Achieving Balance through Chakra Alignment + Meditation

Written by: Celina Pizarro, CHLC, CMBF, FNC, RHIA

How do we achieve balance in our life through Chakra alignment?

First, let’s go ahead and find out what are Chakras:

The Chakras are the locations that which your spirit and physically body meet. They are thought to have been officially standardized under the 8th century Buddhist tantra teachings and ancient custom dictates that there are seven primary meeting points of non physical energy or channels in the body, those are the nadi or what we call chakra.  Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning wheel or circle.   So when you’re visualizing your Chakras, you can visualize them as a wheel or circle.

Like the moving wheel, there are different zones the many chakras exist in the body, but we are going to focus on the seven major chakras:

  • The first chakra is your Root Chakra and that’s located at the base of the spine. All seven chakras go up to the spine up to the crown of your head. So when visioning your chakras, you’ll want to envision these circles at each point in the spine slowly rotating like a wheel. The root chakra which is the first one as mentioned is the survival and security center. It is otherwise known as the Muladhara or the earth chakra. It is red in color and it is associated with the feelings of safety and security. As far as your internal functions are concerned, this is the chakra that represents your adrenal glands and your endocrine system. Balancing this chakra helps the spinal column, rectum, legs, bones and feet. It energizes the body and increases overall health.
  • Moving up to spine is the second chakra located in the lower abdomen, where genitals and your womb can be found is the Sacral Chakra. Its right below the belly button and it is orange in color and considered as the water chakra. It is associated with pleasure acceptance and creativity, also sexuality. The relationship of this chakra has to do with money, career, power, procreation, and the ability to feel joy and pleasure. Balancing this chakra helps your sexual organs, the large intestines, the lower vertebrae, the pelvis, the hip and the urinary bladder. This is associated with your systems of reproduction, as you might expect.
  • The third chakra or the Solar Plexus is located above the navel. It is the point where your ribs meet your abdomen. This chakra is known as the Manipura, the fire chakra. It is believed to be responsible for digestion and diaphragmatic functions. It’s also associated with feelings of self control and self worth. This is your power center, where all that self confidence, self esteem and manifestation come from. So balancing this chakra helps the stomach, the pancreas, the adrenals, the upper intestines, the liver, the gallbladder and the middle spine.  So as you might understand, knowing where it is, it is the center aligning the chakra and centering it while helping your pancreas and spleen. It’s a very important chakra and it is really truly your powerhouse; it’s the color yellow.

  • The fourth chakra or the Heart Chakra located in the center of your chest is known as the Anahata chakra, or the air chakra. It is green in color. You might think that it’d be red but it is green in color. It is associated with feelings of love and inner peace. It is your compassion center, unconditional love, hope and forgiveness. Balancing this chakra helps the heart, the circulatory system, the ribs, your breast, the thymus glands, lungs, shoulders, arms, and diaphragm. It is associated with your thymus and your immune system.
  • The Throat Chakra, the fifth chakra is in blue color and is known as Vishuddha. It is the ether chakra or your expression center. All communication and your inner voice are here, speaking your truth. The expression of creativity, arts and music are from your throat chakra. Your will power is from your throat chakra and balancing this chakra helps the throat, the thyroid, the esophagus, the trachea, mouth, jaw, teeth, neck vertebrae, and it is associated with your endocrine system and your thyroid.
  • The sixth chakra or your third eye, located between the eyes is known as Ajna and is that of light and indigo in color. Ajna enables the physical sight and internal decision making. It is your perception center, psychic consciousness, wisdom, intuitive ability, and visualization and the power of mind all come from here. Balancing this chakra helps the brain, neurological system, the eyes, ears, nose, and throat. It is associated with the endocrine and pituitary system or your pituitary gland and your endocrine system.
  • The final chakra or the Crown Chakra is the seventh chakra which is just above your head. It’s the only chakra that’s not actually within your body. The Sahasrara chakra is violet in color and it represents the cosmic energy and is responsible for maintaining mental peace and connectedness. The spiritual center allows for the development of psychic abilities, alignment and unity. Balancing this chakra helps with the central nervous system, your muscular system, and your skin. It is also associated with your endocrine system but mostly with your pineal gland.

So it might seem like a bit of hocus pocus for simply thinking of your chakras or energy band as being something scientific, but it is a fact that we have these energy systems in our body located above and alignment with our spine. Our bodies are govern by these energy wavelengths and understanding these energy bands or wavelengths through the system of the chakras makes it a little bit easier to understand why aligning them will help balance our physical bodies as well as our mental and spiritual bodies, because everything is made of energy. Our body is heavily influenced by energy and the energy of others. These energy feels are conveniently compartmentalized into these distinct chakras and dictate whether you feel vibrant, full of life, or lethargic and down in the dumps.

Aligning the chakras so they’re balance to be in tune with each other, helps to feel more energized and more whole.

Why Balance your Chakras?

