MUST SEE: What If Animals Could Talk To You?

Written by on December 11, 2013 in Animals and Pets, Conscious Living with 43 Comments

By Trinity Bourne | Openhand

I’ve just watched the most incredible film about communicating with animals. The message it brings us is so deep. I feel that Anna Breytenbach, a highly skilled telepathic inter-species communicator, holds an important key to the evolution of humanity and this planet. Anna understands the trauma experienced by the animals in the documentary in a way that I have never seen before; transforming a deadly growling black leopard into a peaceful cat; having wild baboons groom her hair; experiencing fish swimming right up to her in a river; wild birds landing on her shoulder etc…

It’s all about the vibration!

So what does this mean for us?

It’s no secret that the human race as a whole has lost something incredibly sacred and divine; the ability to communicate soul to soul with absolutely authenticity… the ability to permeate through the veil of illusion and connect with what is really real. If people are able to openly embrace the gift of communication with other animals and nature, we’d experience firsthand the inter-connectedness of all life. We’d sense the need to honor and respect the earth and all of our fellow sentient beings. For humans this would mean reclaiming the lost aspects of our soul and meeting in the place where we no longer judge one another; the space where we align with the natural flow of the universe. We’d know exactly how we are meant to co-exist and live in harmony with this world. This opens the pathway to the higher paradigm.

I highly recommend this full length 52 minute documentary film on the art of animal communication, viewable here: The Animal Communicator

Or, you can first watch this deeply inspiring clip from the film about the amazing story of the black leopard encounter:

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43 Reader Comments

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  1.' rose says:

    This is a wonderful film – my daughter and I watched it multiple times. I actually sent this to Ross a couple of weeks ago 😀 so thanks for getting ti posted!

    •' clnews says:

      Hi Rose. I am so sorry I missed this when you sent it to me a couple of weeks ago. I just finished watching the full documentary. Words cannot do it justice. I think it should be required viewing for every person on the planet. I was surprised when Anna started explaining the physics of animal communication in terms of vibration. I thought about you. I highly recommend your website,, to anyone who is interested in connecting with a very special spiritual community. Love and many joyful blessings to you my friend. -Ross

      •' rose says:

        Isn’t it the most heartwarming information out there Ross? I have to admit that my dogs and I communicate this way although not as clearly as Anna in sure.

        I remember an incident, one I will never forget. My beautiful loving cat Orca was sitting on the fence outside my kitchen window. This was 5 years ago now as we had invited a new family member into our home. We were all female in the house at the time and figured a little male energy might be needed for balance.
        I-Pod was a harem-scarem little character, a little Chihuahua, Aussie wire haired terrier, Sydney silky cross. A cute little mutt that seemed to have ADD and boy was he ever the 6 inch alpha male! I-pod was full on and my Orca new it and didn’t like it.
        She looked so deeply into my eyes as she spoke to me from her position on the fence that day. She was glaring but at the same time imploring with her beautiful green eyes.
        I said to her in my head, “Sorry love, I know he’s not your flavour but he’s staying.”

        She responded with a feeling that I never wish to receive again. It was so powerful and hit me right in the heart. As she walked off my section that day I knew I was never going to see my baby girl again.

        I have never seen her again. I searched high and low on the roads and in the areas she liked to frequent. I know she passed away that day Ross and I even ‘felt’ the time. I told my daughter that afternoon that Orca wasn’t coming home, and she never did. A part of me tells me she suicided although I know most humans would find that hard to believe. She was so hurt and gutted that this little man pup turned our usually harmonic lives upside-down.

        From that day on I have worked at communicating telepathically with our animal guardians. Orca was eventually replaced with a male street cat that was bigger and even more demanding than little i-pod. Tuna now talks to me this way too, only all he can really think about is food and lots of loving.

        i-pod is my nearest and dearest today and never leaves my side. He’s a very chatty little man, he joins out human conversations too adding his bark in the appropriate places.

        The dogs and cat tell me everything they need now and it is fantastic to be able to preempt their needs! Very helpful when they are sick.

