Woman Who Won $112 Million Using Law of Attraction Is Giving Back

Written by on December 22, 2010 in Conscious Evolution with 104 Comments
Cynthia Stafford

Cynthia Stafford won $112 million using the Law of Attraction

Cynthia Stafford is an avid reader who believes in the power of the mind.  In 2007, she decided that she wanted to win $112 million.  Following the advise of author Joseph Murphy, Stafford wrote the figure “$112 million” over and over again.  She meditated on the figure and visualized what her life would be like after winning.  She also wrote down everything  in detail, from the house and car she would buy to the charities she would donate to.  Stafford frequently reviewed and focused on her list.

After four months of visualizing a lottery win and what she would do with the winnings, Stafford won the California Mega Millions jackpot in May 2007.  The amount she won was $112 million – exactly what she had envisioned.  Stafford believes the key to her big win was that she created a written plan and visualized what her world would be like if she had already won.

Stafford followed the advise of author Joseph Murphy, who said, “Live in the emboidiment of your desire, and your thought and feeling will soon be manifest.”  That is a fundamental principal of the Law of Attraction: feel the feeling of your desire already attained.   Neville said it best:

“You must assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled until your assumption has all the sensory vividness of reality. You must imagine that you are already experiencing what you desire. That is, you must assume the feeling of the fulfillment of your desire until you are possessed by it and this feeling crowds all other ideas out of your consciousness.” – Neville Goddard

After winning the $112 million, Stafford began giving a lot of it away. After donating $1 million to the Geffen Playhouse to fund an art program for children, she is becoming known as one of the biggest philanthropists in Los Angeles.




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  1. idanmel@gmail.com' Idan says:


    I wonder what separates her with the millions of others who think they will win the lottery?

    • Laydina.chan@gmail.com' Lady says:

      I won at the casino through the law of attraction… It wasn’t something big ( around 12 000$) but it was exactly what I needed ( even less!) to finance my trip in China! I believe the secret of the law of attraction is not the mind, but the heart. Sure, the mind could manifest anything, but it take so much effort and time ( reprograming subconscious belief etc ). When you use heart energy, it’s effortless and natural 🙂 more about heart energy here : http://www.applythelawofattraction.com/the-secret-the-law-attraction/

      • jw1872@york.ac.uk' Guy says:

        That’s amazing, I believe in heart energy too. But could you tell me how exactly you manifested that $12000 win?

      • ershannon0@gmail.com' Erika says:

        That is exactly what it is. Its the heart, not the mind. Its what you FEEL not what you think. The hearts energy is many times more powerful than the brain. So, you are completely correct!

    • Dream24@msn.com' Swan G says:

      Probably consistency and her beliefs. She did it everyday and visualize every detail … How you visualize and how consistent and determined not to stop thinking negative about it. Ijs

    • Dream24@msn.com' Swan G says:

      Probably consistency and her beliefs. She did it everyday and visualize every detail … How you visualize and how consistent and determined not to start**
      thinking negative about it. Ijs

    • tstates@sheppardmullin.com' Tom says:


    • rosenstein2016@gmail.com' Daniel says:

      Very Simple! The text is actually telling you it. Most people I know playing lottery don’t write things down as Cynthia did nor they visualize or meditate and I think that’s common for most people on earth who play lottery. Most people who play lottery are not aware of such conscious powers like Law of Attraction.
      I think the key point here is that those people want to win but Cynthia already had won in her consciousness.
      Besides I believe that many people even though they convince themselves that they’ll win they don’t entirely believe in it. And this is because they don’t get on the required deeper level of their conscious selves so they could actually win.

