12 Ways You Can Tell If He Will Be Good In Bed

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By Sarah K | The Talko

One might think that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover… but in the case of judging a man in the sack by how he acts outside of it, this simply is not true. There are many small tip-offs in his day to day life that will tell you exactly how good he will be in bed, and little of it has to do with physical touch. How he treats you in the light of day is a good indicator of how he will treat you in the dark, so pay close attention to his actions for a sneak peek of what you will be in for later that night. And don’t be fooled into thinking that being overtly sexual will automatically translate into a great rough and tumble, some men try to cover up their lack of skills with big words and obtuse gestures – sort of like a big truck and a small member.

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1) Is kind, giving, and thoughtful

For starters, is he just a genuine and good person? Does he think about you instead of just himself and go out of his way to make you feel wonderful? This will translate beautifully to the bedroom. The ability to be unselfish (and this means being kind because he is wonderful, not because he just wants in your pants) is a trait that can be difficult to find in a hook-up situation, but one that will certainly be recognizable with time if given the chance.

2) A good listener

Does he listen when you talk? Like, actually actively listen? This is important because it not only means that he is really interested in you, but that he is involved. Listening in the bedroom could be the difference between the right spot and a completely wrong spot. When you say “left” does he do it? Does “right there” cause him to keep doing what he is doing? If not, his inability to listen to, and follow directions, may only result in frustration and some painful misses.

3) A fantastic kisser

Kissing is the soul of sex. It is where your two individual chemicals come together and tell you right off the bat if you are compatible. A passionate kiss is sure to lead you to the bedroom with sparks, where a friendly kiss will leave you wondering if there is anything more. The way he moves his lips, how much tongue he uses, and the gentleness at which he handles the whole situation is a gateway to many pleasurable things to look forward to.

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4) Swagger

It’s in the way he moves. How he carries himself speaks a lot to his composure and class. Does he saunter? Does he stand up tall? Does he slum around in pants with the crotch to his knees? Check out the way he walks and moves, is he charming? If a man knows how to carry himself and exude a sexy persona on the streets, his bedroom swagger will likely be on point as well. Slum lords are going to be lazy and he may not care as much about the little things he should.

5) Eye contact

Even if he is shy, eye contact should not be left to slide. Cliche has it that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so it would make sense that seeing into them will give you a good idea of his intentions and capabilities. Eye contact is also key for keeping a fire smouldering, it is hard to fall into love, or even lust, without that electric connection of locked eyes. Depending on just how passionate his gaze is could be the tipping point away from lacklustre sex.

6) A good dancer

Does he have it? Does he have that sultry, sexy, swaying rhythm that begs you to join him? If you don’t believe in the power of dance, watch Magic Mike. While stripping is not necessary, the movement of his hips and the excitement and energy that accompanies it are directly related to love making. Is it not known that sex is simply dancing beneath the sheets? Watch his moves, love his moves, move with him.

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56 Reader Comments

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  1. 533812966788587@facebook.com' Ghislaine Quessy says:

    I can’t think of anything useful or related to comment …
    so I’m just going to post a Blueberry pancake recipe.
    1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1 tablespoon baking powder
    1/2 teaspoon baking soda
    1 1/4 teaspoons white sugar
    1 egg
    1 cup milk
    1/2 tablespoon butter, melted
    1/2 cup fresh or frozen blueberries, thawed
    1. In a large bowl, sift together flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda and sugar. In a small bowl, beat together egg and milk. Stir milk and egg into flour mixture. Mix in the butter and fold in the blueberries. Set aside for 1 hour
    2. Heat a lightly oiled griddle. or frying pan over medium high heat. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 1/4 cup for each pancake. Brown on both sides and serve. Enjoy.

  2. 616134271871845@facebook.com' Debra Louvier says:

    Love the recipe…

  3. 10205551747769029@facebook.com' Lynn Keller says:

    Narcissistic men fake all that and even fake sexual generosity until something threatens their facade.

  4. 1025938827468477@facebook.com' Jenni Clark says:

    What a load of rubbish lol

  5. 10154712412055200@facebook.com' Heather Stevens says:

    I’ve found #3 to be mostly spot on.

