5 Savvy Ways to Invite More Simplicity into Your Life


By Liz Smith | The Connected Life

I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.” ~Lao Tzu

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I am fortunate to have married a man who shares my love of taking the simple road. Simplicity for us is not about how much stuff we do or don’t own, it is a motivating force (core value) that underpins the decisions we make in life together. When I reflect on the choices that have led us to a simpler life, I can see that our love for the uncomplicated, echoes across almost every part of our life together.

Today I’m sharing some of the choices we have made that support our intention to invite more balance and harmony into our lives. I don’t believe there is anyone right approach and the information shared below is a snapshot of what works in our family. Simplicity has never been the bright shiny goal we move towards, certainly not for my husband anyway. We are joy seekers, we do what makes us happy and try our best to avoid choices that complicate this.

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1) One debt, no cards, less paper shuffling – Finances are kept simple. We don’t do credit cards, investments or car loans. This equates to manageable mortgage debt, less stress and less paper shuffling. Less paper shuffling makes me so happy. If you are at the debt end of the spectrum and want to be free, I’ve heard great things about Dave Ramsey and his no-nonsense approach to getting yourself out of debt. You can get started by checking out his free show.

2) Minimal commitments – I don’t commit to activities that I know will stretch me beyond what feels right. My commitments change as my situation does. I know that when my youngest boy is at school full-time, I will have more opportunities to say yes to volunteer with the school. For now, I keep my schedule simple and I don’t expend energy feeling guilty about what I can’t do right now.

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3) Minimal possessions – A little over two years ago and with Courtney Carver as my inspiration, I de-cluttered every space in our home. I removed knick-knacks and vases, clothing, books, toys, dinnerware and so much more. My intention was to own only the things that I loved and had a purpose. As I worked through the process, I began to see the complicated stories in the things I held on to, due to guilt and shame. The habit of letting go was quickly replaced for one of discernment with every new purchase being done so, with intention and clear purpose.