9/11 Bombshell New Evidence: Methodical Deception — Rebekah Roth

Written by on September 11, 2016 in Corruption with 87 Comments

Source: SGTreport.com

Former flight attendant turned researcher, truth teller and author Rebekah Roth joins SGTReport on the 14th anniversary of 9/11 to discuss her new book ‘Methodical Deception’, the follow up to her very popular first book ‘Methodical Illusion.’

(If you are pressed for time, fast forward to the 31:20 mark – but do make sure you listen to this!)

In this interview Rebekah drops some bombshells that prove not only that 9/11 was a false flag event long in the planning, but that the operation leads directly back to companies and intelligence assets deeply rooted in and connected to the state of Israel (as well as American companies like Halliburton). In fact, some of the information shared in this remarkable interview is so critical for every American to understand that if you don’t want to listen to the full interview, at least make sure you fast forward to the 31:20 mark. Because as Rebekah says, “This is the elephant in the room that nobody wanted to talk about.”

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The pictures you will see and the information you will hear may well shock you to your core. Share it with your friends and family. Every single American citizen should know the truth about what happened on 9/11 and the months leading up to it – and who the REAL culprits were.

Both of Rebekah’s books are available at www.methodicaldeception.com

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87 Reader Comments

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  1. 10205741885799075@facebook.com' Chris Davies says:

    Put up some serious stories or I’m blocking this site this is totally offensive to all the people who died in those attacks your worse than nazi propaganda

    • 10206286014327299@facebook.com' Jaz Draper says:

      You cannot offend people who are dead. And I don’t think this is offensive; it’s merely pointing out what actually happened and why those people died.

    • 1143566035657912@facebook.com' Angela Pro says:

      How is it offensive? No one is belittling the dead or their families. If anything people deserve to know every bit of information regarding the deaths of 9/11.

    • 10207147444820717@facebook.com' Tina Piercy says:

      I would rather know the truth as to why my family/friends had innocently died in a tragedy that doesn’t make sense, and quite literally shook the world.

    • 10153147084081045@facebook.com' David Ray Frazee says:

      I second this comment. WND posts nothing, but half baked bullshit and expects everyone to just eat it up.

    • 1115410261821463@facebook.com' John Patrick says:

      The source of your information is a key factor in the final analysis. And by the way the Halliburton company has made over 39 billion dollars off the war on terror and there no- bid contracts.. and not to mention the Bush family’s ties to the bin Laden family’s construction business. One company blows the stuff up the other company builds it back up again… And both make bank.

    • admin@consciouslifenews.com' clnews says:

      Before you rush to judgment, please at least listen to the interview with Rebekah Roth, a highly credible ex-flight attendant who spent thousands of hours researching the topic. It’s a great interview and might just change your thinking on this.

      • jerryadlington@gmail.com' jerry adlington says:

        Many people have a comfort zone and like to see history the way they are used to it.
        It is natural for a person to oppose change.
        You must allow them to stick their head in the sand if it makes them happy.
        Most sheeple are very happy.

    • 10153281178591676@facebook.com' Graham Barnett says:

      Jaz Draper shut up you fruitcake.

    • 585108818294690@facebook.com' Danny Mealer says:

      Jaz, you are a fuckin moron.

    • 688327717964064@facebook.com' Sean T Mulholland says:

      You right it was the neo nazi Anglo American

    • 1631693427099095@facebook.com' Yusuf Ameen says:

      Poor baby.

    • 10152991096081851@facebook.com' Sandy Wells says:

      We should know the truth. Its not getting any better. People still blindly believe the govt, and this talk of NWO is seriously scary. That would be a nightmare.

    • 10207917894211726@facebook.com' Cody Allen Helgerson says:

      Truth hurts

    • roddoney@gmail.com' Rod says:

      The 0fficial 9/11 story is a complete fabrication. There are many family members of those whodied who want a real investigation, not what members of the 9/11 comission called a”half baked farce”. Those members knew we were lied to. Bush and Cheney refused to testify under oath and all the holes in their storys tell you they are liars. No cellphones worked at 30,000 ft, no wreckage in Shanksville. It goes on and on.

    • rebisfree@yahoo.com' Ruth says:

      It’s about time the truth… THE REAL TRUTH comes out in honor of those who died in the towers. To say nothing when one knows the real truth is to honor the deception.

    • plazmaeng@yahoo.com' Mark says:

      It is easier to fool people than convince people they were fooled!