    • Missjey24@aol.com' Jey says:

      The difference is she BELIEVED

  2. mdklegin@gmail.com' Mike says:

    Ill tell you what I would do…
    #1. pay off my Family’s debts.
    #2. Buy a bunch of land in several areas in the city to build low income eco communities.
    #3. Invest in my community buy building community agriculture co-op.
    #4. Donate to Nebraska education system to bring greenhouses to all public schools to augment strained school lunch budgets.
    #5. Invest in some seriously innovative Kickstarter projects.
    #6. Invest in Kiva to help people start businesses in the third world.
    #7. Start a indoor greenscaping business to breath new life into office buildings.
    #8. Get some undergraduate schooling in order to work with Bloom Energy.
    #9. Promote and spread the freedom of GnU/open source.
    #10 Gather some great minds like E. musk, S Brim., RMS, Linus T. and the WoZ tegether to start some serious talks and planning for the future.

  3. preciousgrace77@yahoo.co.uk' natasha says:

    I am delighted for Cynthia! I totally believe in the law of attraction and i will win £9,000,000.00 very soooon!

  4. rossy2223@yahoo.com' rosa says:

    Congratulations to Cynthia. I, just like Cynthia, am a winner of $216 millions. But instead of the mega million, I am the winner of the power ball. It is in my mind, it is my intention, it is my reality.

  5. Nakia_curry@yahoo.com' Nakia Curry says:

    I am a winner of powerball 257 million dollars !!! I am so happy and great ful !!

    • fitnesspro27@gmail.com' france says:

      I am happy for u…how are u able to help if someone needs money.God bless u.email me if
      you can.

    • birgerwaterman@gmail.com' Birger De Coster says:

      hey Nakia Curry
      Can you please write down how you did this? I’m from Belgium and i’m also playing with the powerballs. The fist time but no succes. I want to help my parrents and also the world by playing music but for that i need a big amount of money. I don’t have a diploma so that’s why i’m playing at the lottery. Would you please help me? Thank, you so much. God bless you all!!

    • Ijaveabigail@gmail.com' Abigail says:

      Wow! That is huge,could you give me some of that please?I’ve been trying to win a lottery too.Am Abigail by name,an aspiring Lecturer,Business mogul and Baker living in Nigeria.

  6. muwan9@gmail.com' RMCHM says:

    Congratulations Cynthia! You motivated me. I am using the power of my subconscious mind too, to win a super price of a lottery.

  7. Kennytay35@gmail.com' Taye says:

    I am the next mega million winner!
    I have been sent to this world for a mission to help the helpless , clothe the naked , feed the hungry and help the poor. This is the time.
    Thank you universe!

  8. francesadeleon@gmail.com' Frances Deleon says:

    I am the Winner of the Powerball for $111 Millions. Law of Attraction works! To claim Abundance as the Truth Works! To think what you want to think is to think Truth regardless of appearances! Hold the Thought of the TRUTH!!!

  9. pbmkenneth@gmail.com' Kenneth Hardeman says:

    I recently won the Publisher’s Clearing House $5000 a week “Forever” prize, as a result of having envisioned it with certainty and writing down at length what I would do with my earnings as well as how I would receive them. Thank you Lord Jesus, the Law of Attraction is real.

    • tinabrooks5579@att.net' Katina says:

      Now this is a lie because your name does not appear anywhere as being a Publisher Clearing House $5000 a week forever prize winner.

  10. raju4u19@hotmail.com' kannan says:

    I’m the winner tonight lotto max 30 millions Thank God

  11. skyymba@yahoo.com' Nadine says:

    This is absolutely awesome! I will be winning the powerball $240 very soon and I already have all my plans laid out. Soo happy:)
    Did you visualize everyday? If so, how many hrs per day?

  12. white1553@gmail.com' Debbie white says:

    I read where a lot of money, over a hundred thousand on purses it hurt my heart as I’m on disability and my 2 grandsons live with me. I’m struggling just to have thanksgiving food we eat a lotoof macaroni during the week if u really want to help send me a truck load of food. 321 east 1320 south Elsinore Utah 84724

  13. Bonitabwin@yahoo.com' Bonita Baldwin says:

    I am 25 and I have just won 27 million dollars. I am saving a lot of the money for my daughter and family but Its now possible to build a dream daycare center to give childcare to underprivileged who want to work but can’t and give back to every school I have ever attended from preschool to college. I am also going to donate to the felician sisters church and convent where I went. I am going to start a fund for postpartum depression which I was dealing with before winning the lottery. I am so thankful that I am able to change my entire life and also those around me! This is miraculous and I am thankful to God and the universe for this special alignment.

