Muslims Defend Christians During Attack in Kenya


Polly Mosendz | Newsweek

Editor's Note: With so much bigoted sentiment and fear-mongering in this election cycle about Muslims, it is important that people know what everyday Muslims are capable of. The propaganda of governments and their departments can and should be countered by such stories as this so that we can all approach problems such as terrorism and immigration with a more rational mind. In this case, the Muslims could have acted in their own best interest, but chose to be heroic and honorable instead.

Members of the al-Shabab militant organization shot at a bus in Mandera, Kenya, forcing it to stop. Once the militants boarded the bus, they attempted to separate Muslim and Christian passengers, intending to kill the Christians on board, the BBC reported.

“We even gave some non-Muslims our religious attire to wear in the bus so that they would not be identified easily. We stuck together tightly,” Abdi Mohamud Abdi, a Muslim passenger, told Reuters . “The militants threatened to shoot us but we still refused and protected our brothers and sisters. Finally they gave up and left but warned that they would be back.”

The local governor. Ali Roba, confirmed the account in an interview with Daily Nation , a Kenyan publication. “They refused to separate from non-Muslims and told the attacks to kill all passengers or leave,” Roba said. There were 62 passengers on board, according to the paper.

Even though the passengers stuck together so well, two people were killed and three were injured. Abdirashid Adan was hit by a bullet as militants shot at the bus; he was treated at Mandera County Referral Hospital, the Nation reported. The other victims were not identified by authorities, referred to only as a driver and two passengers.

A spokesman for the militant group, Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab, told Reuters the militants had succeeded in killing “some of the Christian enemies” and boasted that others were injured. Despite his claims, authorities did not confirm whether the victims were Christian or Muslim. When asked about the Muslim passengers defending the Christian passengers, Musab did not reply.

Al-Shabab has previously targeted Christians in a similar fashion. During an April attack at the Garissa University College in Garissa, Kenya, militants killed 148, asking many their religion before opening fire. Many of those victims were Christian, the BBC reported.

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71 Reader Comments

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  1.' Maria Amarante says:

    This is the spirit !

  2.' Barlue Tailey Nelson says:

    Wow finally

  3.' Alerice Lee Kirsten says:

    Stop descrimination and start peace and reconciliation. Help one another. Only god places judgement upon us. Who are we to play the role of god. God is of peace not war.

  4.' Yasser Juma says:

    I’m a muslim and would even defend atheists.

    •' Rob Birner says:

      Thanks. Im an athiest and I would defend muslims.

    •' Aoun Syed says:

      it comes down to humanity VS terrorists.

    •' Sharon Dickson says:

      That’s big of you, the ‘even’ says it all – sorry just saying!

    •' Susan Home says:

      Sharon Dickson – would you do as well speaking Arabic? The word ‘even’ is common in translation to English. Knee jerk ignorance.

    •' Johnny Chavez says:

      Thanks for that Susan

    •' Ensar Kerken says:

      Every move I make righteous, God Allah can see us
      Peace to Abraham, Ishmael, Jacob, Jesus
      Peace to every man, woman and child
      To Mohammad and his glorious muezzin Bilal

    •' Sharon Dickson says:

      Well, when you’re called atheist scum because you object to the beating to death on religious grounds of a young women in Afghanistan – based on false accusations I might add – it might lead to the odd knee jerk reaction in me. The post wasn’t written in Arabic, and I stand by my ignorance in that I don’t think you should have to use the word even in this context.

    •' Sharon Dickson says:

      I’m sorry if I offended you Yasser Juma, I’m sure you meant what you said sincerely and not as I read it

    •' Susan Home says:

      I said it was common in translation, NOT Arabic. Are you just out to pick a fight with EVERYONE?

    •' Seth Hill says:

      Yasser, out of the hundreds of gods out there…you only believe in one. I believe in 0. We’re pretty similar really. I’d defend you too bro!

    •' Sharon Dickson says:

      No Susan I’m not. You asked me would I do so well speaking Arabic! I don’t feel that’s relevant as the post was not in Arabic. I don’t think there is anything in my response to you that implies that I am trying to pick a fight with you or anyone actually !! Don’t really know what you are on about. You questioned my post and implied my response was knee jerk and ignorant, am I not allowed a response?

