Australian Scientists Prove Time Travel Is Possible

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By Vandita | We Are Anonymous

Some physicists are convinced that time travel is possible. A group of scientists from the University of Queensland, Australia, have simulated how time-travelling photons might behave; suggesting that, at the quantum level, the grandfather paradox – which makes time travel impossible – could be resolved. The study used photons – single particles of light – to simulate quantum particles travelling back through time. By studying their behavior, the scientists revealed possible strange aspects of modern physics.

“The properties of quantum particles are ‘fuzzy’ or uncertain to start with, so this gives them enough wiggle room to avoid inconsistent time travel situations. Our study provides insights into where and how nature might behave differently from what our theories predict,” said co-author Professor Timothy Ralph.

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The Daily Mail explains:

In the simulation, the researchers examined the behavior of a photon traveling through time and interacting with its older self. In their experiment they made use of the closely related, fictitious, case where the photon travels through normal space-time and interacts with another photon that is stuck in a time-travelling loop through a wormhole, known as a closed timelike curve (CTC). Simulating the behavior of this second photon, they were able to study the behavior of the first – and the results show that consistent evolutions can be achieved when preparing the second photon in just the right way.


Wormholes are theoretical tunnels that create shortcuts in space-time. A study in May from Dr Luke Butcher at Cambridge University argued that if a thin wormhole stayed open long enough, people could send messages through time using pulses of light, or photons.

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Because of Albert Einstein’s well-tested theories of special and general relativity physicists believe time travel is possible. Special relativity posits that space and time are aspects of the same thing, known as the space-time continuum, and that time can slow down or speed up, depending on how fast you are moving, relative to something else. General relativity suggests that it would be possible to travel backwards in time by following a space-time path, i.e. a CTC that returns to the starting point in space, but arrives at an earlier time.

In 2012, physicists David Wineland and Serge Haroche shared the Nobel Prize in physics for demonstrating how “quantum weirdness” could not only exist at the subatomic micro-world level, but also show itself in the macro-world.


“The question of time travel features at the interface between two of our most successful yet incompatible physical theories – Einstein’s general relativity and quantum mechanics. Einstein’s theory describes the world at the very large scale of stars and galaxies, while quantum mechanics is an excellent description of the world at the very small scale of atoms and molecules,” said Martin Ringbauer, a PhD student at UQ’s School of Mathematics and Physics and a lead author of the paper.

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With several physical problems and paradoxes, is it really possible to go backwards through time? In a new BBC documentary, astrophysicist Stephen Hawking suggests that it simply isn’t possible to go back in time. And there’s not much to look forward to, either. Nonetheless, advances in quantum theories could perhaps provide some understanding of how to overcome time travel paradoxes.

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  1.' Nicky Jim says:

    Well ya

  2.' Nicky Jim says:

    Time travelling would be awesome.

  3.' Ružový Lupienok says:


  4.' Vuyolwethu Langa says:

    I’ve always been facinated but that kinder staff

  5.' Terry A Mitchell says:

    YES, very much. Especially if it worked both ways, forwards AND backwards. One could travel to see the past, maybe kindle the memories of Past Lives, view relatives, the horror of wars, then move forward to peek into the future and see what is in store for Mother Earth, provided she continues to exist. Returning to now, however, might appear quite mundane. But the human mind today certainly does need some serious expansion and that might just do it, putting all the truly trivial issues of this time to rest, once and for all!

  6.' Kerry Whitelam says:

    No because there would be those whod want to change the past out of greed which could have diar consequences for us all like changing our lives completely for the worst. Would be good if used in a positive way, curing most diseases, society living side by side with no war and greed.

  7.' June Davis Fish says:

    If as I have read, now is all there is and it has been and always is now, then logically, there is no past or future time to travel to. However, if now is the only time there is, then logically, the now that we remember during our past experiences, and the now that we will be in to experience our future experiences is now. So if all experience, past, present and future is happening now …. well …. my logic failed me. 😀

  8.' Moon Lilly says:

    I have been telling people this for years but they all laughed at me because I could not scientifically prove what I already knew. This was how all the giants that came to earth and left huge monuments as an example did. That was how they got here they were never from here they were really just visiting. Now whom ever saves this post I AM WILLING TO BET IN A FEW YEARS FROM NOW THEY WILL “DISCOVER THAT THE ANCIENTS WERE ANOTHER SPICES AND NOT FROM EARTH” lOL.

  9.' Michele Samson Awaazhish Bimise says:

    Just watch Doctor Who! 🙂

  10.' Jeff Andrews says:

    that whole time space future is bunk make the most of life now!!!

  11.' Jeff Andrews says:

    Bet you live in boxes and you hope you ant wasting your life well YOU ARE A WASTE

  12.' Akang Leo says:

    Approximately 90 ”. There is a movie, – Back To The Future -. Someone says in that film. And if it is not one sentence, ” Technology is part of a miracle ”.

  13.' Andy Cunny says:

    Yep take me forward 10 years then bring me back so I can score some big $$$$££££

  14.' Mishchell Lowe says:

    David Lowe 🙂

  15.' Shannon Wills says:

    Mark Martin

  16.' Roger Medina Jr. says:

    All I got to say is “photon” is a key word here for space travel and time… cant say more lol

  17. Anonymous says:

    Never going to happen…if it did we would already know.

