3 Reasons Why You Manifest the Same Problem Again and Again

Have you had the experience of dealing with the same problem again and again?  Because the Law of Attraction governs our lives, our thoughts and feelings are what create our reality, and this includes our problems!  Sometimes we have a negative focus that has become so strong it causes us to attract the same problem repeatedly.

So, why might we have a negative focus like this? Below are three common habits that cause problems to repeat themselves through negative attention.  If you find you find yourself experiencing the same problem again and again, check to see if any of these behaviors are at play:

1. Talking or complaining about the problem 

For many of us, this is the strongest reason why we attract problems repeatedly.  Most of us talk a lot, and we tend to tell the same story again and again.  Complaining about a back problem, a bad relationship or a rude boss can become addictive, and this generates a lot of extra magnetism for these negative circumstances.

The good news is that it’s fairly easy to stop complaining.   At first, biting one’s tongue might be a bit uncomfortable, but with a little bit of practice it is easy to limit the negative talk.

For more information on this concept, read this article: “Why Talking About Our Problems Is Our Greatest Addiction.”

2. Obsessively thinking about the problem 

While most people in society believe that worrying is critical for our survival, nothing could be further from the truth.  When we worry about our problems we generate more momentum for them, and we find ourselves further and further away from the solutions we need. 

Though many of us understand that negative thinking causes problems, changing our thoughts is still often easier said than done.  Our thoughts move at a very quick pace and come without much effort, so “thought control” can be a bit tricky.

It is important to remember that even though you are able to change many of your intentional thoughts, you will have still have some unwanted unintentional thoughts here and there, and that’s ok.  A few negative thoughts won’t ruin your life, so please give yourself some leniency on this one, especially in the beginning.

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With that being said, when we find ourselves completely obsessing about a problem, we can do some deliberate distraction, and this can have a very profound effect over the situation at hand.

The next time you find yourself worried or anxious about a problem, simply tell yourself something along the lines of “I can solve this problem later, but right now I am going to focus on something a bit more uplifting.”  Then, find an activity to do that brings a a little more joy into your life.

You could watch a funny movie, call a good friend, or practice a hobby that makes you happy.  You could also listen to uplifting music or do some light exercise. 

Distraction is a great habit to develop because it gets you pointed in the right direction vibrationally.  If each time you find yourself obsessing, you take a step back and distract yourself into a higher vibration, you will generate a habit that helps you bounce back from negative thoughts quickly in all areas of your life. 

With practice, it will become your default behavior to distract yourself when your thoughts become too negative.  When positive distraction becomes your automatic response to obsessive negative thinking, you will see a powerful change in the quality of your reality.

3. Acting out of fear 

Our actions have the ability to affect our vibration and our beliefs.  Not only are our actions a reflection of our vibration and how we feel inside, but they also have the power to change our vibration and how we feel inside.  

For example, perhaps you’ve heard that when you are feeling down you can simply practice smiling to improve your mood a bit.  Even though the smile isn’t genuine, the simple act of smiling mirrors itself inside with an emotional boost.

This works because our our moods and our actions work together in tandem.  Altering our moods will change our behaviors, and altering our behaviors will also change our moods.    Therefore, by changing our behaviors regarding a problem, we change the way we feel about the problem, and then the problem manifests differently in our reality.

For this reason, the actions we choose to engage in have a tremendous effect on the circumstances we are attracting.  When we are struggling with the same issue repeatedly, we can usually find some behaviors that indicate fear of the problem.  By reducing and eliminating these fearful behaviors, we can consciously alter our beliefs and vibration regarding the subject.

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For example, if I have been struggling to stay healthy, it is possible that I am behaving as if I am afraid of getting sick.  Perhaps I have been obsessively washing my hands, taking immunity vitamins and avoiding all of the sick people in my life.  In turn, this negative, fearful focus (ironically) draws sickness closer to me.

Why is this?  It’s because I am sending a message to the universe that is screaming “I am afraid I am going to get sick!”

Again, we get what we focus on, whether it’s something we want or not!  When we take fear-based actions to avoid sickness, all the universe knows is that we are thinking about getting sick.  So, though these actions are taken with the intention of reducing illness, in many cases they actually increase illness. 

It’s always a good rule of thumb to evaluate our choices in our actions, especially when things aren’t going our way.  When we are attracting repeated unwanted events it’s wise to pause and ask ourselves if we are running toward what we want or running away from what we don’t want.

It doesn’t matter which direction we are running in.  As long as we are running we are strongly focused and therefore in the mode of attraction.  

Now, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t wash your hands, wear a seatbelt or take your vitamins.  If these actions make you feel better about the situation, by all means do what you have to do.  Feeling protected is a higher vibrational place than feeling exposed and vulnerable is, so if taking a protective action helps you feel safe in the moment go for it.   

That being said, if you find you are making great efforts to avoid your fear, these obsessive actions are absolutely part of the problem.  Like obsessive thoughts, obsessive actions are dangerous because they indicate a strong focus on the unwanted.

Always remember, the greatest protection you will ever have is vibrational alignment.  When you are projecting a very high vibration, you are 100% safe, and will only attract wanted events and circumstances.  If you feel that you need protection on a regular basis, take some steps to raise your vibration and work to lessen your dependency on protective actions.

So when you find yourself trapped in Groundhog’s Day and the same problem is popping up repeatedly, take some steps to evaluate and adjust your approach.  Avoid talking about the problem, distract yourself from obsessive thoughts and reduce the tendency to act out of fear.

This three-pronged approach will slow (and eventually stop!) the negative attention that is drawing the same problem in your life again and again.

As a final note, please remember it’s always best to crawl before you walk.  Go easy on yourself if at first you struggle to stop talking about a persistent problem, or if your thoughts or actions are still worrisome and fearful.  We aren’t aiming for perfection here, we’re simply trying to slow down the negative momentum.  

Every time you choose higher vibrational thoughts and actions you reduce negative attraction, so pat yourself on the back for your achievements and give yourself a pass when you slip up.  Eliminating an established negative attraction requires some practice and, of course, some patience with oneself.

If you’ve had success in eliminating any negative cycles from your life, I’d love to hear your story.  Comment below and share your thoughts.

Thanks for reading!


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About the Author: Andrea Schulman is a former high school psychology teacher and mother of two who specializes in Law of Attraction education.  She’s passionate about yoga, technology and spiritual living.

This article was originally published on Raise Your Vibration Today.

Image Source: Cameron Gray, ParableVisions.com.  All rights reserved.  This image was reproduced with permission from the artist.

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