    • markettia@yahoo.com' jbarlow says:

      Grow up man

  2. 1134081959953140@facebook.com' Mark S. Maciag says:

    Brandon Wilson

  3. 908358689243390@facebook.com' Richard Gordon says:

    Truth Hurts

  4. 967479796631118@facebook.com' Eleanor Torres Maldonado says:


  5. 10155905502135501@facebook.com' Ken Armstrong says:

    really? seriously? today of all days – how about leave the conspiracy bullshit aside and just say a prayer for all the lives that were lost and the families that are still dealing with it – lots of positive stories out there about 9/11 you could have posted –

    • 1631693427099095@facebook.com' Yusuf Ameen says:

      Awe u mad ?

    • 10156022248365481@facebook.com' Trevor Olesen says:

      Shame the truth isn’t positive.

    • 10155905502135501@facebook.com' Ken Armstrong says:

      well – regardless of what the real story is, and we’ll probably never know anyways, but I’m making a comment to the owner of the page – this is a tasteless story on the anniversary of 9/11 – post a theory or someone elses speculation Saturday – or Thursday – but today it’s a tad tasteless.

    • 960620943998279@facebook.com' Justin Crane says:

      Because the families of the fallen deserve the truth, and the people who killed them need to be brought to justice

    • 10203763524962306@facebook.com' Scott Nunn says:

      The Reasons Why Thousands Of Victims’ Family Members Want a New 9/11 Investigation http://911debunkers.blogspot.com/2014/03/thousands-of-victims-family-members.html

    • 10156022248365481@facebook.com' Trevor Olesen says:

      Today should be a day where ‘tasteless’ is swallowing the official story, ‘regardless of what the real story is’. That itself is, imho, a desecration of truth, as well as the memories of ALL victims of the lie, you and me included. It takes willful ignorance to ignore the mounting and overwhelming evidence of the actual narrative unfolding, and dismiss it by saying there’s no way to ever know. Seek truth, or bury your head, both require digging, but only one leaves your asshole sticking up in the air. Sorry if that ruins your day.

    • 10155905502135501@facebook.com' Ken Armstrong says:

      who says today should be that day? you? i’m not even American but I know how to respect the dead – and if you lost someone in 9/11 then I would give merit to your opinion – other wise, where I come from the funeral or the anniversary of a death is for keeping quiet and paying respect – guess that’s just me! (and my American family members) And it doesn’t ruin my day – but i would bet money a lot of these consipracy theories and some hurtful comments really ruined some of the families and survivor’s day. IMHO –

      • tracypaints44@gmail.com' Tracy says:

        I can’t think of anything more offensive than pretending the truth is a lie because…dead people. The families of those people have been demanding to know the truth for years. None of them believe the government’s lies. If you would rather bury your head in the sand out of some moralistic high handedness, that’s your perogative-don’t read these stories. But it does more honor to those innocent lives to bring the truth to light and bring the REAL criminals to justice. All that death and destruction, not only at the Twin Towers but in the subsequent war based on lies is the direct result of war crimes committed by members of our government, who profited obscenely.
        If we are ever to heal, we need to get to the truth, hold the real perpetrators responsible, and stop letting those that benefit most use this day to play on our fears.

    • 10156022248365481@facebook.com' Trevor Olesen says:

      All butthurt, but still in denial (like some of your American family members) , who says it shouldn’t be today?
      What day do you propose we question the masters? The twelfth of never?

    • 10156022248365481@facebook.com' Trevor Olesen says:

      Btw, the CIA weaponized speech, just like big brother…

    • 10155905502135501@facebook.com' Ken Armstrong says:

      I haven’t given my opinion on what I think happened, and I’m not going to – I just think this should be a day to respect the dead, nothing more. It really does seem though that you’re the one with something up your ass – now go watch another episode of X-Files so you can reply to me before I log off

    • 10206585909680034@facebook.com' Eric Wilson says:

      This is FAR from the Xfiles. I have tried to restrain myself from trying to find out what exactly happened moreless to hide myself from the truth. This is the first time. Ken I know you did Not watch this because you are relating it to Xfiles. More facts in this video/audio than in the whole 911 Commission Report. Mind blowing, quite scary and upsetting.

