10 Signs Your Social Media Addiction Is Officially Out-of-Control

By Mark Denicola | Collective Evolution

Let’s be honest — the majority of us live in a world governed by social media.

This realisation is certainly nothing new to me, but it was further reinforced this past weekend while I was working as a brand ambassador in the middle of nowhere, Ontario, Canada — in a city where the median age of its residents could not be lower than 55.

As part of my work, I was required to gather leads for the brand I was representing, and while they primarily sought email addresses, they were also happy to garner social media likes and follows.

Despite the majority of those I encountered were well into their years of claiming the senior’s discount at the local Denny’s, I was astonished by how many of them actively engaged with several social media platforms. They not only knew what each of them was, but were able to quickly whip out their phones, open the app, and commit to the ‘follow’ as quickly as I myself could have.

While I admit that I was undoubtedly guilty of stereotyping in my assumption that the older crowd would barely dabble with social media, much less use it regularly, I’m pretty sure most of you would have predicted the same.

The bottom line is, social media’s reign grows stronger every day, and the fact that you are here only confirms that fact.

But how do we know when we’ve taken it too far? Here are 10 clear cut signs that your addiction to social media has evolved into a beast that controls your life:

1. You check your phone before even getting out of bed

Your feet haven’t even touched the ground yet, but your freshly rested mind is already being exposed to news feeds and notifications. Does that sound very healthy to you?

2. You bring your phone with you to the bathroom

I get it: For most of us who work nine-to-five, our bathroom break is one of the few times we can check in on everything we’ve missed. But when you regularly find yourself sitting on the bowl well after you’ve finished doing what you came to do, it’s a pretty clear sign that social media has you on a leash. Bathrooms are great and all, but without your phone, would you ever choose to spend more time than you need to in the room in which everyone else “unloads”?

3. You can’t remember the last time you went anywhere, by choice, without your phone

Try to think of it now. If nothing comes to mind in 10 seconds or less, you have a problem, and your body needs a break from that continued exposure.

4. You regularly lose yourself in feeds, completely forgetting about the message or notification you came on to check

You may have opened Facebook for the fourteenth time today to get the address from your friend Katie for tonight’s party, but you won’t realise that until you close the app 20 minutes and 15 random videos later.

5. You’ve read and watched far too many things you have no interest in and which have no bearing on your life 

It’s great to be informed, but is it really important that you now know how they make Lego?

6. You re-read and double check your Facebook posts, Tweets, and Instagram captions better than you ever did any school essay

I know the word count is substantially shorter but is your 140 character opinion on last night’s episode of The Bachelor really worth so much care and attention? Put that same focus on the things that matter and you’ll likely get to a point where you won’t even want to watch the show anymore.