Adina Rivers 9 Secrets to a Sensual, Passionate, Unforgettable Kiss (Video)

Source Adina Rivers | MyTinySecrets

Adina Rivers says she loves to kiss and she’s done a LOT of kissing research in her lifetime. She claims that if you do it the right way, a kiss can be healing, electrifying, nurturing and bonding. In this video, she shares her favorite tips on how to do it right.
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Here are Adina’s 9 Secrets to Kiss Like WOW:
(1)  Mind Your Breath
Keep your breath fresh the natural way by eating right, drinking lots of water, taking care of your dental hygiene and scraping your tongue, and when you think you’ll be kissing someone, avoid eating foods that have a strong after-taste like garlic, coffee, onion, milk or corn.
(2)  Keep your lips soft
Again, eat well and drink lots of water, plus add a natural lip balm if needed.
(3)  The Right Energy
If something doesn’t feel right, don’t kiss.  Remember that kissing is sacred and give it that kind of positive energy.
(4)  Anticipate the Kiss
Wait a bit to kiss. Breathe close to your partner and build the anticipation.
(5)  Tease It, Baby!
Be playful and feather-light.
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(6)  Make the Tip of Your Tongue Dance
Keep it light. Introduce it softly, don’t shove your tongue like a sword into your partner’s mouth.
(7)  The Sensuous Tongue Kiss
Once you and your partner have synced your rhythm, allow your tongue to go a little deeper, always staying with your partner and keep your tongue soft and responsive.
(8)  Spice It Up by Mixing It Up
Nothing is worse than kissing rote, so mix it up, moving from sweet to hot or wild. Get your hands into the mix too.
(9)  Communicate & Don’t Take It Too Seriously
Experiment and play, and when something doesn’t work, laugh a little and have fun with it. Communicate with your partner.
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