AMAZING Video: Animal Communicator Telepathically Communicates with Panther

Editor’s Note: This is one of our most popular posts ever and one of my very favorite videos. I’m reposting it for those who haven’t yet had a chance to watch this amazing video. And, for those who have, I think you’ll like watching it again. Enjoy!

Watch with awe as Animal Communicator, Anna Breytenbach telepathically communicates with an abused and aggressive black panther named Diablo (Devil).

You’ll be convinced of the authenticity of Anna’s work when you see her share communication from Diablo that only his new caretakers could know.

You’ll also be amazed by Diablo’s rapid transformation — from snarling and defensive to relaxed and open right — before your eyes.

One sweet moment is when Anna shares Diablo’s request that his name be changed to something less dark and ominous. His wish was granted, and his caretakers changed his name to Spirit.

It’s an amazing and emotional video, and it makes you wonder. Perhaps animals are talking to us all the time, and we just need to learn to listen the way Anna does.