5 Ways Contact With Extraterrestrials Will Save Our Civilization

Written by on September 6, 2015 in ETs, UFOs & Crop Circles, Reality's Edge with 87 Comments

Amateo Ra | Spirit Science and Metaphysics

Image from www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com.

Image from www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com.

For over six years I’ve been involved in the extraterrestrial and disclosure movement. Not only have I met those who have had real contact experiences, I’m one of those rare people who have too. In fact, I believe contact with these special beings could be a golden ticket to rescuing our planet and civilization from peril.

No, aliens haven’t showed up in my living room looking for a cup of tea. Rather, I’ve had insane UFO sightings and experienced the ethereal presence of ETs so powerfully the experience was undeniable.

One time in Mexico I witnessed nearly 100 orange UFOs streaming across the sky in a DNA spiral. And after staring in awe for nearly an hour I had crop circle like visuals every time I closed my eyes for 3-days. I’ve never thought something like that was possible. And yes, I was completely sober.

I’ve talked and been privy to the research of physicists, engineers, doctors, and even politicians and relatives to politicians that have all said the same thing…

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Not only are extraterrestrials real, they are already making contact with the Earth, the government and the military. And that disclosure to the mass general public will forever change the course of humanity, and it’s only a matter of time.

WARNING: There have been mixed studies and feelings on certain races of extraterrestrials and their involvement in our evolution and whether everything is safe and can be trusted. While there are some grey areas (pun intended), with certain ET involvement…The majority of the evidence suggests that the vast majority of ET beings are highly-evolved, spiritually and technologically who are pioneers in the Universe of peace and prosperity. Trust your intuition and discover your own Truth. I think more positivity needs attention on the subject rather than negativity, and that’s what this blog is all about.

So how exactly will contact with these beings change the course of our history and civilization?

1) Cleaning Up the Environment

Extraterrestrials are known for transforming planets into habitable environments for various species. This is commonly known as Terraforming.

ETs are specialists when it comes to mastering the elements, replenishing environments, and turning waste into reusable resources. Apparently, they have their own method of 3D printing planets, so to speak. They can also shift physical matter, such as mountains and landscapes with sound and light, the way wind can moves grains of sand.

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We are already beginning to discover ways to turn our trash, plastic and pollution back into sustainable energy. Of course a highly advanced species would have far superior technologies to support us with this process, not to mention the ability for us to harness vast amount of energy far beyond our needs.

It’s been prophesied that ET contact could lead to rapid evolution sustainable technologies, cleaning up the oceans, air, resolving drought, new food cultivation and nutrition technologies.

It’s hard to determine how fast and profound contact with ETs could be influential in cleaning up our environment.

2.) Creating Global Peace

Did you know that the main cause of war and violence is lack of resources? That it’s been proven that when people have the basic needs of food, water, shelter and health care, the crime, rape and suicide rates drop to extremely low levels.

Aside from resources, the presence of benevolent extraterrestrials literally demonstrate the notion of peace. Beings of superior consciousness who are present simply to assist and learn from one another, gives us a new perspective of how to treat our own human family and animal, plant and fungus relatives.

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Perhaps Contact could help us unify as a human planet. Respecting all of our own free will in our lives, yet acknowledging we are sharing one planet, as one species all working for the same goal, to thrive.


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87 Reader Comments

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  1. 10205031354811161@facebook.com' Mary Garrison says:

    Because the government will stop trying to kill us, and instead focus on killing them?

  2. 10205151044839334@facebook.com' Nathaniel Smith says:

    In my research I found that aliens are a lot like us, you have good and bad ones. Some want to enslave us others want us to grow as a race. Question is: who is who

    • 10153227169518237@facebook.com' Andrew T Rose says:

      Politicians, lol…military leaders…people working on weapons..lmfao

    • 10205151044839334@facebook.com' Nathaniel Smith says:

      That’s pretty obvious, except not all military is bad. The good people got replaced by Muslims thanks to Obama

    • 858873907501587@facebook.com' Tupu King Agafili says:

      I’m no Muslim but that’s far from true Nathaniel. Bush fucked your country up before Obama got there and probably added more. Can’t blame your problems on Muslims alone when your own race fucked you r country up first

    • 10153227169518237@facebook.com' Andrew T Rose says:

      I’m a vet, Marines…I know…but exactly what you just said

    • 10153227169518237@facebook.com' Andrew T Rose says:

