This Is My Religion: Bernie Sanders’ Response to a “Trick Question”

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(Photo: Brookings Institution/cc/flickr)

(Photo: Brookings Institution/cc/flickr)

BY Elisabeth Parker | Reverbpress

On a Tuesday in February,  just four days before South Carolina’s Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton took questions from voters at a lively CNN Town Hall in the newly de-battle flagged state capital of Columbia.

Amid all the talk about Wall Street, racism, Donald Trump, and the GOP’s obstructionism, Bernie Sanders was asked about his “spirituality.” That, of course, was meant to be a trap, a litmus test. Americans like their presidents Christian. In fact, we haven’t had a non-Christian president since Thomas Jefferson (Abraham Lincoln was raised Christian and kept quiet about his un-churched status), let alone a not-particularly religious Jew.

Here was Bernie Sanders’ stunning reply:

“Every great religion in the world — Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism — essentially comes down to: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ And what I have believed in my whole life — I believed it when I was a 22-year-old kid getting arrested in Chicago fighting segregation — I’ve believed it in my whole life.”

And then, Bernie Sanders even appeared to get a little choked up as he declared:

“That we are in this together — not just, not words. The truth is at some level when you hurt, when your children hurt, I hurt. I hurt. And when my kids hurt, you hurt. And it’s very easy to turn our backs on kids who are hungry, or veterans who are sleeping out on the street, and we can develop a psyche, a psychology which is ‘I don’t have to worry about them; all I’m gonna worry about is myself; I need to make another 5 billion dollars.’

But I believe that what human nature is about is that everybody in this room impacts everybody else in all kinds of ways that we can’t even understand. It’s beyond intellect. It’s a spiritual, emotional thing.

So I believe that when we do the right thing, when we try to treat people with respect and dignity, when we say that that child who is hungry is my child … I think we are more human when we do that, than when we say ‘hey, this whole world , I need more and more, I don’t care about anyone else.’ That’s my religion. That’s what I believe in. And I think most people around the world, whatever their religion, their color — share that belief. That we are in it together as human beings.

And it becomes more and more practical. If we destroy the planet because we don’t deal with climate change … Trust me, we are all in it together, and … That is my spirituality.’

Bernie Sanders must have been in a pensive mood that evening, CNN reports that the insurgent presidential candidate felt awed by all the people he met while campaigning who said he’d inspired their new interest in politics.

“If I let those people down who have faith in me — that’s a scary thing when so many people have faith in you and believe you can do something. It scares me very much. If I ever let those people down, it would be a terrible, terrible thing.”

Watch: Bernie Sanders’ Stunning Response To A Question About His Spirituality At CNN’s Town Hall In South Carolina.

This is not the first time Bernie Sanders has talked about his more inclusive and secular take on spirituality. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Sanders also explained his deep sense of being interconnected.

“Well, you know, I am who I am. And what I believe in and what my spirituality is about is that we’re all in this together. That I think it is not a good thing to believe that, as human beings, we can turn our backs on the suffering of other people.”

My Reverb Press colleague Akira Watts observed that since seven states require a belief in God to hold office and  92% of Congress identifies as Christian, he found Bernie Sanders’ response to be “rather remarkable.”

First of all, note that Sanders does not directly address his belief in God. One could take this to mean that Sanders is an atheist or agnostic or simply that he thinks it is none of anyone’s damn business. Whatever the case, given how thoroughly our society is permeated with religion, it takes some guts to refuse to directly answer the question.

Perhaps America’s finally ready for a secular humanist in the White House.

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36 Reader Comments

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  1.' Nathan Dunning says:

    I don’t care what his response was.He’s a comunist and part of the NWO.Why is it all western nations lowered their standards when it comes to electing leaders?Now we have to choose the lesser evil instead of good vs evil.There is No Good amoungst them.That is the issue no one is talking about.Where are the Good Guy’s?Squashed by extreme left and bias mainstream media.Shouted down,harrased,threatened and yes even killed.What’s left are all cronies owned by the NWO.

