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The 12 Biggest Life Secrets Forgotten By Mankind

Gilbert Ross | Spirit Science & Metaphysics

The more I ponder about life, the more I come to one solid realization: The biggest curse and predicament of modern Man is forgetfulness. Like a creeping malaise, forgetfulness has seeped through all of Man’s being and doing. Individually, collectively, historically or culturally, we are spellbound to forget.

We haven’t only forgot our past but also our place in the present and our responsibility of the future. On a personal level, our ego-based state of consciousness is on a mission to keep us in this state of forgetfulness – to break the link to our being as a whole and to the interconnected web of life and universal consciousness. On a collective level, this forgetfulness is perpetuated and reinforced by social and cultural means – mainly by being tranced into a reality of unconscious consumerism, inauthentic lifestyles and a materialistic mindset.

The brighter side of it is that we all have the chance to re-member and re-connect to ourselves and the universe at large. The power of remembering is at the center of the spiritual path to self-discovery and realization.

Here is a list of what I believe we have forgotten, or more importantly, a list of things to remember:

1. We forgot our place in the natural world:

In the last couple of hundred years we have detached ourselves from nature. We have exploited, ravaged, consumed and attempted to control nature to appease our greed driven by self-absorbed madness. We tried to distance ourselves from the natural circle of life. We forgot how to listen to and understand the natural rhythms and cycles of the earth – its signs and languages. We forgot to follow nature’s path and live in balance with it.

2. We forgot our connection to life and the cosmos:

By detaching ourselves from nature, we forgot that we are deeply connected to it and to the cycles of the universe. Some tribes on the outskirts of ‘civilization’, and who still follow ancestral ways, have preserved this connection with respect and reverence. We, on the other hand have instilled a sense of separateness which drove us out of balance and in dis-ease.  We forgot how all consciousness is interconnected and weaved into a delicate and beautiful dance.

3. We forgot our ancient wisdom:

We forgot our ancestral wisdom. In the quest to gain scientific knowledge through the rationalization of our mind, we forgot the wisdom through the opening of our heart. We forgot the ancient stories and folk wisdom that was handed down from from seers and wise men of antiquity who lived in harmony with the universe.

4. We forgot our path and our dreams:

By stirring away from our inner path we forgot to dream the dream of life. More importantly we forgot how to awake in that dream and see our true nature as co-creators of life – as the dreamers. We forgot that we have the power to weave dreams and use our power of intention to direct those dreams into manifestation.

5. We forgot our purpose:

With too much chatter, noise and distraction in this dense reality we forgot what we came here to do. We forgot our purpose. We are caught in the mass trance of fabricated consensual reality. We lost sight of our authenticity, that inner spark that drives us towards our happiness and self-realization. We forgot that we are here to be realized as spiritual beings embodied in a physical form and embedded in a congenial universe.

6. We forgot that everything is Love:

This is perhaps the deepest mystery of all that only some seers came to understand it as an all-embracing truth. That truth however is hidden somewhere deep inside of us. We knew it at some point but have lost touch with it. We forgot that everything is ultimately energy and consciousness and that love is the fundamental fabric of existence that runs through all energy and consciousness.

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  1.' Vincent Tan says:

    Defending The Faith…
    Each To Each

  2.' Pia Love says:

    Man has to forget, how else does the mind make room to remember?

  3.' La Nena Bella says:

    Compartamos este bello mensaje por la paz en el mundo copiandolo y pegandolo en nuestro muro para que nuestros amigos lo compartan ojalá dijeran paz en todo el mundo! No sólo en Francia! Las personas de Siria y del resto del mundo también sienten.
    Informemonos antes de seguir una moda, utilizemos él filtro de la PAZ MUNDIAL!
    Todos los seres humanos valemos por igual.
    Porque los niños deben ser los paganos de una guerra absurda?
    Y sufrir las consecuencias de los errores de los adultos?? si eres humanista y te importa la vida de estos pequeños lo compartiras para hacer conciencia que todos los países tienen el mismo valor porque ahí existen millones de humano como tu y yo. Comparte el video! Y si quieres ayudame a crecer dandole un like a mi página bendiciones, amor y paz para todos esos son mis mejores anhelos para la humanidad. Si de verdad te importa la vida de estos niños que pueden ser tus hijos, sobrinos, hermanos, o nietos compartelo en tu muro hoy por ellos mañana por ti! Un granito de arena no cuesta nada, compartelo con tus amigos por los niños del mundo ya! #paz #amor #comparte

