10 MUST Eat Foods in 2018 That Will Boost Your Sexual Drive

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By Will O’Conner

Libido and sex drive is a topic that is much less discussed than erectile dysfunction, but this condition can still play a significant part in both a man and a woman’s sexual abilities. While erectile dysfunction causes sex to be virtually impossible, since an erection is required for penetration, libido is a sexual dysfunction that causes a person to become uninterested in having sex in the first place. This condition acts upon the areas of the body where arousal initially starts, which primarily includes the brain. Without a healthy sex drive, you are not likely to become aroused. For men, this can mean signs of erectile dysfunction, since not being “in the mood” may cause their erection to be weak, if any. For a woman, a low libido might still mean sex could be on the table, but she may not get “in the mood” and sex may not be enjoyable or even pleasurable for her.

With a low libido posing such a threat to the sex lives of both genders, it is important to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills that you may require should you experience symptoms of this particular sexual disorder. Since a low sex drive may cause symptoms of other sexual issues to develop as well, it becomes even more urgent to ensure you know how to counteract this sexual problem should it ever happen to you. In this post, we will take a look at what may be the cause behind your low libido, as well as introduce you to some excellent food choices that you may want to include in your diet ‑ or get for a special night ‑ since these foods are all great ways to boost your libido and to help you get into the mood.

Potential Causes Of A Low Sex Drive

A low libido can be caused by many issues in a person’s life. In some cases, it is caused by physiological or mental factors, but the symptoms associated with a low sex drive may also be caused by medication, lifestyle choices, illnesses and more. Amongst men, it is also known that other sexual problems, such as premature ejaculation and signs of erectile dysfunction, may cause the man to become less interested in participating in sexual intercourse with his partner ‑ he may fear that he would not be able to gain an erection during sex or that he would ejaculate too soon; thus causing his libido to decline dramatically.

One particular problem with low libido is the fact that society tends to discuss this problem in relation to women more than to men. This can cause the general idea that men do not suffer from a low sex drive, but there are still a lot of men who do experience the symptoms that are considered to be caused by a low libido. A study conducted by Wright State University School of Medicine found that up to 15% of men do suffer from this sexual dysfunction ‑ the prevalence amongst women was higher, however, at 32% amongst the study participants. For this reason, both men and women should realize what can cause a low libido, and how they can fight back against the symptoms associated with this sexual disorder.

Everyday Health explains that some of the most common risk factors that contribute to the development of a low sex drive include:

  • High levels of stress in your daily life, as this can cause a chronic release of cortisol and adrenaline.
  • Poor sleep habits, such as not gaining enough sleep or not attending to the quality of your sleep.
  • Imbalances in hormones in the human body may also lead to these symptoms. Both estrogen and testosterone play a part in sex drive, but while testosterone should be available in large doses in the male body (compared to low concentrations of estrogen), this hormone should not be found in high doses within the female body (compared to high concentrations of estrogen).
  • Women who are going through menopause are also prone to experiencing a low libido, as well as other issues that contribute to poor sexual performance.
  • When time is an issue in your life, it may also interfere with your sex life. When you are simply busy to have sex, then you may also find you become uninterested in having sex and your libido declines rather quickly.
  • Relationship troubles are another factor that can greatly contribute to a low sex drive amongst both partners involved in the relationship.
  • Some medication an also cause these symptoms as side-effects, such as high blood pressure drugs and certain antidepressants.
  • People with a low self-esteem are much more likely to suffer from a low libido than those with a good self-esteem and high levels of self-confidence.
  • Suffering from depression can have a detrimental effect on a person’s overall sex life, and cause them to completely isolate themselves from sexual activities.

Best Foods To Help You “Rev Up” Your Sex Drive

When you become educated about the potential causes of a low sex drive, it should be easier to determine what in your own life may be causing these symptoms. Even when it is your partner that is suffering from a low libido, this information should serve useful in finding what factors are contributing to their low sex drive as well. Targeting the potential causes may help to counteract the effects that those risk factors are having on your life. This, however, may not always be enough.

Healthline explains that there are many ways to improve your libido, from drinking a glass of red wine and practicing meditation, to sleeping better and performing some erectile dysfunction exercises.