  14. Bonitabwin@yahoo.com' Bonita Baldwin says:

    I am going to travel with my fiancé and get married on destination after the local courthouse with a year honeymoon with our daughter on half of it. We will be able to enjoy our union now since money is of no issue after this 27 million dollar win! Each of our daughters will have a lump sum and also our parents who have been so helpful!

  15. Suhana_208@yahoo.com' Husna says:

    Marvellous and I hope that all those who wish to be like Cynthia may their wish come true 🙂

  16. yajaira707@yahoo.com' Betty says:

    I win 180 million on powerball. Thanks Universe.

  17. martinmyra@aol.com' martin says:

    I will win the $230M powerball tomorrow January 24,2015
    Thank you Lord Jesus in advance.

  18. martinmyra@aol.com' martin says:

    iI will win the $230 million Powerball tonight
    and i would donate some of it to the poor , all the animal shelters and the church & the poor in the Philippines.
    Thank you Lord Jesus in advance.

  19. Universe@gmail.com' Universe says:

    You won the lottery

  20. kshetrynarayan.seo@gmail.com' Narayan kunwar says:

    thanks a lon cynthia so am i pleased and i am also using my unconscious mind to win 1 crore and for moving at the path of progress and kshetrynarayan.seo@gmail.com nk9857090435@gmail.com cell no 9779857090435

  21. Blueskinsfashions@gmail.com' Marcel says:

    I won $50,000,000.00 at loto max as I have visioned and I give a lot to my children and relatives and also give much
    For children association and for hospitals for children

  22. Blueskinsfashions@gmail.com' Marcel says:

    All the best to everyone

  23. Rebekah.peterson21@yahoo.com' Becky says:

    So tell me guys,
    The ones who say they have won, how do you envision winning when a person has never won before?
    How long does or did it take for you all achieve whatever amount?
    Can I put in my envisioning the day I want to win or achieve something?

  24. Rebekah.peterson21@yahoo.com' Ashley says:

    So tell me guys,
    The ones who say they have won, how do you envision winning when a person has never won before?
    How long does or did it take for you all achieve whatever amount?
    Can I put in my envisioning the day I want to win or achieve something?

  25. ambralynne93@gmail.com' Ambra says:

    I am in financial need for myself and my 3 year old son, if any of you could help my email is ambralynne93@gmail.com

    The law of attraction is new to me and hopefully I’m able to somewhat understand

  26. dayenneloveabundance@gmail.com' Dayenne says:

    I will Just ask God….to Let me win the Jackpot. So I can help me and my family, help homeless people, adopt 2 Kids from a Poor life…and to invest. And Let money work for me. NO MORE STRUGGLE ….I will Thank you God from the bottom of my heart!!! AMEN….

  27. ghosthaze6683@gmail.com' Johnny says:

    I won the Mega Million Jackpot for $126,000,000. The Universe has blessed me. I always knew i would win a lottery jackpot,the question was just when.Now was the answer to the question.

  28. noumea.vaea@gmail.com' Regina says:

    Thank you God and LOA for my wealthy abundance towards winning millions upon millions of dollars through the lottery. This has enabled me to help my family and my husbands family and win my 2 neices over full custody and donate to charities. I can now buy my dream house and cars and build a beautiful future with my husband and baby
    I am forever grateful of my life and everyone in it who i am sharing this wealth with xx

  29. greatpapax@gmail.com' CHRISTINA says:

    My name is Christina Terri!!! i am very grateful sharing this great testimonies with you, The best thing that has ever happened in my life is how i win the lottery. I am a woman who believe that one day i will win the lottery.finally my dreams came through when i email: {greatpapax@gmail.com}. and tell him i need the lottery numbers. i have come a long way spending money on ticket just to make sure i win. But i never know that winning was so easy until the day i meant the spell caster online which so many people has talked about that he is very great in casting lottery spell, so i decide to give it a try.I contacted this man and he did a spell and he gave me the winning lottery numbers. But believe me when the draws were out i was among winners. i win 1.900.000 million Dollar. GREAT PAPA truly you are the best, with these man you can will millions of money through lottery. i am so very happy to meet these man, i will forever be grateful to you. Email him for your own winning lottery numbers at Email: greatpapax@gmail.com

