3 Essential Lessons of Your Sacral Chakra That Will Bring You More Joy

Every energy center in your body (chakra) relates to a different part of your life, and for this reason, each one has specific life lessons to impart. This video looks at the 3 key lessons of your second chakra that resides in your pelvic area.

If you haven’t watched the video for your first chakra, take a look at it here:

3 Key Lessons of Your Root Chakra

Your sacral chakra is the home of your Divine Feminine (for men and women alike). It is orange and located in the hips and its element is water. This means that it is all about flow, ease and movement.

Whereas the root chakra is all about stability, the sacral chakra is all about change. It is the seat of all your moods and emotions as well as your fertility and sexuality.

Here are the 3 Key Lessons of Your Sacral Chakra:

Lesson #1: Embrace, Honor & Express Your Emotions – our culture likes to shut down emotions, but experiencing them is a beautiful thing. Besides, repressing them can lead to all sorts of ailments. Since the sacral chakra is the home of your childlike creativity and joy, it especially wants to teach you to remain playful and keep your youthful exuberance.

Lesson #2: Be Flexible and at Ease – Since this chakra is all about the element of water, one of its key lessons is to be like water. Bruce Lee is often told people to be like water, because he understood the inherent strength in something that can bend and be flexible. Move around the obstacles in your life without drama or fuss, and you will find that your life feels easier. The motto here is: go with the flow.

Lesson #3: Treat All Intimacy as Sacred – wherever you have two people, you have an opportunity for sacred connection. The sacral chakra is all about relationships and one-on-one intimacy. It teaches you to honor all the dyad relationships in your life – especially the highest expression of intimacy – sexual union with your beloved soulmate. The second chakra wants you to celebrate sex as a sacred act.

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