      He added the hatful, bigoted youngsters…retards that don’t get the truth yet as for their actions

    • 10205151044839334@facebook.com' Nathaniel Smith says:

      Unless you are from my country then you probably don’t have a clue as to the history of my government or its current actions. The only good politicians we ever had were publicly assinated. They were John F Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. The rest are self centered evil people.
      Actions speak louder than words. I watch what you do vs what you say, then make up my mindd from there. Bush was behind 911, and Obama intends to give our country to the Muslims and start jihad worldwide.
      You’re entitled to your opinions but they won’t stop me from speaking my mind or defending my family and country

    • 10205151044839334@facebook.com' Nathaniel Smith says:

      Wish people weren’t so blind and trusting, our founding fathers didn’t trust government, they believed it to be a nessary evil to be held in check by the people that’s why we have the bill of rights and the constitution

    • 1019670314744032@facebook.com' Teresa Dio says:

      We have to fight for the bill of rights and Constitutions that’s all we have to retain what’s been fighting for about this country, have you heard about the rich have bunker underneath they been storing food ,medical supplies etc. They going to left us here died in devastation.

    • 10205151044839334@facebook.com' Nathaniel Smith says:

      Yup, I know. They are prepared for our demise, they’re not prepared to save any of us. All those years we sat back and let them tax us and screw us over. They built their bunkers and prepared off our backs. There’s an ice age coming and a lot of unprepared people will die. Before that they intend to collapse the dollar and issue martial law. Their plan is sick twisted and brilliant in the most evil of ways. All those years I blindly accepted what I heard on the news and from my government. What was I thinking? People lie, doesn’t matter where your from or who you are. The only thing that is clear about their intentions are the actions they take. Their actions say what their intentions are.

    • 10207731521232444@facebook.com' Mitch Ross says:

      Stop Dividing your self from the Whole, If You are God, Then There is No Such thing as Race, And We are Of The Same Part, That is Why You are Like Us, With the Same Consciousness, You can Feel Special Being A Part Of One Whole Moving System Rather that Using Superiority to Put Yourself above

    • 10207731521232444@facebook.com' Mitch Ross says:

      It will make you Feel Unique if you are One in a System That is One

    • 1682701335307634@facebook.com' Nadia Ferhat says:

      Did u meet them?

    • 10207731521232444@facebook.com' Mitch Ross says:

      Aliens will not save our planet, only a sense of unity will, and if anyone is not unified with the people on this planet, then they will only be against it

      • broberts@gmail.com' Bob Roberts says:

        Yeah, that’s the ticket! It’s “we”…just like now…the 00001% raping, stealing and leaching off the 99.9999% for millions of years…and now it suddenly “we” because the “aliens”, who have been secretly (open secret, of course, wink, wink) working with the same military police dogs of the 00001% are just dandy, fine folk who look a little different? How stupid are all of you (mostly illiterate) people here? Just who do you think runs this “controlled opposition” blog? They always cover both sides of the bet…. wake the f up.

    • 10205151044839334@facebook.com' Nathaniel Smith says:

      I agree Mitch Ross. However presumptuous your first comment may have been. I don’t consider myself separate from the whole. I do know that my role is that of importance.

    • 1046362165374071@facebook.com' Jared Ó Súilleabháin says:

      A sense of unity as you speakof Mitch Ross would be bad, like a whole world like north Korea, unity is what the puppeteers dream of, Congress is what they dread.

  3. 10203423579709790@facebook.com' Jay Lanni says:

    I have been waiting for ET to phone home.

  4. 935096079898430@facebook.com' Ivan Edel Garcia says:

    Ya right, bs…

  5. 10153633056434066@facebook.com' Dennis Baptista says:

    Corporate Greed will never allow it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The et threat will bring in record profits for the vast military industrial complex.

  7. 10205958295335233@facebook.com' Kosta Tomazos says:

    If they can help our planet and civilization, if they have been amongst us or visiting for thousands of years, then what exactly are they waiting for? Maybe they are the ones who have shown humans the numerous technologies that exist and as a consequence we are destroying the earth. Maybe, they are influencing goverments? Whatever, the case, I do not think that they really care about us nor will they ever help humanity or else they they would of long ago. If they are among us, well then they are hypocrites and should not be trusted. If they are here, then they are probably here for self-serving interests and have probably exasperated their own planet as well as others….just saying!

