U.S. FDA FINALLY Shamed into Testing for Monsanto’s Glyphosate Herbicide in Food

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glyphosate pesticide

By Christina Sarich | Natural Society

Sure, consumers are concerned about eating glyphosate. Wouldn’t you be? If 75% of air and rain samples tested contain glyphosate, it is highly likely that the ‘probable’ human carcinogen is also in our food supply. Now that the World Health Organization is calling a spade a spade, it appears the US Food and Drug Administration is forced to start testing food for glyphosate. [1]

The American public has been practically begging the agency to stop using the people as guinea pigs with a likely carcinogen. But only after the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) rebuked the FDA for failing to conduct assessments and failing to disclose risks to the public is the agency actually going to do something about it…or will it?

This is the very same agency which approved GMO salmon, initially without a label, and declared the GMO fish just as safe as non-GMO varieties.

The GAO says that it found multiple areas of fault in the FDA’s pesticide residue testing program, specifically citing a failure to test for glyphosate.

John Neumann, a spokesman for the GAO FDA report said:

“Maybe we shamed them into it.” [2]

FDA spokeswoman Lauren Sucher said the FDA will test for glyphosate for the first time in the agency’s history, though the agency declined to comment on the GAO’s report.

Foods that will likely be tested include:

  • Soybeans
  • Corn
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Other potential foods

We all know what the FDA should find. The question is – what is it going to do when glyphosate has been found to contaminate almost every single crop in the United States?

Even the USDA’s research shows a steady incline in the use of glyphosate over the past several decades. What exactly does the FDA think it will find different? That somehow all that poison sprayed on our crops just magically disappeared from the food that is also grown there?

article glyphostae use

As reported by CivilEats, Monsanto had this to say about the possibility of the FDA testing on glyphosate residues:

“While FDA hasn’t officially confirmed to us that they plan to move forward with residue testing, glyphosate’s 40-year history of safe use has been upheld by the U.S. EPA and regulators around the world following decades of study and review. No data have ever indicated residue levels of more than a fraction of EPA’s very conservative Allowable Daily Intake or any level of concern.

If FDA does move forward with additional testing in a scientifically rigorous manner, we are confident it will reaffirm the long-standing safety profile of this vital tool used safely and effectively by farmers, landowners and homeowners around the world.” [2]

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8 Reader Comments

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  1. 1036692643042226@facebook.com' Teish Leander says:

    It’s a shame its taken this long

    • 1140730505941191@facebook.com' Sonia Rae says:

      Only reason they are doing it is because people know about it, are becoming more proactive and are fed up with lies and cover ups. Its just that simple.

  2. 10208103284519522@facebook.com' Gregg Stotesbery says:

    FEAR!!!’ And More FEAR!!!
    The motivational boogie man keeps a us running and voting in the controlled direction.
    75% ???!!!!!!! No one wants to question that number?????? Geez!

  3. 1140730505941191@facebook.com' Sonia Rae says:

    Yea, and what sort of poison are in those chemtrails? Tell us about those!

  4. 1068483829842891@facebook.com' Nathan Dunning says:

    GMI’s will kill you just as quickly. When will the US people take their nation back?

  5. 1133525266678400@facebook.com' Gilles Poulin says:

    I hope this mass Softkill agenda comes to an end 650,000 tons of a non perishable poison

  6. 1065750373470449@facebook.com' Paul Reed says:

    Time for a little “Abbot & Costello?”

    Abbot: W H O, is the world Health organization…
    Costello: WHO?
    Abb: Yes, WHO.
    Cos: YOU tell ME who.
    Abb: Yes.
    Cos: THAT’S what I I I want to know!!
    Abb: You want to know What???
    Cos: WHO is the world health organization?!
    Abb: YES, they are.
    Cos: Who are THEY?!
    Abb: Yes, that’s WHO.
    Cos: Whoooo???!
    Abb: YES.
    Cos: YES W H O ???!!!
    Abb: Exxxxactlyyy.
    Costello: The world health organization is WHO?
    Abbott: PREEEEEcisely.
    Costello: THAT’s what I want YOU to TELL ME!!!!

    What do I Think will come out of this study??? Well, after WHO gets done with the FDA I think the USG and the DHS controlled by the BCC and RCC as well as the CIA and obviously the KM will deny involvement and assign a scapegoat. Now since this is all under the OCC, it must be a matter for the NSA, and DOD. So, once the CDC catches wind of it and the FBI are informed. Next thing you know FEMA will be called in all in the name of serving the Reptillian overlord’s culling agenda leaving the good and decent peace loving people of the world “biting the pillow” once again. I think people will be left asking themselves? Who is doing this? Who does culling and war serve? No not WHO, the world health organization, but WHO the f#ck wants WAR??? And death, despair and human suffering. Maybe the fear mongering war machine Wolves, but what about an ET species of Reptilians? Cosmic parasites, that feed on our lower vibrational emotions and glandular secretions? Many people believe this to be a real possibility.
    Through their hypnotic sphere of influence trying to use our very own people to exterminate the Our race so they can take our Planet. You’ve seen Hollywood invasion scenarios before…doesn’t it seem at least possible?
    I mean, what PERSON would do this to the Planet and her people? Perpetrating the crimes against humanity? Geoengineering, Bioengineering It’s beyond criminal. Malicious intent with disdain for mankind. Chemtrail spraying of toxic heavy metals and GMO contaminated foods…fluoride in the water…now
    Glyphosate herbicide in the food supply? And every other way they can think of to subtly poison us…BTUs on thermal paper (receipts) carcinogenic…
    What do I think is going to happen? I think a lot of people are going to just bury their heads back in the sand and let “them” put whatever the f#ck else they want to into our daily routines to slowly kill and genetically alter us even more likely affecting our future generations ability to reproduce.
    They will try to continue to sneak it right under the noses of the tired, sleepy pacified masses. We are being controlled, manipulated and enslaved to systems of war and misery…
    desensitized to believe War is the only way, but it’s NOT supposed to be.
    LOVE is the way.
    WAR only lines the pockets of despicable war profiteers who must be heeding reptilian masters. Now, I know I’m going to lose a few of you here, but doesn’t that seem to make some sense? Intuitively???
    So… what’s going to happen after this, JACK!???
    Is that more people are going to wake the f#ck up and collectively put an end to it. More people are going to snap the f#ck out of it and realize they are living in a fragile illusion; a fabricated matrix of fear…and it doesn’t have to be that way. We can figure out solutions. People will understand to Seek answers from inside and to introspect more and a mass global spiritual awakening, foretold by Edgar Cayce and Dolores Cannon, will be realized
    and through unity and brotherhood we will manifest a Global matrix of Peace using Love ascension energies as tools to construct and weapons when opposed.
    With a whole planet risen in conscious vibration, the Reptilians will have nothing to feed on, they will starve being unable to parasitize off our lower vibrational negative emotionally charged reactive conflictually exploited natural energies of hate, rage, greed etc. and they will perish.
    Then Spiritual sovereignty, true freedom, will reign on Planet earth for hundreds of years. But that’s Just a hunch ; ]

  7. 1065750373470449@facebook.com' Paul Reed says:


    Kind of leaves you wondering are who the good guys and who are the bad guys…and if the good guys are WHO, then who corrupts WHO?

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