  6. 930547750371324@facebook.com' Sabine Rijpma-Esser says:

    Hey, lets face it that most men are good and handsome looking but if it comes to, they are to lazy and cant keep what the eyes are promis to you and are only good in bed if the woman give the most efffort and is on the top, for the rest they are only good in to drinking beer, to talk about, or to give a big show from somthing they have mostly only wild dreans about and that was it than! And if the woman dont do they go to whores who searves them all that payable love where they dont need to give to much effort! The rest is fantasy and movie stuff! So? What is if he is not good in bed? Have that to be the main thing in real Love to put eachother under pressure, to stress about and are afraid to fail? That is mostly the sex killer in bed, for sure! And rearlly, who needs men who needs drugs for to make it true? What often is so in that case and users from drugs are loosers in all other cases in life! The porn world in unrealistic and unnatural that here have everyone to know! Whats about simply to enjoy what is possible and than to be gratefull and thankfull for it? And enjoy witth eatchother on a relaxed way? And all what someone personly is able to give is than good enough? It should not be regarded as a sport, where you can get a medal then, a diploma or certificat for! That is rearlly deadly killing and unhealthy for a good lovingly relationship and never works out fortunatley rather the contrary! Men, stay and be normal, than you are crazy enough! Dont worry, much is mostly and only illusion stuff! Better keep that there and come back to the grownd with both feets and stop go flying in your heads and stop to go searching for only more and more sickness unrealisic highwire! Thats most addictional unhealthy only

    • 1921400651419077@facebook.com' Tamara Kluin-Meijer says:

      Nou nou Sabine Rijpma-Esser…….

    • 930547750371324@facebook.com' Sabine Rijpma-Esser says:

      Tamara Kluin-Meijer het moest een keer gezegt worden toch? 😉 ik zeg waar het op slaat

    • 1921400651419077@facebook.com' Tamara Kluin-Meijer says:

      Nee je vertelt jouw mening. En die klinkt behoorlijk gefrustreerd….

    • 930547750371324@facebook.com' Sabine Rijpma-Esser says:

      Tamara Kluin-Meijer ja, over de voorlichting hier, ongevraagt of kinderen dat misschien ook wel kunnen zien en dat frustriert me behoorlijk ja! En alle mensen manipuleeren en of ze inpraten als of in het leven niks belangrijker is dan hoe potent een man is, in een goede relatie! Hier worden jonge mannen all onder prestatiedruk gezet vanwege dat ze bang moeten zijn, in bed nit de held te zijn

    • 1921400651419077@facebook.com' Tamara Kluin-Meijer says:

      Je moet dit soort berichten toch niet zo serieus nemen. Maar jouw reactie hierop doet het voorkomen dat alle mannen lui zijn in bed en de vrouw al het “werk” mag doen. En als ze dat niet bevalt gaan ze bier drinken en naar de hoeren?!

    • 930547750371324@facebook.com' Sabine Rijpma-Esser says:

      Tamara Kluin-Meijer ik weet van genoeg waar dat zo is gebeurd, daarom is onder anderen ook mijn beste vriendin in duitsland met 3 kinderen gescheiden nu, maar ik ken nog meer verhalen, en heb voor dat ik Arno heb leren kennen ook teleurstellende ervaringen gemaakt wat betreffende mannelijkheid, verwachtingen en teleurstellingen ervan! Ik kan zeker eggen, het gras is niet groener bij een ander man

    • 1921400651419077@facebook.com' Tamara Kluin-Meijer says:

      Er zullen er genoeg zo zijn. Maar jij zegt dat de meeste mannen zo zijn…… Dat is pas slechte voorlichting?

    • 930547750371324@facebook.com' Sabine Rijpma-Esser says:

      Tamara Kluin-Meijer nee, juist de goede, zodat de meiden dat al weten voor dat ze teleur gestellt zijn van te hoge verwachtingen juist 😉 want hey, hoe bitter is dat,als je van zo een slechte ervaring ook nog zwanger raakt?

    • 1921400651419077@facebook.com' Tamara Kluin-Meijer says:

      Zodat ze bij voorbaat al denken alle mannen zuipen bier, gaan naar de hoeren en presteren niets in bed?

    • 930547750371324@facebook.com' Sabine Rijpma-Esser says:

      Tamara Kluin-Meijer ik zij niet alle? Maar het zijn behoorlijk veel die hoofdzaakelijk alleen maar een grote mond voll hebben maar niks er achter wat ze zo zeer prbeeren te beloven! Misschien alleen diegene, die je ervoor moet betalen

    • 1921400651419077@facebook.com' Tamara Kluin-Meijer says:

      Als jij het zegt haha. Maar het klonk zo gefrustreerd, zei al tegen Johan, ik hoop niet dat Arno dit leest.