  8. 10203318961134445@facebook.com' Bob Gunn says:

    Maybe so…But let’s not rely on outside forces to save us from ourselves. There is a whole bunch that we humans can do to turn things around, and we need to get going…

  9. 438288283024390@facebook.com' WendyJoy Smith says:

    the government and the military? Are they infiltrating? Hilarious….
    I think more like Russell Brand, they would come dressed as someone like him and tell the people there is a different way

  10. 999756756721877@facebook.com' Barry Carter says:

    Calm done Gort, there is still hope for these earthlings….Klatu Barrata Nikto ?

  11. 1618770278391770@facebook.com' Shana Wyatt says:

    Even though I Love most all living beings, the first experience of something like the entities depicted in the picture would shiver me tembers and I’d have to about piss my pants if I didn’t take off running away screaming.

  12. 10153584185039717@facebook.com' Katarzynka- Kasia Polakiewicz says:

    Karissa Leonard =)

  13. 487582041405276@facebook.com' Corey Harris says:

    I believe that these aliens are nothing more than falling angels. Just my opinion.

    • 541892449301528@facebook.com' Jose Sampson says:

      I can respect your right to voice your opinion, but why does everything which we are unfamiliar with always automatically have to be demons, fallen angels, the devil etc. I think we’ve come a long way from burning people in the town square for being “witches” and whatnot. It’s 2015 for crying out loud.

    • 487582041405276@facebook.com' Corey Harris says:

      Well to say you can respect my opinion then turn around and reply with that response is sort of contradicting to the aspect of the word respect. It is my opinion just like all these other opinions. But make sure you speak on everybody post and not a post you thinking is a little girl because of the picture!

    • 10205123673431793@facebook.com' Angelina Alexandra Levina says:

      Congratulations. Your opinion is fact

      Jose. These “extraterrestrials” have nothing but evidane pilling up agains them that they are nothing but rapists, kidnappers, and liars. So yeah. They are fallen angels

    • 935096079898430@facebook.com' Ivan Edel Garcia says:

      With all due respect Jose you have much to learn n accept, n Corey your right…

    • 1711450212417191@facebook.com' Kizzmeeh Nowa says:

      There are no extraterrestrial beings. Just fallen angels. You are exactly correct. Congrats on being one of the few truly intelligent people left.

    • 1608744632721948@facebook.com' Mark Amalo says:

      Demons and not aliens…..Science only seek to replace the name Angel and demons with Aliens because of their denial of the existence of God almighty…..

  14. 10153575628863486@facebook.com' Teg P Gibso says:

    Brooke Moore of course this pops up first on my news feed ?

  15. 10208107670473088@facebook.com' Jennifer Murphy says:

    Dan Jolicoeur

  16. 1462752194034490@facebook.com' Mike Thefridge says:

    Angelina Alexandra Levina Did you LOL? cause I did.

  17. 1674742279422034@facebook.com' Irene Abedi says:

    Pouya Haghani

  18. 746473748815629@facebook.com' Mallory Knox says:

    They are contacting the government and military? So much for intelligence

  19. 906612722748366@facebook.com' Paul West says:

    If they were here to realy help I think Obama would be messing.

  20. 876569979098793@facebook.com' Carlene Dickinson says:

    The ‘alien disclosure’ will be ushered in via the Pope with special effects ‘Project Bluebeam’ holographics.

  21. 985006614884171@facebook.com' Hipulan Domingo says:

    That is a freaking Greys the fallen..there place far away somewhere in ORION’S constellation, star system called Zeta Reticuli system.Far more advance than our current technology,they use advance propulsion alien based technology..always keep in mind that alien and extra terrestrial (E.T) and not in common. E.T is humanoid type like almost identical to us humans, while Alien type is more like insects .

  22. 1497279463915618@facebook.com' Kat Davis says:

    I hope you’re right cause this planet needs help.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Emanuel Bradley….check this out.

  24. 10153535456327349@facebook.com' Marcos Rissi says:

    Not The this monster like one.

  25. 10153535456327349@facebook.com' Marcos Rissi says:

    By the way the dark ones are behind the global power and governments

  26. 986964478031364@facebook.com' Sonia Atul Samudre says:

    Mehrox Mansoor

  27. 1638685339707219@facebook.com' Ryan Harvey says:

    Brad Goulding

  28. 1469439193358211@facebook.com' Lillian Spratt says:

    Let them come an kill the ISIS

  29. 10205233655460917@facebook.com' Wendy Hottle says:

    Why would they save us?????

