Delusion and the Law of Attraction

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Marcus T Anthony, PhD, is a futurist with a passion for the futures of mind and intelligence. The successful writer of books such as Discover Your Soul Template, he is also an academic and spiritual counselor.


According to some law of attraction advocates – Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” is perhaps the best known – all you have to do is believe with all your heart and soul, and stuff will manifest into your life. I call this “the naïve law of attraction” because I believe that it is a rather limited description of the way mind and cosmos interact. In my book A More Attractive Law of Attraction I lay down twelve distinctions which I feel are important for those wanting to tap into the innate creativity of the universe. In these two articles I am going to share just one distinction, and it is perhaps the most important one of all. If you have been attempting to use the law of attraction, but have not been as successful as you would like, this one distinction could make all the difference.

So here it is:

Conscious intention is important and influential in bringing a vision into real-world reality, but it cannot (with perhaps the odd remarkable exception) transcend the physical, economic and social systems in which we live, work and create.

To be quite blunt, I am telling you from personal experience that you can bring great suffering upon yourself by naively believing in the Law of Attraction as peddled in the New Age. That philosophy has essentially become a religious belief structure for many. In certain circles it is a virtual heresy to question it. But questioning it, I am.

The truth is that you have to acknowledge the systems that your mind is embedded within – physical, social, cultural, political and so on. To take an extreme example, you are not going to become a heart surgeon merely by meditating upon it with full intention every day. Hospital administrators aren't going to let you just stroll in off the street with a rusty scalpel and start peeling people open because you have the right vibe. If you live in a western country and you want to be a doctor you have to honour the standard requirements of gaining a medical degree. This obviously means working your way through the university system, even as you adhere to the expectations of the medical fraternity. You have learn the trade or nothing is going to “manifest”.

One of the genuine issues that many naive New Agers face when they repeatedly fail to realise their dreams is that there is no escape from the conclusion that they have personally brought it all upon themselves. If the cosmos is so simple to manipulate with a clear intention, then clearly the problem must be that the person’s mind is somehow faulted. So when the person exhausts their personal efforts and willpower and nothing happens, then they will inevitably become confused, disheartened and angry. And that anger can be directed in one of two ways: it goes outward to rage against the world (as with conspiracy theorists); or it turns inward, and they lose hope and become depressed.
I learned this distinction the hard way, and in the rest of this article I am going to share a personal story with you.

The example I share is my attempt to gain academic credibility with my research into the nature of mind and intelligence. This included no less than eight years attempting to gain meaningful employment in the university system, after gaining a PhD which focused upon the futures of mind and consciousness. I was rejected again and again and again by educational institutions world-wide. I applied for hundreds of jobs, and was turned down in a dozen successive interviews during that period.

I eventually lost all hope and became depressed. I was also deeply confused. I was following my dream, visualising success with passion. But as the years sped by, that passion eventually bled away to be replaced by a sense of helplessness.

I was told by various advocates of the naïve law of attraction that I was failing because I lacked intention and passion; or because I was not “present” to life and its opportunities. One well-meaning academic friend and “manifester” even labelled me a “manic depressive”. I know he meant well, but I told him his explanation defied all rationality, as I had chosen this domain of research out of passion for it. The depression bit followed years of rejection, it wasn't the cause of the problem! I also pointed out to him that I practice mindfulness far more than just about anyone. And I told him that there were plenty of others in the academic system who act like robots and still get research opportunities and teaching jobs.

I told my friend that I thought my main issue was logistical and systems-related. I had specialised in a domain that required great skill to “sell” (consciousness research and intuitive intelligence), and such concepts were not part of mainstream educational and business systems. I was falling through the cracks in the system.

So I left that conversation feeling a bit annoyed at my friend. The only conclusion I seemed to be permitted to take was that I was a totally incompetent idiot who could not even be passionate about something he thought he had been passionate about all along!

As luck would have it, that same day I had lunch with another academic who had similar research interests to mine. His PhD and research is in social anthropology, focussing upon shamanic experience. I chatted with him for about four hours, and the conversation turned to why I was having such a hard time finding work in the academic world. This was a much more helpful talk. This friend told me he had had exactly the same experience as me. He too believed he was unemployable for years, despite endless publishing, writing and study. Until landing a great position just a few months prior our talk, he struggled to get work. He said he was totally confused before his lucky break.

