5 Planets Align Jan 20 – Feb 20, 2016 – How Will This Affect Us? (Video)

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Video Source: nemesis maturity

Last seen in January 2005, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury will be visible from Earth in a row along the horizon from January 20 until February 20, 2016. The best time to view the planets is just before dawn over the month-long period .

Visible planets are those that can be seen with the naked eye, as opposed to Uranus, Neptune and former planet Pluto, which require telescopes to be viewed.

5 Planets in the Solar System will Stand on The Same Line on January 20, 2016. How This Will Affect Us?

Article Source: Gostica

During the next month we can see a rare phenomenon in the sky, known as “the parade of planets”. The 5 planets-Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will stand on the same line, all of which can be seen by a human eye. The approach of the two planets can be seen on the horizon to the moon and can be seen from 20 January to 20 February.

For a clearer view you should be far from city lights. Like this, you will enjoy the full glow of the five planets to one another.

Viewable by human eye phenomena are not so much. And this is definitely among those which is worth a person to see by himself.

When two, three or four of the planets in the solar system are aligned over the Earth’s horizon, then has been observed the astronomical phenomenon “a small parade”.

Much more rarely occurs A big parade of planets, when five or more planets stand in a straight line above the horizon.

In the time while there is a planet parade, like this, the universe opens its gates and listens very carefully to your words and thoughts. We must carefully sift out the positive from the negative and to choose positive emotions and thoughts.

If you do not do this, you will feel inner discomfort and anxiety that something is not right. The 5 planets govern the mind, emotions, physical strength, luck and karma. Any thoughts related to these aspects, directly connects to the law of attraction and falls into the karmic abyss of Saturn.

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153 Reader Comments

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  1. 1193272784020102@facebook.com' The Daily Truth says:

    Follow Us To Learn The Hidden Truth..!

  2. 10207274967545309@facebook.com' Michael Craton MacLean says:

    Courtney Caroline best time for a dready baptism in the ocean of life id say!!!

  3. 10208697539543801@facebook.com' Elizbeth Pereira says:

    Rey Rey planet parade!

  4. 10205352832036420@facebook.com' Maureen Falls says:

    I love a parade.

  5. 1675043932733556@facebook.com' Ardis Richardson says:

    Wow have been talking about this happening for a while.

  6. 10208089827506004@facebook.com' Tiffany Bivins says:

    Robert S. Stoner neato. I’m coming over at one point to witness this in your backyard, with Nala lol

  7. 889271491191884@facebook.com' Art Forallpeople says:

    Universal Alignment ?

  8. 163527487351307@facebook.com' Cheryl Jones says:

    Cameron Kernachan Jade Lauren Reece Jones

  9. 10205902189380948@facebook.com' Adrianne Ward Burney says:

    It’ll never EFFECT us, but it may AFFECT us.

  10. 494897680689445@facebook.com' Heather Smith says:

    I want to see this so bad. Unfortunately I won’t be able to see any of it from where I live.

  11. 10153681043430692@facebook.com' Mous Kamel says:

    How often does it occur?

  12. 753846468081932@facebook.com' NaHna AmAh Amankwaa says:

    Jojo Maurice

  13. 10153885956118659@facebook.com' Tonia White Quintanilla says:

    Think positive thoughts !!!

  14. 10153863061854441@facebook.com' Daggy Jess says:

    This sounds magical.. Happiness and love to all.. :).

  15. 960826093986980@facebook.com' Lynn McClelland says:

    Gee I see six.

  16. 1031752393547813@facebook.com' Maira Ramirez says:

    Betsy rread!!!

  17. 10203815602148752@facebook.com' Gisela Harming says:

    Emelie Harming Hanna A. Harming Frida Arvidsson Harming Sarah Båge ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. 1652489265020167@facebook.com' Haley Moseley says:

    Well this explains a lot.

  19. 969700933112091@facebook.com' Дмитрий Егоров says:

    -30kg REALLY! My story here https://tinyurl.com/he97hf6

  20. 10207050105383591@facebook.com' Ann Sasse Tursic says:

    Oh how I wish they would align for our family. I will put it out there and see what comes back.

  21. 1231857006840347@facebook.com' Justina Heitchler says:

    I’m an anxiety riddled mess.