  30. 860937323959315@facebook.com' Choi Thalio Rebustes says:

    Alien invades earth..reading all your comments haha

  31. 837907679656846@facebook.com' Lois Dolan says:

    I believe the good ones will be a major influence in saving our world. They have done it in the past so why not now.

  32. 10207780662374198@facebook.com' Myian Barnes says:

    Or they could come with the intent soley to eat us….

  33. 1711450212417191@facebook.com' Kizzmeeh Nowa says:

    What a load of crap!

  34. 1100291256665553@facebook.com' Keith Wheeler says:

    Okay, not

  35. 1634789439993321@facebook.com' Mannawi N Isa says:

    A modern illusion to divert human attention.

  36. 1608744632721948@facebook.com' Mark Amalo says:

    Aliens have long ago been on earth are still visiting earth everyday in the form demons and angels…..What you’re physically seeing today as aliens is a bodily manifestion of demonic activities to create confusion as to how they exist..

  37. 1053881534622358@facebook.com' Dan Theman says:

    Gullible people everywhere…….no hope for the human race found.

  38. 868675833187314@facebook.com' Norman Fenk says:

    http://Www.siriusdisclosure.com make contact today via ce:5

  39. 10206574103205629@facebook.com' Grant Wattus says:

    They are Nephilim in another form, look it up fb friends !

  40. 875390259205028@facebook.com' David Heacock says:

    Look! It’s Gollum!

  41. 1046362165374071@facebook.com' Jared Ó Súilleabháin says:

    Fools, if they are real then they are decendents of similar life to ourselves with what i imagine to have come from similar social structure, such as the most successful, least compassionate and more greedy being at top then, their interests would not be in our best interests.

  42. 1046362165374071@facebook.com' Jared Ó Súilleabháin says:

    Another false hope to comfort us in our days of darkness.

  43. 1608744632721948@facebook.com' Mark Amalo says:

    When skeptic perceived a supernatural event, they labelled it as alien invasion.But the truth of the matter is that Supernatural being like Ghost Spirit Angel Demons exist in every realm of the universe and beyond..Human especially scientists are only using Alien to describe anything beyond their understanding…

  44. 1608744632721948@facebook.com' Mark Amalo says:

    The activities of demons brought about aliens stories!

  45. 998930996804504@facebook.com' Fiona Bürkle says:

    Steffi First

  46. 10208107670473088@facebook.com' Jennifer Murphy says:

    Our defense leaders would no doubt want to enslave & fight these beings. Our planet would be destroyed that much faster by bringing on a world war. I would stay far away if I were them until more people are ready to be peaceful & open minded. Although I would try to communicate & help certain types of open, peaceful, caring, kind people to save the planet from our destruction.

  47. 10206961184564333@facebook.com' Lucius Sorrentino says:

    Whew…saved just in the nick of time by some benevolent ET. This is going to mess up xtian End Timers and Rapturists though.

  48. 1026318950721108@facebook.com' William Browatzke says:

    Firstly they will not save our planet humans are the only ones. they maybe able to guide us to some short cuts but thats all ! wake upi we did this to our selves we need to fix it !

  49. 1063180613705712@facebook.com' Barbara Bradbury says:

    They don’t want us to know because the extraterrestrial knowledge is being exchanged for human experimentation, they are creating hybrids. Also, it would ruin the Economies and the 1% elites want to keep their billions and trillions from our misery e.g. health and bills. There are good extraterrestrials and some really bad arsed ones who are out to control our planet and are already doing that e.g. Tall whites and reptillians these are not good. There are aliens who also pretend to be good and help us but they have another agenda. You have to be very careful as they re a lot smarter than us, very evolved on the intelligence and psychic levels, they don’t seem to have souls and emotions like us and want a piece of the action, hence why they are creating hybrids, there are many abductions which are not talked about as most people joke about it and do not take it seriously, well they would not if all this is covered up and made to look like just a conspiracy theory. We need to rev up our own intelligence and intuition and start being smart, we need to protect humanity, yes some races are spiritual e.g. valiant Thor http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2014/07/space-alien-worked-for-u-s-government-valiant-thor-interesting-news-videos-2991010.html

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