  2.' Koi Wannasnack says:

    I think that the whole candidacy is a joke. They put a guy who seems decent next to two complete arrogant idiots to make him look like a good person. It’s an obvious ploy from the government so they can easily trick the Americans into voting for a socialist. There is no difference between socialism and Democratic socialism. Both use democracy to control the economy through socialism. If you look at any socialist country and their economy you’d understand. Rockefeller and Rothschild and the other sniveling 1% cowardly lot can’t trick me.

  3.' Mark Lansaw says:

    I love him even more

  4.' Steve Monkiewicz says:

    If you have an issue with Bernie Sanders, I feel sorry for you. You have no heart, no compassion, no humanity and no spirituality. What you have is fear…into your core. Sad.

    •' Thomas Wilson says:

      Well said . Unfortunately the corporation has no soul. And those that worship the corporation have lost touch with theirs.

    •' Caryn Herzberg says:

      I disagree with that statement and although I like Sanders as a person, I do not feel he would be a good choice for President.

    •' J Robert La Bruyere says:

      Lol how about all the compassion he showed to the people of texas that he tried to dump nuclear waste on in the 90’s? Gtfo here you bandwagon commie cuck

    •' Michael John Wilson says:

      look i dont want to talk about who is the best here, what i do want to say is this people have a right to not like someone or want to vote for them, its not fear they just dont like someone its as simple as that, no point in belittling people saying they are scared, have no compassion, no humanity no spirituality thats absurd

  5.' Russell Adkison says:

    Nathan, you’re a cynical, pessimistic idiot…and all cynical pessimistic people are idiots.

  6.' Russell Adkison says:

    Nathan Dunning

  7.' Rosa Pamela Rosa says:

    where is the link?

  8.' Patrick Allmaras says:

    Where is this interview of which you speak?

  9.' Brian Mccrackin says:

    genocide supporting zionist shill

  10.' Becky Dowell says:

    Come on money play your games
    People love to watch. Go Bernie
    Children are waiting. Do not prosecute people over marijuana anymore it’s just plain stupid

  11.' Nova Severn says:

    Don’t count Hitler out just yet folks.As Obama could do what he has in mind.He could be like the bare chested Putin which he has reffered to also.He could envoke full Marshall law.He has come this far and has succeeded in his efforts to Destroy America.Why stop now.He is Allowing the temple of Baal to be put in place in New York this month.He ain’t finished with America and our country either just yet.I could be wrong.But all my research on him gives me a real gut feeling that he will Envoke full marshal law.No offence to anyone intended at all.I really hate Obama and know his tactics.

  12.' Nova Severn says:

    Any views on this.Bernie needs Vatican support otherwise the Illuminati and the Vatican will shun him. As they say what goes.Hence why .J.F.K was assassinated as he didn’t bide by their rules.And Bernie is the only one to get an invite.Not Hillary or Trump. So in my View this speaks volumes.If Obama is gonna Envoke Full Marshall law.He better hurry up. Not that I want him in again.But what will be will be. Obama is a Snake in the grass folks.Always has been.He practices Wickin magic and is a Great Deciever. Keep an eye opener for this Serpent. Anyway check this out. Getting cozy with another Serpant as he has too unfortunately.

  13.' Lin Zhang says:

    My religion is love, my church is the earth.

  14.' Davan Deep Starwalker says:

    obama for a 3rd term, engineer a crisis, emergency measures, state of, tyrant rule, been done in Star Wars, can be here too

  15.' David Thrasher says:

    Bernie is what he appears to be, …an honest patriot & defender of people. You can’t fake the real thing.

  16.' Michael Jacobs says:

    Words are cheap, actions speak louder than words, any body can rehearse lines and responses , He is as spiritual as a used car sales person try to sell you a lemon ! Don’t believe the hype, question everything and look / listen for truth. . . . .

  17.' Elle Gee says:


  18.' Mayse Vila says:

    I belong to no religion, my religion is love. Every heart is my temple – Rumi

  19.' Zahra Mamdouh says:

    ” In this interview”, where is the interview. I do not see it in this post

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