  22. 10156421607880007@facebook.com' Fahrie Berisha Liilith says:

    Anees Mohd Musharaf

  23. 10152919392726792@facebook.com' Philip Horgan Jnr says:

    My father says its the beginning of the age of Aquarius. Could he be right?

  24. 10156172623380594@facebook.com' Rebecca J. L. Seamans says:

    Levi Seamans, today HAS to be a good day 🙂

  25. 939244269486789@facebook.com' Yzza Da Venzz says:

    people gets more wierder more crazier than ever..hahaha…

  26. 10153853145394872@facebook.com' Marina Marina says:

    Bri Ana on your birthday !!! ❤️

  27. 10153951305588324@facebook.com' Justin W. Garrett says:

    Kevin Chapin

  28. 1037172162972686@facebook.com' Jessica Braswell says:

    Gil Gon

  29. 852767974869529@facebook.com' Ronica Drumma-Girl Gordon says:

    Della Gangia

  30. 532621103579115@facebook.com' Em Solsken says:

    Carro Bjork ????

  31. 10207382945346400@facebook.com' Cathryn Augustine says:


  32. 1171396596250661@facebook.com' Maria Garcia-Siñeriz says:

    Moon not aligned the ugly rock

  33. 1583958938524213@facebook.com' Бретт Мур says:

    This is not true. Planets alight not with earth. Why do people believe this crap when there are tons of apps on the internet that show what is really happening. No geocentric alignment in Jan. There is however a good one later in the year with earth. Do you need me to post links to the tools you can see this with ?

    • 1583958938524213@facebook.com' Бретт Мур says:

      If you change the view to one from earth you can see what the alignment is.. its visible planets in the night sky visible from earth that appear in a line in the sky, and only from the Northern hemisphere. They are not actually aligned. Fast forward to around June July and you will see that a stack of planets actually do line up. Generally, planetary alignments are not important unless they are aligned with the sun. Then they can cause solar events.

    • 1583958938524213@facebook.com' Бретт Мур says:

      Check out 29 June 2020. All the planets all bunched on one side. That has to do something to our sun

  34. 10153697668245860@facebook.com' Anne-Marie Božić says:

    Tam Mutton Tina Kuder Toni Monrose Keri Chiveralls a small but interesting read ?

    • 10153226025728204@facebook.com' Toni Monrose says:

      The alignment will Hv a better affect on those… Who are aligned within themselves too. You gotta do the work.. There’s no shortcuts?

  35. 10153398769848437@facebook.com' Craig Armstrong says:

    It’s “affect us”.

  36. 10208258945933447@facebook.com' Sazzle Louise Muirhead says:

    Rita Gibbon Nicola Muirhead read this! Sounds like a change is gonna come my lovely ladies ??✨? xxx

  37. 10208141964132101@facebook.com' Megan Morris Ellis says:

    Tasha Roubion

  38. 10153468899248224@facebook.com' Alec Frank Bamfield says:

    That could be a huge hi tide.

    • joelfalk@shaw.ca' Joel Falk says:

      Actually, there won’t be. If you walked along the shore of an ocean, you would have a greater affect on the tides than those 5 planets combined. : )

  39. 10156470113185343@facebook.com' Gilly Davison says:

    Nick Davison

  40. 10153868745211726@facebook.com' sam davies says:


  41. 1051445908226044@facebook.com' Kevin Hernandez says:


  42. 462597663938167@facebook.com' Juliette Johnson says:

    Happiness love health and abundance BLESSINGS

  43. 10153208262126604@facebook.com' Adriana Rosso says:

    Bridget Withycombe-Wharton

  44. 822772431182554@facebook.com' Diane Kelly says:

    Is that why I have a headache?

  45. 10205244804468903@facebook.com' Charina Mon-alon Sorilla says:

    Ayan Lyndon Serrano kasali tayo ha? And nasa Earth ka pa din siguro ng Jan 20-Feb 20. If not, balitaan mo nalang kami kung kamusta sa Mars ??? Cassie-Day Lorica Lovely Caramanzana Cai Cruz

    • 1226236294057219@facebook.com' Lyndon Serrano says:

      Matalino ka na niyang lagay na yan? Hahaha!!! 😀 😀 😀

    • 10205244804468903@facebook.com' Charina Mon-alon Sorilla says:

      Hindi.. Ikaw nga matalino eh. Naisip mo pa yun ??? Labyuuuu Lyn! Hahaha!

