5 Keys to Harness the Healing Energy of Summer

Young woman walking away in a field of sunflowers-compressed

By Deborah King | deborahking.com

From ripe rosy peaches to gardenias in bloom to heaps of beach towels and sand buckets at the store, you can’t miss the signs of summer. Everyone has their own favorite sights, scents, tastes, music, and memories of summer—the traditional season of freedom and relaxation. Routine and work-day responsibilities fade into the background while beaches, mountains, forests, and parks beckon!

What will you do this summer to celebrate the season of longer, lighter, warmer days? As an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I have a few ideas for you. Underlying all that is joyful and beautiful is the creative energy of Spirit. Why not think of your summer as a perfect time to look within and tune up your healing connection to that unlimited source of light?

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First, envision your very best self. How would that highest self think and feel? What can you do to move closer with love to that vision? Summer is all about healing energy —more light, greater warmth, more time, and more opportunity to heal and grow in Spirit. Here are some ways you can harness the powerful energy of summer:

1. Meditate!

A less encumbered schedule this summer? It’s a perfect time to recommit to a daily meditation practice. Meditation has been the true north star of spiritual growth in my life. I teach it and preach it with my whole heart as the foundation of all healing practice. You can learn my tried and true method here.

2. Plant!

Summer is the growing season when flowers, fruits, and food crops flourish. What can you plant this summer that will give you the deep satisfaction of watching life appear and expand? Whether you plant radish seeds and marvel at their magical growth or plant a tree for a future forest, the experience of tilling the Earth with your hands is a sacred ritual. Imagine yourself planting a seed of hope or compassion or courage in the fertile ground of your spirit and see what blossoms!

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3. Move (Outside!)

Summer invites you to move your body more so step out into the sunlight and spend time enjoying the wonders of the natural world. The bright and potent energy of the summer urges you to move into action mode. Being connected to the energy of Mother Earth is something our culture is steadily losing, but you can reclaim the peace and joy that comes from being in tune with nature. Being outside helps to ground you and clear, balance, and charge your chakras. Use your long summer days for more healing walks and outdoor exercise.