5 Things Blocking Your Best Body Ever + the Best Exercise to Get it!

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Written by: Celina Pizarro, CHLC, CMBF, FNC, RHIA


Bodybuilder Ernestine Shepherd, age 82

You want to be fit.  You know what your ideal weight is. You know what your ideal size jeans are.  You can even picture how great those skinny jeans you already bought will look on you.  So why aren’t you living life in your ideal body yet? You probably have started and stopped more diets than you can count and bought more diet products than you care to admit. So what is the problem, what is really blocking you from your best body ever?

  1. We Avoid Pain. As humans we naturally avoid things that are painful and you can’t be bothered with things that are painful, adulting is difficult as it is but when you throw pain into the mix, we avoid it at all costs.  However this belief that is misplaced, we have a misconception that in order for something to be healthy it has to be uncomfortable, painful or not enjoyable. In order to get around this misconception instead of focusing on the potential pain, focus on the negative impact that being unhealthy will have. What is it doing to your self esteem? What is it doing to your waistline? Focus on the things that you are avoiding that are affecting your health and wellness.  Connect with the reason WHY you started your wellness/nutrition/fitness plan in the first place and how being unhealthy is going to cause you more pain!
  2. We Seek Pleasure.  This too is built into our DNA.  We want the good stuff now, we don’t want to wait for it.  We don’t want to be uncomfortable and have someone tell us what not to eat, for example, just to be healthy.  Again, this goes back to the thinking that in order to be healthy, it must be unpleasurable-but flip the script.  Find pleasure in the Journey! Find pleasure in the activities you are doing to be healthy, find an activity that you enjoy.  If you don’t like to go to the gym, don’t! Go hiking or biking or swimming. Anything that you like and will stick with and enjoy  is great! (My favorite type of exercise, and the best for maximum fat burn is described below) We also have a preconceived notion that all the ‘Good Food’ is on the do not eat list, but this just isn’t true unless you are seeking a magic pill or quick fad diet.  But, findling good food is easy when you are not cutting any food groups out of your diet. This is what I do with my clients, I simply teach more healthy ways of cooking the foods you enjoy.
  3. You’re a Busy!  We are busy wives, moms and professionals, I get it!  I hear it all the time from my clients, “I don’t have time to be healthy, I’m crazy busy.” and I know, I’ve been there in a 9-5 or 6 and mom taxi cab!  This usually means we put ourselves last on the list. But ladies we need to prioritize our health! Either prepare to succeed or plan to fail. It’s not that you are too busy, it’s what how you are prioritizing your day. Having a strong nighttime routine and morning routine filled with happy habits. You see motivation will only get you so far and is fleeting, BUT when you have established healthy habits that support your goals and set you up for a restful sleep and a productive day you don’t need motivation because habits become routine-we are creatures of habit! In fact you already have a night time and a morning routine, you just don’t call it that (Think, “Do I hit snooze the same amount of times every morning-yes you do.)  If you do not have healthy habits built into your day, let’s talk, we need to upgrade your day so you succeed. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but your habits need to support your desired lifestyle.
  4. You Don’t Deserve It.   Deep down inside you are thinking that you’ll never be thin or never meet your goal weight and all this does is set yourself up for self sabotage. Now, I don’t agree with your inner voice at all.  Everyone deserves to be healthy and everyone has the ability to heal and live well. What this really boils down to is ego. Don’t believe that inner voice, it’s your ego and all your ego wants to do is keep the status quo.  The ego is afraid of change and will avoid it all costs; it needs to be treated like a little child that needs to be put in time out.
  5. You’re Afraid.   You’re either afraid of failure, success or change. (Refer to point 4) Now all these new things can be scary–new diet, new exercise, new people, new environments, however here is where you need to focus on the ‘WHY’ you are there.  Looking better, living longer, being healthy, fitting into those skinny jeans, being a good role model for your kids. If you focus on those reasons the process of change won’t seem so intimidating. Look for the joy in the process, this goes back to choosing things that you like to do-if you don’t like the feeling of being in the gym, don’t go, find something you like.  But don’t worry–no one is looking at you like that, they are simply looking to see if you are looking at them like that, trust me!

Focus on connecting to the feeling of the outcome, embody the change you want to be now.  When you do this all that fear will be set aside, and what is the worst that can happen? You’ll be a little bit better than you were yesterday? Well that is all we can hope for in this life ladies.  Who cares if you screw up? No one is going to know but you! You might need to adjust your success standards, that’s ok. Reevaluating your goals weekly should be part of the process, I do this with my personal clients and it allows for daily and weekly successes as well as the flexibility that life demands.  We set up three success goals weekly, because little wins along the way builds confidence and that is what all this boils down to, having the confidence that you can do it. Trust yourself, allow yourself to get into the groove and build those healthy habits that become routine and bam! You have created a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t beat yourself up , be kind with yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back, smile.

How to Get Your Best Bod Ever in 10 Days “High Intensity Interval Training = Maximum Fat Burn”

What you need to know about HIIT:

HIIT can be a very efficient way to spend your time in the gym.  Just 30 minutes of HIIT each week can improve various markers of cardiometabolic health to the same extent as two and a half hours of traditional cardio.    Why? Because it’s uniquely effective format is geared towards fat loss. What happens is your body continues to burn calories at an accelerated rate after the workout is over. This is referred to as the “afterburn effect,” which it contributes to overall weight loss.

This is an excerpt from my FREE 10-day HIIT workout available at www.cpfitpro.com . It will help jumpstart your weight loss efforts by revving up both your workouts and your metabolism. It’s based on the highly effective format called high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which alternates between high-intensity strength training and cardiovascular workouts and is the quickest method to scorch fat.

