The 5 Most Common Myths About Sacred Sexuality

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By Devi Bliss | Happy Sexy Guru

Spiritual sex is a set of practices that gently dissolve the hard, confining boundaries of body and mind that prevent you from experiencing all you possibly can when being intimate with another. It’s a merging with your beloved into an ecstatic place where you can experience higher awareness, harmony, divine energy and a sense of union with the Cosmos. This transcendent experience is both accessible and natural, without have to join a cult, change your identity or up-end your schedule.

Still, the term Sacred Sexuality (aka Spiritual Sex) can conjure up a whole array of inaccuracies and falsehoods in people’s minds.

Here are 5 of the most common myths:

1. You need to change your religion to practice Sacred Sexuality

Hardly. You need not even consider religion. Spiritual sex is not religious; rather, it’s a collection of techniques to facilitate a way of being together that invites a sacred quality and spiritual grace into your coupling. You need not specify beliefs about God. In some cases, people employ visualizations of deities, such as those from the Hindu pantheon during tantric sex, but this is not central to spiritual sex practices.

2. Sex should be spontaneous and Spiritual sex is too contrived

There is a popular misconception that the best sex is spontaneous. Yet, Spontaneity is like eating impulse food, high over-rated. Do you really want to chow down at Burger King every night? Anyone in a longterm relationship knows that you must consciously attend to your sex life to keep the sparks of intimacy alive. So, now i the time to create sensual bathing and touch rituals with your beloved. Arrange a sacred evening where you both go slow, highly aware and sensitive to every touch you offer and receive. Such deliberative efforts can transport take you and your partner to a blissfully relaxed but aroused state. Happily, spontaneity does manifests during the event itself. For busy couples, spontaneous sex is not so easy. For some, planned sex seems contrived, however, when you’re eagerly anticipating a sexy encounter, your pheromone output along with the endorphins and opiates coursing through your body increase exponentially. Spontaneity is great at times, but it isn’t always conducive to spiritual sex, particularly in a longterm relationships. It is fun once in a while but not all of the time.

3. Spiritual sex is a time-consuming production so a tremendous amount of patience is needed

You may think you wouldn’t want to make love for hours on end, but once you get into the practice, those hours can just melt by! Also, once you become experienced and see where these practices can take you, you may have ‘spiritual quickies’ where you can get to that same ultra-sensual, emotional, space very fast. You may go there for just 10 minutes and emerge feeling hugely satisfied and more deeply connected with your partner. Not all lovemaking requires genital contact and coitus. You can co-create sensual experiences with your beloved involving touch, massage, eye gazing, breathing together or answering a series of spiritual-erotic questions together. The beauty of Spiritual Sex is that can do this for hours or just 30 minutes or so. So, if need be, there are ways to shorten your session while still keeping it intense and rewarding.

4. Spiritual sex means I must be as flexible as a yoga teacher. While it’s awesome and rejuvenating to be extremely limber, it’s not essential. You need not be flexible to eye gaze, sit facing your partner, breathe together or lie in spoon position, your front to your partner’s back. A few Kama Sutra positions are very easy indeed! No two couples are alike. Each couple is a unique combination. You and your lover must identify what works for you. Find positions to charge you up, hang out and groove and move together in. You have a myriad of choices.

5. Your partner will think you are crazy if you suggest practicing Sacred Sexuality.

Your partner need not know. Set up a sensual bath or massage time with your partner. Sit on the bed, gaze into your partner’s eyes and suggest that you synchronize your breathing. Practice slow, gentle touching and ask your partner to respond in kind. They will be amazed and think you’re the best lover ever. If your partner wonders after a while how your sex life got so good, you might confess that you’ve been studying neo-tantric intimacy practices. They will likely be eager to buy books and videos on the joys of tantra to keep up with you. (To read more from Devi Bliss, go here.)


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