Who knows? Perhaps the universe deliberately exposed me to these two contrasting takes on conscious creation, and all within a matter of hours. What I made of the encounters was entirely up to me. And what I realised was that it was not my fault entirely that I had not been able to land an academic position. I realised that, just like my friend, I was suffering from lack of opportunities because I had chosen an obscure field of research.

As it turned out, not long after that fateful day, I had an interview for a position at an Australian university. I had just completed a short training programme specialising in a specific curriculum area related to the position. I got the job. The simple act of getting a relevant training certificate had far more power in helping me land a university job than a decade of committed study, publications and qualifications in consciousness research!

It was a painful lesson. But it's one I will never forget, I can tell you! Despite the personal and financial hardships that the issue brought forward for me, I realised that it was also a life experience which I could use to help others who are spiritually inclined (which is one of my main purposes in writing these two articles).

The lesson is a simple but profound one. You have to work within the system, not beyond it. You can be as passionate as you like, but if you cannot meet the system half way – maybe 3/4 of the way – then you are just going to end up babbling to yourself.

But what does this mean at a practical level? How can you work your way through-and-within the system even as you apply your conscious intention to create your dream? The answer is that you have to systematically address all four levels of the system. And I will fill you in on the details in part two, here on Conscious Life News.


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  1.' bumpercrop says:

    I am so glad that the appx .25% of our populace that considers themselves as New Agers, are finally, finally, beginning to awaken. I left the movement years ago because of their mind control tactics. Because I kept up with alarming current events, I was labeled as “negative”. In my recent work on the “Let Me Decide” campaign to obtain state bills to require GMO foods labeled, I was dumbfounded by the comments of a former volunteer who had previously worked hard to achieve success in this arena. After suddenly dropping out this New Ager stated that she “did not want to resist Monsanto, because it would just make the Monsanto bigger, because what you resist persists.” I realized years ago that the alternative spiritual movement was hijacked by archons. Listen to this POWERFUL presentation by Mark Passio on the Divine Male. New Agers need to stop focusing on their own “prosperity” and rediscover the reality, that intentions require action. Praying, affirming, and visualizing for world peace. Anything less, is simply egotistical cowardice, and it needs to be called out for what it is.

  2.' bumpercrop says:

    praying, affirming and visualizing world peace IS NOT ENOUGH. I left a master mind manifesting prayer group after years of supporting my fellow New Agers.
    All of them, without exception, focused on materialism, their own welfare of superficial goals. Did they request support for wisdom, understanding, courage, peace? NO, it was all about self aggrandizement. They are cowards, and selfish cowards at that.

  3.' joyce Johnson says:

    “There are no happier people on this planet than those who decide that they want something, define what they want, get hold of the feeling of it even before it’s manifestation and then joyously watch the unfolding as, piece by piece by piece, it begins to unfold. That’s the feeling of your hands in the clay.” -Abraham Hicks-Law of Attraction.
    (just a reminder to really research and practice the law of attraction before intellectually dismissing it, which is egospeak. )

  4.' Chuck says:

    Channels such as Abraham-Hicks are on purpose teaching humans to be narcissistic and to place consummerism as a favored destination. These beings are not helping humanity out of its enslavement rather perpetuate the world’s suffering by encouraging denial of the corrupt systems. Many people are not ready for real change because it means letting go of all 3D systems…such as Academia! One must renounce the banking and government systems because they have all been intentionally put in place to enslave the human race.
    Soul capturing is real and has been going on for millions of years. The astral world is fake and set up to recycle souls back into this hellhole over and over again. When you pass over you must do so with conscious awareness of this trickery. Very few people here are telling the truth about any of this so ofcourse people like myself sound like we’re crazy and delusional. Channels are not telling the truth because they’re going along with it. The opportunity to end this is now upon us but it will not happen without us standing up and claiming our soveriegnty. If we do not rise up and tell banking, governemnt systems that enough is enough then we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

  5. The tools for consciously applying the Law of Attraction in our lives certainly involve visualization, positive thinking, and clear intention. This does not preclude us from taking action in order to achieve or manifest what we desire.

    There is always a reason we do not get what we whole-heartedly believe we are attempting to manifest. Sometimes we are actually limited ourselves with labels and job titles and not being open to other possibilities.

    By knowing this, we can most certainly transcend many of the systems, including economic and social, within which we live and work. LOA doesn’t guarantee our lives will be all roses and puppies, but knowing how to use it will help us through the thorns to get us to the path that we desire.

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