“Smart” Meter Dangers Update: Scientific Proof of These Hazards

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 “We call for an immediate moratorium on ‘smart meter’ installation until these serious public health issues are resolved. Continuing with their installation would be extremely irresponsible.”- American Academy of Environmental Medicine, Jan. 2012.

 This is an update report from my previous article on the on-going, highly dangerous but invisible, hazards from the SBD [Silent But Deadly] “smart” meters being installed without adequate safety and health warnings to the general population.


It seems that the elite-corporate nightmare of continuing to harm us has been amped up considerably. In 2009, without the serious and extensive public discussions necessary, but with a  $3.4 billion federal investment of worthless fiat dollars, the US government decided “to modernize [?] the country’s outdated power grid…[and this money went] to 100 projects in 49 states to add automated substations, digital transformers, electric [so-called "smart”] meters in homes and other high-tech equipment.”(1) No testing or updated research on this technology was done before installation of these meters began –even though there was ample evidence of EMF dangers to human health and safety.

In addition and again without much public notice, last year the US Department of Agriculture “joined Administration officials…to announce initiatives aimed at modernizing [m[more of]he nation’s electric grid…to invest $250 million in smart grid deployment in rural America over the next year” (2012).(2) Have you noticed how many items now have the term “smart” in them? Merchandise branding and deception are marketing strategies. Truth or accuracy has nothing to do with advertising.

Terms used in relationship to “smart” meters (such as “deployment” just mentioned above) have brought concern that the military may be involved. Las Vegas activist Angel de Fazio has uncovered documents detailing “a nearly $300 million grant from the federal government to NV Energy to install smart meters” noting on the “authorization line ‘US Armed Forces Research and Development Projects.” See:


There are reasonable concerns: why would the US military be involved in a domestic utility project?

On September 14, 2011, a California Public Utility Commission [C[CPUC]earing in San Francisco disallowed any real public discussion on these meter installations. Medical letters and input from various distinguished scientists was also not allowed. With a common revolving-door policy between corporations and various US agencies, there no longer is any real service to the public. It is all a sham and geared for the maximum corporate profits, no matter what dangers or harm result. Serious and well-documented health complaints continue to be ignored.

California, leads the US in the most vocal citizen opposition to these new meters. More than 8,000 complaints have been filed with CPUC. Last October, the California Public Utilities Commission was put on formal notice that they have “violated their Oath of Office” and “may be held personally accountable for damages caused by Smart Meters.”(3) Judge Wong was handed a hard copy of this notice during a public meeting.

In mid-December, in an unconscionable move two weeks before the holidays, PG&E [P[Pacific Gas and Electric]hut off power to several California families (including one 75-year-old woman) “who had been sickened by ‘smart’ meter radiation and had acted reasonably to have a safe analog meter replaced on their homes.” Despite PG&E’s policy not to turn off power during the holidays, the company disregarded it. However, with cold weather and after a week of media reports, power was finally restored.  See:




Sue Brinchman, the tireless Director of www.electrosmogprevention.org, in a lengthy Jan. 12, 2012, article notes that “the first California County Health Department smart meter report has been issued in Santa Cruz, CA, expressing strong concerns about health effects from smart meter radiation exposures, asking their county to impose another moratorium on installations.” See:


The most egregious issue in all this deception to the public is that there is not any mandate for this supposed “modernization” of the US utility grid. “The Energy Act of 2005 states that the Smart Meter Program is not a mandate.” This “includes any and all wireless meters that transmit microwave radiation.” None of these issues are addressed by the utility companies or so-called “public” agencies. In Massachusetts, an op-out petition is being circulated to collect thousands of signatures: See:


In Canada, the public has also been misled. Their Clean Energy Act of 2010 “mandates that BC Hydro replace every meter with a “Smart” Meter by 2012.” This can be done “without the consent of the owner.” Public input has been stifled, while the company appears to have ignored the Class 2B carcinogenicity. These Canadian organizations are involved with these issues:

EM Radiation Health Alliance of BC: http://emrabc.ca

Coalition to stop Smart Meters: www.stopsmartmetersbc.ca

Citizens for Safe Technology (US & Canada): http://citizensforsafetechnology.org

In Europe there are other problems. From Nov. 16-17, 2011, the European Commission held a “Meeting on EMF and Health” in Brussels. However, the two-day gathering lacked any input from scientists with opposing views on EMF dangers. A 23-page report was published on Dec. 14 and gave an outdated overview of scientific evidence. How long this will drag on without any significant precautionary warnings or moratorium is an unknown. Prof. Olle Johansson commented that “governments and health protection agencies usually hide behind out-of-date ‘official guidelines’ that were drawn up when it was thought that the only way that living organisms could be harmed by electromagnetic radiation was if it was sufficiently strong to cause acute heating. This is totally false! There have been countless papers in scientific journals over several decades that show very clearly that there are non-thermal biological effects (some of them extremely harmful) of electromagnetic fields that are well below the official safety guidelines.”

After this two-day meeting, the European Commission requested a public consultation for scientific opinions on health exposures. The deadline for submissions just closed, so nothing is yet known. Here’s the link:


The question of safety with many of these new meters not working properly has just been reported in the British press on Jan. 27. The British utility companies “will need to replace around 30-million old electricity meters and 23-million gas meters by the 2019 deadline.” Compatibility problems are already being seen. “The scheme is due to cost energy companies  £11.7 billion [$[$18.47 billion]which they plan to pass on to consumers by hiking prices.” In addition, “in a letter to suppliers, energy watchdog Ofgem said it was also concerned that suppliers may not be able to read meters installed by a rival company. This renders the new technology useless if customers want to switch deals –in effect, the smart meter would work like the old types of ‘dumb’ meters currently in homes.” As usual, customers will foot the bill for all the problems. See:


Privacy is another issue never addressed by the utility companies. These hazardous and invasive meters track your usage of electricity, water, and/or gas constantly with separate meters for each utility. Your service can now be shut off from a distance without any warning. It’s possible also that they might increase your utility bill, if they decide your usage is at what they decide are “peak” hours. In addition, this “service” can be hacked into, so it is known when you’re not at home and rates can change. There is also a plan to monitor all your appliances usage. This year, your current appliances will no longer work with this “upgraded” system; and you will have to purchase all new chipped appliances [t[to track your usage even further with each one]This may mean anywhere from 5-20 appliances per household: washing machines, dryers, stoves, coffee makers, dishwashers, toasters, etc. In this deliberately created Depression, how many people can afford to buy all new household appliances to conform to this constant and invasive tracking?

Many individuals and/or communities do not even have the option to supposedly “op-out.” If a person is hooked into the grid, the money “rules” are unbelievable: to op-out a person may have to pay hundreds of dollars plus an additional monthly fee to the utility company. These figures vary with each utility company. Secondly, thousands of meter readers will lose their jobs, but with these new fees added on to your monthly bill, the companies will make even more profits. These are forms of theft. I have received numerous reports from all over the US about higher utility bills, once these meters have been installed.  This is also the case for customers of BC Hydro. This, too, is not generally reported by the media.


Over the past three years, there has been no attempt –by either the various utility companies or any so-called “Public” Utility commissions– to address any of the real concerns regarding the health dangers or an illegal 24/7/365 invasion of our privacy. The US and Canadian utility companies continue to ignore any hazards reported by numerous doctors and scientists. Profits continue to trump precaution.

This exposure is very significant, but invisible. With the installation of these pulsing meters emitting dangerous levels of RF, people are now exposed to thousands of invisible pulses daily, according to physician Dr. Bill Deagle. In a privately circulated e-letter, he wrote: “This is no small task to take on the powerful utilities and control freak agencies with other agendas. However, the alternative is total lack of personal privacy and irradiation causing the same micronuclei and DNA damage, premature aging and cellular pathology. Electrosmog ELF changes are similar to ionizing radiation from Chernobyl or Fukushima’s ionizing radioisotope particles, with health deterioration and behavioral problems, premature illness and death.”(4)

With the installation of these devices, now numerous homes and apartments [h[hundreds of thousands?]ave multiple meters for electricity, gas, and water. With constant pulsing at hazardous levels, what are these multiple meter exposures doing synergistically to damage human biological functions?