  18.' Stephen Komp says:

    So there was mention of sending messages through time if the wormhole stayed open long enough. If this was true and if there is a possibility we could do this, wouldn’t we have received messages from the future by now?

  19.' Alx Banuet says:

    what if
    its true but you also have to get the trajectory of the earth in that time period correct as well or else ur sent bak in time but miss the earth or are sent bak underneath the dirt. thoughts??!!

  20.' Irina Irena says:


  21.' Graham Perrins says:

    We are told from Spirit that the more highly evolved we are as Angelic beings, the further back or forward we can see in time as it is cyclic, not linear. We are all aspects of God, the children of God. All is fully explained in the Joseph Communications.

  22.' Graham Perrins says:

    Facebook pages for The Messenger, Revolution by Light, Joseph Communications.

  23.' Michael Occhipinti says:

    Unless space-time is constructed in a 4-D manner, where each 3-D point in time is ‘stored’ or ‘written’, like a vast hard drive filling up with data, then NO, there is NO such thing as Time Travel. Unwinding time wont work either since most of the laws of quantum physics are anti-commutative in the time direction, and who would have that kind of power anyway. So then the real question is, how do we determine the actual structure of space? If space-time really is built of layer after layer of 3-D moments, then how do you traverse from layer to layer? Who displaces the matter when you jump from one time to the next? UNLESS, your consciousness could travel apart from your body of course. Any way you look at it, time travel to the past looks impossible. Physicists caught up in GR math tricks will never find the solution, that’s for sure.

  24.' Jonathan Broughton says:

    It does not matter, all it means is man will travel up and down time making worse decisions than he did in the first place.

  25.' Heivenu Alachem says:

    Not really

  26.' Tobias Conner says:

    To make a extremely long story short you cant travel through time because time doesn’t exist, its a concept of the human mind.

  27.' Vincent Tan says:

    Time Travelling Video Recorder (Y)

  28.' Rom Gals says:

    Rom Christian

  29.' Walter Manfred Stocké says:

    It is not proven, it is pretented

  30.' Dee Harris says:

    Picture looks like something we work on in math class…

  31.' Tommy Roberts says:

    Time don’t exist, so I quest if you have a make believe time machine, it’s possible.

  32.' Faiz Rubeyya says:


  33.' Jaymes Kirkland says:

    I would

  34.' Barrett Rashad says:

    Fuck yeah.

  35.' Matt Wotherspoon says:

    Ian Wotherspoon

  36.' Christopher Matthews says:

    If it’s real, and if its in the wrong and evil hands…….we are doomed. Time travel is to much power. We humans are not supposed to tap in that kind of knowledge. In hands of human beings?? Please just let it be..

  37.' Bri Cos says:

    Many Interacting Worlds theory: Scientists propose existence and interaction of parallel worlds

  38.' Prateek Choubey says:

    Lol…Just a few million years late and what can they prove what scientists havent experimented…Just a way to potray and fool masses…Wake up to the real world ppl…All the technologies been here all along…And they stole it!Sealed it!Shut it!So that normal people cant have the knowledge and power of truth.

  39.' Melanee Packard says:

    Omg! ME!!!!

  40.' Chey Kristan says:

    Sheu Fortunato

  41.' Matt Behlen says:

    Nope. Good try though.

  42.' Ronn Petitt says:

    Carla Shaye

  43.' Kathy Lajvardi says:

    Naushad Huda

  44.' Christian Simus says:

    it exist but but it is too much to handle ij this generation maybe after 2070 it will be ok for humans to use.

  45.' Niranjan Gopal says:

    To the future yes… To the past NO NEVER!!

  46.' Robert Schneider says:

    We tend to mess everything up with our Western science. I suspect time travel would be a disaster in the hands of those who had the power/influence to use it. They would just travel through time to enrich themselves.

  47.' Jill Buckton says:

    Kylie Stevenson-Wright

  48.' Anele Ngwenya says:

    Lebone Mogoatlhe

  49.' IamAn AlienGod says:

    You can’t “Time Travel” because there is no Time. It’s an illusion. Time is a mental thing.

  50.' Michael Islucid says:

    Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie

  51.' Buck Rogers says:

    Of course it is possible how do you think you got here .

  52.' June Davis Fish says:

    On a more serious note than my first “logic” comment … Deepak Chopra says in his book “How to Know God” that time and space do not control the mind. Maybe the mind is our space/time machine, IF we could get it beyond the incessant, repetitive thinking of our programmed belief systems.

  53.' Dalibor Nikolic says:

    Jasminium Laudanum

  54.' Sarah Hilal says:

    Rawad Hilal

  55.' Cody Hoyer says:

    Wouldn’t it be more logical to say that time does exist, because we have defined it, though a timeline does not exist? As in it is a continuous progress like a dot moving across your screen and not a line being drawn. We can remember and record the path of the dot, but their is no physical line to retrace.

  56.' Albert R. James says:

    At last I can start on building that Tardis I always wanted 🙂

  57.' Chester Lang says:

    Maybe its not 3-d or 4-d to be worried about its more dimension s that may be the key

  58.' Bobby Bronson says:


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