        Thank you for this wonderful short clip…. highly recommend the movie to all and yes it should be compulsory viewing. ♥

        Aorha nui (love with much affection)

        •' clnews says:

          We got Kitty from an animal shelter when she was about one year old. She was a biter from the first day we brought her home. I believe that we all have a good relationship with her. She just seems to somehow think that biting is playful. Kitty likes to come up and rub her body against us, but she doesn’t like to be held or even petted very much. Mai-Li is the disciplinarian and can sometimes get Kitty to stop doing destructive things to furniture, etc. That’s all. Thank you!

        •' jen says:

          I feel she was cruel to Orca. When you raise a domesticated pet they are dependent on you. It’s not like an adult who can walk away. So you wanted some male energy and brought this little Ipod in, and Orca had to deal with it or leave. Doesn’t seem right.

        •' Gurth Bruins says:

          I feel that the cat was betrayed treacherously. I am living through that scenario now, where I witness the destruction of the happiness of a cat through the intrusion and acceptance of another cat. It was clear to me on the first day that this would never work.
          Such is my faith in the divine providence that I accept all suffering as being from God and serving his higher purposes, which are not for me to question or understand. So often we see something as evil, and then later we see how it brought more good.

      •' Skye says:

        Thank you for the website link. I’ll be looking into that!

  2.' Gary says:

    This is another affirmation of the interconnectedness of all living things. Everthing vibrates. Every vibration has it’s unique frequency and when frequencies resonate, they communicate!

  3.' Marie says:

    Absolutely inspiring! I was so moved to tears by the beauty of Spirit and, then, the reaction from the caretaker. Thank you so much for this totally lovely video.

  4.' Mai-Li says:

    I was told that our pets choose us and we choose them….
    Our beautiful 2.5 years old Kitty was waiting for me at the Animal Shelter back in Dec 2012. While driving in the car, I “knew” that I was going to be bringing home a female all white fur cat with light blue eyes. There were only 4 cats that were ready to be released and she was one of them. My daughter wanted me to look at an orange male tiger cat and I said “no” this is the one I saw in my mind. She is a wonderful cat, but does have biting issues. I feel/sensed that she was rough housed as a kitten and this was her only way of dealing with it. Also, she was not spayed and may have/had to fend off male advances as well. Her bites are not too bad and little by little I am working with her to stop. Otherwise, she is the BEST Kitty ever!

  5. What a beautiful story! Made me cry. Thanks for posting. There used to be two HUGE white dogs in my neighborhood in NYC. I didn’t know them personally, but would see them with their owner from time to time. The day after my partner died, I had to run an errand. When I turned the corner, I could see the dogs all the way at the end of the block. They were just sitting in the middle of the sidewalk, looking my way. When I got to them, I stopped, and asked their dog walker if I could pet them. He smiled at me and said “Of course, they’ve been waiting for you.” You would have thought that I had known them all of my life – they were completely loving me up! I’ll never forget that day. 🙂

  6.' Rhondar says:

    To think that I almost skipped watching this….glad I didn’t.

    This black leopard didn’t like his name Diablo. He hated humans too.

    What a gift !
    I didn’t buy this at first when I started watching….but it’s pretty convincing. I wish I could get her to talk to my animals to see how they really feel about me….what they need. This will bring a tear to your eyes to make you realize how wonderful they are and their emotions are so much like ours. If you have disregard for animals they know you do. They read your thoughts (telepathy), but I talk to mine too. They do seem to like that.

    It will change your whole perspective and make you totally understand how the lion will lay down with the lamb when Jesus returns.

    Even if you are not an animal lover now you can never look at them the same, or think they are just dumb animals….or more to the point think there is no God because He designed us & them in this way.

    Animal cruelty wouldn’t exist if people weren’t so blind & stupid….or are they just like this abused leopard?

    Now relate it to our foreign policy. It makes me ashamed.

    Show this to your children & grandchildren too. Why don’t schools show this? or churches? Maybe YOU should be the one to spread the good news.

    •' Jim says:

      The black leopard had no idea what his name means, he is a leopard and cannot understand English. We anthropomorphize animals because we see the world from a human perspective. These animals are not communicating with Anne and she is not with them, other then, of course her body language, which is confident and calm, both of which animals respond positively to. Here is a news flash, if wild animals were smart enough to have any idea of what was going on they would all hate people, we ruin their habitat, hunt them for fun and catch them to stare at in a zoo. It takes more then one dumb video full of half truths and the word paradigm to convince any person with a brain.