A new “Greek scientific study just released last week…has demonstrated important protein changes in the brain of animals following whole body exposure to RF electromagnetic fields, similar to the kind of microwave radiation emitted from cell phones, portable phones, Wi-Fi and wireless computer equipment.”(5)

Current safety levels and laws are completely inadequate for the constant 24/7/365 exposure that is part of daily life. We are all surrounded by cell towers, relay stations, and other-related dangerous EMF technology. These current exposure levels are far “below the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection [I[ICNIRP]afety guidelines.” It is these outdated [o[often decades old]xposure levels that put everyone at high risk for invisible [m[molecular and DNA]amage. For example, in this Greek report: “A total of 143 proteins in the brain were impacted by the RF radiation over a period of 8 months, providing new evidence for a potential relationship between everyday cell phone use, wireless transmitters and wireless computer equipment and electrosensitivity symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness and sleep disorders, as well as tumors…and even metabolic effects.”(6) This vital report shows that the brain [h[human and other animals]s seriously impacted by EMF exposure that “can attack through oxidative stress every single cell that receives enough energy at non-thermal levels. The potential consequences for learning, memory, and interpersonal relations, at the very least, needs society’s immediate attention, given the widespread [a[and constant]xposure to microwave radiation across the globe.”(7)

Another problem is that most allopathic physicians are not trained in environmental medicine and have no experience dealing with their patients’ serious symptoms of EMF exposure. Symptoms include (but are not limited to): severe headaches, dizziness, vision problems, muscle weakness and pain, neurological tremors, progressive fatigue, nausea and vomiting, fevers and chills, tinnitus, sleep disorders, memory and language impairment. There is often an onset of symptoms that rapidly worsen when a person is exposed to a new environment where a “smart” meter has been installed [a[as noted by Dr. Deagle, see NOTE 4 cited below]or where chronic exposure limits have been breached. DNA fragmentation and low sperm count are also documented.

In our general population, memory disorders and cognitive problems are already at high levels never seen before (ADD, ADHD, other brain cancers and extensive cognitive impairments). Although much of this is very noticeable in daily life activities and behavior (from young children to adults), much has been considered unfounded information. However, auto accidents are up considerably this last 10 years, because people are texting or talking on their cell phones while driving. Children are already at high risk, as their immune system and brain are still not completely developed, but their daily cell phone use and exposure is enormous.

These days, US driving skills are in “hazard-mode” since talking on a cell phone is totally incompatible and extremely dangerous while driving any vehicle. How many auto accidents and deaths have been caused by talking on a cell phone while driving? How much EMF/RF brain damage was already in progress for people who were talking (or even, unbelievably, texting!) while driving? How many cell towers, often spaced closely to one another and also to roads and highways, have precipitated an auto/truck accident? These are essential questions that MUST be asked! In Massachusetts, a teenager who is caught doing this will have his/her license suspended.

A recently released Russian report further noticed “a significant long-term (4 years) cognitive decline in children (ages 7-12)…once again demonstrating exposure guidelines are inadequate.”(8) “Over the four-year monitoring of 196 children ages 7-12 who were users of mobile communication devices, a steady decline in these parameters from high values to bottom standards compared to controls, was observed. The short-term and long-term potential consequences for society from exposing children to microwave radiation from cellular communication devices must be immediately acknowledged, globally, and responsibly addressed.”(9)

This is not a one-issue health crisis; but the EMF dangers are a massive part of it. Rather, we have a multi-pronged assault on our being able to function in any real and healthy manner. In our now fragile web of life, humans and other living creatures were never meant to have this kind of off-the-scale cumulative exposure to such a staggering a variety of toxins! It has an incalculable synergistic effect. Our environment (the air we breath, the water we drink and in which we bathe, the soil in which our food grows) is so heavily contaminated that on a daily basis we are exposed to 100,000 chemicals, hormone disruptors, pesticides, heavy metals (now often in unregulated nano-tech form), geo-engineered aerosols sprayed overhead daily without our informed consent, and various forms of deadly radiation. This radiation (from Fukushima, Chernobyl, nuclear reactor accidents, and the heinous military use of Depleted Uranium on innocent civilians) never goes away. We already have a lifetime’s worth of nuclear radiation exposure; and none of it is, or ever has been, safe. The list is endless and shocking in its scope! These poisons are cumulative and destroy our body’s ability to function normally. Everything in our bodies is, thereby, impacted and harmed negatively, while environmental laws have been gutted to give corporations free reign to create more havoc. There continues to be no accountability.

