The Hypocrisy of Politicians With Armed Security-Who Wish it For No One Else


By Jon Rappoport |* No More Fake News


Logic, polemic, non-sequiturs, popcorn, and burning-ass syndrome

If you can’t have guns, you can have mind control

Who is the ‘we’ in ‘we have to stop killing each other’

“After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn’t do it. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to live in a society where the only people allowed guns are the police and the military.” (William Burroughs, Grand Street no. 37, 1992)

Let me state, for the record, that I’m not in favor of selling guns at 7-Elevens or from street vending machines. There are, however, a few nagging questions about gun ownership I want to scratch, claw, and flagellate, so follow along as I try to take apart a weird, wacky, and wonderful subject.

We’ve all heard this one: if a politician wants to disarm the public, he should give up his own security protection. See how he likes it.

What is it about politicians that gives them a special right to have armed professionals stalk their perimeter and mumble into their collars?

I can think of two reasons. One, pols are important. We need them. We need them more than we need, say, electricians or plumbers or pizza delivery boys or dentists.

I fail to admire the class distinction. And that’s putting it generously. In the overwhelming number of cases, the wounding or killing of a politician would result in another pol, very much like him, moving in to take his place. The new entry would vote along party lines, at the instruction of his superiors. He would commit the same unconscionable actions. He would display the same level of incompetence. Or, if you believe politicians are honorable and even insightful, then surely a pol who is taken out of action could be replaced by another who is endowed with the same admirable qualities.

The second reason: top-tier politicians are very visible. They’re widely known. They’re celebrities. As such, they attract crazies. Therefore, they need security.

Ah, but wait. It starts to get tricky here. What about famous actors and athletes? They, too, have many fans, a small percentage of whom are nuts. These private-sector celebs hire their own guards. They can afford to.

But…many politicians don’t have that kind of money. Therefore, they need government to pay for the hired guns, who are other government employees.

So follow this…if money, no-money is the only distinction here, then rich politicians should certainly pay for their own private guards.

In which case, government regulations should be issued that spell out the level of wealth, the demarcation line. A politician who has at least X assets to his name must hire his own protection. Anything below that and he can avail himself of government help. That makes sense, or am I missing something?

I’d like to see John Heinz Kerry sweep into town with his own private muscle. You know, guys with heavy auto-weapons held across their black undershirts. Maybe a band, too, blasting a Springsteen cover. Just for show. Hillary, on the other hand, could go with an all-girl phalanx of Amazons packing sawed offs. With a few drones overhead. I suspect the President has enough cash stashed away by now to afford his own security. He could go straight Sinaloa, or maybe he’d do a mix of cartel soldiers and Syrian “moderate rebels.”

Of course, there’s always the argument that politicians are under extraordinary threat from foreign enemies, and that’s why they require the kind of government protection plain citizens don’t need. As a counter to that, I would simply offer the gun-violence statistics of America. For some esoteric reason, it turns out that people no one has ever heard of are most likely to become shooting victims.

In any case, no one is supposed to protect himself. That’s for sure. It would be vile, ugly. We expect criminals to shoot people. We’re ready for that. But if a law-biding citizen suddenly fires a weapon, in order, for example, to stay alive, it’s an offense to our sensibilities. It looks bad. He could have been shooting bullets for the wrong reason, and even though he wasn’t, the mere suggestion of it is enough to disturb us. We’ve been “triggered,” psychologically. We are the victims. And we must demand justice.

Sidebar: Maybe celebrity actors should have Secret Service protection. Turn the tables. Just for fun, award the actor with the highest grossing film of the year Secret Service minders. Throw in a few Seals and Deltas for good measure. Army Rangers live in a house next to his house. Marines do double shifts at the local Whole Foods. A bad review of his next movie, and a CIA media specialist places a call to the newspaper’s publisher.

Here’s something that would highlight a point. Choose one of the adamant reporters or columnists who want to disarm all private citizens everywhere, and set him up in a small apartment in a high-crime area. Let him test the response time of the local police. Just a random idea.