    • 10155905502135501@facebook.com' Ken Armstrong says:

      I might check it out another time – as well as 9/11 reports new and old – I dismiss nothing these days

    • 10153206662942582@facebook.com' Nicole Pratt says:

      The truth is somehow in bad taste? Or inconvenient. Then Keep watching the news and mainstream media and you can see/hear all the lies you want.

    • 10155905502135501@facebook.com' Ken Armstrong says:

      did you even read my replies nicole? wow – should i say it again to save you the trouble? i don’t get my truths from mainstream media, where did i say i did? i said i’d basically save today to respect the dead and discuss what i think did or didn’t happen another day – what didn’t you understand? (and wished the page owner had done the same – it’s a respect thing)

    • 10203763524962306@facebook.com' Scott Nunn says:

      no better day than today….been 14 years

    • 10203677036565876@facebook.com' James Anderson says:

      Prayers are said. Memory slings low the head and heart. We seek truth through tear laden eyes.
      I would like to know the truth today because it hurts.
      History is easily erased, what do 24-11 yo know about 911??
      And yes I agree there should be some counter posts.

    • 1075056372506585@facebook.com' John Turps says:

      Prayer was not designed to replace Responsibility!

    • 1617056991891115@facebook.com' Gabriel Bahena says:

      …and all this ⬆️is exactly why they (Gov) made it happened. Soo Sad.

  6. 10155953457540262@facebook.com' Michael Ellement says:

    ken and chris you are wrong this is absolutely true .

    • 1654774504769492@facebook.com' Karen Miles says:

      You know it!

    • 10155905502135501@facebook.com' Ken Armstrong says:

      how am i wrong, all i am saying is put everything aside and just honor the dead and the families today – that’s it. no one is going to get to the truth on facebook posts – you don’t need to dig for truth on the anniversary of so many deaths – do it the next day –

    • 10155953457540262@facebook.com' Michael Ellement says:

      you cant put fuck all to the side the truth is truth . ken . what an honourable thing to do is tell the truth talk the talk and walk the walk . i live a clean life. i know the truth. building seven firefighters chief firefighter in newyork 1600 achitects and engineers countless actors whole in wall at pentagon. major corp working together with isreal counterparts . government. 2.3 trillion went missing sept 10th goes on and on fuck them evil people they dont care .

    • 10155953457540262@facebook.com' Michael Ellement says:

      top judges in italy russian general egyptian general. top guys in cia . ex military have all come forward already

    • 10155905502135501@facebook.com' Ken Armstrong says:

      why are people misunderstanding me, I’ve outright said a couple times that I just think today could be a day for respecting the dead – we could honor that and layout the truth the day after perhaps. I haven’t argued at all over what did or didn’t happen – I haven’ t given my opinions one way or another. What are u smoking?? U read my stuff I wrote right? Saying I just thought the page owner could print a happier story and talk about statistics on another day? Hmmm

    • 10155953457540262@facebook.com' Michael Ellement says:

      i understand you . cold blooded murder. we most want the truth thats all never come cause they own the court system . only god will.

  7. 10207358461427001@facebook.com' Kharo Kordova says:

    Yes, truth hurts

  8. 892973737452868@facebook.com' Levi Smtih says:

    read this friends

  9. 585108818294690@facebook.com' Danny Mealer says:

    Yeah…. And 9/11 was hidden in a twenty dollar bill by folding it. This page is garbage.

  10. 10153146516688652@facebook.com' Nick Marturano says:

    If you believe the mainstream media I feel sorry for you. Wake up!

  11. 10152990353191394@facebook.com' Jen Trimmer says:

    It is not insensitive to seek out truth! It is insensitive to blindly follow what your government tells you and start massive wars where even more lives (on all sides) are lost. 9/11 was a horrendous and tragic day. Shouldn’t PROPER justice be served?? There is always more going on behind the scenes than the gov’t and others involved will EVER let us know. I am so tired of people acting like being investigative and critical is somehow un-American.

  12. 856564574411596@facebook.com' Natalie Lopez says:

    Sammie Banks

  13. 10153045960861296@facebook.com' Dave Weedall says:

    Worth listening to.

  14. 1135462666483351@facebook.com' Allyson Troutman Sullivan says:

    This was totally worth listening to…long but Wow?……blew me away with this information….listen for yourself….

  15. 0.deepspace.0@gmail.com' Deep Space says:

    Look at video of those 3 towers collapse at free-fall speed. Then look at some footage of what a controlled-demolition looks like. Total inside job.

