The Mystical ‘Merlin’ is Not Who (or What) You Think


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Firstly, Merlin is not a name, it’s a title!

You have, probably, heard of Merlin in the tales of King Arthur.

With a person of such importance it is only to be expected that a Merlin would be assigned to his court and, as etiquette required, be addressed by his title rather than by his name. As this was in the time during which the Catholic Church was gradually conquering Europe, the presence of a Merlin in King Arthur’s court was of even greater importance.

In the ancient Celtic tradition, a boy would be taken up into the bardic school at about 9 years of age where they would study for around 12 to 15 years. (Girls would be taken up in the priestess school.) Naturally, not all the students completed the full training; many were there to learn some of the basics before going back to continue in the family occupation.

Those who mastered the entire training were then sent to travel the world as Bards.

Despite what you may have been taught in school, a Bard was (is) not a troubadour. His training gave him abilities way in excess of this.

The duties of a Bard were (are):

1) To maintain a standard language throughout the land. In the times in which it was a great rarity for anyone to leave their village, there was a constant tendency to develop dialects so strong that communication with other communities would no longer be possible.

2) To “correct and balance”, i.e. to maintain the natural order, to attain agreement in strife, forgiveness and reconciliation after hurt and much more. This is the system which the Catholic Church replaced with their guilt and punishment concepts which gave a remote Theocracy, centralised in Rome, control over everyone’s daily life. It is their system which we still use today!

3) To give both children and adults a basic education and to report to his Merlin the names and locations of Children with the potential to become Bards.

4) To carry news from place to place.

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Originally entitled: “What exactly IS a Merlin?”

Robert O’Leary, JD BARA, has had an abiding interest in alternative health products & modalities since the early 1970’s & he has seen how they have made people go from lacking health to vibrant health. He became an attorney, singer-songwriter, martial artist & father along the way and brings that experience to his practice as a BioAcoustic Soundhealth Practitioner, under the tutelage of the award-winning founder of BioAcoustic Biology, Sharry Edwards, whose Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has now been serving clients for 30 years with a non-invasive & safe integrative modality that supports the body’s ability to self-heal using the power of the human voice. Robert brings this modality to serve clients in Greater Springfield (MA), New England & “virtually” the world, with his website. He can also be reached at romayasoundhealthandbeauty@gmail.

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59 Reader Comments

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  1.' Kat Alwyn says:

    Okay. . a title . . . I know what titles like king, serf, knight, peasant, bard and the like mean, bt I don’t know what a Merlin is so I guess intrigued.

  2.' Bertie Patterson-Bledsoe says:

    Merlin is my dog, a beautiful white shepherd! He is magic, he wills half of my food in to his mouth, What magic is this!!!

  3.' Judy Ranelli says:

    This is a complete fabrication. Entertaining, but false. From ‘Merlin:
    sorcerer and soothsayer in Arthurian legends, from Old French form of Welsh Myrddhin, probably from Old Celtic *Mori-dunon, literally “of the sea-hill,” from *mori “sea” (see mere (n.)) + dunom “hill” (see dune).”

    •' Judy Ranelli says:

      …and bard: bard (n.)
      mid-15c., from Scottish, from Old Celtic bardos “poet, singer,” from PIE root *gwer- “to lift up the voice, praise.” In historical times, a term of contempt among the Scots (who considered them itinerant troublemakers), but one of great respect among the Welsh.
      All vagabundis, fulis, bardis, scudlaris, and siclike idill pepill, sall be brint on the cheek. [local Scottish ordinance, c. 1500]
      Subsequently idealized by Scott in the more ancient sense of “lyric poet, singer.” Poetic use of the word in English is from Greek bardos, Latin bardus, both from Gaulish.

    •' Jason Boone says:

      I was just about to make a “wasn’t it Myrddhin?” comment myself 😀 Glad I’m not the only one who caught that.