  4.' Elken Alei says:

    Yes.that the reason start from zero under protection with parent hood. We r not same with turtle ,the salmon fish . The baby know the way to the sea and survive with natural preprogramming skill. In chinese indo religious they is a topic about reborn to this world to having another test of life,to achieve those failure in the past,to grand another testimony in present live so can delivere the soul into higher level of spiritual living form of energy .But in god leading religion become a man doctrine that totally offensive to their freeway .

  5.' Lisa Favell says:

    Mike Jones Bridges

  6.' Alley Aaliyah says:

    Tony Bones

  7.' Blank Sheep says:

    Have you knife in the shift that it’s happening that the universe is trying to get us back to that state of mind. On tv and new businesses and inventions more people are starting to become more aware of our bodies. Even on face book. This is a very exciting time. Too see the shift happening

  8.' Blank Sheep says:

    Notice the shift*

  9.' Zechariah Aharon says:

    like the Great Forgetting described by Daniel Quinn

  10.' Doug Chapman says:

    Brooklyn Breezy

  11.' Michelle Walters says:

    Loved it

  12.' Marie Friend says:

    Most importantly – we forgot our true history: Here’s the history of our people (Facebook Digest Version). Once upon a time there was a beautiful, vegetarian, evolved, diverse, and highly technological civilization. But, big catastrophes happened on Earth. So much so that people were pushed into caves, on top of mountains, and into the most inhospitable places. Today we call these people the cavemen. A lot was lost during these times. A massive layer of ashes was left on the American territory. There was very little food to eat, the vegetation was in ruin. That is when humanity started eating animals for its survival. Some islands were so crowded that they even started eating one another. Over the generations, the catastrophes were slowly forgotten, but the traditions remained. During these days, many visitors came to Earth, and played Gods. Others, came and tried to help. Many survivors remained and they attempted to recreate their traditions, technologies, etc. Although not as pristine. In what we now call the middle ages, a large invasion happened. Dark rulers came and took over Europe. They poisoned the wheat, created plagues, wars, and 90% of the native population was decimated and brainwashed. Their books burnt, their memories wiped, their body burnt alive, tortured in a way that we cannot comprehend nowaday, their history stolen. All that was left was highly traumatized people. They were angry, ignorant and restless. There were survivors in the North and in the East. Grand propaganda efforts were put in place to destroy all reputation of the Tartar, or the Catar, to name only 2, stating htat these people were barbaric, and crazy. They sent many armies to defeat them, because afterall they were not humans anymore, they were turned by the media into less than animals. They had stories of the Tartar coming at night and doing attacks while people were sleeping, terrorizing the general population. That was then easy to use the people to fight them and decimate them. The worst of the European natives, such as prisoners, prostitutes, disgruntled people, were put on boats and sent to take over the new world. Completely unconscious and traumatized, they obliged. Many of which were the original survivors were decimated, their history stolen. In turn, these newly extremely traumatized people were sent to decimate other populations, like the population of the Americas, then Africas. Now in turn, many people from these regions, who have been turned into extremely traumatized people along with all of the others, including the original people from Europe are being sent to the middle east under false pretense to do the same thing. We are being fed lies, after lies, after lies. Our history is being destroyed at a rate that defies logic. The invasion is still happening, and we are being controlled just as we were in the middle ages. Wouldn’t it be time for us to return to our original roots and figure out that we are one people, one world? Like the late Wayne Dyer said, we live on a round planet, there are no ‘taking sides’.

  13.' Danielle Sudweeks says:

    We forgot the single most important thing of all which makes us recall all these secrets and more….

    How to turn on the Pineal Gland!

  14.' Tareq Dakhil says:

    (We had already, beforehand, taken the covenant of Adam, but he forgot: and We found on his part no firm resolve.) The Holy Qur’an

  15.' Liv TechnoColor says:

    Gaboz Gabs

  16.' Johanna Bonilla says:

    Daniel Ramos

  17.' Frail Limb Berry says:

    “no words cannot be experience by those who remember us”

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