    •' Colin Smith says:

      Ensar Kerken your prophet mohammad was a war mongerer who brutally and senselessly murdered many, how can you wish the guy peace???? Surely a good god would have sent his ass straight to hell?

  5.' Barbara Halstead says:

    That is a story that fear filled ‘good christian’ weenies need to read. They are all for getting gun permits and buying guns to “get those Syrian terrorists (refugees) before they get you”.

  6.' Joshua M Knapp says:

    If it were true why was t it in any news station worldwide ?

  7.' Robert Ologic says:

    humans defending humans ? Religion is not the issue !

  8.' Samuel Kariuki says:

    in Kenya we preach brotherhood, regardless of your religion,not gun power, and that’s the only way best to beat this terrorism,

  9.' Lucille Amadeo says:

    Wonderful-God is love????✌️??

  10.' Salvador Nonog says:

    I am for World Peace and Harmony!!!
    and kudos to the good samaritan…
    but who was the attacker??!!!
    extremist?!!! .. what??!!.. muslim??!!
    just wondering??!!

  11.' Mochtar Marhum II says:

    This is a good and inspiring story. As a Muslim I am very proud of those fellow Muslims who shielded their fellow christians from terrorists attacks. We, Muslims must show to the world that we love peace and harmony. We are against violence acts. This is good and inspiring story. The most recent incident in Kenya Africa that Muslims protect their fellow Christians from Terorist Attacks. Muslims love their fellow Christians

  12.' Adam Wells says:

    Sad this will get little attention.

  13.' Tarik Bilir says:

    You only Need to ask, who has the most advantage when WE the People are against eachother so that WE the People can Not Act united as one!

  14.' GS Erol Alagöz says:

    Bu dünyaya onca peygamber geldi onca krallık vardı kime kaldı adı peygamber yaratıcının elçisi olduğun ida edip zulümlere savaşlara yol açtılar mademki peygamberdin niye öldün yaratıcı seni istese yüzyıl bir ömür verirdi krallar onca zenginlik boluk içinde idiler ne oldu para zenginlik krallığınız kurtardımı tarih oldunuz inançlar krallıklar bir gün hepsi ölür ve silinir gider insan yine kediyle kalır akılı olun başka insanların işine gelen yolu değil kendi yolunuzu seçin inanç insanın karanlık yüzüdür korkusu bundandır bütün sırları orda gizlidir yaratandan korkma o seni yaratıysa korkun nedendir fakat onu sen yarattıysan işte şindi kork yaratığın şey seni hep yanılgıya sürükler yaratıcıdan korkmaya gerek yok bırakın işini yapsın çomak sokup karıştırmayın insanların kafasını o çomak bir gün götünüze girerse yaratığın şey gelir seni kurtarır emin ol insan denen mahlûk senki yaratıcıdan daha akılısın ? Peygamber ve kral yaratıyorsun yaratığın seni eziyor bunu bile görmüyorsun yaratanı nasıl gördüğü İDA ediyorsun ??? GS Erol Alagöz

  15.' Nilo Viral Ancog says:

    We must respect each other, but don’t respect terrorist. We are all d same not all Muslim is bad and not all Christian is good.

  16.' Tarot Reader MC SA says:

    We need to respect each other…and normally we..the man on the street does…we need to ask who benifits from these attacks…we need to stabd united against the war lords of the world…we stand for peace..!!!!

  17.' Kathy Udden O'Connor says:

    Please peaceful muslims get your leaders to reform militant islam. Then we will be able to start trusting you. While the militants get the attention we have a hard time knowing. Thats all. There’s no hate just unknowing cause we see the militants and not you.

  18.' Bart van Hoeck says:

    There is a page written by Mohammed saying muslims may not attack Christians…..universal brotherhood is what Sufi’s teach.

  19.' Lee Meadows says:

    True Mohammedan Islam (Sufiism) is peace

  20.' Dlav Gaucher says:

    PROVE THE STORY IS TRUE..!! in these days of being politically correct..

  21.' Tony Godwin Jr. says:

    It’s called being human. Has nothing to do with religion.

