Saudi Princess Speaks Out Against Chemtrails And Geoengineering

Written by on December 13, 2015 in Earth & Space, Environment, Environmental Hazards with 36 Comments

By Patrick Roddie & Peter Kirby |  Aircrap

contrails geoengineeringAt the recent Istanbul Security Conference (Dec. 3-5), our intrepid citizen journalist Patrick Roddie caught up with a Saudi royal by the full name of HRH Princess Basmah Bint Saud bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud. She more casually goes by the name of Princess Basmah Bint Saud. She is the daughter of King Saud and the granddaughter of King Abdel Aziz, the founder of the modern state of Saudi Arabia. She spoke at the conference on Dec., 5 where she gave a keynote speech.

The great thing about this woman is that, from a position of world power, she is speaking out against chemtrails and geoengineering.

In her brief talk with Patrick, she described the ongoing geoengineering program as a weapon of mass destruction; a method of slow poisoning which threatens all life on Earth. She is aware of what is going on. She is concerned about the biological impacts. She laments the cloud cover generated overhead. She is uneasy about what kind of world we will leave for our children. She has eyes. She sees. She has a brain. She thinks. About this, how can one remain silent? Here is the video:

This is not her first time speaking out about difficult issues. The Princess is an activist. She advocates for reform in Saudi Arabia. She travels the world attending social issue conferences. We commend the Princess. The world would be a much better place if more prominent people such as her spoke out about these outrageous crimes against Humanity.

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36 Reader Comments

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  1.' John Bothwell says:

    what about human rights?

  2.' Kathy Lynn Kizelewicz-Bailey says:

    BRAVO _ bravery befitting a Princess

  3.' Damon Rose says:

    more government corruption as with monsanto…, just another way to facilitate the sale of chemicals.

  4.' Quentin Lines says:

    Just look to the Skies & See the Web of Lies to Global Warming, Just another Ponzi scheme to syphon money from the people, what’s next Space is getting brighter…?

  5.' Dlav Gaucher says:

    I’m surprised they DON’T shoot the planes out of the sky..?

  6.' Christopher Witehira says:

    Look like nasca lines

  7.' Erik Albert says:

    When you don’t tackle stuff properly, it will fire back at you. Outsiders won’t pick up on stuff that you own, they will filter out the shit you didn’t sort just yet, and hit you with it, right in your face. Hence putin and how he jumped on the daesh conflict, and now his organic adventure. And today, your princess going on about chemtrails and shit. The less loose ends, the better.

    •' Christie Gil says:

      I’m unsure of your point. Are you saying that she is a loose end? And don’t think I’m snapping on you and being rude like all the other drunk teenagers on fb. I’m saying, I don’t know what you mean, I’d like to.

    •' Dan Scott says:

      You kinda sound like a loose end yourself. Look up, read up and keep your eyes on the sky that gets decorated like a Christmas tree every other day.

    •' Angie Cook says:

      Dan Scott, the universe is talking 11:11 was the time you posted!

    •' Erik Albert says:

      Christie Gil, it’s all about my first phrase, and my last phrase.

    •' Erik Albert says:

      Dan Scott, what makes you think I do not know this little planet inside out? Mind your own business, and stop labeling.

  8.' Tom Burk says:

    We all breath the same air. Why would anyone think the spraying is a good idea for any reason? I’m very glad the Princess has spoken out.

  9.' Manjulla Sant says:

    In states or your country…too late here…damage is done…

  10.' Rick Es says:

    The sky appears to be owned by a higher power.

  11.' Bob Gunn says:

    How about speaking out against the atrocities of the government of which she is a part??

  12.' Betty Moore says:

    Anybody that goes to these conferences about changing things , do they travel in airplanes or jets? If they do , aren’t they part of the problem? The use of all the fuel in airplanes and jets and all the things that Nasa sends up in the air pollute the air .

  13.' Tom Palley says:

    check out utube presentation of Patrick Roddie at the Dec 4, 2015 Istanbul Security Conference and Geoengineering

  14.' Joshuahn Jackstonburg says:

    The world’s most polluting family with a human rights record that even Satan would be proud of – talks about a phenomenon that still has no scientific backing in the pretense of caring. Is this a twisted joke? That’s like the Catholic Church pretending to care about children’s rights. One of the easiest forms of social trickery is to make supposed concerned statements about something you really know means nothing – but fools the people.

  15.' Rosalie Salazar says:

    Why in heck do we have chem trails??????

  16.' Ammon Difresco says:

    Cassi Andrews is this what that guy was telling you ages ago and had a full on website about it.

  17.' Jimmie Kitterman says:

    May be a conspiracy theory, however, there is much real evidence that we are being sprayed by the Feds.. There are a number of theories as to why. The substances have been scientifically analyzed. Rather than me continuing on and boring all, just Google Chemtrails to educate yourselves. This is nothing new, they have been doing similar things for years with different methods.

  18.' Nasser Al Omani says:


  19.' Thomas Chenhall says:

    There are better ways of cooling the climate than dumping industrial byproducts into the air.

  20.' Joe Michael Reed says:

    Daniels Jack Ivars, thought you might appreciate this mate.

  21.' Nicholas Hyde-sergejew says:

    is there a cure for stupid

  22.' Don Huffer says:

    It’s not chemtrail, It’s a Con-trail. It is made by condensation not chemicals.

  23.' Seth Barthen says:

    Dana Barthen tell odi im not the only crazy on this planet

  24.' Universal Unity says:

    It is our youth of today, with heightened awareness and less limiting conditions that will allow the reverence and respect to be brought forward in profound ways for the change that is required upon Gaia and her people. There is an entanglement that we have with our planet, our air, our water, and wildlife, we are not separate from it and we never have been – we are ONE with it all. The more we allow ourselves to awaken and connect the dots at how we alter our reality – we can begin to heal the damage we have caused in our ignorance. Change begins within~ * Human Potential is stirring & all that we see will change with the desire to know our ultimate role within our Creation story. ~ JLR

  25.' Jay Cuza says:

    A shame that more world “leaders” are not as concerned with the world as she is.

  26.' Ashley Nichole Chapman says:

    Axel Gutierrez

  27.' Steve Roberson says:

    It’s a joke these fucks think that “God” gave them oil. If westerners hadn’t found, it and a use for it ,they’d still be a hill tribe. PS Fuck allah ,Pedophile , murderous drug dealing fuck!!

  28.' David Middlemiss says:

    Thank You Thank You Thank You


    The Protection Of Whimsy, Of Simplicity Encodes The Free As Worthless, Yet The FREE Without Limit, unlimits GOOD
    Everything GOOD FREE, Everything FREE GOOD

    Each Ascended Being, Each All EMpowerful Expansion Of Our Complete Progressed, Perfected GOODness, FOR ALL Past Present And Future
    The Seeds Of Full Knowledge Are Passed, Perfected In Each Child Born, Each Perfected Diversity expanding all and everything
    The Garden Perfected, Each Heart, limitless LOVE To All And Everything
    Each Molecule, Joy, Peace, Love, Sentient, Perfect, Limitless
    All Encompassing Healing, Creation, Co Creation
    I Call In Each Language Limitless LOVE For All And Everything
    We Bow Before All As Limitless GOOD
    As All Is Limitless GOOD Bowing GRATITUDE, LOVE
    As The Waves Of Complete Healing
    Imbue All Realities Illuminaries, Beacons With All Truth, Each Lights Story Completes
    We Transform
    We Are Gratitude Thank You Thank You Thank You

  29.' Trevor Huijskens says:

    Here is a country that spits in the face of just about every right a human should have and now we are supposed to applaud a princess for addressing geoengineering?

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