337 Dead SEI Whales in Chile – Worst Case of Mass Deaths So Far

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dead SEI whale, Chile

dead SEI whale, Chile

By Sophie McAdam|Nation of Change

In the most shocking case of mass animal deaths to date, 337 endangered Sei whales have been found dead in Southern Chile.

According to Chilean news agencies. the whales were discovered by scientists on November 17, but only now has the mass death been reported to the authorities (and leaked to the press). In May, in the same part of the Aysen region, biologist Vreni Haussermann discovered 30 dead Sei whales. Baffled scientists suggested at the time that the deaths might have been caused by a virus, and promised to launch an investigation.

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At first, researchers counted 20 carcasses but warned that the number could increase following their investigations. The final count is shocking. After the first deaths in May, Haussermann teamed up with Dr. Carolina Simon Gutstein and they pooled their resources together. Using aerial and satellite photography, the scientists have counted 305 carcasses and 32 skeletons in the area between the Gulf of Penas and Puerto Natales.

This is the single biggest mass whale death known to science. Haussermann said it was “an apocalyptic sight.”

Credit: NigeriaDailyNews.com

Sei whales can weigh up to 50 tons, and they usually live in deep waters far from coastlines. They feed on krill and other small sea creatures by using a filter system, which makes them vulnerable to plastic pollution, and in particular, microbeads.

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Due to the remote area and rough seas on the Southernmost tip of Chile, not to mention the decomposition of many whales, conducting experiments to determine the exact cause of death isn’t easy. The case was recently reported to Chilean fishing body Servicio Nacional de Pesca, and will be followed up by the Chilean police.



See Original Article Here….https://www.nationofchange.org/news/2015/12/06/337-dead-whales-in-chile-is-worst-case-of-mass-deaths-so-far/

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61 Reader Comments

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  1. 202627133418651@facebook.com' Sundus Aslam says:

    ? �

    PoWered.®By Bhavesh Jha

  2. 10207142122804209@facebook.com' Aspen Mary Stone-sheppard says:
  3. 10208648179826027@facebook.com' Sarah Suero says:


  4. 10205736225381004@facebook.com' Dwayne Robbie says:

    How about the radiation still pouring out of the damaged reactor in Japan……. day after day after day! Yes, it’s still happening. Anyone think maybe that might be causing some problems????

  5. 1743105795912823@facebook.com' Drii Piaggio says:

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  6. 10153448693687991@facebook.com' Patrick Levell says:


  7. 984652494891450@facebook.com' Don Field says:

    Humans make problems for sea life.What’s dumped in the seas is an immeasurable mistake on our part. We need to stop pissing in the garden.

  8. 10153336786292507@facebook.com' Sancho Fasco says:

    The extinction of ocean habitat has been happening for decades. You have the radiation from Japan, over fishing animals to extinction, trash in the sea, coral reef destruction, algal blooms from soil erosion. Once the ocean dies we will really be fucked

  9. 10153950663577437@facebook.com' Mypages Rss says:


  10. 1719144601638650@facebook.com' Becky Brown says:

    Heart aches. Extreme

  11. 10153831587291226@facebook.com' Kevin Day says:

    In the past few months a huge die off in alaska, including birds and another mass death of whales in another country but i cant remember at the moment. They blame climate change… Oh and thousands of squid in another location…

    • 10153448693687991@facebook.com' Patrick Levell says:

      Acidification of the oceans, largely due to Fukushima and Garbage Island, me thinks. 😉 I heard an account of a yachtsman who has cruised from Australia to Japan several times in the last 15+ years. In 2013, there were no fish in the Pacific. In the past, they could fish off the boat, to eat, most of the way. They had to run the motors constantly because there was no wind to fill the sails. They had to have a lookout around the clock, to steer around debris that could get caught in the propellers, which mean strong lighting at night.
      Very Sad.

    • 10153297235063240@facebook.com' Emmalinda Saraullo says:

      we have had a few mass fish deaths down here in Australia over the past year 🙁

  12. 10153809398359512@facebook.com' Andrew Zernicke says:

    And you have a a few time bombs at the bottom of the ocean, nuclear waste. Mass extinction while we watch it coming to an end

  13. 10153934068376081@facebook.com' Cate Shaw says:

    When are they really going to make companies and people who pollute our oceans accountable , and stop the increasing the losses to our precious environment…..

  14. 1120814887946858@facebook.com' Stan Eddison says:

    Chemtrails.HAARP and CERN all need a closer look.

  15. 1645833592335745@facebook.com' Anders Allikmaa says:


  16. 1744652445755923@facebook.com' Jeffrey Lee Saunders says:

    Let’s all be concerned about recycling,the enviroment,our Country as well as helping others feel comfortable such as the Syrian Refugees.Im sure most people do care so thanks for caring.It’s a small world Charlie Brown.???????

  17. 10205700817419032@facebook.com' Anne Torrell Loguidice says:

    Such a sad reality 🙁 we have to start respecting mother earth & all her creatures!