If you have any of these physical ailments, they are out of balance. If you are suffering from bladder or bowel issues, or breathing problems, circulatory issues, digestive complications, headaches, immune disorders, lower back pain, low libido, skin problems, reproduction or vision problems – then you could be misaligned. Because the chakras represent our spiritual life force as well, they are your gateway and play even more an essential role in dictating your emotions and mental health. So if you suffer from any of these symptoms, then your chakras are in need of alignment. If you have issues with addictions, anger, boredom, depression, eating disorders, indecisiveness, insecurity, jealousy, lack of creativity, will power, moodiness or resentment, then aligning your chakras can help or achieve overall balance.

Together your chakras represent your entire self, may it be physical, spiritual and emotional. For this reason, they provide means by which you can achieve overall balance in your life. By devoting just a couple minutes each day to actively visualize and support each of your chakras you can help improve each of these areas in yourself and in your life.

Aligning your chakras can increase self awareness. Developing an awareness of your chakras to unlock the potential to become more in-depth at self diagnosing, not in a sense that a doctor diagnosis and gives you a prescription but in the sense that you have or can ascertain an awareness of where you’re feeling weak or ill. And by looking for the edge and flows in your chakra, you can pinpoint those elusive problems in your health and resolve them without knocking back prescription drugs or over the counter drugs which I am not a fan of, and do not support at all.

Aligning your chakras can help you achieve an overall whole being or sense of homeostasis. Yoga takes many of its mantras from the chakra system and much of meditation is derived from their essence and understanding of the energy flow between major chakras.  So acknowledging someway that your consciousness is spread across all seven chakras and that by aligning them brings the state of harmony and well being.

There are plenty of ways that you can go about in achieving chakra alignment but we’re going to go with what’s simple. Below are some guidelines that you can apply to practice alignment meditation:

  • To begin with, you can either choose to be seated comfortably or lying down.
  • Start with your root chakra, what you can do is just put your hands over the root chakra and think about the center for a couple of minutes. You can do this by closing your eyes and gently taking a deep breath in through the nose, filling up the chest and belly, and then holding it there and then exhaling completely. Do this step for two more times.
  • Next is set your intention. You need to set an intention while balancing and aligning your chakras. Energy listens through your intentions, so this is important and actually makes sense to set an intention to align your chakras. So this time, place one hand on the base of your spine. You can either do this either in front or behind depending on how you are seated. And then, place the other hand on your second chakra which is your sacral chakra while thinking of the colors red and orange and how they meld together. Keep your hands in this position until you feel the energy between the two points equalize and you’re going to do this as you breathe. You may feel pulsating feeling, or you might not feel anything at all. But don’t worry; just simply keep that position for a minute or two, envisioning the colors of red and orange.
  • Visualization is very important in aligning your chakras, so visualize those two wheels coming into alignment and moving together. As you move up to the third chakra, envision the colors orange and yellow and our sacral and solar plexus chakra is coming into alignment. The orange and yellow, envision the wheels, coming into alignment in these two chakras, fire and water coming together in alignment.
  • Then move up to the third and fourth chakra is very close to one another. So here, we’re going to move our hands, and think of yellow and green for our solar plexus and our heart, the fire and air chakra. And then, take three deep breaths there, aligning these two nadis or chakras.
  • Now move up to your throat chakra, this is the blue chakra so we have air, and throat or sound. What we would like to do is to breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth so you can actually feel the vibration here in aligning air with sounds in these two chakras.
  • And now as you go up reaching the third eye while keeping your hand by the throat chakra just gently touch it there. Aligning our third eye or our light chakra with our sound chakra, close your eyes and concentrate on this point where the third eye is. And then, breathe in and as you breathe out with your hands on your throat chakra, pretend to do it as if you’re fogging a mirror.
  • As you continuously move up to the crown chakra, known as the center of consciousness. Make your position as though you’re just covering over your head here and envisioning these two centers coming into alignment. This part is pretty important so you might want to take extra time in aligning your third eye with your crown chakra. The color for this is going to be an indigo violet color with these two chakras coming into alignment.

Now as you become aware of these chakras, you should feel a little bit of vibration straight up from your root chakra all the way up to above your crown. And it’s okay if you don’t feel it initially, but taking a couple of minutes each day just to work through these points and slowly placing your hands on these points and breathing in deeply and envisioning the energy center and that wheel of energy coming into alignment with each other, you will start to physically feel that vibration and that energy alignment. This is why being in alignment with your chakras with these three selves is very essential to our physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

I hope this helped you in envisioning the centers of the energy going up to your spine from the base up to your head. And know that as you come into the mindset of being in alignment with your physical, emotional and spiritual self that you will find peace and calm in those three aspects of your being, which is your emotional, physical, and spiritual self.

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Celina Pizarro is a former Competitive BodyBuilder and Behavioral Health Hospital Director turned Transformation Coach and Motivational Mindset Mentor, Author and Speaker. She is on a mission to help women live their best life in their best. She believes all women deserve to ‘Live Well’ free of Rx. medications. Signup at to receive her newsletter full of health, wellness and fitness tips. Contact her at


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