Following are descriptions of the strength-training and cardio components, the workouts, and a sample of the 10-day training workout available on my website. Feel free to try this portion of the program. It you would like the full sequence and helpful tips on health nutrition and how to live your best life in your best body, head on over to www.cpfitpro.com and sign up.

*Before engaging in any exercise program, be sure you are cleared to exercise by your physician. Each workout should last about 30-40 minutes and the idea is to train intensely for the entire session. So, pick some music that gets you fired up, put on your headphones, put your cell phone on airplane mode and get moving.

Strength-training Workouts

Alternate the two total-body workouts (TBW) over the course of the 10 days. For these workouts, you will need a mat and pair of dumbbells. Choose a weight that allows you to complete 10-12 repetitions of each exercise. If you can complete more than 12 repetitions easily, select a heavier pair of dumbbells. If possible, have two sets of dumbbells on hand: a heavier pair and a lighter pair. This allows you to drop from a heavier set to a lighter set while going through the workouts.

Each workout features three circuits, each consisting of three exercises—two resistance exercises and one plyometric exercise. Perform the three exercises consecutively with minimal rest time. Take a break when your form begins to fail or you feel fatigued, but try to push your body outside of its comfort zone. At the end of each round, rest for 60 seconds before moving onto the next round or next circuit.

Cardiovascular Workouts

The two cardiovascular workouts are designed for the treadmill, but can be completed outside as well (you’ll need to find a good hill to run up for the incline treadmill workout). You can also adapt these workouts to the elliptical or bike as well. The point is to alternate between periods of high-intensity and low-intensity, regardless of the mode of exercise. Adjust your speed according to your fitness level, but again, try to push yourself and then rest if you need to. If completing these workouts on a treadmill, try not to hold onto the rails.

Day 6 is an active recovery day. Chose something light but engaging for exercise, such as a leisurely walk or gentle yoga. And don’t forget to include an active recovery or complete rest day on day 11 if you decide to cycle through again.

Strength-training Workouts

Total-body Workout (TBW) 1 Circuit 1: 4 rounds

  • Lunge + Shoulder Press: 12 repetitions each leg
  • Reverse Lunge + Front Raise: 12 repetitions each leg
  • Jumping Lunges: 12 repetitions each leg (take out the jump if necessary)
  • Rest 60 seconds.


Circuit 2: 3 rounds

  • Dumbbell Row + Reverse Fly: 12 repetitions
  • Push-up + Row: 20 repetitions (go to knees when form declines)
  • Mountain climbers: 12 repetitions with weight
  • Rest 60 seconds.

Circuit 3: 3 rounds

  • Squat + Lateral Raise: 12 repetitions
  • Squat + Upright Row: 20 repetitions
  • Pop Squats: 20 repetitions (Start with feet together. Jump out into a squat and then jump back to feet together. As a default, take out the jump and perform a squat.)
  • Rest 60 seconds.

Cardiovascular Workouts

Treadmill Incline Intervals

  • 0-5 Minutes: 6.5 mph, 0% incline
  • 5-6 Minutes: 8.0 mph, 2% incline
  • 6-7 Minutes: 3.5 mph, 2% incline
  • 7-8 Minutes: 7.9 mph, 4% incline
  • 8-9 Minutes: 3.5 mph, 4% incline
  • 9-10 Minutes: 7.8 mph, 6% incline
  • 10-11 Minutes: 3.5 mph, 6% incline
  • 11-12 Minutes: 7.7 mph, 8% incline
  • 12-13 Minutes: 3.5 mph, 8% incline
  • 13-14 Minutes: 7.6 mph, 10% incline
  • 14-15 Minutes: 3.5 mph, 10% incline
  • 15-16 Minutes: 7.5 mph, 12% incline
  • 16-17 Minutes: 3.5 mph, 12% incline
  • 17-18 Minutes: 7.4 mph, 14% incline
  • 18-19 Minutes: 3.5 mph, 14% incline
  • 19-20 Minutes: 7.3 mph, Max % incline
  • 20-21 Minutes: 3.5 mph, Max % incline
  • 21-26 Minutes: 7.0 mph, 4% incline
  • 26-30 Minutes: 4.0 mph, 0% incline  

Flat Intervals

  • 0-5 Minutes: 6.5 mph, 0% incline
  • 5-10 Minutes: 7.0 mph, 0% incline
  • 6:00-6:30 Minutes: 9.0 mph, 0%
  • 6:30-7:00 Minutes: Squats on side of treadmill
  • 7:00-7:30 Minutes: Rest 30 seconds
  • Repeat cycle 11 more times to take you to 24:30
  • 24:30-30 Minutes: 3.5 mph, 0% incline  


  • Day 1: TBW 1
  • Day 2: Incline Intervals
  • Day 3: TBW 2
  • Day 4: Flat Intervals
  • Day 5: TBW 1
  • Day 6: Active Recovery
  • Day 7: TBW 2
  • Day 8: Incline Intervals
  • Day 9: TBW 1
  • Day 10: Flat Intervals


Celina Pizarro is a former Competitive Body Builder and Behavioral Health Hospital Director turned Transformation Coach and Motivational Mindset Mentor, Author and Speaker. She is on a mission to help women live their best life in their best body. She believes all women deserve to ‘Live Well’ free of Rx. medications. Signup at www.cpfitpro.com to receive her newsletter full of health, wellness and fitness tips. Contact her at Celina@cpfitpro.com


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