    •' Ruth Horne says:

      I had never heard of Merlin being a title. Thanks Judy Ranelli for posting this. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to scratch my head too much. 🙂

    •' Jason Boone says:

      I’m almost positive that “Merlin as title” stems from video games/media borrowing Arthurian lore in a round about way. (Seen lots of either that used Merlin as a title as an excuse to make a character “a Merlin” without claiming they’re “THE Merlin” )

      •' Citizen Alan says:

        “Merlin” was, in fact, a title for a wizard within the urban fantasy setting of the Harry Dresden series of novels. That is absolutely the first time I ever heard it being used that way and that series was in no sense based on pre-Christian British history.

    •' Jack Wiegand says:

      At this point, I feel like sloppy scholarship is just as much a part of the living history of Arthurian legend as are any of the knights of the round table.

  4.' Carleen Phillips says:

    Merlin IS a name, and was derived from Myrddin (spellings vary). There are several historical figures which contributed to the so-called modern myth of the wizard. Kindly do some more research, or at the very least write an article related to the title you show.

  5.' Justin Watson says:

    Did you just come up with this right when you posted it?

  6.' Cody McCullin says:


  7.' Orean Keels Jr. says:

    Sorry…Merlin is not a title. It is a name.

  8.' Mike Emmons says:

    citation needed.

  9.' Lu Anderson says:


  10.' Shay Howe says:

    “Wowed, disappointed, or intrigued?” Nope. Still convinced your claim is utter balderdash and still firmly planted at “MAN, I don’t care!”

  11.' Burke Edwards says:

    Of course Merlin is a name, a proper noun, as mentioned below. It’s also the name of a bird, a small falcon found all across the northern hemisphere and used in falconry. Also that’s a real phony illustration to go with your phony post. But, please, by all means tell us all about Merlin Miller or Merlin Olsen, or any one else who has been given this honorific.

  12.' Martin Hunter says:

    I prefer the Runeish spelling Myrdynn Dwilt, Martin Dewild in Welsh. The name attached to the tribal leader known to the Romans as warlike ( Mars, God of War – ergo, Martin) and frequently lived in caves ( The Wild). Also see Arturos Gustas (aka Arthur). signed, Martin DeWild.

  13.' Kaerla Fellows says:

    I’ve been hearing about this theory for over 3 decades now. Unimpressed.

  14.' Deborah Allison says:

    The carving just does not fit with the place. I mean we are talking about something in stone, it is not going away.

  15.' Sway Hobbs says:

    I know that you are correct and these people are idiots. Just call it an incredible art display & move the bleep on with your lives!!! Not everyone here in the US loves all on Mt Rushmore but we respect it for the art it is!! Move along yo.

    •' Sway Hobbs says:

      As in correct, before everyone starts with their nonsense … It can be a derived name or an adj or a bleeping noun. Either way. Get over it. Sigh.

  16.' Dan Bristol says:

    Sources? Oh, and channeling doesn’t count. Books written by scholars quoting real, written down, non airy-fairy sources do count. So it’s sources or retraction. Oh, and your feelings aren’t a source, either, so I don’t care if I offended you. Only facts matter.

  17.' Stan Wells says:

    Nice article, but not sure exactly where he/they got their information. I would prefer some documentation on this one as I have always been taught different – not know this person and knowing where I got my information —- well, I would like to know the sources if I am supposed to buy this information.

  18.' Kathryn Carter says:

    Worse than tacky. But how is it someone can pull off a rock carving & nobody notices until it’s finished?

  19.' Bryon Adkins says:

    Who gives a flying F! He is as important to mythology (whether true or false) as Santa Claus is to Christmas. Unless you were there and a knight of the round table, shut the F up. (Being kind here) Let the rest of us enjoy what is most sacred in this world…FICTION/FANTASY. Who cares what his name means. The idea is totally exciting and intriguing. Just because you sit on a “I have to see it to believe it” don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

    •' Tim Snizek says:

      the Druids left no written works, everything we “know” about them is based on stories of stories of stories, so basically made up. Merlin is a cool story but just that, a story

  20.' Sharon Wayne Lindimore says:

    I know someone who claims to be psychic and she says she “channels Merlin” Thats a bunch of bunk – isnt it ? Have you ever heard of this before ?