    • 1226236294057219@facebook.com' Lyndon Serrano says:

      Hahaha!!! 😀 😀 😀 Actually… hindi yan ang point ko kanina. Hindi nyo lang ako pina explain. Nagtawanan agad kayo.

    • 10205244804468903@facebook.com' Charina Mon-alon Sorilla says:

      Ayan naaaaaa!!! Cassie-Day Lorica Lovely Caramanzana! Dapat pinaglaban mo Lyn! Yan tayo.. Dapat ipaglaban mo ang para sayo! Para hindi magstay sa 16th floor! ??

  46. 10154420299699692@facebook.com' Andrea Slate says:

    Can you feel it Lauren McGoodwin Cody Mick???

  47. 1229136687115372@facebook.com' Alexander Botzenhart says:


  48. 10153239372626759@facebook.com' Stacey Cogburn Becker says:

    Donna Donna Caraway Wright

  49. 10156428794625111@facebook.com' Brian Graham says:

    Maybe if they did align, they’d teach the headlines writer at Conscious Life News the difference between “effect” and “affect”. (“How will this affect us?” or “What will be the effect on us?”)

  50. 1690398044513735@facebook.com' Nelson Thomas says:

    Just before Dawn in the east…

  51. 10153430430951491@facebook.com' Nicola Small says:

    Orlando Bellamy

  52. 10205801403420381@facebook.com' Marcos Cruz says:


  53. 10156550104830533@facebook.com' Judith Kent says:

    This is only an alignment not conjunctions, these planets are all in different constellations

  54. 10208225674223991@facebook.com' Brian Sherwood says:

    Nice for photographs; otherwise not at all!

  55. 10153226025728204@facebook.com' Toni Monrose says:

    Even the planets are reminding us to wake up!
    Do the work on aligning yourself first. Stop looking for answers out there. It’s all within you.. You create ur own reality?

  56. 10153915009987460@facebook.com' Adam Slawter says:

    Shari Crowther

  57. 10208405150357077@facebook.com' Dani Powell says:

    Chris Cribbs

  58. 10208624027186723@facebook.com' Tammy Martin says:

    psssst….How Will This AFFECT us, CLN.

  59. 193349817685370@facebook.com' Estherine Fanovana says:

    Fuck yeah, I can!

  60. 10153839539544598@facebook.com' Allison Langston says:


  61. 1262895957059047@facebook.com' Brianna Wilson says:

    Calvin Bowman

  62. 10153344527474562@facebook.com' Ann Lurie Berlin says:


  63. 881153378670539@facebook.com' Sherrie Sobel says:

    Laurie Sonju

  64. 1647766595489457@facebook.com' Jenny Guillemette says:

    I just had many challenging things line right up and resolve beautifully. Grateful to our beautiful, attentive,loving universe.

  65. 1733042786929111@facebook.com' Kim Poteet says:


  66. 10205225726273670@facebook.com' Micah Phillips says:

    Angela Phillips

  67. 1544875355838952@facebook.com' Chris Cribbs says:


  68. 10208273229652730@facebook.com' Roberta DiIorio says:

    Saw it early this morning awesome

  69. 1642022129371478@facebook.com' Marcus Charles says:

    Can try this 🙂
    Listen more than talk 😉 if choose talk, select the positive thought phenomena better :

  70. 220027111672320@facebook.com' Sean Sorenson says:

    I count 6

  71. 10207633456291238@facebook.com' Joseph Colin Smith says:

    It’s a visual phenomena. The planets are in different orbital planes to start with, and in different points in their respective orbits. Hemispherically, they are all on the side of the sun, but just look as they are in alignment. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, the world ends tomorrow at 11:11am, haha…

  72. 198930407123607@facebook.com' Liz-Anne De Beauville says:


  73. 970278449723268@facebook.com' Charisse Gallagher says:

    Oh lordie….I feel it I FEEL IT!