      •' Trinity says:

        Jim; your post feels like a reflection of your own inner state of consciousness rather than a reflection of what is happening in the video.

        Anna is not ‘speaking’ English during her telepathic communication – she is speaking a language without words that transcends race and species… she is speaking a language beyond judgement, a communication within the place of unity consciousness, where all souls unite. It is a language that all sentient life understands. Her translation into English, simply feels like a bridge between worlds. Words (such as diablo) no matter what language they are in, carry energy. I got the sense that this was what was being communicated and embraced.

        •' jclary says:

          Trinity…I’m afraid your comment will be lost on one, who’s become so cynical…very sad. After all, that’s what we all are…just energy, which can be neither created nor destroyed, only altered…into a different form…basic physics…vibrating energy. Our problems come from resistance to that energy flow, resistance to change. If one is closed off to that experience or even the possibility of understanding something deeper, it can be tough to penetrate that closed mind. This brought me to tears, such a beautiful cat.

  7.' Byodo says:

    Sorry,didn’t see that you shared the link to the full length documentary above, soplease skip my first reply. Thanks

  8.' Tania says:

    wow this touched me soooooo deep within my heart. I just cried and could not stop… Thank you

  9.' catharina says:

    like the film , but please change the name Diablo. its not a good energie.

  10. Wonderful and beautiful story. Thank you for posting it.

    I would like to know what the music is at the beginning and end of this clip.

  11. True! I learned as a kid. It’s about visualisation and vibration. Animals DO talk to us, it’s just that most humans can’t hear them, or don’t want to!

  12.' Sim says:

    Listen- those who are awakened know that animals understand and communicate with us. If I can say anything – if you are bringing in a new furry member or need to find a new home for them, or are going away for an extended time…please sit down to talk and explain to them in a heart to heart before you take action. If you do this, they will have a deeper understanding of the situation and will not feel traumatized. You will also know the day they are to pass away or do pass away even after not seeing them for many years…take time in this sacred time to be still and say goodbye…tell them it is okay to leave and go towards the light…you will see them again one day… Know also that you may find a few animals that have passed over to the other side linger behind and cling to you…ask if they need help to go home…if not, let them be as they are happy to stay with you…do not be surprised if your other animals sense them.

    On one final note, even with insects… I have witnessed an ant grieve and have extreme loyalty over a fallen comrade which died at my hands, a spider follow me across the house to watch me and communicate with me…never take a life unless you are able to create it and remember they also have intelligence and feelings.

    God bless all his creatures… it is only by saving the animals that we can save man – for then man has evolved to care about something other than simply himself.

  13.' Avaheli says:

    Why don’t they ask this cat if he’d like to leave and be released into the wild? Or ask him if he prefers salmon to dik dik for lunch? The cat asked specifically about cubs and speaks enough Spanish to know “diablo” isn’t a good name? This is nonsense. I apologize to this community but if you sincerely care about the well being of your fellow creatures you do NOT propagate this non-sense.

    •' Peter Sanderson says:

      I am interested to know how you could dismiss the whole documentary?
      How could Anna do all the things she does?
      Did you see the reaction of the sceptics who had no answer to what was happening?
      I have also had unexplainable things happen between a 17 year old dog and myself which defy logic or scientific explanation.

  14.' Felicia says:

    I’ve had many experiences with animals that made it very clear to me that they not only can communicate with us but that it’s far easier than you’d think. You just have to be quiet enough inside and out to be able to receive it! Our parrot, Ranzo, was perfectly able to understand almost anything we told him and if we were patient and calm we could understand him, too. Frank the Cat was also well able to understand us but needed very clear mental imagery from us rather than words. Ranzo seemed able to go with either.

    Animals do understand their names, or rather they understand the energy that we project into their names- which is why the leopard didn’t like “diablo” and preferred “spirit.” Both Cesar Millan (aka The Dog Whisperer) and Linda Tellington Jones have renamed animals and gotten much better results from the animals afterwards. Names are important- as any boy named Sue can tell you. 🙂

  15.' Gerald Martin says:

    Profoundly and deeply impressed. This film should strike a harmonic chord in all of us. Thank you for it.