    • Nigeljevans99@gmail.com' Nigel says:

      This is amazing, i just contacted him a few days ago and now we’re preparing for the next lottery. He just called me and we talked today i just sent him everything he asked of me and i’m ready forwhats next. He will be sending me the lottery numbers im so happy and beyond excited for everything. Thank you for sharing this!

  30. hirenvaland101@hotmail.com' hiren says:

    I just won £72,000,000.00 using the law of attraction. This shit work$!!

  31. sae.girl.back@gmail.com' Janice says:

    im going to win 55 million lotto max tonight. Im going to help my family and gave some to charity. I’ll save for my future and buy a farm. Thank you god and LOA

  32. jclayborn53@gmail.com' James says:

    I am the winner of $40 million…..

  33. keitumetsevincentiamack@yahoo.com' keitumetse vincentia mack says:

    I am a mom of a 3yr old boy,we suffered a lot with my baby,but i was determined not to give up,may God help me to win 9000,000,00 MILLION DOLARS,i will consult financial advisers to help me how to make money works for me sothat i ll be forever wealthy,i ll give to ophanages,hospices,single mothers who raise their children alone,give to the church,i ll buy a house for me and my baby in randparkridge randburg,learn how to drive,buy a car furnisher,take my boy to the best private school preferably in randparkridge,attend a school of creative writing,i am helping people to overcome their difficulties by telling my stories.OHHHH GOD THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  34. thatiahpeter@gmail.com' Peter Thatiah says:

    I am probably the only guy in Africa contributing here. For those guys who are winning, can you get in touch because there are no lotteries here. I live next to a game park and I can see giraffes, warthogs, zebras and lions from my window. Perhaps this is what I manifested. Guys, get in touch on thatiahpeter@gmail.com

  35. peace4498@yandex.com' Andrew Burns says:

    Hello everyone, i have a message to all lottery winners or people with abundant holdings of money reading this. I am Andrew, and I am in need of assistance from anyone capable to help me just for one time only in my endeavor. Currently, I am very much in need of an amount equivalent to 4000 US dollars so that i can buy one high end laptop for processing and designing 3D Animation, Video Editing and game designing as part of my personal project to learn animation design and amateur game development. Can anyone help me donate the required amount via Paypal ?I will tell you my Paypal account address once you contact me at my email address at peace4498@yandex.com I hope anyone who’s a lottery winner or just have too much spare money would help me just for this one time only. I will be awaiting for someone to contact me. Much thanks everyone. Bless you all. :)

  36. sabinaaz7@gmail.com' sabina says:

    I won 1.5 crores lottery. All my problems are solved.

  37. Thabondlo@yahoo.com' Thabo says:

    I will win the 62 millions powerball jackpot tonight

  38. thechamp1011@yahoo.com' Shamim says:

    I will win the $94 Million Mega Million Jackpot on 12/22/15 and Second Prize in Powerball jackpot on 12/23/15. I thank you Universe in advance for the luck and abundance and bringing in money to me like a continuous ripple of water in the river and let the money work for me so I can devote myself to help others in immediate need around the world.

  39. peter.toth621@gmail.com' Peter says:

    It is funny but as a grew up I never had my own room as a kid.
    It was really frustrating and then I started to visualize how I would want my own room, how will it look like, hwta would be the feeling etc.

    After a few years (I didn`t even know back then about the LOA) I finally got my room, the same room I had always imagine.
    I know it`s just a small example but this is working.

    Right now I`m aiming for the lottery!
    I know I will win the lottery, the lottery jackpot is mine.
    I won a few times small amounts and I didn`t know why just small amount – and then as I kept researching it accoured to me – I was doing it wrong.
    I always wished to win “money”, never said how much, or how or for what – but now I will win. Now I know how to win, now I have the energy sent out to the universe. the energy of a winner!

