4 Sure-Fire Ways to Love Yourself More So You’ll Have More Love to Give (Video)

Video Source: chakraboosters

Source: Chakraboosters.com

We talk a lot about self-love, but talk does nothing. If we are in a relationship where someone says they love us, but then their actions don’t show that love, we don’t feel loved. Our body just doesn’t get it.

The same is true for self-love. In order for it to be healing and nurturing, self-love needs to be fully embodied. We need to feel it.

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With that in mind, here are four simple ways that you can make your self-love tangible, embodied and very real:

1) Do Ho’Oponopono – You can do it every day in just 7 minutes with this simple youtube video I made. I love Ho’Oponopono so much that I’m starting to feel like a meditation “pusher” (like a drug pusher, but much better for you). The simplicity of this incredible technique is why it is so amazing and effective. By utilizing four little phrases that we typically tend to under-use or use rather unconsciously, we can break through some serious blocks, and really forgive ourselves and others.

2) Notice what you’re seeking from someone else, and give that to yourself – This spiritual “gangsta” idea from Matt Khan is unbelievably basic — and works like a charm! All you have to do is pay attention to what it is you’re looking for outside of yourself (hint: listen to what you’re complaining or upset about with others). Whether it’s respect, patience, attention, love — or something else all together that you need — you can simply give yourself more of that, and you will feel better instantaneously. You are the love you seek.

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3) Create a play date with yourself — and KEEP IT! – This one is a biggie. Don’t under-estimate the radical amount of self-love that can be created when you date yourself! The key here is to make a regular date outside of your normal routine (so going to do your normal gym routine is not a play date), and be sure to show up for yourself. Then, notice what you want to do NOW in the moment, and do that. Most of all, have fun!

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