The answer is that you have to systematically address all four levels of the system. And I will fill you in on the details in part two, here on Conscious Life News.


Scientists Write Open Letter to Investigate Telepathy


Is telepathy real? Can information pass from one mind to another independent of the standard “five senses”? Surveys have repeatedly shown that a vast majority of the general public believe in at least one kind of so-called paranormal phenomena, and a belief in telepathy nearly always features strongly. Although academics and scientists are often shy to openly discuss such subjects, there is evidence that many are secretly quite favourable to the existence of psi phenomena. For example, in 1994 Bem and Honorton cited a survey of over a thousand college faculty in the USA. That survey found that over fifty-five percent of natural science faculty members either strongly believe in telepathy is an established fact or a strong likelihood. The figure for the Social Sciences was sixty-six percent, while seventy-seven percent was the figure in arts, humanities, and education.

Thus, even though cognitive processes such as ESP, remote viewing and precognition are rarely seriously discussed in mainstream education and science, they nonetheless form part of our culture. Indeed, they form part of most human beings’ life experience.

While many people assume that the scientific evidence for psi cognition is weak or absent, the truth is that it is very good. In fact the evidence is strong enough that nearly 100 scientists and academics have very recently called for more open investigation of “anomalous cognition”. Their letter was published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. Signatories included  Etzel Cardeña, Daryl Bem, Robert Jahn and Nobel prize winner (physics) Brian Josephson.

The main points found in the letter can be summarised as follows.

1)    Research on parapsychological phenomena is being carried out in accredited universities and research centers throughout the world by academics in different disciplines trained in the scientific method. Many of these people are highly distinguished researchers, including Nobel laureates

2)   Results supporting the validity of psi phenomena continue to be published in peer-reviewed, academic journals in relevant fields, from psychology to neuroscience and physics. 3)    Increased experimental controls have not eliminated or even decreased significant support for the existence of psi phenomena.

4)    Data supportive of psi phenomena cannot reasonably be accounted for by chance or by a “file drawer” effect (failure to report unsuccessful studies).

5)    The effect sizes reported in most meta-analyses are relatively small and the phenomena cannot be produced on demand, but this is not uncommon in psychology and medicine.

6)    Psi phenomena do not violate known laws of nature given modern theories in physics that transcend classical restrictions of time and space, combined with growing evidence for quantum effects in biological systems.

All those who placed their name on the open letter are in explicit agreement that current mainstream science is biased. As a culture science is not assessing the evidence objectively. Instead it is being weighed down by outdated belief structures regarding the way the universe – and the human mind  – operates.

Yet what interests me most about the publication of this letter is that Frontiers in Human Neuroscience is a mainstream academic journal, and not specifically devoted to the study of the “paranormal”. This is yet more evidence for what I term The Great Mind Shift – the global awakening to the reality of the extended mind. There is a major transformation emerging in science and society which signifies a dramatic change in science, education, business and life itself. This development is not merely a trend, but heralds a major civilisational shift in the understanding of humankind’s relationship with the universe. The Great Mind Shift is the acceptance of the truth that consciousness and intelligence are not accidental bi-products of localised physical systems, but represent fundamental aspects of both life and cosmos. Consciousness is intimately interwoven with nature and the world. It is non-local and extends through time and space. We do not yet fully understand the mechanisms for processes which mediate the extended mind, but the evidence for non-local nature of consciousness is now so fully compelling that it cannot be denied.

But what does all this mean?

I am not so much interested in trying to prove that this shift is underway (though that is part of what I do). What drives me is my commitment to leap-frog to the next stage of the planetary evolution of the human mind. I am fascinated by the investigation of what will happen once the extended mind becomes widely accepted. What will it mean for society as a whole? Nor is my position passive. I see we humans not as mere observers but as co-creators. It is the actions we take and the attitudes we adopt which will help create all our possible and preferred futures. Mapping such paths to desirable futures is an important part of what I do.

While much about the future remains imprecise, one thing is certain. With this dramatic shift in our perception of mind, the human intellect can be greatly expanded by what I call “integrated intelligence” – the successful employment of the extended mind in solving problems and creating the future. The way that the awareness and employment of integrated intelligence will dramatically impact the future is vitally crucial for human survival and “thrival”.

Let me make something clear. I am not saying that The Great Mind Shift is a social or cultural development which might happen; in, say, the way someone might predict that 3D printing will be big next year. The great mind shift is an inevitable revolution in science, education and society which is already underway. It is certain to happen because it is now beyond reasonable doubt that the extended mind is an extant property of life and cosmos. The greater acceptance that human consciousness is far more expansive than previously thought represents a wonderful opportunity for those perceptive enough to foresee what is coming.

Are you perceptive enough?

And what is coming? Well, that is something I must leave for another day. Or join me and Stephen Pirie at Resonant Futures to keep abreast of developments.

Marcus T Anthony, PhD, is Director of Resonant Futures. He refers to himself as a futurist, intuitive and life alignment coach. He is the author of Discover Your Soul Template and his website is www.marcustanthony.com.