What Big Pharma Hoped You Would Never Know-Cannabis is in Your DNA


By Jerry Day | * Marijuana Doctors


Editor's Note: Special thanks to Dr. Rima Laibow for “turning me on” to this important video in a recent Email from her site. The implications of this news is so monumental and far-reaching, I would suggest that it is some of the most important news of the year (at least so far). Once again, lies from some of our largest businesses and organizations, and even our government, are coming to light. Please view this video to understand more and then please take action to spread it virally and begin a discussion in your communities about this important subject matter.

*Originally entitled: “Cannabis is in your DNA”

Robert O'Leary 150x150Robert O’Leary, JD BARA, has had an abiding interest in alternative health products & modalities since the early 1970’s & he has seen how they have made people go from lacking health to vibrant health. He became an attorney, singer-songwriter, martial artist & father along the way and brings that experience to his practice as a BioAcoustic Soundhealth Practitioner, under the tutelage of the award-winning founder of BioAcoustic Biology, Sharry Edwards, whose Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has now been serving clients for 30 years with a non-invasive & safe integrative modality that supports the body’s ability to self-heal using the power of the human voice. Robert brings this modality to serve clients in Greater Springfield (MA), New England & “virtually” the world, with his website, www.romayasoundhealthandbeauty.com. He can also be reached at romayasoundhealthandbeauty@gmail.com


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  1. 1560869917536924@facebook.com' Amanda Hudson says:

    mother plant

  2. 1838074626420055@facebook.com' Tanya Lysistrata says:

    Kylee Ambrose

  3. 10204915885689505@facebook.com' Joanna Stahl says:

    Corey McDaniel

  4. 10153602110616672@facebook.com' Bob Wert says:

    All for it! Anything that heals the body and its ills, make it available to the public please.

    Here is PA they just passed a bill for Medical Cannabis. Good for the PA and the folks who need it.

  5. 10156941659650217@facebook.com' Jen Nelson says:

    I do not smoke cannabis or anything else, I do not support recreational drug use, but ……………I do support oiur forests, our trees and cannabis in a medicinal form…………..this plant is so utterly useful in life and would/could save the forests…………….perhaps save ppl from pain and suffering, in this instance………….i do support it and would willingly advocate growing more under supervised and organised circumstances

    • 10206709643160091@facebook.com' Paul Kelty says:

      It’s not a recreational drug, it’s a plant

    • 10156941659650217@facebook.com' Jen Nelson says:

      Paul Kelty Being a batchelor of science, I am aware of this…………your point/

    • 1241727092504293@facebook.com' Maxamillian McGruff Begani says:

      I think a real bachelor of Science could probably spell bachelor….

    • 10156941659650217@facebook.com' Jen Nelson says:

      Sorry, had a drink!

    • 1038143206231359@facebook.com' Vicki Evjen says:

      You really should try it.

    • 1623869511270358@facebook.com' Stuart Iley says:

      Just because you have been to uni, doesn’t mean you can spout off about it to people with opinions! They just might be as intelligent than you!

    • 1537438959910340@facebook.com' Kane Gooch-Rogers says:

      U ok with recreational alcohol use lol

    • 10156941659650217@facebook.com' Jen Nelson says:

      Err Stuart Illey, I agree… We are ALL entitled to our opinion? Lol

    • 1698930326988408@facebook.com' Frank Stone says:

      so i guess you do not support beer either..

    • 245862032468307@facebook.com' Lee Williams says:

      Jen if you drink alcohol for recreational and medicinal purposes you are a f****** hypocrite I can be a hypocrite too and say alcohol for non medicinal purposes should be outlawed it causes violent Behavior accident deaths and death by slow poisoning make no mistake alcohol is a hard drug so if you’re a non-drinker you have right to your opinion about marijuana and all drugs if you drink you’re a hypocrite and f*** off

  6. 163735744026672@facebook.com' Danie Moura says:

    So is ammonia

  7. 205641753110049@facebook.com' Bex Mudie says:

    Thís is a must view,very interesting.

  8. 10207326503655222@facebook.com' Laura Herrera Holguin says:

    What you haven’t realized and said is that marihuana ,now is altered with so many chemicals, is genetically modified and that is very HARMFUL!!!! For those who doesn’t have children , think before you speak or write an article like this. Young kids DON’T need to misunderstand this! Mariguana as IT is now, IT IS VERY DANGEROUS AND ADICTIVE!