  74. 1063565703696291@facebook.com' Jeff Andrews says:

    earth quakes

  75. 1746383975585480@facebook.com' Isabella Barone says:

    Andrea Franco

  76. 10207331051626488@facebook.com' Ann Marie Krajewski Lisk says:

    When the moon is in the seventh house
    And Jupiter aligns with Mars
    And peace will guide the planets
    And love will steer the stars
    This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
    Age of Aquarius
    Aquarius, Aquarius
    Harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding
    No more false hoods or derisions, golden living dreams of visions
    Mystic crystal revelations, and the mind’s true liberations

    Read more: 5th Dimension – Aquarius Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  77. 1051420691545316@facebook.com' Di Potter Almond says:

    I can’t take this author seriously if they can’t use effect/affect correctly. I. just. can’t.

  78. 10154045386214674@facebook.com' Christopher Jennings says:

    Larry Ross El

  79. 595291790609597@facebook.com' Erin Denise Solomon says:


  80. 1111466515533109@facebook.com' Connie Bon says:

    Guess some people get a big thrill guessing about all this. It’s just interesting, sorta

  81. 10100823951177764@facebook.com' Gary Mills says:


  82. 1523580807971746@facebook.com' Kevin James Stagg says:

    Kelly McCann Scholastica Morseu-Stagg Aaliyah Morseu-Stagg

  83. 166775973688368@facebook.com' Nwatu Chukwuka Christian says:

    Which time of the day exactly can one witness such down here in Africa. I am eager to be a witness.

  84. 10153353977502584@facebook.com' Jennifer Maxwell says:

    Universal alignment

  85. 10153170914807522@facebook.com' Charlotte Adams says:

    Sarah Maslen-Leese

  86. 1716606901911075@facebook.com' Sian Diaper-Wells says:

    Nathan Andrew-diaper

  87. 1006593882729961@facebook.com' William Parker says:

    Unusual…. I like this Jay… 🙂

  88. 10208582359507244@facebook.com' Lisa Berdine says:

    Robin Matthews

  89. 1123136087713767@facebook.com' Ivan A Hernandez says:

    Rene Vela Jr. What u give out is what you’ll receive

  90. 950189401739988@facebook.com' Elle O'Brien says:

    Gabrielle Fay Kassie Parish Nina Negi

  91. 489085664597511@facebook.com' James McCarthy says:

    Pascal Atiba-davies

  92. 169601036739310@facebook.com' Walter Manfred Stocké says:

    We will be torn in both directions……maybe catastrophy….unkown dangers….what the hell do we care?…we detroy the earth anyway.

  93. 10153268607667021@facebook.com' Treena Skeggs-Grant says:

    Ian Skeggs-Grant

  94. 1633095990313502@facebook.com' Rene Vela Jr. says:

    When’s theres shit that’s important site don’t work. Must be true and bitches don’t want us to know

  95. 10153379290806188@facebook.com' Sue Haunch says:

    Sean Kane

  96. 10153877639431528@facebook.com' Graham Salmon says:

    I will hide under your bed

  97. 1203989619616029@facebook.com' Kirt Villanueva says:

    The Portals has aligned. Now Open the fucking portals to each planet and start shipping those humans.

  98. 10153870971342442@facebook.com' Paul Meston says:

    …… you do all realise that the Zodiac has drifted 50 degrees out of alignment with the stars in the 200 years since astrology was invented by the Babylonians ??

    …. you got to be gullible to believe this horse shit !! 🙂

  99. 529110820581080@facebook.com' Jennifer Carthy says:

    Catherine Kavanagh

  100. 160124931026340@facebook.com' Mari Hiddleston says:

    Stephanie Schicker

  101. 1079026708808338@facebook.com' Kristina Fields says:

    Kyle Snavely

  102. 937545226300812@facebook.com' Yvonne Alicea Trudel says:

    how awesome!

  103. 10156382261165363@facebook.com' Shari Crowther says:


  104. 10156433604370464@facebook.com' Mitch Ibarra says:

    I wish they would give us actual pictures instead of paintings and images

  105. 299321743518100@facebook.com' Backyard Astronomy Guy says:

    I did my best to capture this morning’s view of the planets, AND I got the International Space Station too! -Marty. (See my full resolution picture at https://flic.kr/p/CUNmnw)

  106. 10100176291792184@facebook.com' Chloe Hodgson says:

    Harlin Singh Channing Mary Meli Melz

  107. 1077772468907797@facebook.com' Diana Rosen says:

    Charlie Wareing, Bruce D. Benua.

  108. treasure-island@freenet.de' Katy says:

    It’s AFFECT, not EFFECT!

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