  16.' Mari says:

    wow, that was amazing..made me cry <3

  17.' Jimmy says:

    I’m very much in favour of promoting better human and animal rights, and that we need to seriously re-think the way we treat other animals with which we (should) share this planet. However I’m also a big advocate of common sense, and sensible science. So when I read “highly skilled telepathic inter-species communicator”, and that Anna can send and receive “detailed messages through pictures and thoughts” my bullshit alarm starts ringing. Anna even goes so far as to say that the black Leopard “wants his name changed, because he doesn’t like the associations with it”. It amazes me that anyone can take this seriously.

    The author suggests that “openly embrace the gift of communication with other animals and nature, we’d experience firsthand the inter-connectedness of all life”. There certainly is an interconnected of all life, but very often that connection is via the food chain. If you try and communicate with a genuinely wild animal don’t be surprised it if eats you for lunch. We need to promote respect for wild animals, not the romantic idea that we are able to communicate with them… especially in such a ludicrous detail that an animal would like its name to be changed.

    In summary, promoting animal welfare in this manner is only going to resonate with the crystal healing, rakee practicing, mumbo jumbo, pseudo-science community. To anyone with a healthy level of common sense and critical thinking, this article will lead to ridicule. The clip closes with the following… This video simply shows the taming of animals – the taming of wildlife. And it closes with “Wanna learn more about Anna an the ‘Science’ of animal communication?… buy her dvd”.
    Please think. Let’s promote animal rights without promoting stupidity.

  18.' Susanna says:

    I don’t know about the talking part but I could watch these beautiful animals for hours.

  19.' Nancy Oblea says:

    This was a remarkable film I have always believed animals speak to us in their own way. This film has given me something to think about.

  20.' Maria says:

    Loved the film. Anna has such a calm, soothing voice when she explains that I don’t doubt that her images and communication is getting through to this beautiful animals, who have probably gone through a hell we will never know.

  21.' Orville Bless says:

    Years ago I was taking pictures of some horses. There were a couple of them close to the fence and I thought it would be good to have them in the center of the corral. They both snorted and trotted over to the center of the the corral and posed for me. I got a good picture of them, and also of the others I took pictures of.

  22. i ve watched this four times… i know the feeling you got when your realized ..i call it “knowing” ..they are all so amazing

  23.' Lilly of the desert says:

    I believe that a characteristic of humanity is gullibility. Do people believe the Hollywood movies they watch, think they are real? If Anna could communicate telepathically with the leopard, why wasn’t she INSIDE the cage with it? Perhaps she is smart enough to know that it can’t understand why she is staring at it, only us humans would think she is projecting thoughts into it’s mind. it is a WILD animal not a construct of our egocentric minds. it does not live, think, or act anything at all like we do (and is very unlikely to have any notions at all about what Diablo means or even that it is named Diablo). Thousands of years of exposure to wild animals shows that they want nothing to do with humans and indeed will readily kill us given an opportunity. We are competitive predators to them, we take food from them as well as habitat. the only way almost all humans have to see some of these big cats is by us trapping and confining them. If that leopard was communicating with Anna he more likely was saying “let me the hell out of here!!”. Wild animals don’t flock to us to have their little heads patted so we can coo over them and brag that we can communicate with them telepathically. They run and hide from us (unless we feed them). As a race we need to learn the reality, the scientific information about wild animals and keep from exterminating them as we are doing now. Human beings are recklessly overpopulating the planet and destroying habitat all over the world for wild animals and plants. It comes from the same mindset as egotistic notions that we can telepathically communicate with wild animals. We are so egotistical in our view of the world we only see what WE want and then think we know what animals want. Animals in incredibly intelligent. But humans are not. We are driven to destroy our own planet and everything on it. Hopefully we will wake up in time.

  24.' teresa tyson says:

    I tried to watch the 52 min doc ‘The Animal Communicator’ but when I clicked the link, it says it is no longer available on that site. There was a box that asked if I wanted a ‘personal screening online’ and I clicked YES and gave my email address but nothing happened. Tried a different link and it gave the same website saying no longer available. Anyone know where I can watch the film?

    •' clnews says:

      Hi Teresa,
      I’m sorry. I spent about 15 minutes searching for the full documentary. It’s been taken down from all of the places where it previously was viewable. I don’t know where to find it now. -Ross Pittman

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