    • 930547750371324@facebook.com' Sabine Rijpma-Esser says:

      Tamara Kluin-Meijer heeft met Arno niks te maken en hij heeft geen redenen om zich druk te maken, en ervaringen moeten niet alleen maar eigen ervaringen zijn? In de loop van mijn leeftijd had ik ook veel vriendinnen, en in de tijd toen ik van een relatie alleen maar kon dromen, was ik de goede vriendin met een luisternd oor, en dan kom je allerhand te weten en denkt dan, goh, ik miss blijkbaar toch niet zo veel wereld bewegende dingen en was bij om een single te zijn, want geen stress?

    • 1921400651419077@facebook.com' Tamara Kluin-Meijer says:

      Nee klopt, hoeven geen eigen ervaringen te zijn. Maar je scheert de mannen wel over 1 kam zoals jij het zegt. De meeste mannen etc. Ik denk dat er meer “normale” mannen zijn dan zulke. En als dat niet zo is zeg het me maar niet, laat mij lekker in die waan hahaha???

    • 930547750371324@facebook.com' Sabine Rijpma-Esser says:

      Tamara Kluin-Meijer ik kan je alleen maar vertellen dat wij grote geluksvogels zijn wat onze mannen betrefft ja! Zodat je het weet!!! Ik heb te veel nikszeggende zielepieten leren kennen in de caffees en discos, die troost zoekten wegens dat hun vrouw ze niet begrijpt types, en in werkelijkheid alleen maar op zoek waren naar ander avontuurtjes, verder niks! Op de medelijd tour weet je? De moeder instinct in een vrouw aan sprekende, je weet wel? De kleine onschuldige jongen miemende! Als niet, dan weet jij het nu, haha

    • 1921400651419077@facebook.com' Tamara Kluin-Meijer says:

      Hahaha, ik ben te groen???

    • 930547750371324@facebook.com' Sabine Rijpma-Esser says:

      Tamara Kluin-Meijer Weet je, je hebt niks gemist! Zoms is de eerste beste, werkelijk de beste! Echt waar (y) laat je dat gezegt zijn van een goede vriendin 😉

    • 10153348412530869@facebook.com' Shane Walter Kenneth says:


    • 10201242013530468@facebook.com' Barbara Cooper says:

      Yes but obviously she’s proud of herself. Excellent sedative

  7. 954136334639949@facebook.com' 李寶童 says:


  8. 959395984108590@facebook.com' Sonya Crose Moncrief says:

    A good dancer always

  9. 1481035618876924@facebook.com' Christie Gil says:

    Well I think I’m covered then 😉

  10. 1642455209372959@facebook.com' Mike Jones says:

    wtf happened to this page

  11. 1640411692913547@facebook.com' Karen Fraser says:

    Eyes and attitude.

  12. 10204690143606995@facebook.com' Shane Meeker says:

    These comments look like the Oprah Winfrey man haters club.

  13. 931359096954389@facebook.com' Michael Monaghan says:

    Yep happy with that summary. .got those points covered

  14. 157824524595564@facebook.com' Sunny Sharma says:


  15. 10153760598140661@facebook.com' Ricksy Munro says:

    Bahahahaha the mythical man ??? or your best gay boyfriend ??

  16. 10153789652211893@facebook.com' Lis Harris says:

    Amy Wyatt

  17. raszcazz@gmail.com' master raz says:

    less talk less text more fucking

  18. 10153318714499149@facebook.com' Cara Johnson says:

    All sounds about right to me, the most important being a good kisser.

  19. 186444161713056@facebook.com' Jesse Coker says:


  20. 757159907752548@facebook.com' Michael Godding says:

    Lmao?….no harmony without equality ✌?

  21. 10203579329643906@facebook.com' Vincent Tan says:

    Hold Sex Back… Five To Six… Years After… Marriage, After… Wedding…

  22. 10153909836542128@facebook.com' Nick Beckett says:

    What a load of bulls t we’re do people get this shit

  23. 1482422748732089@facebook.com' Koby Koby says:

    This is the least problem
    In the world ryt now lmao

  24. 10206885695239223@facebook.com' Sisa Colletti Vanelli says:

    Good kisser

  25. 1027779190576004@facebook.com' Shawn Race says:

    One way. There’s only one.

  26. 10153919755487938@facebook.com' Edward Rex Skerritt says:

    Jennifer Tadena

  27. 10201242013530468@facebook.com' Barbara Cooper says:

    Well not always true so don’t bother to write these down

  28. RaspingJester@gmail.com' Human says:

    It’s no wonder the data shows that the most single people per capita is always in larger cities . Way way to much expectations and a lack of just being yourself and experiencing life including the ups and downs . Screw that list and find out yourself be brave live life get out there and conquer your fears or submit to the power exchange of others…others list that is .

  29. 185765511782281@facebook.com' Isaac Cervine says:

    I heard a man that plays the sax is good in bed too!

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