  40. ihaveneedofhim@yahoo.com' Garrett R Gustkkey says:

    I* would be happy just to pay off my hospital bills. I have roughly $50,000 in Unpaid Hospital bills. plus another $2,300 in courts cost froim a judgement from Capital One. That started out as $74.00. i cant even get a load for a vacuum cleaner which is slightly Sick to know. I have never mad e a loan since 1978. I do it the old fashioned way. If I want something I pay cash for i by saving the money first. I guess those days are gone.

  41. athena.k.brown@gmail.com' Athena says:

    So let me get this straight.

    This woman, who was playing the lottery, won because she dreamed of winning?

    Because most people who play the lottery aren’t dreaming of winning?

  42. tharealsnoopy@gmail.com' J.Moore says:

    I am so happy for you Cynthia, I on the other do not need money to be happy with my life. I am a happily married man of a wife I do not deserve. With love in my heart not able to express in words, and a peace brought upon me by the light of the Lord who strengthens me daily. All things can be done through Christ. But this light hasn’t always been with me, it fell upon me in a time of need, and although I shall not boast of what my God Jehova has blessed me with, I can surely tell you that I am content. Physically, mentally and spiritually. All my trouble are fought through Christ who then speaks with the Father to ensure that I will forever be sought in his Kingdom. But once again, Congratulations!!!

  43. salenaduran1@gmail.com' Unknown says:

    I won the 1.5 billion in 2016. Law of attraction works if you just have faith and strongly desire the courage of winning. Takes a lot of gut. My mom is single raising three kids and we are grateful. God bless everyone who has faith

  44. 71wilsonlobo@gmail.com' wilson lobo says:

    I received 1 million from unknown source. i am grateful to god for solving all my problems. Law of attraction works for everybody who believes in.

  45. Sara@gmail.com' Sara says:

    I m the winner of 100 million dollar powerball jackpot .. All the praise goes to the Lord almighty , coz of my faith , he fulfilled my desire

  46. commocitizen@mail.com' newmooninaquarius says:


  47. EugeneDVoss@teleworm.us' Eugene says:

    I really believe is the law of attraction.
    This article help and inspire me. Its impressive that she won was $112 million,exactly what she had envisioned…..
    I wrote a blog in portuguese language about it… called http://www.chavedosucesso.net

  48. edward.aschendorf@gmail.com' Edward Aschendorf says:

    My name is Edward Aschendorf
    I told my spouse already that I’m winning the lottery anytime from now I even wrote on my church envelope R7000 0000,00 that what I’m going to pay and more when I win, at my church, soon I will post my winnings on this platform for everybody to see

  49. mkompinski@gmail.com' Marcin says:

    Hi, guys I’ve been using law of attraction for ages however I never won anything, my dad has cancer, I lost my job, my mom and dad live in a trailer and work at chicken factory in very cold temperature for over 10 years 🙁
    It’s hard to think anymore anything will ever change. if you want to make a donation feel free here is my account details:



    May god bless you if you sent me anything , dont have high hopes tho 🙁

  50. obigiggle@gmail.com' zelo says:

    sup guys. im pretty much fully enlightened. a pretty maybe pompous thing to say, but its true, id say. im going to try to win the lottery soon, using the power of the abundant universe energy that will be flowing deeply inside of my heart, soon. sounds far out? maybe. but i will try it. im sure ill win. this entire universe is my creation. i think i might be going too far out, now. ill stop. 😉

    anyways, though, seriously, ill definitely let you all know how it goes. but as we all know, itll go…. how anything will go, if you just…believe.

