11:11 and the Multiplicity of Meaning

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In recognition of today's date: 11-11, we look at this still ubiquitous phenomenon and its multiplicity of meaning for millions around the world.

Alexis Brooks – Higher Journeys

11_11_11As the quest to resolve the mystery of the 11:11 phenomenon continues, so do the interpretations.  Why are many seeing this number so frequently but many others are not?  Why does this master number seem to attach itself to a range of synchronistic experiences?  Is there one universal meaning or many, depending on who is experiencing this phenomenon?

I checked in with some of my fellow colleagues – extraordinary researchers in the areas of metaphysics and consciousness to get their weigh in on what this ever-present number may signify.

Diane Brandon is an Integrative Intuitive Counselor & Intuition Teacher and says that she has been getting clients curious about the 11:11 phenomenon since the 90’s.  “11:11 and variations thereof may be a subtle, unconscious reminder of things that are coming and to attend, pay attention, and prepare in some way, while being on one’s spiritual path.”  She goes on to say, “In general, I feel that it’s a message from the Universe to pay attention – whether to be on the lookout for an upcoming event, to listen for messages, or to strengthen one’s spiritual connection.  Sometimes it may be a confirmation of one’s spirituality or spiritual orientation or that one is on the right path – or a confirmation that these are momentous times spiritually and to pay attention to events for spiritual import.

To me, the beauty of the messages behind the phenomena being individual messages underscores the need to pay attention to one’s inner voice and how one is guided, as opposed to looking for a one-size-fits-all meaning.”

As Diane so clearly articulates, 11:11 may just be a spiritual wake-up call of sorts.  We have definitely heard different variations of the spiritual significance of this master number in the past, but then the question arises, if we are all spiritual (at our core), then why are some recognizing this number as an integral quotient in their lives and not others?

Here’s what she had to say from this perspective: “Perhaps back in the 90’s some of this phenomenon had to do with confirming to people that they were on a good spiritual path or had a role to play.  With the increase in occurrence in the past few years, my sense is that it has to do with these times.  I started to feel a couple of years ago that it was even more important for people who would be facilitators to get on the path.  It feels as if this is a time of clearing, opening of awareness even more, and some sort of preparation for shifts and changes that may be in the offing.  Some people were saying back in the early 90’s that in the future everyone (meaning spiritual facilitators) would be needed.  There seems to be a consensus among some people that we’re on the cusp of that time.”

The idea that some – maybe even millions have been called to be spiritual facilitators on this planet is intriguing.  It seems evident that we are indeed on the precipice of a global, or even universal paradigm shift.  Perhaps these spiritual catalysts, though previously unaware of their purpose in life and during these times have been given the signal to come into conscious awareness of that purpose through the 11:11 signal.

Throughout the course of my research on the subject of 11:11, I’ve surveyed a variety of individuals about their own 11 experiences, and then measured this against some of their individual characteristics.  Clearly those who’ve acknowledged the 11 phenomenon in their own lives fell into *several different personality categories:

  1. Tend to be spiritually inclined (not necessarily religious).
  2. Have a pre-disposition or sensitivity to psychic (psi) phenomena in their lives.
  3. Fall into a “youth” (12-18) category, both male and female; could be described as crystal, indigo, or “new” children.

(*Note that this does not preclude those witnessing 11:11 who do not fall into any of the aforementioned categories).

The latter category is an intriguing subject on its own – the idea of new humans coming to this planet, often able to demonstrate feats of intellectual, psychic and even physical prowess well beyond their years or that of their adult counterparts.  The idea that some, if not many of these “new children,” a term I prefer to use, are also aligned with the 11:11 phenomenon may give us a clue as to the evolutionary significance of this number.