Most of these poisons have never been tested for human safety. We are the uninformed guinea pigs for secret agendas of injury. For the past three years, I have been urging everyone to get tested for heavy metals poisoning, because we are all exposed daily to this spew. I have repeatedly written: “invisible does not mean safe.” Numerous air and soil tests around the US show incredibly high rates of arsenic, mercury, barium, and aluminum. These last two are from the deadly Chemtrails aerosols. None of this belongs in the air we breathe; and there should never be any so-called “allowable” limit that companies or the military can emit into our air.(10)

Heavy Metals toxicity does not show up with a standard blood test. However, an inexpensive hair analysis will show these metals’ absorption levels in your body. It can be done at home, and results can be back in two weeks and give you an idea about levels of heavy metal toxicity. There are various safe detox protocols available, depending on what kind of heavy metals are involved. This requires having a health care professional who is knowledgeable about environmental toxicity. I believe this is urgent, as heavy metals toxicity is not only invisible, but does massive and cumulative damage that does not show itself until it is too late. This is something I have personally witnessed with people whom I know.

We already have serious interpersonal issues that are frequently mistaken for psychological problems. Yes, we have enormous and multiple problems and that, of course, puts high stress on all of us. I continue to say that this is a multi-pronged assault on us. However, we MUST remember that so many of today’s crises were deliberately created behind closed doors by elite insiders. Even taking this into account, people do not want to be told that they are “not thinking clearly” –even if it is true. Being defensive, ignoring it, blaming the messenger, and/or being in denial are the easy ways out. Denial is a very powerful human emotion –especially if some portion of it has a bio/physiological component to it, due to environmentally caused brain dysfunction and damage. Not dealing with this colossal crisis is far easier than taking personal responsibility and doing the necessary self-examination urgently required. If our ability to think clearly and make essential decisions about our lives is taken away, due to this, then we are collectively in grave trouble. We already have a huge deficit in critical thinking. Thus, it is absolutely essential (before a person cannot do so) to contemplate the consequences of personal and then massive societal poisoning. Ignoring this also continues to let corporations and deceptive government officials off the hook; and they are never held responsible for the chaos they created.

How much of today’s basic lack of civility and courtesy are actually early symptoms of EMF/RF brain dysfunction and heavy metals poisoning? Rudeness is the order of the day. The break-down of “civil” society is well under way. People are very forgetful: phone calls are not returned, nor are e-mails or regular mail. It is increasingly rare to have someone maintain eye contact. It’s easier to text someone than have real human interaction. Adults and children appear to have a short attention span and short fuses. Children spend increasingly long hours isolated, watching the garbage on TV (and programs often filled with tremendous violence), using cell phones or texting, rather than having the human-interaction of a play date. In millions of households, quality family time is nil. Recently, I heard a three-year-old say to an elder: “I’m too busy now to talk to you”! In response, the parent said nothing. What is wrong with this picture?

I am calling this “techno-corporagenic cognitive dysfunction.”(11) Techno-corporagenic cognitive dysfunction is human caused by the flagrant lack of both precaution and ethical values. This new and dangerous technology has been funded by insider elite-controlled money and produced by corporations beholden to no safety precautions. This, then, is unleashed on us. This is yet another breakdown of societal safety norms because environmental laws have been gutted. There is no corporate concern about dangers involved in usage or critical biological consequences. We are all expendable for their bottom line.

This dangerous technology (from GMOs and toxic food and vaccine additives to cell phones and “smart” meters) has been unleashed and marketed to manipulate consumers to think of it as the “coolest, must have product, food or gizmo.” The younger the child, the better –because they have not learned judgment, or cannot because of early brain impairment. Parents often are completely clueless about these dangers, because they use the technology, too. These instilled marketing desires now have precedence over safety. With more than 5-billion cell phones in use around our planet, we now have an epidemic of glioma brain cancers that used to be rare. Two of my own friends (both in their early 40s) died from gliomas. This is hardly reported by mainstream media. The corporations can continue to poison us, while never being held responsible or accountable.

The new scientific evidence we now have indicates that the blood-brain barrier has been breached and also that damage is documented at a cellular level in the brain. When 143 proteins, essential for all cellular functioning, are damaged and altered when exposed to electromagnetic radiation, we DO have a major crisis! Frangopoulou et al.’s newly published research shows that radiation exposure “is capable of detuning learning/memory functions and possibly other brain functions important in person-to-person communication and understanding.(12)  I believe we are already seeing this on a day-to-day level, for those who are paying attention to this crisis.

