3 Everyday Energy Elixirs For Empaths & Everyone Else

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I don’t know about you, but at the end of the day, I often find myself feeling pretty worn down and drained of energy. I’m sure most empaths can relate, although if you’re anything like me you are hastily working on a regimen to keep you from not only absorbing the energy of others but also to prevent your own reserves from slowly leaking out through the day.

It’s an ever-evolving process with rough edges I’m still working on, but what I’ve come up with thus far that seems to be working pretty well are 3 practices that you can “check-in” with throughout your day; every day, to keep you accountable to not only your physical health but also to your spiritual, mental and emotional well-being.

This little system is what I call “THREE-BEES” (3 B’s) and it has done magick in my own little world. I hope it does the same for you!

The “Inner” Bee: BREATH-WORK

Breathing is something we do automatically and usually without even thinking about it. Our bodies were so awesomely designed where we really don’t have to pay much attention to this process, do we? So why is it every time we experience stress or anxiety we innately know to pause and take a deep breath? I believe this is because it is hard-wired in us to know that the simple, yet significant act of consciously breathing is more than just another breath, it is the first brick laid in a bridge to higher consciousness. And this bridge…or connection is the ultimate and infinite source of healing energy. A deep breath can calm you down in a moment of rage. Repetitive focused breathing is one type of meditation that I actually prefer to do first thing in the morning when the morning Arizona air is still relatively cool. As an empath, this helps me to release what energy I’ve collected that isn’t mine and to call back from the world any of my energy that may have left.

The “Middle” Bee: BOUNDARIES

I consider strong personal boundaries to be a vital component to living a happy life where you feel balanced in your giving and offering as much as you do your taking and receiving. You have learned to trust your own judgment and intuition and the signs and symbols that the Universe speaks to you through and know when to say and also when to say no. You don’t make promises you don’t intend on keeping as you know this slowly chips away at your integrity. And you know you have set some healthy boundaries when you trust fully in your own judgment.

How to get there: Start to put yourself first and stop feeling guilty about it! I know it’s not easy and this will feel completely foreign to you at first, but trust me once you get a taste of Self-love, you wanna keep the faucet running! 🙂

The “Outer” Bee: BEAUTY

Being able to see opportunities in times of crisis is one the greatest gems life has to offer. It’s also one of the most difficult lessons to learn, especially if you are a stubborn mule like myself! However, now that I’ve somewhat mastered that art, life is laughable for almost any occasion, because I can now see everything as the puzzle piece it is, playing its part, reading its script and existing without labels and judgment until those I choose to apply. I’ve learned that not taking things personally almost instantly diffuses negative energy being directed at you and opens up a space for love and understanding to enter. All it takes is shifting presence from panic and fear back to peace and full awareness in who you are. It is when we forget our purpose that our presence in the moment brings the fear that pushes us back to the past or pulls us into the future. Most of us have been trained to fear the unknown and this fear-response is also embedded in our DNA, so while it’s a good survival tool, most of us have grown quite resentful of the consequences of the choices we make while in fear. And I’ve learned the key to making better choices is to first accept the bad ones you’ve made and love yourself anyway. Once you can see the beauty in the bullshit, you have arrived.

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