Interestingly, those youth that I’ve surveyed who see 11:11 (or variations of 11 like 1:11, 5:11, 9:11 and so on), seem to have a level of ease or a natural affinity to its presence whereby they are not necessarily questioning the frequency of the number, but rather accept it as a natural phenomenon or even a sort of celestial language.  On the other hand, some of the older individuals (including myself) who synchronistically began seeing the number in their later years have found themselves a bit more perplexed as to the how and why these numbers are appearing, although many sense that the presence of 11 carries some aspect of spiritual or psychic import.

Does 1111 lie beneath “The Matrix?”

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Alexis BrooksAlexis Brooks is the best-selling author of Conscious Musings – Contemplations to Transform Life and Realize Potential and is the host of the popular  Conscious Inquiry Radio program, exclusively presented by Conscious Life News.  Visit Alexis on FacebookTwitter and YouTube!

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6 Reader Comments

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  1. redbeerd11@yahoo.com' Daniel Ineza says:

    I would like more info on the subject.

  2. Alexis Brooks says:

    Hello Daniel, Thank you for your interest. Make no mistake about it, this is a very elusive phenomenon, but what makes it so mysterious and yet important is that so many people worldwide have reported seeing “11:11” or variations thereof in recent years. I have discussed this (anecdotally) both in my book, Conscious Musings and while being interviewed by Lilou Mace: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFVctCb69Qc&list=PL5txU9kv3t7gRaTdfh-mXFklfLhu-3fUX.

    At the end of the day, I do think that each experiencer of this phenomenon must go on a very personal exploration as to the significance of this number for themselves. We may one day have a definitive understanding of its meaning (as numbers do seem to denote a language of sorts) and I do think that “these times” constitute such phenomena in excess. No doubt this is a synchronistic phenomenon of great importance. I’d also suggest simply Googling “11:11.” You will find millions of results, much of which are others’ stories, questions and summations of what it all means. Amazing! Blessings, Alexis

    • lizkearney@hotmail.com' Liz says:

      I have been noticing 11:10 on the clock since the late 1970s. It was the time, one semester during high school, when my band class met. Band was a special time, and it saved my life. Band teacher was into the “human potential movement,” as it was called back then, and he did guided meditations with some of us. So to read recently that 11:11 is a thing, resonates with me.

      • ic11s@mail.com' cindy says:

        too funny. i was just reading this article today and was thinking how long it has been since i’ve been seeing 11:11. it’s been since the late 1980’s. along the way i have meet many other fellow “11veners” and have joined websites where other 11veners meet and discuss their day to day lives and attempt to understand the numbers. when i saw that you had been noticing 11:10 for such a long time i wondered what that was all about. like, almost there? or something else. well, i got up from my computer to go into the kitchen and looked at my microwave to see the time. guess what? it was 11:10. i just laughed and said, “ok, ok, i’m paying attention.

  3. janettehebbes@hotmail.com' Jan says:

    I have had this happen to me all year. When I open my iPhone it either 11.11 or 1.11 time. It happened for the first time this year on 11 day of January (1) and it was 1.11. I took a screenshot to save and have taken many many screenshots of this time since. I have mentioned it to so many and no one has had an answer. I showed my hubby today for the first time and then you posted this. I am older not younger in years. So Thankyou for some pondering insights x

  4. ljfox75@yahoo.com' Lisa Fox says:

    I started seeing 11:11 about 3 years ago. Prior to that I do not recall theses numbers having any significance in my daily life. I do tend to be spiritually connected to life rather than religiously. I also have had multiple encounters with thing and feeling I can not explain. I do not think of myself as physic, but more life very sensitive to my surrounding and people. 11:11 has become a number I see daily, only in their order of day and night though. I don’t recognize or find it beyond the time of day. I know I look at the time throughout the day but 9:11 and 11:11 seems to be the times that I remember looking. Anyother time does not stand out or has my attention the way this number does. Some of the explanations in the article makes sense to me, however I feel like it’s not enough of an explanation. I have read various definitions on 11:11 phenomenon but feel like the definition is a very personal one for each of us that have the experience. My question then is… I have been searching for my definition, how do I find my definition?

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