The bigger picture, however, is that this constant toxic exposure must be stopped. Dr. Don Maisch, of EMF Facts Australia, describes this as “the manipulation of telecommunications standards by political, military, and industrial vested interests at the expense of public health protection.” In this completely askew scenario, corporations now have the same rights as humans. However, we also have lost our constitutional and human rights (even going back to early and basic protection from Magna Carta), while corporations have become more powerful at the expense of everything else. Brought to its extreme manifestation, we now have numerous global stealth military programs of vast physical danger and mental injury. An uninformed, poorly educated public cannot make critical decisions about any major issues, if education is gutted (while the US has a behemoth military budget) and real news is not reported –especially if people are no longer able to think clearly.

With these abundant new medical and scientific reports, we have ample evidence that precaution was never considered, as so much money is involved and projects went forward without any ethical base. Leading the way are two key documents: the Seletun Scientific Statement [p[published after a 3-day scientific panel discussing the existing scientific evidence and public health implications on a global level of exposure to artificial EMFs]nd the Bioinitiative Report. See:




So far, and despite significant new research, there is not one country that has implemented any cutbacks or moratorium of EMF exposure to the general population. These reports have been deliberately ignored, while  we continue to sustain more adverse and toxic effects.

There is also a November 2011 report, “Mobile phone health risks: the case for action to protect children” that summarizes and lists more than 200-peer-reviewed studies “linking these non-thermal exposures to serious biological and health consequences.” See:


For more than three decades, internationally respected scientist Prof. Olle Johansson of Sweden’s highly esteemed Karolinska Institute, has been researching and writing about the impact of EMF/RF that results in serious health problems. Among his numerous scientific papers, he is also the author of the Bioinitiative’s Chapter 8 (“Evidence for Effects on the Immune System”) and one of the co-authors of The Seletun Statement:



His courageous and pioneering work is now confirmed by many other international reports. It is urgent that we now must heed his warnings. His most recent article, jointly written in Dec. 2011, notes: “Radiation has become an ever-present entity in modern society. Through its applications in mobile telephone networks, internet connections and high frequency antennas, and through derivation from electric circuits, electromagnetic fields and radiation affect millions to billions of people worldwide. …questions of effects on public health are increasingly posed. …[T[The]urrent lack of legislation and regulation from public health authorities fail to prevent potential hazardous effects from these man-made electromagnetic field (EMF) sources.”(13)

In another important scientific report, an English translation of an important French medical report also has just been released this month: “Electromagnetic Intolerance Elucidated.” This includes several important points:

“French researchers recently demonstrated that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) substantially alter the physiology of the blood and brain of electro-sensitive people and that the impact on these biological markers increases and decreases according to the intensity of EMF exposure. …EMFs provoke major effects in the brain. The most important of these is the opening of the blood-brain barrier. This allows mercury,

organochlorines and other pollutants to enter in the brain, where they cause various neurodegenerative diseases. …This is a major public health concern.” See:


The following is also an important resolution by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine [A[AAEM, founded in 1965]ust published on Jan. 19, and sent to the CPUC. It is included here in its entirety:

“The Board of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine opposes the installation of wireless “smart meters” in homes and schools based on a scientific assessment of the current medical literature (references available on request).  Chronic exposure to wireless radiofrequency radiation is a preventable environmental hazard that is sufficiently well documented to warrant immediate preventative public health action.