  16. 1491815767798444@facebook.com' Kathryne Gnau says:

    I do not think it is in bad taste in the least bit to share this post. Thousands of lives were lost 14 years ago and the truth should be sought by all of the American people! The truth is we are all victims of the gov’t in the U.S. We have been lied to through schooling and the media. When are you people gonna pull your heads out of the sand and swallow the harse truth? 9/11 was an inside job! It is in poor taste to have a gov’t that would orchestrate such mayhem and grief ro profit money!

  17. 10206449525548712@facebook.com' Billy Schneider says:

    Steven Quinonez

  18. 10205922777383076@facebook.com' Tony Martin says:

    Are you cunts serious? Fuck off with this shit.

  19. 415843665274924@facebook.com' Maurice Wendo says:

    “Very sorry”

  20. 10153629428328256@facebook.com' Steven Quinonez says:

    Arlene Lamp

  21. 10153629428328256@facebook.com' Steven Quinonez says:

    Also, Michell Luse Robert Quinonez take a look at this video and lmk your thoughts.

  22. 10156020163795181@facebook.com' Mike Cichra says:

    Lisane Socorso.. entertain a thought with out accepting it nor dismissing it…. and the end is when you decide for yourself what you want to believe.

  23. 1135462666483351@facebook.com' Allyson Troutman Sullivan says:

    Lot of trolls on here…LOL??

  24. 763138520462916@facebook.com' Sarez Tomoan says:

    Jaime Thomson

  25. 10207758554671537@facebook.com' Harvey Sherman says:

    More antisemitic conspiracy crap. When all else fails, blame the Jews like we always have.

  26. 1047337108631948@facebook.com' Bunny Brando says:

    Most people knew this in 2001, Bushy and Dick in charge

  27. 10205466139466840@facebook.com' Robert Cook says:


  28. 10206478889324109@facebook.com' Ernie Weick says:

    the unions did it

  29. 10153322057231919@facebook.com' Ron Nerio says:

    Pile of crap full of unsubstantiated claims.

  30. 10206597406725765@facebook.com' Jeremy Payne says:

    Thank you for the courage to speak out. Too many years have we sat and watched the middle east being destroyed under false pretenses. Those that refuse to look at the evidence and remain silent are supporting genocide of millions of Muslims. Of course Israel has a hand in it, Zionists are behind every major decision that goes on in the western world. You’ll find many Jews that are outspoken about Israel themselves. You’ll also find out sooner than later, not a single Iraqi was involved, they were all Saudi Arabian and the conspiracy involved Mossad and the CIA. Anyone who complains antisemitic bs about this post hasn’t considered we’ve vilified Muslims for 15 years over a false flag? Millions dead in wars? Keep speaking out my fellow truthers, and those that don’t like it can keep their head in the sand right up until the world comes crashing down around them.

  31. 111938435827705@facebook.com' Jase Thompson says:

    Not just every American Citizen should know….everyone around the world should know the truth, whatever that may be. This event catalysed many new wars/invasions. So whether you are from a country on the receiving end of those invasions, or whether you live in a country (Like I do in Australia) that is following America blindly into those conflicts and putting our people in harms way, it would be nice to have the truth of why our “Defence” forces (I don’t believe you defend your country by invading others personally….) are being sent into battle.

  32. 911718478895101@facebook.com' David Bailey says:

    this is all bull shit

  33. Anonymous says:

    Can’t believe the people who don’t & won’t listen to the truth because it’s to uncomfortable for them.how did building 7 collapse? & why was it completely left out of the NIST findings the fact all of them innocent people died for greed & control is a national disgrace for the American citizens it’s time for you to man up & start asking questions what makes people feel uncomfortable instead of bombing & killing 1 & half million Iraqis who quite clearly had nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11

  34. 837799959652560@facebook.com' Geoff Bradshaw says:

    Cindy Reid

  35. 632614386881754@facebook.com' Mac Macdonald says:

    I have asked this question before, nobody has yet answered it, how did the Americans get these Muslim pilots to fly these pilots into the American buildings, specifically as bin Laden hailed it as a great victory and the pilots were promised 72 virgins on the other side

  36. eadelahos@gmail.com' Liz says:

    It would be interesting to know who was originally on the flight manifests and how those people who “knew too much” ended up on those flights…what led up to them being on the planes, and were there others who weren’t on the planes (and supposed to be) and where they are now.

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