Sidebar: How about this? The President and his cabinet, armed to the teeth, guard LeBron James night and day.

I know I’m wandering off-subject a bit, but possibilities are blooming. For example, instead of an actual (phony) Presidency, make the Office into a blockbuster movie, and in the movie the commander-in-chief has a bevy of film tough guys at his beck and call. Jason Statham, Stallone, The Arnold. Now you can have assassination attempts, attacks on the White House, bombs exploding, and car chases. Show some serious action. It’s what the people want.

Or in real life, just go straight for the throat. Declare a national state of emergency, forbid anyone from going outside after 6pm, require all Americans, at the age of 18, to serve seven years in militarized police forces across the land. Do ongoing house to house searches, remove all guns. Close gun shops. Shut down weapons manufacturers. Only the cops and the military have guns. Well, the criminals do, too, but we need them to justify the existence of the expanded national police.

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Originally entitled: “Politicians’ class-privilege: armed security”

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Robert O’Leary, JD BARA, has had an abiding interest in alternative health products & modalities since the early 1970’s & he has seen how they have made people go from lacking health to vibrant health. He became an attorney, singer-songwriter, martial artist & father along the way and brings that experience to his practice as a BioAcoustic Soundhealth Practitioner, under the tutelage of the award-winning founder of BioAcoustic Biology, Sharry Edwards, whose Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has now been serving clients for 30 years with a non-invasive & safe integrative modality that supports the body’s ability to self-heal using the power of the human voice. Robert brings this modality to serve clients in Greater Springfield (MA), New England & “virtually” the world, with his website. He can also be reached at romayasoundhealthandbeauty.

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  2.' Sundus Aslam says:

    ? ???? Conscious? Life? News

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  3.' Tom Smith says:

    No president could walk in public without getting his or her head blown off. That’s why they have armed security.

  4.' Cindi Carlson says:

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen you your site…Good bye!

  5.' Deborah Michel says:

    How many death threats have you had lately. This is ludicrous! If those who write for The Conscious Life News feel that they need weapons of destruction around them just to feel safe, without any credible threat, I would say they are not living a very conscious life.

  6.' Lisa E Luhman says:

    There is a recent finding that the less money in a household the greater the turn to guns for protection. Most politicians have lots of money.

  7.' Marianne Jackson says:

    Um, last time I checked, guns are legal. Why do you put words in people’s mouths?

    Shame on you.

  8.' Tjk Huynh says:

    what a fking stupid argument

  9.' Tjk Huynh says:

    yeah the regular citizens receive death threats like the head of state and people in powerful positions. Yeah that’s right when I walk down the street no one would know me or wanting to kill me. The same cannot be said if the President was walking by himself in public. There will be a bunch of white racists who might want to hurt him. That’s why he needs protection. All leaders do..

  10.' Bob Wert says:

    All Law-Abiding citizens have a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

    Unless the second amendment is overturned by a constitutional convention with 3/4 of states voting yea, they have no legal or constitutional standing to strip these rights, or any rights in the Constitution.


  11.' Michele Kasten Feser says:

    Are you really comparing the threats to a President to ordinary people? This does not seem like a rational position for your argument.

  12.' Mark S. Maciag says:


  13.' Jeffery Muzyka says:

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. While it’s true that the average citizen doesn’t face the same everyday threat level as the president or a major celebrity that makes my rights no less valuable to me. The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of The United States of America guarantees me the right to keep and bear arms. You’re not taking my constitutional rights unless you also forsake yours. I’m as American as you and in Obama’s case maybe more so. You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hand.

    •' Robert L West says:

      That is a partition hack reply. Elevate your thinking.

    •' Daniel Anurp says:

      And you wonder why the world hates america !!you think every problem can be handle with a gun!!fucking retarded people!

    •' Jeffery Muzyka says:

      You fkn crybabies are what is wrong with America. I could fkn less what the rest of the world thinks about America. I refuse to get in line like one of the good little sheep. You go ahead and continue to give away your rights if you wish. I personally am on a different path.

