Are You Energy Sensitive? 6 Telling Signs

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“Are You Energy Sensitive? 6 Telling Signs” was originally published on Raise Your Vibration Today.

As you’ve probably noticed before, there is a range in our sensory abilities.  Some people can see very well, others not very well at all.  Some have excellent hearing, while others are deaf.  The same applies to energy sensitivity, or as they call it, your “sixth sense.”   Are you energy sensitive?

When you break down reality, everything is made up of one thing, and that is vibrational energy.  Some people are very aware of the energy that surrounds them, and they can tell when energy is high and when it is low.  They easily sense “good” and “bad” vibes.  Other people, not so much.

As I am energy sensitive and work with other energy sensitive people, here are a few signs I see time and again.  Not all energy sensitive folks will carry each of these traits, but if you carry a few of them, you are probably quite sensitive to vibrational energy.

1. Deep empathy for others:

You can often spot the most energy sensitive person in the room when there is someone around who is hurt or upset.  Energy sensitive people are often the “first responders,” there to hold a hand, give a hug or lend a listening ear.  Energy sensitive people often feel other people’s emotions (and sometimes their physical pain too), and so they easily understand and empathize with people who are suffering.

2. Emotional rollercoasters:

Having a keen sense of vibrational energy often means that the high times feel very high but the low times feel very low.  Having some plans in place to help you raise your vibration can be very helpful,  especially during low times!

3. Addictions:

Being energy sensitive means you “feel” a lot more than many people.  To avoid feeling low vibrational energy, these individuals may lean on substances like drugs or alcohol in order to numb out the pain of negative sensory input.  They may also have a proclivity for other types of addictions, like food, gambling or shopping.

4. Being an excellent judge of character:

Energy sensitive people are often very aware of other people’s motivations, and many times they can “just tell when” someone is bad news.  This can be a very beneficial trait, as it makes one less likely to be conned or taken advantage of.

5. Possible introversion:

Not all sensitive folks are introverts, but many often are.  It can be overwhelming to take on the emotions and feelings of other people, and so often energy sensitive people withdraw and seek alone time in order to stabilize. They are often likely to feel drained after prolonged social interactions.

6. Receiving signs:

People who are sensitive to energy are much more likely to be aware of the signs the universe is sending to them.  They are more likely to find meaning in events and circumstances that most other people see as simply “coincidental.”

As you can see, being energy sensitive is a bit of a double-edged sword.  Being attuned to vibrational energy allows one to have a deeper understanding of the universe, but it also can lead to a degree of overstimulation, and this can cause a variety of problems if left unaddressed.

If you think you may be energy sensitive, there are a number of things you can do harness the power of your gifts and cope with the struggles of sensitivity.

First and foremost, anything that can help you intentionally raise your vibration or the vibration of your environment can be highly beneficial.  I personally recommend daily meditation or yoga for mental (and physical) training.  Saging your home and workspace regularly is also recommended. 

Be mindful of the people you surround yourself with, and allow yourself to step away from toxic people, events and circumstances when you are feeling overwhelmed.  It is also very important to work toward self-acceptance, and learn how to love yourself and your gifts.

Being born into this world as an energy sensitive person comes with a unique set of responsibilities.  The constant influx of energy from one’s environment can be a overwhelming and painful at times. 

However, when one learns how to manage this gift, great things can happen.  Reading energy and being able to empathize with others can be a tremendous asset.  Energy sensitive folks are well-equipped to evoke positive change in the world, and have the capacity to be some of the world’s greatest leaders, healers and teachers.

So, do you think you are energy sensitive?  Comment below and share your story.  I’d love to hear it.

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32 Reader Comments

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  1.' Bob Manke says:

    I am very empathic. it hurts all the time to be me.

    •' Karen McMurdock says:

      It hurts to read your words Bob, specially cos you say all the time. I have found some relief by considering it to be a blessing too, seeing/feeling the benefits truly helps. As an example, being totally honest to self, reflects to another, this maybe walking away from any given situation you’re not comfortable in, this could be a crowded room which you find overwhelming, speaking your mind with another rather than holding back your true feelings, this can to be done in a none aggressive way of course, by speaking with compassion, if it falls on deaf ears, it’s not your fault, you walk away knowing this 🙂 and therefore feel better, if you hold back what you feel by not using your voice to express yourself you feel bunged up emotionally and that hurts. Thank you Bob for sharing how you feel <3

    •' Allie says:

      It’s beyond painful…. Have been this way since I was a child. I am an introvert. Even people’s positive excited energy puts me in a tail spin… I feel emotional pain, physical pain, spiritual pain from others as if whatever they are experiencing I too am experiencing. It has caused me to basically hide in my house most of the time. I’m physically ill out there where it’s peopleiiiiiie.

  2.' Mark McNair says:


  3.' Salen Duyor says:

    A true. When I go at the party I look around and I can tell who I can trust and who is in pain. I calm my self by doing deep breathing and listen to the music and go for a long walk.

  4.' Kimberly Powell says:

    All 6 signs describe me… idk..if its a good thing or a bad thing..i do know it is draining..

  5.' Malia Indigo says:

    Balynn Garcia

  6.' Revolution de Mind says:

    Thanks :p

  7.' Cindy Delegans says:

    Mia Houle

  8.' Barbara Halstead says:

    “Page not found” ???

  9.' Meghan Evans says:

    Lisa K. Evans this explains so much

  10.' Mike Genda says:

    Got all 6….my natural abilities are exposing truth…this ability often gives me information that I wish I had not discovered and often hurts me <3

  11.' Wilson Martha says:

    Tim Chabot

  12.' Kirk Kasperzick says:

    Good read. I enjoy it when theories like this are put into words, I’ve been aware of these traits in myself but didn’t know there was a name for it.

  13.' Ghazal Noor says:

    No om not energy senseti VG e so plz stop quote negative stuff om so tired of ut

  14.' Steve Gar says:

    Melissa Babe

  15.' Julia Ciccarelli says:

    Love this !!!!
    Thank you for very much for this article it’s good to know there’s the other people like you out there 🙂

  16.' Tara Saraka-Servold says:

    Totally! I hate it sometimes! It is a curse.

  17.' Robaleen Bogden says:

    This is me

  18.' Hailey Hobbit says:

    Asha Smasha

  19.' Julia Ciccarelli says:

    Anybody with mind reading abilities ? Or it’s totally different category ?

  20.' Mnu Janjua says:

    its more of a curse

  21.' Autumn Summers says:

    All of the above !! Real freaky when ya sense things are happenin n it’s not good !!

  22.' Cecilia Martinez-Burr says:

    Lauren Martínez-Burr

  23.' Dawn Brackin says:

    My sister and I have always had very strong intuitions about events and people specifically. My sensitivity has grown stronger with age, I always “know” things I can’t explain, some people think I’m crazy when I talk about such things-but those that really know me, understand…because they’ve witnessed it first hand. It truly is a blessing and a curse, it allows me to see truth when others can’t-but sometimes…ignorance really is bliss!

  24.' Niki Puerto says:

    Anna Karenina Lim-Puerto i hope tatay can understand us both more hehehe

  25.' Chris Faria says:

    Hi Andrea,
    I’ve awakened. Highly sensitive although the process resulted in a culmination of events.
    Recently experienced connection with higher consciousness, auras, vibrations from many sources. Thirst for knowledge and devouring books. Duality between my physical and spiritual. Purpose is becoming clearer.

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