“As representatives of physician specialists in the field of environmental medicine, we have an obligation to urge precaution when sufficient scientific and medical evidence suggests health risks which can potentially affect large populations. The literature raises serious concern regarding the levels of radio frequency (RF – 3 KHz – 300 GHz) or extremely low frequency (ELF – 0- 300 Hz) exposures produced by “smart meters” to warrant an immediate and complete moratorium on their use and deployment until further study can be performed. The board of the American Board of Environmental Medicine wishes to point out that existing FCC guidelines for RF safety that have been used to justify installation of “smart meters” only look at thermal tissue damage and are obsolete, since many modern studies show metabolic and genomic damage from RF and ELF exposures below the level of intensity which heats tissues. The FCC guidelines are therefore inadequate for use in establishing public health standards.  More modern literature shows medically and biologically significant effects of RF and ELF at lower energy densities. These effects accumulate over time, which is an important consideration given the chronic nature of exposure from “smart meters”. The current medical literature raises credible questions about genetic and cellular effects, hormonal effects, male fertility, blood/brain barrier damage and increased risk of certain types of cancers from RF or ELF levels similar to those emitted from “smart meters”. Children are placed at particular risk for altered brain development, and impaired learning and behavior.  Further EMF/RF adds synergistic effects to the damage observed from a range of toxic chemicals.  Given the widespread, chronic and essentially inescapable ELF/RF exposure of everyone living near a “smart meter”, the Board of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine finds it unacceptable from a public health standpoint to implement this technology until these serious medical concerns are resolved.  We consider a moratorium on installation of wireless “smart meters” to be an issue of the highest importance.

“The Board of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine also wishes to note that the US NIEHS National Toxicology Program in 1999 cited radiofrequency radiation as a potential carcinogen.  Existing safety limits for pulsed RF were termed “not protective of public health” by the Radiofrequency Interagency Working Group (a federal interagency working group including the FDA, FCC, OSHA, the EPA and others).  Emissions given off by “smart meters” have been classified by the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as a Possible Human Carcinogen.

“Hence, we call for:

  • An immediate moratorium on “smart meter” installation until these serious public health issues are resolved.  Continuing with their installation would be extremely irresponsible.
  • Modify the revised proposed decision to include hearings on health impact in the second proceedings, along with cost evaluation and community wide opt-out.
  • Provide immediate relief to those requesting it and restore the analog meters.

Members of the Board

American Academy of Environmental Medicine”


Perhaps Desiderius Erasmus, the great Renaissance humanist, philosopher, and author of “The Praise of Folly” (written in 1509) said it best: “The merchants are the biggest fools of all. They carry on the most sordid business and by the most corrupt methods. Whenever it is necessary, they will lie, perjure themselves, steal, cheat, and mislead the public. Nevertheless, they are highly respected because of their money. There is no lack of flattering friars [r[read: today’s religious and political leaders]o kowtow to them, and call them Right Honorable in public. The motive of the friars is clear: they are after some of the loot…”

When basic survival is at stake and millions of people have lost their jobs and homes, who has time to think about invisible poisons? –especially when the corporate-controlled media reports nothing. Everything else –all social services and education– is being sacrificed for the out-of-control war machine. How many schools have been closed these past two years and how many thousands of teachers fired to supposedly “balance” the budget? The US military budget (that hardly anyone seems to question) is 75 percent of the country’s expenditures! This is the major problem. So health issues and a toxic environment (caused by the flagrant destruction of laws and no corporate safety accountability) is off the proverbial radar. This is a recipe for social disaster; and that is just what is happening.

We must demand not just a nationwide but also a planetary-wide moratorium on these dangerous new meters and the continued proliferation of unsafe EMF/RF technology. We must also demand: (1) that land-line public phones be restored; and (2) that people are NOT charged/gouged by the utility companies for keeping their safe, standard analogue meters. Opting out (when there was no mandate to begin with), while paying stiff fees to the utility companies is putting un-necessary financial burdens on millions of people and giving the utilities additional money, while our health and safety continue to be in extreme jeopardy.

All this must come from an informed public groundswell. This must be put in place immediately –not years down the road, while people continue to be harmed and public officials do nothing. Our very ability to think clearly or be healthy is at immediate risk for all of us and, most especially, for the safety of our children right now and in their futures. With these new reports, we must demand PRECAUTION and an immediate moratorium to the biologically disruptive and toxic exposure to these invisible hazards.

A society without heart connections, caring and love, but based primarily on injury, deceit, greed and violence, cannot survive.



1. Joseph Weber. “Obama: $3.4B for ‘smart’ power grid.” Oct. 27, 2009: www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/oct/27/obama-spend-34b-smart-power-grid/?page=all#pagebreak A list of the 10 states is included in this article.

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11. Iatrogenic diseases are on the steep rise over the past 20 years. These are caused by either a physician’s misdiagnosis or treatment.

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Educator and environmental writer Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri is the author of the highly acclaimed book, “The Uterine Crisis.” London’s “The Ecologist” calls this book “an inspiration.”


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