9 Benefits of Doing Kegels for Sexual Fitness & How to Do Them

Source: sexplanations

Clinical Sexologist, Dr. Lindsay Doe, explains why Kegel’s are important to your sexual fitness. She also explains how to do them,  optional props you can use, and the 9 benefits of doing them regularly.  Here they are:

The 9 Benefits of Doing Kegels

  1. Preventing urge and stress urination or peeing unwantedly.
  2. Supporting the bowels.
  3. Enabling a more comfortable pregnancy, labor, delivery, and recovery.
  4. Enhancing pleasurable sensations for you and your partners.
  5. Improving circulation and function through the groin.
  6. Increasing lubrication.
  7. Producing more athletic erections.
  8. Mediating rapid ejaculation.
  9. Gaining more control of your genitals for whatever you want to do with them.