What we wish to focus on here is to provide our readers with an overview of how they can improve their libido and get in the mood faster by simply including certain foods into their daily diet. These foods can be taken with meals, as snacks during the day, or you could even set up a romantic dinner and decide to feed each other some of these divine foods that are known to act as aphrodisiacs ‑ and rev up your libido.

1. Strawberries

Let’s start out with one of the most romantic and sexiest fruit ‑ strawberries. For centuries, people have been feeding each other strawberries during a romantic date, which often led to something more in the bedroom afterward. Take note that those strawberries might have something to do with what happened next! A report published on the Daily Mail explains that the seeds found on strawberries are extremely high in zinc, an important mineral that contributes to numerous factors related to sexual health. Additionally, the antioxidants found in strawberries also helps to improve blood flow to the penis and vagina, which is beneficial during sexual intercourse.

2. Dark Chocolate

We had to include dark chocolate as our second food choice for boosting libido for a good reason ‑ it goes really well with strawberries! Remember those strawberries dipped in melted chocolate… a great way to last longer in bed! Hitched Magazine explains that dark chocolate is rich in L-Arginine, a specific amino acid that is often found in some of the top sexual enhancement products for both men and women. This amino acid helps blood vessels dilate better, which causes improvements in blood flow, as well as a boost in libido. Men can also experience better erections with a healthy dose of L-Arginine.

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3. Watermelon

Watermelon is often dubbed as the best summer fruit, but for some, it may be one of the best libido-boosting foods. Watermelon contains citrulline, beta-carotene and lycopene ‑ all of these compounds are known to assist with boosting blood flow in the body and boosting libido; thus offering a two-in-one benefits fruit that is also very delicious.

4. Eggs

Eggs are most beneficial for men, but may also be helpful for women who suffer from a low libido. Eggs naturally contain high levels of L-Arginine. As explained earlier, this amino acid will help blood vessels relax, cause blood flow to improve and thus boost the erectile quality and function of the man. Improved blood flow has also been associated with a better libido amongst women.

5. Walnuts

Walnuts are delicious nuts that are high in minerals and very good for the entire body. In addition to boosting your libido, walnuts also contain substances that have been scientifically-proven to improve sperm quality; thus providing assistance should you be having issues with your fertility.

6. Asparagus

Asparagus is another useful food that can be included in your diet for two reasons ‑ this food is known to provide a significant boost in both arousal and orgasm intensity. Thus, you will find that you become interested in sex more quickly, and at the end of sex, you’ll be much more satisfied.

7. Sweet Potato

This might be a little strange for some of our readers, but sweet potatoes are also excellent libido-boosters. The vegetable is high in beta-carotene and vitamin C, and has been proven to lower blood pressure levels, as well as boost energy. Since high blood pressure has been associated with erectile dysfunction, this would also be beneficial for men with erectile problems.

8. Coffee

We all love coffee ‑ millions of people cannot start a single day without that very first cup of coffee. Due to the stimulant activity of coffee, it is a drink that is also considered to be an effective strategy for increasing libido ‑ usually rather quickly; thus providing the perfect way to rev up your libido just when you need it most.

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9. Avocado

Avocado is another two-in-one benefit food that is able to provide you with multiple benefits when it comes to sexual performance. The food contains folic acid, vitamin E, vitamin B6 and many other nutrients that are not only able to offer you a boost in your libido, but also a significant increase in your energy levels ‑ an essential part of good sex.

10. Oysters

We simply could not do an article about libido-boosting foods without including Oysters. These are, after all, the most popular aphrodisiac known to man. Oysters are known to cause the arousal and sex drive of a person to become elevated due to their texture, as well as their high zinc content. New evidence also suggests that the N-methyl-D-aspartate and D-aspartic acid may further contribute to an increase in the production of sex hormones; thus further regulating the sex drive of you and your partner.


Sexual intercourse plays a vital part in a healthy relationship, as it does not only pose as a way for both partners to experience sexual satisfaction, but also poses as a method of connecting at a deeper level with each other. For this reason, it is obvious why people are searching for ways to improve their performance in the bedroom, especially when sexual dysfunctions are getting in their way of having a good time in the bed, or offering their partner a good time during sex. In this post, we have looked at why some people experience a poor sex drive, as well as how they can boost their sex drive through some natural remedies and by including a variety of foods into their daily diet. These tips can be implemented as soon as today ‑ and you might just find yourself in a sexier mood by tonight.






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