  14.' John Fabatz says:

    Strap on your gun & pose in front of a mirror then convince yourself you’re a bad ass. Stay alert.

  15.' Funny Donkey says:

    This is great post,keep it up!

  16.' Licia Foye says:

    What I understand is the POTUS doesn’t want to disarm the public, but have better gun control to lessen gun violence. What would you do to decrease gun violence? I know I don’t feel safe with people allowed to carry guns everywhere, especially assault rifles. Though the majority of people are responsible, some are not and shit still happens.

  17.' Nina Gauvin says:

    This post says it all without even having to click on more to read the full artical

  18.' Robert L West says:

    I wish conscious living would stay out of politics. This kind of stuff is beneath you.

  19.' Jane Louise Stites says:

    they know the real worlds unsafe. who are they kidding. they cause seperation and turning people on one another insread of living in harmony through the media if people let them. and then try to drill into people getting along and having fun with one another that since real people arent like them they lie and say we’re the problem

  20.' Morgan Brooks says:

    Let’s call it, “Global Equality” and maybe they will change their minds!

  21.' John Marotta says:

    This is the man invo!ved with selling guns to the cartels .and now he wants to take my guns ? Why does the cartel need some more guns .

  22.' Steve Oh says:

    What about drug addicks, clinically depressed, and phycopaths being able to buy guns

  23.' Dlav Gaucher says:

    WHAT..???? YOU MEAN…whats good for the “Goose ” ISN’T good for the GANDER..??? Lol

  24.' Nan Birnie says:

    What a stupid article.

  25.' Greg McKenzie says:

    I say arm your leaders to the teeth cause You know with the amount of tax payers money that gets used up with each election never mind the wasted time that’s spent deciding who should win it would be a drain having to keep repeating that process. But I’m Canadian so I know I don’t a say what goes on in the USA but I’m just saying is all.

  26.' Mackey Wackey says:

    Why do the gun lovers always say that the president wants to take away their guns when all he wants to do is keep us safer by keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill and the felons. If you are a law abiding person, you have nothing to fear. I say everyone should have to watch a video of what the first responders saw at that school of first graders who were slaughtered before they can buy a gun.

  27.' Chris Schlegel says:

    If I remember correctly, we have the right to bear arms to protect us from the government!

  28.' Anthony Garner says:

    Exactly which politician wants to disarm the public ? Another bit of hyperbole from CF .

  29.' Vaughan Wooden says:

    We already know y’all want to kill it before it grows

  30.' Andrea Fueguel says:

    I have nothing of comfort i wish to remain silent for. I live to fix this world for our children. Even if that means dying for it. Even if it means being tortured for the rest of my life in a prison. I’ve been in someone else’s hell and I do not fear being back. I only have one fear- to let comfort keep me from helping people who cannot help themselves. You can do to me as you please. Mark my words today that when they try to silence me, when they come to take me, when they try to put out my flame, It will only catch with the fire of all those watching who have the same fire inside them. The bigger the flame, The stronger we are. #UNITE DON’T LET THEM DIVIDE US ANYMORE. ITS A DISTRACTION. THE NEW WORLD ORDER HAS MANIPULATED US AGAIN. THE EVIL GLOBAL OWNERS WHO TELL HUMANS WHAT TO DO HAVE CREATED A WAY TO MAKE GLOBAL COMMUNICATION (the internet) AN EASIER WAY FOR US TO HATE EACH OTHER. IT IS NOT THE NATURAL WAY OF THINGS. FOUL PLAY IS INVOLVED IN THE WAY WE ARE ACTING TOWARDS EACH OTHER RIGHT NOW. DIRTY HUMAN HANDS DIRTYING CLEAN MINDS FOR PERSONAL GAIN.

  31.' Gordon Randall Perry says:

    It is a clear statement that they believe themselves more important than the citizens.

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