  21.' Susan Ibarra says:

    Merrhdyn Emrys . . . !!!!!!!!!!

  22.' Helen A. Spalding says:

    When was this carved?

  23.' Karen Faith Timmons says:

    Merlin harks back to an ancient time when man and nature were one. Not always sweet, but raw and real. Merlin is shaman.

  24.' Patricia McMenomy says:

    Very interesting fact I didn’t know. Thank you.

  25.' Mona Leigh McCrea says:

    Already knew it. I did think it odd when Angelica Huston says in The Mists Of Avalon that “the Merlin of Britain is with him”. That was the first time I had heard the name Merlin spoken as a title. I had heard that there were many Merlins throughout time and history, which was another hint. Also heard that Taliesin was Merlin or a Merlin.

  26.' Justin Patch says:

    If you look back in history, Merlin is both a title and a name. It was obviously a name at first, as the original Merlin had to keep his Wizardry a secret because it had been outlawed.

  27.' Ej Reeder says:

    your explanation, while interesting and educational, changes nothing. merlin is merlin

  28.' Shannon McDowell says:

    Definitely intrigued! 😀

  29.' TW says:

    This is a totally false proposition, cute yes but without any historical evidence outside of fictional literature, woo woo 20th century new-age invention and dungeons and dragons fantasy.
    As an Englishman with Welsh heritage, an’ older’ Englishman with Welsh blood raised and educated when truths had to be proofed before publication, who has both studied and visited all of these locations and yes, read the ‘fiction’ as a child of six or seven, having my nations spiritual and magical legends turned into ‘facts’ is to be honest insulting to my culture and my ancestors intelligence. Trying to present as a reality something that should instead simply inspire wonder, imagination and perhaps touch fondly our civilizations orally transmitted roots is as deep a misunderstanding of the purpose of fable as to believe in Adam and eve creationism and the great flood.
    When I was a child………..
    By all means pretend all you want, dress up as druids, conjure the green man, carve the faces of imaginary hero’s in rocks that know the reality of time but don’t present your pseudoscience as anything more than delusional wishes.

  30.' Larry MacCaskill says:

    A merlin is a small variety of falcon, also.

  31.' Carolyn Short says:

    This is a good article, I’m glad I stopped to read it. It clarifies some of the mystery about the name Merlin that I was wondering about for years.

  32.' George Doutrich says:

    I stopped reading at “Merlin is a title”. Anyone who knows anything about actual Arthurian Lore knows better.

  33.' Renée Morton says:

    Deepak Chopra has written a book “the way of the wizard”.. According to his book Merlin is neither male nor female .. In the book Merlin is a master wizard and he teaches Arthur life’s lessons .. Good Book!! I thoroughly enjoyed it, in actual fact I might just read it again to discover what I might learn from it now .. We only absorb from a book what the mind needs at that time SO it’s wise to re read some books as time passes our minds and brains hunger for newer knowledge as they expand so does our awareness 🙂

  34.' Christiane Schroll says:

    Merlin is actually a story character who was a combination of 2 people. DUMBASS!!!

  35.' Internet Troll says:

    Merlin is a name, Like the person below this, i named my cat merlin, little fucker disappears then magically takes out my leg while i walk around at night. FUCK YOU Conscious Life News.

  36.' Ronni Caitlin Gabrielle Baer says:

    a merlin is a kind of hawk or falcon, actually.

  37.' Gregg Plapas says:

    Oh hell folk’s ….I’s live in Merlin ….!!!!!! Joppa, MD USA … !!!!! 🙂

  38.' Justin Patch says:

    As that is the truth Tim, you have as little proof of your believed version as I do of mine.

  39.' Cheryl Fitzpatrick says:

    Does that really matter??? Everyone calls GOD by his title.. he has a personal name…but anyway what’s all the contrversy over…it’s in rock…and NO-ONE knows what Merlin looked like..different books will put their own illustrations of how they look at it…people get over it. It’s in rock…it’s here to stay

  40.' Stephanie Nuzzolo says:


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