The Alchemical Marriage

Elva Thompson | ZenGardner.com |Aug 13 2014

‘‘But Sacred Sympathy’ the ability to widen and intensify imaginative thinking, leads to the discovery of the divinity with the being within all form. Thus we are led out of loneliness- a necessary phase in the development of self-awareness-to the discovery of our higher self which is the gateway to wholeness.’ George Trevelyan: Magic Casements.

We live in a dangerous world where fear, heartache and death are our constant companions. Time is speeding up, hurtling to the end of the Grand Cosmic Year, the Kali Yuga of destruction, and we are swept into the vortex of its tail spin.


As a result of this acceleration, many of us suffer from depression, insomnia and anxiety.  We are unable to relax, plagued with insecurities, and the constant thought that we should be doing ‘something’. We are caught up in the spin, the rush, the lost keys and phones, having to go back home on the way to a night out because we can’t remember if we turned the  gas stove off, or whether we locked the door…or let the cat out.

We have been conditioned to live for instant gratification, ‘the below the belt mentality’ in the lower three chakras of desire and programmed to look for answers to problems outside of ourselves and not within.

Speed up in frequency…slow down in life

Re-connection with our 90+% celestial DNA, the ‘junk’ of pseudo science, is our birth rite and to achieve it, we have to speed up in frequency and slow down in life.

Slowing ourselves down and paying mindful attention to what we do in our every day walk of life, is the opposite of what our controllers have in mind for us. They want us off balance, fearful, neurotic, and addicted to the poisons they prescribe…especially now in the four years of the Cosmic reset

Dumping emotional debris

To speed up in frequency and expand our awareness, we have to dump the emotional debris of our past, let go of anger, betrayal, remorse, resentment, and reconcile with people that have created difficult situations in our lives. Whether it is parents, siblings, relatives, acquaintances, lovers or friends, this is the time to make amends.  It’s no good beating ourselves up over the past. Whatever regrets we have now, we were doing the best we could at the time, and so, we should also forgive ourselves…fear and guilt are attributes of the reptile mind, programmed into our consciousness to create emotional distress…the energy that the parasite feeds on.

There is no subtler form of bondage than to be a slave of guilt to our unresolved sentiments and emotions, and we must always keep in mind that you can’t say you are sorry to a corpse.

Without love and forgiveness, we are just a third dimensional fractal, an automaton of the reptile mind and not aware of the DNA upgrade that is available at this time.

The Message of “The Chariot”

When we start watching our thoughts on an hour/day to day basis, we will realise how little control our divine aspect has over the ego, the servant of the reptile mind.

  TarotChariotThe tarot card ‘The Chariot’ in the Rider-Waite deck shows that the driver of the chariot[the human being] has no reins and therefore no control over his two steeds[ minds].

This is a masterpiece of intuition, and our lack of mental control can only be resolved by taking up the reins of mindfulness.

Junk DNA – a power source for creation.

Every physical object in our reality is a fractal, artificial construct, a piece of software based on the Fibonacci scale and Golden Mean. There are many videos available on You Tube to show the living fractal geometry of our own bodies and the natural world.

We are the constructs of some crazed intelligence, that some call god! and programmed to replicate ourselves.  We are born, breed and die, just like every other creature on this planet. It is only our arrogance and spiritual blindness that makes us feel that we are superior to animals, plants and stones…and the cosmic joke is on us.

The Cosmic Joke

For years I have thought about our ‘so called ‘junk’  DNA.

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