  51. beatriceaenaallanigue@yahoo.com' Aye says:

    I’m a winner of 200,000,000 6/58 lotto here in the philippines. Yes, i’m claiming it universe! LOA love 🙂

  52. Kim.shearer@hotmail.com' Kim Shearer says:

    I am going to win the set for life lotto very soon. I’m so excited to be travelling with my family in Australia to small communities to help support the poor and homeless. I will work everyday by mentoring people in need of emotional support to get to happiness in their life. Thank you universe for giving me and my family this opportunity xx

  53. Charles.anderson05.ca@gmail.com' Charles says:

    I will the 415 mega millions jackpot tonight God blessed me tonight and can ever one blessed me to

  54. beaquizon@gmail.com' Yang says:

    200 million, i’m claiming it! LOA let’s do this. SML.

  55. xxpaulomata@gmail.com' Paulo says:

    I am the winner of 1 million brls, thank you so much LOW. Being born poor an working on a job i hated, it’s a dream that now I’m free from that. If you areclike i was, don’t give up hope, cuz you’re going to have the life you always wanted!

  56. Vilien23@comcast.net' Vee says:

    Im going to win 75 million soon guys im super excited

  57. evilend100@gmail.com' P.Vasanth says:

    I get Rs.300000000.i am really happy.i buy new house.i buy new bike and car.the house prize is Rs.10000000.i live happy life.Thank you universe.

  58. evilend100@gmail.com' P.Vasanth says:

    law of attraction change my life.now i am rich and live happy life.Thank you universe.

  59. evilend100@gmail.com' P.Vasanth says:

    i have Rs.30000000 money.i live happy life.thank you universe

  60. manipalhospital123@gmail.com' manipal says:

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  61. Ayanbge@gmail.com' marie says:

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    combest regard
    Marie Holmes

  62. odom.brandon@gmail.com' Sharleen says:

    I’m winner I do believe in the law of attraction you attract whatever you want when I sit n look back at my entire life I really created it n I’m changing that now cause I’m a lotto winner n Ik i will win the lotto very soon so I can live comfortable and no worries my own house and own car at 25 my aim ever since I was a child n a independent woman. Thanks for sharing

  63. Ngocy1969@gmail.com' Ngoc yen says:

    I am going to win a jackpot of 80 billion vnd shortly, and am going to have relaxation. Thanks God. May God bless you all.

  64. docsrental9@yahoo.ca' mann says:

    I will win the Lotto Max 55 million tomorrow. because I need it to support the charities I have always wanted to start.. It will be shared among the needful

  65. Wadeja10@yahoo.com' Jackie says:

    I will always keep the faith and continue to trust and believe that I will one day be blessed as you all have. Ten Years of being a caretaker to my mother of Alzheimer’s has been a jackpot for me.. I’ve struggled, I’ve been sad, I’ve cried many days and night praying that things would financially be better. But as I see his happy it is to just have the love from my mother, whom has no clue of who I am, I’ve realized that I am so rich in my soul.. So in all of these stories being told… Congratulations to u all and good luck to all of those in need of change

  66. leanhirtle@gmail.com' Mr Lean Hirtle says:

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  67. tiffsumo7@gmail.com' Richgirl says:

    I am releasing my strong belief into the universe on this January 2, 2017, that I AM the Mega Million Jackpot winner, I AM the Powerball Jackpot winner, I AM the Hotlotto Jackpot winner and Cash 5 Jackpot winner. I AM the first multimillionaire in my family, who is helping her family, paying off my debt, my family debt, have money set aside to send my sisters to college, with their tuition paid off in advance. Move my parents into a beautiful home, that’s paid off in full at the time of purchased. To go to film school and, somet. I am now able to travel the world, help in orphanges, and meet amazing people all around the world making an impact. All the things I ever wanted to do that required money, and the people close to me that needed help with money, I am now able to do with money. This 2017 is the year of abundance of blessings enabling to pursue my dreams, and become everything I AM meant to be, in addition to empowering those around me.

  68. Mundiakalaluka@gmail.com' Richard says:

    God bless her, next me.

  69. av13medrec@aol.com' Mike Rausch says:

    Jesus Christ is Lord and King. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other things will be added unto you.

  70. mo.ali90@outlook.com' Mohamed says:

    I am happy for Cynthia and am a believer of Law of Attraction. I have won € 90,000,000.00 through my believs that the Universe always provides. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am gratefull.

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