    • 10153689159133940@facebook.com' Silver Austin says:


    • 10153807596316131@facebook.com' Joe Knapman says:

      Lots of medications readily available are addictive, very dangerous and not natural. But they are profitable. I’m sure they are not using skunk varieties of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

    • 882631931833095@facebook.com' Allan Zacks says:
    • 882631931833095@facebook.com' Allan Zacks says:

      Addictive is your personality. So much youd get hoocked on w OJ.
      Please dont talk crap. Mary J is not addictive.

    • 868952296548052@facebook.com' Casi Shea Dunavin says:

      Laura, not only are you incorrect and obviously misinformed, but you also can’t spell. It’s marijuana.

    • 1070497312989589@facebook.com' Josh Slead says:

      You are misinformed

    • 10153584315767514@facebook.com' Simon Bryce says:

      Selfies are more dangerous. Hope you don’t let your kids have something as horribly dangerous as a phone

    • 1537438959910340@facebook.com' Kane Gooch-Rogers says:


    • 1157359484296043@facebook.com' James Raeburn says:

      I can see what you are trying to say, on the black market dealers don’t care what they are selling but if weed was legal and regulated it could be grown properly and flushed correctly so it would be free from any chemicals, plus it would be harder for kids to get hold off.

      Personally weed has saved my life and it gives me quality time with my children, due to my illnesses.

    • 1246608535356980@facebook.com' Khusro Ahmed says:

      It is not addictive at all. Laura.

    • 10153919128725659@facebook.com' H Marty Schelper says:

      Laura, do your own research and stay away from anti-cannabis propaganda. Cannabis is NOT addictive.

    • 10154159547629520@facebook.com' Stacey Bernstein says:

      Legalize marijuana and change the world! Let God’s seed change our planet! Shameful what government did. Free the cure for everything and everyone. Green is the cure for cancer!

    • 1590273621285443@facebook.com' Manya Mayer says:

      Heyyy laura-U R soo stupid! Hehehahahihaha

    • joedog13692@gmail.com' Joe M says:

      And How do you know this , I’V been a pot smoker all my life
      I am a normal positive influential person in the community so how bout THAT!

  9. 908442432567463@facebook.com' Mike Wayman says:

    Laura Holguin I don’t think that you know what you are talking about. Where do you get your information from. Not a single person has ever died from cannabis. Not ONE!!!!! Cannabis is not addictive and not dangerous. You are more likely to be hit by lightning than be harmed from cannabis.

    • 882631931833095@facebook.com' Allan Zacks says:

      Truth is I smoke and when i want. Ive an organic (not the Monsanto junk) and legal suplier from a legal weed club in my city. Yet i havent smoked for the past 20 days. People who smoke constantly act like tards but that is far beyond the point. As a matter of fact ppl who drink a lot act like tards as well. Not to mention those who are constantly taking anxciety and anti depressant pills (i been there too).

    • 10205031354811161@facebook.com' Mary Garrison says:

      So people who need antidepressants are “tards” ? Sounds like you’re the tard

    • 271008799910382@facebook.com' Bear Price says:

      Antidepressants are being proved to be extremely rough on people. Especially if the wrong medicine is prescribed. They have a very fine line as to what works for who and if it isn’t the right one, or the wrong “mental illness” is diagnosed, you can send someone to hell in their mind…. Anxiety and depression stem from your environment and those around you, what you’re doing. It’s a mental game that only you can truly fix in the end. Dr’s aren’t giving out magic pills. They’re just hopeful temporary fixes, with little benefit compared to proper care such as changing a lifestyle and a mentality, not just suppress and deaden someones emotions. Pharmaceuticals are not a good option for mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression, hands down, they are just a temporary fix for the rest of your life. So if those who choose to do that. Enjoy the slow emotionless life. I’ll enjoy being cured from mine by change of environment, and enjoying that weeeeeeeeeeddddd? those on pharmaceuticals are the biggest tards. Enjoy the system ?

    • 1011210302303854@facebook.com' Lisa Globetrotter Vantongeren says:

      Antidepressants will kill you before you get better! Throw that garbage out and get your minerals balanced in your body you will fee a lot better!

  10. 450731425120912@facebook.com' Kim Corbett says:

    Well there you go the lies and ignorance of it all.
    So much can be done with this herb.

  11. 10207904465002742@facebook.com' Lori Dumont says:

    Chris Taylor have you seen this??

  12. 1318258884857450@facebook.com' Dinah Puckett says:

    While in Washington I tried a CBD Muscle Rub on my arthritic shoulder and it really helped!!!! I will be will to get some when South Dakota legalizes medicinal Cannabis.

