7 Unexpected Benefits of Smoking Cannabis

Although some anti-drug campaigners in Seattle believe that puffing away cannabis will make you an aggressive, jobless, and loser psychopath for the rest of your life, studies indicate otherwise. According to an article published on Forbes.com, cannabis could prove beneficial for people plagued with rheumatoid arthritis. Besides, there are health benefits of smoking cannabis. In Seattle, there are many dispensaries or stores, where you can legally consume cannabis, but you cannot smoke marijuana in a public place. You need to follow the protocols to avoid being in hot water.

Is marijuana very bad for your health? This one question tickles the minds of many in the US. Did you know that many US states have legalized this herb for personal usage? As a result, scientists now have an opportunity to figure out the function of cannabis to a large extent. Yes, cannabis comes with surprising health benefits. Are you still not convinced! Here are seven of the greatest benefits of the herb:

1. Boosts your lung function

Did you know that smoking cannabis is not that hazardous for your lungs, after all? On the contrary, smokers taking marijuana have enhanced lung function than those smoking cigarettes. Even if you are a non-smoker, you can try cannabis if you want to.

Based on the findings published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, a couple of big drags of cannabis will make your lungs more efficient and conditioned to the product. When researchers are saying this, there is some truth and validity in what they have researched and discovered. Then, you must smoke weed in moderation and not overdo it.

2. Helps you stay slim

You often watch your favorite Netflix show, whether it is The Witcher, or Euphoria on HBO, and devour complete friend chicken pieces from a KFC bucket? And all that fried and spicy chicken in a single go. Usually, people eating too much fast food get obese and gain weight. Weed smokers are less probable to grow flabby compared to non-smokers.

Based on a study in the Journal Obesity, it was discovered that people who smoke marijuana regularly are less prone to growing obese compared to non-smokers. Again, research fellows hailing from the Conference of Quebec University Health Centers studied 700 adults in the age group of 18 to 74 and discovered that weed users tend to have low BMI or Body Mass Index, which denotes good health. Consequently, individuals with low BMI are less obese and have less body fat. They are also less vulnerable to ailments such as diabetes.

3. Less stress levels

You live a fast life, rushing to your workplace and slogging from nine to five or more. You have no time to spend with your family or friends. The long working hours and a sedentary lifestyle add to your stress levels, thus taking a toll on your physical and mental health. It makes you extremely tired at the end of the week with no energy to socialize or meet people. Therefore, you need to alleviate the effects of stressful life for maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle. That’s when you can take a few drags of cannabis to beat the stress.

Life in Seattle is fast, tough, and stressful. Therefore, if you would like to smoke cannabis, you will find many friendly and convenient Satori stores in the city to fight your stress.

Studies indicate that the use of cannabis in moderation help in improving your stress levels reduces anxiety and distress, and boosts your psychological health. It will help you lead a happy life, free of irritation, impatience, and annoyance. Smoking weed is thus beneficial in many ways. People are not aware of it, as there are too many activists to ban cannabis smoking.

4. Boosts your creativity

According to a study in Consciousness and Cognition, it was discovered that cannabis smoking makes you more creative, in the way you use language. The researchers cited that they examined the impact of cannabis smoking naturalistically on different thinking and schizotypy, which are measures to ascertain creativity.

As per the study, 160 users of cannabis tested on a single day when they stayed sober and the following day, when they used the weed. Those who smoked cannabis had improved verbal confidence in people who have less creativity to the same extent to those who are highly creative.

5. Improve the performance of athletes and sportsmen

Did you know that Gordy Megroz of the magazine Outside conducted some study when he found that athletes who consumed marijuana had enhanced performance as well as recovery? Though this might seem unscientific to some people, Gordy figured out that his performance improved on when he sweated out on his treadmill and felt less uncomfortable after a profound squat session. He cited that he does heavy squat sessions when high leaving him sore and uncomfortable for a couple of days. However, he feels fresh after a day.

Studies have proved that cannabis comes with anti-inflammatory properties, and that is why medical marijuana is popular in the US. More research on marijuana is possible when the stuff is legalized in the whole country.

6. Better than heavy alcohol intake

Cannabis could be the safest thing to smoke because a study indicated that the product is 114 times less lethal compared to alcohol consumption, based on a report published in the Journal of Scientific Reports.

7. Kills cancer cells

According to the American government, cannabis can destroy or contract cancer cells. As per a page of formal government advice, it cites that the drug can possibly kill cancer cells. The studies so far are conducted on rodents and more evidence is required to prove that inhaling cannabis would alleviate the symptoms of cancer or its side effects.

Final words

You can take cannabis for recreational use in Seattle. Smoke the weed in legalized stores and not publicly. Of course, it is better not to become addicted to the stuff and use it in moderation. Now that you know about the benefits of cannabis smoking, you can beat stress and stay relaxed after taking the herb.


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