    • kathyannornstein@gmail.com' KATHY A ORNSTEIN says:



  18. 1549963035316782@facebook.com' Christoph Malware says:


  19. 1232352713446061@facebook.com' Ingrid Marie Stokholm says:

    Natalie Stokholm 🙁

  20. 1231476843534107@facebook.com' Rolando Tuazon Roman says:

    Oil leaks, fracking, human trash , …etc

  21. 10208087581764339@facebook.com' Beverley Granat says:


  22. 10207557328515045@facebook.com' Tess Kelly says:

    Microbeads should be outlawed worldwide.

  23. 10153824736256067@facebook.com' Lourdes Iztiga says:

    When are they really going to controll better the big companies and people who pollute our oceans accountable ?

  24. 812871595506960@facebook.com' Marco Hoiting says:


    • clnKimberlay says:

      We all agree. How sad. What a terrible waste. We MUST stop using plastics. EACH ONE OF US. I’m an older adult. Plastics were not abatable during my childhood. We did not suffer deprivation or a poorer life. We used cloth, paper, and soap and water. We re-used things instead of throwing them out into landfill or the nearest sewer or lake or river or ocean.

  25. 10153782768171514@facebook.com' Kim Sigman says:

    Doomed humans are.

  26. 1065086956843745@facebook.com' Villalpando Ed Hector says:

    The ocean is becomin to die

  27. 1051353488220420@facebook.com' Cheryl Probert says:

    Signs and Wonders!!!!

  28. 994711750566382@facebook.com' Janell Dahle says:

    So sad; people have to wise up & stop throwing trash in the water

  29. 285319991644659@facebook.com' Missouri Disabled Water Ski Association says:

    Fukushima fallout – such a shame….

  30. 10208752661840388@facebook.com' Katie Crandall says:

    I hate whales

  31. 1637331973186697@facebook.com' Naomi Parslow says:

    This is devastating

    • clnKimberlay says:

      Yes it is. The SEI whales are already endangered. The entire “race” of Cetaceans are leaving us at an alarming rate, because WE are KILLING them. We MUST stop using plastics. We do NOT need plastics. We lived without them up until the 50’s and 60’s and I can assure you life was not impossible. In fact we didn’t have issues with the oceans, the rivers, the lakes, the wildlife like those we have created in that very brief period. Yes, we did have chemical pollution and sewage pollution, but most of that was biodegradable. It is quite appalling how destructive the entire Oil industry is, and how it has literally buried the earth and killed its life forms through us, and our encouraged insatiable consumerism and throw away society. We CAN stop it any time. What would happen if you and I refused to take anything wrapped in or constructed of plastic but left it with the shopkeepers? What if we shopped only at Bulk stores and took our own glass containers, cloth bags etc.? We could insist on cardboard boxes for large orders and carry them home then dispose of them or recycle them. They make wonderful cat beds,( yes, my cat sleeps in his own home made “bed” out of a box within a box lined with an old sweatshirt and a towel I can wash when it needs it) We would have to DO the right thing and it would initially be a bit less convenient but it IS possible. IF we do buy plastic we have a responsibility to NOT throw it away, but use it and reuse it and reuse it. WE Can make a difference Naomi. We MUST start NOW. Before it is too late!

  32. 10153350465565998@facebook.com' Rondine Charmane says:


  33. 10156742571350227@facebook.com' Ashley Hickson says:
  34. 10153279424221850@facebook.com' Arnold Garvey says:

    *Microbeads not microbes just to be clear here

  35. 1198281046855775@facebook.com' Jeff Castin says:

    Sucks 🙂

  36. 1508315226139650@facebook.com' Linda Berlin says:

    We earthlings are destroying the earth

  37. 10206045713960306@facebook.com' Thomas Chenhall says:

    Yep, it was the Microshima Daiichi Beads. 🙁

  38. 839273179528693@facebook.com' Armando Unzueta Mijares says:


  39. 1078734792145865@facebook.com' DeeAnne Purchase says:

    So sad ?

  40. 1077845738905777@facebook.com' Rhane Barnes says:

    What about the radiation from Fukushima as well??

  41. 1007994062597829@facebook.com' Frank Carter says:

    They are our friends!

  42. 1223156987712433@facebook.com' Alejandro Rodriguez says:


  43. 1572261789766383@facebook.com' Max Tomlinson says:


  44. 10203913657880328@facebook.com' Maddy Hunter says:

    Fabian Maldonado

  45. 10203913657880328@facebook.com' Maddy Hunter says:

    Peta Atkins Meghan Atkins Jess Sykes

  46. 10207286908743531@facebook.com' Ashley Turner says:

    Wouldn’t it be easier, cheaper and safer to use grains of sand in these products instead of plastic ?

    • clnKimberlay says:

      Yes, but that would not justify the extraction of “big Oil” nor pay the oil industry. Besides, sand has “sharp” corners and might be more abrasive. The microbes, of course, are little tiny spheres.

  47. 860980464022496@facebook.com' Joy Omahoy says:

    Whats happening to our planet and getting worst everyday, were results of irresponsibility. Our Civilization throughout the time of age could have been better and more Civilized but as observed its deteriorating, so with our planet earth. Is there still hope?

  48. 1715846251986238@facebook.com' Alex Hutcheon says:

    Fukushima Fukushima Fukushima.

  49. 985517011535279@facebook.com' Ray Matusak says:


  50. 954136334639949@facebook.com' 李寶童 says:

    Our environment , what’s happen

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