  22.' Shyam Sunther Rao says:

    (y) This action reflects the essence of all religions and what religionists and any human being should really be doing.

  23.' Chris Sharp says:

    I’m glad to see people coming together regardless of faith. isis and the us government hates this.

  24.' Jeanne Ham says:


  25.' Mohamed Murye says:

    Islam doesnt have hatred to humanity>allahu akbar

  26.' Teish Leander says:

    It’ll never make mainstream media tho

  27.' IamFlynn EJ says:

    Western defend the refugees. It’s called being human.

  28.' Barbara Cooper says:

    We are all the same……..human. This comes first

  29.' André De Coen says:

    Many thanks to these Muslims for having protected christian passengers. People of different religions and cultures can work and live together. As humans we are all brothers and sisters, children of the same God!

  30.' Joseph Huey Evans says:

    A bold stand by a courageous few. Too bad everyone is not this way.

  31.' Ahmed Deek says:

    This is the POLITICS …

  32.' Patsy T Callahan says:

    There are a lot of great people in the world everywhere- but we seemed to get drowned out by everything bad that happens- it is so sad- these people were so brave and amazing- pure love of humanity

  33.' Arturo Ramirez Sr. says:

    There is more good people on this world than bad people, if we all unite this world will be a million times better. We need to respect each others religions or believes.

  34.' Chris Griffiths says:

    That there are so many annoyed posts shows that being religious doesn’t mean you are a nice person. If you are not going to ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ why bother at all.

  35.' Kat Lopez says:

    I wish the world would stop labeling an entire group of people for a small faction of extremists that may not even be Muslims. Can this happen please? Can we stop being manipulated to turn against our fellow man? This has happened before in our history, did we learn from it? or will we repeat the mistake and never learn?

  36.' David Copping says:

    It is important to stand up and be counted when it comes to the physical manifestation of views that impose a system of nothing more than the belief that you are right and that others are wrong.

  37.' Emmanuel Osia says:

    there is no such thing as bad Religion, as to bad teachers and their bad teachings…

  38.' Kurt Franklyn says:

    It’s not about being RELIGICLE… its about being HUMAN. Just like animals know how to care for their young, humans KNOW how to treat each other they just DONT WANT TO

  39.' Antowanette Wright says:

    How about human beings shield human beings…stop making this about religion

  40.' Babatunde Stephen Omisakin says:

    We r 1

  41.' Bankole Wale says:

    that’s nice we are interwoven religion has been an oppressing instrument

  42.' Wayne Urry says:

    The problem seems to be the bombers who believe they will get all those virgins

  43.' John Kvarnstrom says:

    That’s nice. We need this more from all,as well as, more positive publicity

  44.' Ahmed Najib says:

    I think the correct headline should be Kenyans kicked terrorists ass … Plz Do not transmit your sickness of divisions to other nations…

  45.' Gary Musselwhite says:

    And in 99 other events, Muslim extremists slaughter Christians and Jews.

  46.' Skylar McCann says:

    Love. <3

  47.' Elken Alei says:

    A sample of consciousness ! And this is the image of creator ….peace and harmoni ! The angel had came back. There no more saying as cursed land. Amen and Amin.

  48.' Chuck Leung says:

    this is a significant actionfrom the kenyan muslims. there are those too who raised a large amount to help the victims of the shootings in america. would that more such events happen to show muslim and christian solidarity for and on behalf of basic humanity. …

  49.' Ethan Indigo Smith says:

    Humans for humans.

  50.' John Hopkins says:

    The kind of muslims I will call brothers.

  51.' Magawi A Pam says:

    This happens only in Kenya. A hotbed of surprises.

  52.' Erik Albert says:

    All you have to do is try and don’t miss the opportunities where your help is truly required. Only truly primitive societies constantly label its individual components. Labeling maintains language driven ideologies alive, like racism for example, and prevents you from evolving.

  53.' Ahmad Badran says:

    Muslims and Christians lived in peace in Syria for hundreds years I will defended any human in a danger not just Muslims and Christians … what u see in the media are not even Muslims .. they r not even humans at all .. they kill everybody who don’t agree with them even Muslims..
    peace be upon you

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