  13. 1575322466131575@facebook.com' Sirius Heyoka Nyabingy says:


  14. 1350295011663646@facebook.com' Taro Down says:

    Lee Wilkinson

  15. 605844242915992@facebook.com' Avonlea Wallin says:

    Keith Joslyn Krystal Sharp

  16. 1070497312989589@facebook.com' Josh Slead says:

    Yeah that’s how you get high. If you live in a legalized state You’d have already known this because of all the real education. Real research is going on not just propaganda perpetrated by the government to make money utilizing the jail system. Those people need to realize that jails aren’t profitable compared to legalizing and taxing the pot industry.

  17. 10206672673155493@facebook.com' Rick Smith says:


  18. 1763439193875523@facebook.com' Jennalynn Harvey says:

    chew wisely, swallowing buds whole may result in choking to death (the only way it would ever kill you)!

  19. 1220783481265967@facebook.com' Aubrey Antonelli says:

    Not news to many…lol

  20. 236023943399911@facebook.com' Martin Erickson says:


  21. 10203913657880328@facebook.com' Maddy Hunter says:

    Jack Atkins

  22. 10153499755957761@facebook.com' Angela Geoghegan says:

    Tyler Geoghegan

  23. 1033420400080266@facebook.com' Libacious Element says:

    Why are The Indians not commenting? I thought the herb is popularly known as Indian hem……lol

  24. 10154012580710132@facebook.com' Thierry Doucet says:

    Miro Belzil

  25. 254281588255904@facebook.com' Amirudin Pramulyana says:

    Let’s get high, guys!!!! Hahaha…

  26. 1142638825747041@facebook.com' Justin Jean Ferrant says:

    Bradley Love this is what I was talking about.

  27. 10154110227516753@facebook.com' Reece Verdoorn says:

    Amy Verdoorn
    Anthea Verdoorn
    Please read and watch!

    • 1193231480688009@facebook.com' Amy Verdoorn says:

      Very interesting! I’ve seen and read a lot about it. He does reiterate the use of fresh leaves in the diet, not smoking it.? I think it is going to become more and more popular as people take their health into their own hands. Thanks for the share.

  28. 1073545376001940@facebook.com' Nomvuyo Mncina says:

    It’s true about the neural receptors for cannabinoids in human brains -and that we don’t have neural receptors for other plant chemicals; hence, opioids have undesirable side effects on our cognitive, circulatory and muscular health: a tendency towards violent behaviour and muscle weakness.

    These neural receptors for cannabinoids in the human brain are an evolutionary feature that is found in only one other species: NOT IN PRIMATES, but in a sea anemone that has the most similar nervous system to humans’.

    That explains why Hinduism traces the origin of cannabis back to the sea, where it is believed to have originated: it is said that Lord Shiva churned the water to prevent malevolent gods from attaining an energetic force called Amrita, which gave bliss consciousness, courage and extraordinary mental strength.

    It is said that the water being churned by Shiva splashed the sea shore and cannabis sprouted where it landed. This Hindi narrative is an apt account of the evolution of the plant species from blue-green algae that crept from shallow parts of the primordial sea, to the shore -in search of stronger sunlight for photosynthesis. Without adequate sunlight, humans can’t synthesise the adequate level of Vitamin D that is vital to bone health and strength. The origin of the human species thus suggests the cellular coagulation of anemone and blue algae, hence the particular structure of our nervous system, the blue hue of our highly oxygenated haemoglobin and, of course, the anatomical adaptation of our brains to assymilate cannabis like the sea anemone does.

  29. 10206128318262261@facebook.com' Francisco J Torres says:

    Cannabis is created by good … good not created something to harm humans humans created something to harm humans

  30. 10153636208428470@facebook.com' Vasquez-Millan Frank says:

    Hope some of those people are still alive so we can send them to trial for false propoganda. Make an example out of them

  31. 10153792045148051@facebook.com' Kirsten Gakes says:

    Michiel van der Werf

  32. joedog13692@gmail.com' Joe M says:

    Over 40 years Smoking everyday as many joints as a cigarette smoker would smoke in an average normal day of smoking cigarettes there’s nothing wrong with me I am a healthy male specimen of 54 years old strong vibrant thriving positive role model in my community never had a DUI never had a drink never had harder drugs marijuana is not the Gateway to the drug world only you can decide that if you want the harder stuff and you can go to the package store and buy alcohol and that kills far more people than I’ve ever heard of dying or killing anyone else from marijuana use the Native Americans were not wrong about this there was a reason they smoked it God bless marijuana soon to be free by the worst president ever , Obama Cannabis

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